the three sided political dump on facebook and social media

From The Left, Mother Jones magazine, we have the reported whistle blowing of getting screwed by facebook while some rightwing source that employs Ben Shapiro isn’t, and is upset that the tech savvy users of a banned reddit site pulled themselves around.

The right wing Rod Dreher reports that facebook has screwed with the Babylon Bee, a satirical site of either a right wing bent or (sorta where I reside polititically, at least in part, hopefully to be altered significantly November) “anti-anti Trump” bent — and a source our esteemed president tweeted as a news source once… (Reported by this linked site as a “Christian satire site”, showing how weird forcing categories becomes.)
and has banned one ex college professor who had dealings with his Evergreen students, replete with another one of those whistle blowers explain the inner workings of borrowings from the Chinese government.

The one time conspiratorial and outside electoral politics (asode from Ron Paul and occasional asides to Dennis Kucinich and Cynthia McKinney) and now conspiratorial and firmly tagging for President Trump — Prison Planet site gloats about lack of trust with social media.
No word on them regarding Sacha Baron Cohen’s forced looking honeypot trap on Rudy Giuliani, the harumping of editing this set-up enters the realm of “why I land on anti-anti Trump”, but which here leads to the query for Alex Jones… A “neo-con” enemy of the hated Bush administration era but close ally (personal lawyer) of the supported Trump administration who kinda unfairly maligned here in a sensational manner, and incidentally, is tossing out favored conspiracy theories. GO!

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