There’s a Reason they Went Straight to Dick Cheney…

I walked up to a group of LaRouche supporters and it went like this:

Me: The latest pamphlet is entitled “Children of Satan”.
LS: Actually, it’s recent pamphlet. (goes to pull the pamphlet out of his collection)
Me: Yeah, well… divorce the title from anything and…
LS (a different one): Oooooh…
Me: Yeah, I guess you know where I’m going with this.
LS: No. I oohed, because this is an original copy. Full gloss cover!
LS: Why would you want to divorce the title from anything? It’s called that because this cabal are the Children of Satan.
Me: No. I mean…
LS: What, you want endless world war III?
LS: Dick Cheney is a Child of Satan, like the others on this cover… Rumsfeld, Perle. We need to bring the troops home!
Me: I mean… divorce the title from any and all content… what does the title evoke? When carefully choosing a title, why would you go with “Children of Satan”?
LS: Because these guys are the Children of Satan! Their philosophy of endless World War 3… You want endless war? Have you read the pamphlet? $5!

I should have been more explicit… And why would I lay down $5 for a pamphlet that they have had laying around all over the place for free (except without the glossy cover)?

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