I’ve Got Nothing.

While some things irk me (I’m trying to figure out who where and why cares about the “ribbons and the medals”, and why that wouldn’t simply boomerang to the president…) this article is not completely off base.

What’s remarkable about this campaign is that it’s reminiscent of the past to a point where it oughta be unremarkable…

… this smacks of a charade… a set-up. If a candidate had been proferred named “Not Bush” during the Democratic primary season, he would’ve won the nomination by a landslide.

John Kerry is a non-entity. And he is floundering.

He has Nothing.

But similarly, go to George W. Bush’s campaign page. I dare you to. Compare the number of pictures of our glorious leader with the number of pictures of John Kerry…

George W. Bush is floundering.

He has Nothing.

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