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Lieberman farting?

Friday, October 9th, 2020


Many took former Barack Obama’s endorsement of Warnock as a not-so-subtle nod for Lieberman to drop out. (fun fact: Joe, Matt’s dad, made sure to fart in Obama’s face during the healthcare debate that almost threatened to derail it.)

When I saw this, I was excited, and curious, and a little puzzled. I would have thought that I would remember Joseph Biden farting at Barack Obama. So, I go to the link to see this incident. No farting mentipned. A google search of Lieberman and fart, likewise, shows nothing as well.

Joseph. Lieberman . Never. Farted. At. Barack. Obama.

The news story is using a colloqualism. It could say simply, flatly, more simply and stately and journalistically, that there was at times a strained relationship with Obama and Lieberman — see, for instance, Lieberman speaking at the Republican convention on behalf of John McCain when he was running against him — which followed through at policy battles during his administration.

But instead what I see here is “fart”. WHY???

Today in impulse mags, the olde parlor game up to date

Thursday, October 8th, 2020

An impulse buy directed magazine on “ranking the presidents” shows on the front a bunch of them — including Obama and Trump. Curious to see what fluffery they have on Trump, and sp I open…

I can’t immediately tell anything — I grasp that the magazine will feature with the most prominence the supposed greats — the Mt Rushmore Mafia, if you will, and a few others tagging about –, will do a smaller bit on the lowest, and some perfunctory on the rest. The still living Presidents will get a “Have to wait for History:s Judgement” line. Too many partisans of each of them.

Commiserate with that is the rather odd pull quote for Yrump. A line of platitude any of the others coulda said.

Off on the same shelf the supermarket has stocked the impulse buy magazine commemorating The West Wing. Probably a seasonal idea, Seinfeld and Friends was just done and moving to election time — there is this for weary liberals who don’t want to see forced neutrality on Trump.

Break the narrative

Monday, October 5th, 2020

So… Is Trump’s covid-19 case a positive or a negative for his re-election chances?

A… Positive… I guess. Or. Nothing much. It splatters some empathy for the guy — as evidenced by Biden folding his negative ads.

I heard it articulated by a conspiracy-minded talk radio show, but it followed my thought on what this 538 is missing. You craft the narrative. “Hero’s Journey”. THis is the part where the battered protagonist rejuvenates and or finds wisdom in the cave.

I see a Trump ad at youtube (paid content). The title refers to Trump as a “warrior” the clip simply being his comments on his positive testing. The idea now is that “a real warrior is battling within” — I believe expressed by the Star Trek Klingon character Worf.

The one problem with this comes in Trump’s need for surrounding himself with his teeming masses. So he rides off and waves from a car, disrupting this “covid 19 quarantine as reset” narrative.

Daniel Burke woos the Zoomer and Boomer demographics

Friday, October 2nd, 2020

I. The Museum of Weird and Demented Religious Tracts of Bellaire, Ohio has a new exhibit.
will draw him, at least.

Why they couldn’t go with this one, dunno…

It is funny, as Lyndon gets tagged (incorrectly as the case may be) with that “neo-nazi” tag sometimes. Misnomers abound: What is this on “Obama in black face?. If it is that Joker image being referenced, that came from elsewhere — popularized in part by Alex Jones but not originated there.

This, on the other hand.

Just one of many… Worth noting, James Bevel was the guy at the time and he was guilty of the supposed sins the org was revealing.

Ii. A response that this twitter feed cannot make due to it being a fill in blank randomizer bot: it is all at the proper voice modulation.
In other bot stoppings: Bet you didn’t know he had a daughter. (Then again, he also apparently played Lou Reed’s most infamous album. (Can j-pop be recognizable at 432?)
Rmember seeing Labouche live?

Y’know, the funny thing is I think r cam might be serious. Explore the conspiracy starting with the question “Who profits?”

It comes up in the answer on “huh?”

the esoteric joke.

III. Election 1988 headlines… If the org had arbitrarily chosen the other partisan side, they coulda stuck with it for claims of prescience.
And now as a rejoinder to the lpactwitter war-room.

Here is the analogy of Bakker cell-mating with Larouche to… Trump joining Snowden in Russia in some fantasy future.

Oh, the company you keep, … For the life of me, a quick google search and I have no idea what the Mccrae – Larouche link is.
another “link” : Igor Kochran, though this one I have a better gauge for meaning.

Sure, but it clashes with quotes from 2008.

The Jews are responsible for all the assassinations.

Y’know, I don’t think the “Operation Northwoods! Operation Northwoods!” line ever came from Larouche. (And is she classifying Tarpley as Larouche?)
That being said…

For the life of me, I can’t make heads or tails of Larouche’s stated reasoning for support of O’Malley in 2016, except it contradicts the repeated rah rah cheerleading that came with that repeated Fox Business Channel quoting to line him up with FDR. Is this a case of deployimg that “noble lie” the org always placed on the Straussians?
Overall, I do sense a bit of knowledge with that “28 roommates” tweet.

Hey! One of those “memes”.

IV. Becoming a line o convention: Larouche Wright Brothers now QAnon Apollo Program.
But maybe this is why Daniel Burke saw fit to disavow them.

Skipping to the bottom line, which frankly appears to bein line with the current Larouche line that “God won’t let you destroy his leader”, or however that creepy meme goes.

V. To any and all issues, the larouchian response is “exonerate larouche too”.
Though these requests to any and all figures of renown on social media don’t deploy this religious baggage.
(Though, on answering where to go if you become disillusioned by fox news.
And why would someone be aiming to get an audience from the “Zog controls everything, Trump and Biden both” crowd?

We see the larouche twitter war-room deploy the meme weapon calling Larouche “cancelled before cancelled was cool”, sure to win over the burgeoning right wing Zoomer demographic. For the older righties, well, Harley Schlanger and the Band do that “edge of coup” prepper thingy. (Aways away from Daniel Burke in by-gone era… not Trump allies).

VI. saw em at tcu.
and in front of a Manhattan office
Voted for …
So That’s why Cathy Guisewite got cancelled.
Another supporter.
involved in a lawsuit. (On Mike Billigtopn.
Sudanese opinion
tried to recruit me
2008 yelling match
Meeting a veteran of Operation Mop Up.
no girls???
USYD mid oughts.
fun like the jehovah’s witnesses
THe modern equivalent to the olde “He’s still alive???” response.

As Trump touts the achievements of Space Force in remarks in Middletown, a number of supporters next to the press riser begin a chant of “Pelosi to the moon!”
Remarkably similar to supporters of Lyndon Larouche in late 80’s holding signs inside National Airport ‘Expand NASA’s budget, send Congress to Mars’. Peas in a pod….

VII. The people are lining up for the schiller institute youth web conference.
Reportedly, This past weekend there was an International Youth conference (the third since May) over Zoom by the Schiller Institute. I never saw more than 170 persons watching at any one time., which is 170 more than zero. Musta been drawn in by Joycelyn Elders.

what a weird degrees of separation and forced at that manner of disparaging a guy.

VIII. Interlude to other guy: Funny thing: Bob Avakian and his rcp has had a larger presence in this city, such as it is, than the Larouchies — who at least showed up once in a while during the Bush and … At least early Obama years.

Well, Bob Avakian has taken a fig leaf of strategy from the Larouchies and are campaigning for one of the two party selections, overthrowing forty-five years of sitting them out to back Biden against Trump. Counterpunch explores whether they (or os it “he”?) have any point in finding Trump fascist as compared to anyone else, or even if so if it follows Avakian prediction what breed of fascism it is supposed to be.

We await to see how much effect Avakian’s endorsement to vote for Biden has on the election. It has been noticed.. Funny, it dors read something of the initoal Larouche literature on Martin O’Malley.

IX. Here is one man weighing the New Jersey senate election options. (Any word on them following current palace politics?) Watch out for the spite vote, though.
Daniel Burke’s presence on the ballot encourages schemes of entryism infiltration. It will be interesting to see how the Larouche party does in comparison with Of By For, for example. (Intersting to see if either candidate complains of the “butterfly ballot” effect, claiming misvotes.)

Here we have Burke questing for votes… Where?

Up ballot still gets you… Maybe?

Win a vote,
Lose a vote.

One media interview with Burke is Caleb Maupin .
It’s extremely concerning that you’re platforming the LaRouche movement. You wrote about LaRouche in Workers’ World calling him a fascist back in 2009, cannot for the life of me figure out why you would platform this guy.

X. Chinese Democracy.

Concerning themselves with the this thingDid Xi pick up the b and r from larouche?. The John Birch Society weighs in.. (The John Birch Society, seen here quoting approvingly as a source Webster Tarpley.)

Maybe it is, sure, but back from the old days when it was something else.

And, Point. Counter-point.

Rounding up if we must and William Jones and eir don’t come up until the last paragraph. (William Jones … Don’tbring up Trump on this.

Trump allies responding to news of his coronavirus: Here is the Larouche org and here is Georgia Senate candidate Kelly Loeffler.

XI. Point: (lpac report of their presence at a right wing rally). Slogan of stopping a coup against the President,” accompanied by a photo of Obama and Biden with a shared Hitler mustache. Another, new sign read: “Donald Can’t Do It by Himself.”