Bush Deserves a Cookie

The headlines regarding this guy just baffle me sometimes…

Bush says he answered every question from Sept 11 panel.

Yeah? Does he get a cookie for doing this?

And… why he appeared with Cheney?

Asked for the reasons behind his unprecedented insistence on Cheney’s presence, Bush replied: “I think it was important for them to see our body language as well, how we work together.”

Body Language?

The sad truth with Bush appears to be that the charicatures of the man are true.

Or maybe this is a tell. He was hyper-aware of body language. Cheney was there to make sure that his body language was correct.

And this makes no sense to me…

“There was some laughter from time to time. The president is a bit of a tease,” Thompson said. “There were no tense moments. I thought the president gave a five-star performance. I wish the American people could have seen it.”

Performance? Tease? Did he have any good jokes to share? I guess he’s the veritable life of the party, ain’t he.

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