Joe Sacco did a piece on the Portland Public Library, Sunday at 1 pm

Sunday… public library… quarter til 1.
“Go upstairs yesterday? They had a lot of food.”
“Nah. It was packed with kids.”
“Of course it was packed with kids. It’s “El Dia de los Ninos… or is it ‘la’?”
“If it’s dia, it’d be la.”
“Could be irregular.”
(Apparently, it is.)

“They’re thinking of tearing down Jeff.”
“Really? That’s a travesty.”
“Well, it’s always been considered a ‘failing school.'”
“Now what? Bus the kids to all the other schools?”
“No place in their neighborhood.”
“Well, you know, they tore down (name of high school escapes me). Replaced it with a dog-track.”
“No they didn’t.”
“The kids were doing alright, y’know. But they’re considered expendable.”
“Witness the recent shooting of an unarmed black man.”
“Well, you know. There’s always the Draft! They’re bringing that back.”
“Right. Because what these kids need, as all the schools get declared “Failing”… is Discipline.”
” The Al Franken Hour. 620 Am. You should turn in somtime.”
(Actually it sounds more like Randi Rhodes… Besides which, Franken has 3 hours.)
“I don’t believe my vote matters anyway. They’ll put in whoever they want to, like last time… Florida.”
“And it’s all messed up so badly in Iraq that there’s no turning back.”
(13 or 14 year old): “Bush only did that to complete what his dad did.”
(I’m mum on that point.)
“Remember John F. Kennedy? Now there was a president!”
“Everything changed when he died.”
“Did you hear Robert Kennedy Jr. Friday?”
“Um. No.”
“There’s somebody that’d be great. Like listening to old Robert Kennedy.”
“The Kennedys are such a tragic family.”
“I hear that John Kennedy Jr. may’ve been a possible spot at the vice-presidency. There’s ”
“Hm. Where’d you hear that?”
“I dunno. The radio.”
“I don’t believe that.”
“It doesn’t matter if you believe it or not. Your choice.”

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