Vallerie Plame

Place your bets. Joseph Wilson’s new book.

Lewis “Scooter” Libby
Elliott Abrams
Karl Rove

Ex-CIA official Larry Johnson all but named Libby as the source on the belated chattering-class program Buchannan and Press.
Joseph Wilson said that karl Rove ought to be frog-marched away, but later back-peddled.

(Note: this better be a focus of the next news-cycle, because otherwise…)

2 Responses to “Vallerie Plame”

  1. Jerry Piro Says:

    When the “White” House saw Mr. Wilson’s article in the op. ed., they sent it to Air Force 1. Aboard was Colen Powll, V.P. Chaney, and BUSH.
    Who do you think was the most pissed off at Wilson for exposing BUSH as a liar at his prime time State Of the Union address, and thus wanted to hurt him at any cost.

    Why are reporters afraid to ask HIM who gave the marching orders to
    expose Vallerie??

  2. Justin Says:

    You realize that you are responding to a post from April 29, 2004?

    And we’ve gone around in circles, thanks to… um… BUSH, who, mind you, is generally treated as though he is a cypher whose thoughts are implanted by… Cheney, Rove…

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