The covid — antifa matrix doesn’t want me to buy shoes

IMG_20200921_114529. Needing a new pair of shoes, I ventured downtown, forgetting that Payless is (relatively speaking long) gone. So, wherefore for discount shoes? Ross For Less, perhaps? Nay, I couldn’t figure out this boarded up contraption of a store-front. It appeared to be closed, and when it opens I don’t know.

All right then. That place with initials people always mock. Har de har. I look in, scan about, and cannot see where the danged shoes are.

Target offered one shoe. I almost bought it — because damneditall, but thought better of it.

So. Trip over to Wsl-mart, which despite the best efforts of the city betters has snuck over into on the edge of town. And what do I encounter there? A massive police presence standing by, some doofus with a giant “Trump 2020” flag waving in the back of the pick – up and driving around in circles , representing I am sure a dozen other Patriot Prayers coming in from Vancouver, and an that assorted grouping with the word “Presx” pinned on to document happenings from their antifa cohorts who are somewhere in the vicinity and who would apparently snatch my personal mobile device out of my hands if I decided I was “press” myself.

Naturally the stores in this strip mall arena are closed. I walk by the entrances, all temporarily boarded or haphazardly blocked, someone shouts from their car “Is it closed?” and I shout back “Appears so”, and so I have to make my way back past a bunch of riotcops, closed fast food places, a Trump flag waving pick up truck, and now I think I see the park and crowding where the two larping Spanish Civil War re-enactors are engaged in their favorite hobby.

IMG_20200922_110000. IMG_20200926_112842 So. Onto Freddies, where I pick up my damned shoes — roughly ten more bucks than I was hoping to pay but them again I am actually kinda flush with cash right now — discarding my old past worn out shoes and putting them on. I thought I had clicked a da!ned flyer en route to the Max on “report any and all fascist license plate numbers to this antifa email address”, but apparently not. Someone in a car is sitting by shouting in a monotone “Black Lives Matter!”, and some guy decides kind of snaps back at attention to give a quick salute and “roght on!”,having to jab for attention to make sure he sees him and that he is signaling the correct virtue.

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