What is it “to link”?

Chris Elliott has a blog. Not the Chris Elliott, though. Still, this Chris Elliott is an interesting read… so I shall “link” it.

I found that blog via this blog, via the stats page which showed that Will Brady linked to this page…

A few weeks ago, controversy raged in the blogosphere over an Atrios blog post about Iraq-stationed contractors / mercenaries… The rightward blogs and comments-feed thought he was being callous. Kos has recovered from the scandal, it seems.

The upshot of the little bloggy scandal: A congressional candidate pulled his advertisement, and pulled the dailykos blog from his list of blogs… as did John Kerry.

Read that “BOP” article, and the eternal blog navel gazing question arises: What does it mean “to link”?

If I were to link to John Kerry‘s site… what am I endorsing? Can I still maintain a beleagured air of “meh”ity toward the candidate?

What if I were to link to the blog of a Seattle-area Democratic Activist?

Come to think of it, I oughta delink Pat Buchannan’s magazine. It’s Pat Buchannan!!!

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