Third Party looksee

IMG_20201025_152939 The Republican opponent is a qanon follower, so understand in a just world where party affiliation can more easily be subsided, he would come in second. With a not ex-Republican wing of the Libertarian Party that had brought the party to its high vote tally in the Presidential race last election.
This year’s Presidential candidate made the most news in the mainstream media when she was bitten by a bat. Kind of reminiscent of Carter’s battle with a rabbit, or Bush’s battle with a pretzel, so on that score Jo Jorgensen is presidential.
The vice presidential candidate is a sop to the Performance Art wing of the party, or maybe selected by the other party splits to check Jorgensen — an ally to Vermin Supreme, though with no boot on his head. Anyay, apparently he wasn’t allowed to contribute to the voter’s pamphlet, so I have less ability to see how he stacks up against Pence and Harris.

A sign that Kanye West is not serious in his presidential bid: is vice presidential pick is from his state of Wyomig, constitutionally not allowed. Maybe one or the other would make a quick relocation upon election before the inaugural. I don’t know — is that allowed? (The current president made an in term move from New York to Florida.)
(Kanye West is also a vice-presidental prospect in California, puzzling to see what happens if the main man — de la Fuente — wins.

We see a creative support for the Constitution Party candidate in t j e comments here.

Don Blankenship story is quite fascinating. Yes he served a year in prison, but the story behind why with the mine accidents is really interesting. To a degree he was a victim of government over reach, which is why he is running. He understands the importance of safety regulations… that make sense. He is keenly aware of how many things in government don’t make sense and in fact are outright hypocritical. He us running as an anti hypocrisy candidate. Don’t let the prison thing scare you. Look into what happened and why it happened.

Ah, sure. The government regulation is what kept him from enactimg proper safety standards.

Hobby candidate Rocky de la Fuente wants an America 2.0.

Brock Pierce, of Mighty Duck fame, becomes silly with a Just as it did in 1824, in 2020 the highly divided House of Representatives has the opportunity to compromise by choosing the one candidate that can unite America in service to all Americans: Brock Pierce,” Pierce’s website says., ignoring the whole “Corrupt Deal” charge that loomed over the John Quincy Adams administration, booted out by the guy who beat him in the popular vote next time up.

I am mildly curious to see how the “American Solidarity Party” candidate does… A theory of anti-abortion Democrats, who has a couple commentators’ and pundits’ votes. Good for… Sixth place for Brian T. Carroll, maybe?

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