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well there are 2 theories here at work.
1 Vote For the man and administration I feel needs to be publicly shot for treason. Bush who will lead us down the merry path of Armageddon as quickly as possible and have the thought police on line the soonest.
By voting for Bush the society will reach a critical mass sooner and maybe something Correct will be done to correct the mistake . seeing that I don’t trust the mental wellbeing of My ugly American brothers ..

so I fall for the trap .

Vote Kerry. he will put the brakes on the impending Armageddon and stave it off a few years. hopefully allowing me to get my ducks in a row.
Do I feel should Kerry be publicly shot? well… No . Not of as yet.
Just flogged.

A little self-serving cynicism.
Fashionable in certain corners. These corners I’m gradually finding tiresome, in a way. How… uber-rebellious “outside the Matrix” cool.

Disaffection… catch it. And then be on constant guard against the mere idea of being affected.

Nay, I sayeth. Be weary of this.

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