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two choices for President.

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2016

Apparently, in-house at least Larouche is a write-in candidate for president.

American citizens should write in LaRouche’s name at the presidential ballot box to stand for the re-adoption of Alexander Hamilton’s economic principles, as LaRouche has reclarified them.
“I’m writing in LaRouche and Alexander Hamilton, let’s get the nation to elect the right principles” will cut through the dread with which Americans are questioning each other about the approach of Election Day. The only option for survival of the United States and the world economy, is offered by Hamilton’s principles as clarified by LaRouche’s Four Laws. Decide the future.

But throw him out.  You don’t vote for corpses — do you?  (Maybe Ron Wieczorek does?)

So, for those interested there is one Larouchie running for President — Christopher Earl Strunk.  On the ballot anywhere?  Not that I can tell.  But he filed wit the FEC, so that’s worth something!

Whom he?  He head the “Natural Born Citizen” party, which relates to the great “Obama Birther” controversy — an issue which I would think would now be as dead to the conspiratorial die-hards as the birther issue surrounding Chester Arthur — but who knows?

And on the eve of election… Don’t Forget to vote.
But if you do not, we will get, as president of the United States, Donald J. Trump … worse than Nixon, worse than George Bush, worse than any candidate that I can remember since I cast my first vote in 1952. I consider him even more dangerous than George Wallace, Lester Maddox and Lyndon LaRouche. If you don’t know them, “Google”!
Nah.  The choice is between Lyndon Larouche and protege Christopher Earl Strunk!

II.  Hm.

It is evident from Beijing’s characterization of the South China Sea dispute that it does not think the Philippines is capable of acting in its own diplomatic capacity. In one editorial published (link in Chinese) by state news agency Xinhua in May, Manila is said to be simply acting out a script that is “directed” by the US, with other countries including Japan acting as “cheerleaders” in the background. Chinese state media also rolled out a “US expert” from from the little-known “Executive Intelligence Review” to bolster its argument that the Philippines is merely America’s pawn.

III.  Plotting the post election gyration.

Lyndon LaRouche today emphasized that the carefully orchestrated campaign against Trump over his perversions will not succeed in damping the popular rage against Obama and Hillary.

So.  They’ll make their pitch to Trump voters.

Commenting both on the war hysteria and on the thorough breakdown of Obamacare, with millions of people being forced to pay 50-70% higher premiums for less care, he noted tha these are adding to the rage in the population against the killer Obama and his asset Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton is still suborbinate to Obama?  Wait.  Apparently.

Later, after Obama was elected President, when he offered Hillary the position of Secretary of State, Lyndon LaRouche knew immediately that this was a poisoned chalice, and warned Hillary not to accept it. But she was misled by her own ambition.
Hillary had lied to herself that she would be able to influence Obama for the better, as she conceived the better. Instead, she proved the bitter truth of LaRouche’s forecast. Over the first two years of Obama’s first term, Hillary Clinton degenerated into permanent hysteria out of sheer physical terror of Obama. She became nothing more than Obama’s brainless zombie—as she still is to this day.

Speaking to on the phone, I’m sure.

“Our job is to round up the necessary forces to search for a peaceful solution to Obama’s drive for war on Russia. If he starts a general war, it is doom. Get the people with guts, in the government and out, to shut down Obama, to get him out, now. Do they want peace? Shut him down.”

News flash, as you pursue an Impeachment brief in the lame duck phase:  Obama will be “out” in January.  (Really?  How do you publish this as a cover at this stage in the game?)

IV.  For the second straight year…  Bob Baker attends the “Kansas Cattlemen’s Association” — and, oh yes, there it is … under contributors “Executive Intelligence Review”.

 V.  He saw it coming.
“It was Mike who spotted the LaRouchies before Adlai Stevenson and the Democrats did in 1986. It was Mike who predicted David Duke was rising in voter approval in a run for Congress years ago. And it was Mike who saw the tribal power of social media a long time before the rest of the so-called political geniuses figured it out,” Marin said.
His knack for polls and political expertise even got his foot a bit into the entertainment world via another Joliet native, longtime “Saturday Night Live” writer Jim Downey, known for his memorable political satire during elections.
The two collaborated on political skits — Mr. McKeon providing analysis and expertise that Downey in turn used in his writing.And So… RIP.
VI.  Who the Hell did this thing?
A giant banner emblazoned with an image of Russian President Vladimir Putin and the word “peacemaker” was draped from the Manhattan Bridge in New York City on Thursday, and police said they are trying to find out who hung it there.
While you can look over toward a possible political provocation by organizations associated with Webster Tarpley (who has a history of protesting for Putin) or Lyndon Larouche (who continue their work on behalf of praising Putin), it appears in naught.
And from here… Jeff Steinberg sells Russian Media on the Democrats thinking of Dumping Hillary line.
VII.  An interesting piece in the New York Times, recalling the experience of growing up in the Socialist Workers Party.
Selling polemics of the sort
It’s written in something between the tone of the old LaRouchie free papers you could get on the street and the argot of 30s era party organs. From another vantage point it reads kind of like taking Trump tweet language and stringing it out into actual prose. As you can see, it’s all but unhinged me.
  Or of this sort.

In 2000, Lyndon LaRouche supporters were seen canvassing on college campuses in direct opposition to Democratic nominee Al Gore, and waged a campaign against President Obama in 2008. One sign read “The Pure Evil of Al Gore” and another had drawn an Adolf Hitler mustache on Obama’s picture. LaRouche’s “Worldwide LaRouche Youth Movement” has been described as a cult by some former members, and his total votes in the general election lagged behind at least seven other candidates in 2000.

Or this sort

Later that semester, the silver-maned McGurrin and I walked the wide path toward University Center. As we approached, he opined on politics and paused when we observed an escalating altercation. A hostile student and a young Lyndon LaRouche supporter exchanged words. Along the politico’s table hung signs that read “9/11 was an inside job.” Voices raised to shouts and suddenly the folding table seemed to explode and fall to the ground. The angered student stormed off leaving the young activist scrambling for pamphlets and other paraphernalia. No one was hurt, but this sort of tension lingered for some time.

A bid for the the World Socialists, or whoever you care to vote forSimilarly, you can send any message you like by not voting. You can say you are sitting out the election because both parties are neo-liberal, or because an election without Lyndon LaRouche is a sham, or because 9/11 was an inside job. The story you tell yourself about your political commitments are yours to construct.

VIII.  Apparently there was a LPAC video with an unusual number of views.  Here’s the only place that shows up when you type the link into google.

 IX.  Etc.
 Executive Intelligence Review and Stormfront in lieu of conspiracy theories about — from George Barna.  (International Jewish Bankers fundin Black Lives Matter.)
Who?  A “Never Trumper” of Kasich vintage who has donated money to Chuck Schumer and “socialist” Lyndon Larouche.
As Trump “finishes” the “Birther Controversy” … a comparison with Larouche.
 They are other parties out there, an example would be the Citizens Electoral Council, now they are really crazy and there is no way I would put One Nation behind the Citizens Electoral Council or the Communist Party.

Gretchen Small: This was … as my magazine Executive Intelligence Review warned, this was a coup, a judicial coup by financial rapists – I think that is the only word you could use –  The only one?

Wait am I at a performance of Requiem put on by an organization backed by Lyndon LaRouche?

Trump versus Daily Mail (and, oh yeah, also Tarpley)

Thursday, September 8th, 2016

On the hustlings of familiarity, the 2004 speculation on a Bush debate hump (sure) winds its way over to Hillary Clinton and an earpiece in 2016.  Throw out “false equivalency” charges against me for bringing the two together if you wish.

Chief amongst the conspiracy mongerers Right about now, Alex Jones, has been trumpeting up his associations with Donald Trump — familiar as it is to his big interview with Charlie Sheen where he insisted over and over that “we work out all the time”.  It is just enough for Hillary Clinton to mention his name in a speech.*

Webster Tarpley has, it appears, severed ties with Alex Jones fully right about here, and from my eyes his organization looks ever increasingly like the proto-Larouche org he once was a part of.  To be fair, he publishes his daily Memo (Briefing) (habitual as it may be with innuendo and fraudulent charges against on Ms. Trump).  His weekly “World Crisis Radio” is now joined by a daily show “American System Network” — with stated ties as the ideological post-script to Henry Clay.  He’s taken to campaigning for Hillary Clinton and calling Donald Trump a nazi, jumping to a role as a left-wing gate-keeper against the Green Party and coming full circle on an obvious “bi-partisan” / Bilderberg Group / two party duopoly, seemingly now jettisoning his long held opposition to President Barack Obama.
His political party — the Tax Wall Street Party, fielding a handful of candidates — has remained outside the Democratic Party… so far.  And I suppose Tarpley hasn’t jumped to the idea of becoming President just as yet, so even if some transition is made from Larouche’s 1976 Labor Party to a fielding nominees in Democratic primaries, we’re a ways off.

As for this

Melania Trump’s lawsuit describes both publishers’ conduct as “despicable, abhorrent, intentional, malicious, and oppressive.” But the legal battle will hinge on a specific descriptor her lawsuit used to describe Tarpley and the Daily Mail’s actions: “actual malice,” which basically means that the publishers knew, or should have known, that something they published was false.

It’s an annoying case, not much liking either side.  (Though, frankly, what do I care about the possible First Wife?)  And I’m focusing on the lesser party here, the party to the case that is, reportedly, thrown in just so that the Trumps can have the case in a more favorable court setting.

Steve Klepper, an appellate lawyer for the Baltimore law firm Kramon & Graham, said the inclusion of a blogger in the suit indicated legal maneuvering.
He told the Guardian: “Anytime you have a filing that adds a minor in-state defendant, it’s a flag that they were joined to prevent removal to federal court. And as we know, Donald Trump has not been having been the best luck in federal court recently.”

And item number one in Trump’s very self – interested pledging to pass stricter libel laws if elected, I understand this basic idea.

Trump’s biographer said the suit seemed to be ‘more a threat to other reporters, publishers, news organizations’ to shy away from reporting on nominee’s wife.

So …

Klepper pointed to a Maryland defamation statute that might provide a basis for Melania Trump’s suit. It reads: “A single or married woman whose character or reputation for chastity is defamed by any person may maintain an action against that person.”

The retraction in Tarpley’s “Daily Briefing” is pretty funny.

The Morning Briefing published on on August 2, 2016 referenced unfounded rumors and innuendo regarding Melania Trump, wife of Republican Presidential candidate Donald J. Trump, and her life prior to her marriage. The August 2, 2016 morning briefing asserted that it was widely known that Melania Trump previously worked as an escort and that Mrs. Trump was in fear of revelations that she used to work as an escort. The briefing also stated that multiple unnamed sources stated that Mrs. Trump was in a state of apoplectic tantrum, was suffering from a full-blown nervous breakdown, that both Melania Trump and Donald J. Trump feared the revelations coming to light, and that Mrs. Trump’s condition was negatively affecting the presidential campaign of Donald J. Trump.
While the editors, writers and contributors did not generate said rumors, the briefing in question was not diligent in fact-checking or maintaining a healthy distance between innuendo and fact.
As such, Webster G. Tarpley, as editor of the content that appears on, hereby officially retracts the August 2, 2016 morning briefing in full and apologizes to Mrs. Trump for any duress and harm she may have endured as a result of the contents of the August 2, 2016 morning briefing.

He’s the author of a book on George H W Bush.  One on Barack Obama.  And one Mitt Romney (though, having never seen the Mitt Romney book, I don’t even know if it’s about Romney so much as it is about the Big Mormon Threat).

This, I’d say, could be expanded out to everything Like most Larouche texts, the Bush “biography” is a mélange of fact and distortion, written in a highly suppositional style that makes numerous leaps of logic and asserts connections where there is no real evidence to support it, at other times omitting exculpatory or contrary information that reveals a more complete picture.

Sure, I just deleted the “positive” aspect in that final quote, but you find that giant leap of logic with Melanie Trump, crudely speaking “escort” — model = escort.
I suppose the one good thing about this lawsuit (which, with reluctance and annoyance I’d slide to siding with goddamned Tarpley) is it forces him (as well the bigger newspaper tabloid) to rectify one obnoxious crude and personal “leap of logic”.

On the matter of Tarpley jettisoning his role as “historian” (philosopher of history?  journalist? political activist?) in favor of “blogger” (David versus Goliath, I suppose)… it is interesting — given in court proceedings, parties tend to try to amp up their credentials and down-play their opponents in court briefings.  Can’t call himself a “conspiracy theory” (was he there for Princess Di?)


* There are plenty of fringe ideologies, but the presidential frontrunner doesn’t usually dedicate a speech to dealing with them. In case you missed it, the John Birch Society, the Lyndon LaRouche movement or even the Westboro Baptist Church don’t drive our political discourse. They’re bizarre ideologies that most of us don’t want to be associated with, let alone support.
So why would Clinton give the Alt-Right airtime if it’s so obviously objectionable? It’s a political play, plain and simple.

A vaguely defined grouping, this “alt right”, an advisor plucked out of one website here, a paranoid 9/11 Truther turning his media empire into a Trump Fan Plaza there.  Political play, you say?  Surely you jest?

The Remnants of the Reform Party and Alabama considers ballot history.

Considerations of Larouche encounters.

only ran into them once (they’re less active in Germany, where they call themselves BüSo), they talked to me about nuclear power because I had studied one of their posters showing a nuclear power plant (as a physicist I have some interest in this topic). The LaRouchies quickly asserted that solar power was a terrible idea, nuclear was top. I tried to argue that solar has some merits and some drawbacks, just like nuclear has advantages and disadvantages, but they wouldn’t have any of it, in their opinion it was nuclear and nothing else.

When I lived in another city they used to scream wide-eyed at me outside of the subway stations and ask if I supported National Socialism in US government. And they had posters of Bush and Cheney with Hitler ‘staches. Now I live in DC and they hang around subway stations here too, but have updated the posters to Obama with a Hitler ‘stache. They need a fresh approach IMO.

I was visiting a friend in Canada a few years ago, and he told me to talk to LaRouche pamphleteers on the street if I encountered any. He promised it would be funny. So I found some (since these people are always in Montreal, especially when the weather gets nice), and the guy I spoke with started telling me all this shit about a secret oil pipeline from Russia or something. Whatever it was, be sure it was serious business! For every claim he made, I responded with phoney concern and an innocent request for proof. I kept saying, “How did you find out about this? Declassified documents?” and he kept trying to work around that and continue his screed.
They also used to put up signs that said “Hitler to Obama: ‘I just love your new healthcare plan!'” Oof.

 Oh God, when I was in college, there was some mysterious person who would leave copies of EIR (Economic Intelligence Report) and a copy of this newspaper that had a headlines like “NEW BRETTON WOODS IN WORKS, AS LAROUCHE PREDICTED.” I cherish them, it’s real hoot stuff. Frankly, a lot of it is just Roosevelt-style government works programs, like he wants to build a high speed train that goes around the world, like building a connection at the Bering Strait.
He’s got some really batshit ideas. Like he has something against modern music, he says it’s not in the right key and he’s petitioned musician organizations to get musicians to perform in a lower key. He also is paranoid about the British, he thinks they’re trying to take over the world, like he thinks the Beatles were a British psych-op operation. I remember reading in EIR about how Condelezza Rice was do a state visit to the UK and how “LaRouche was one of the topics of discussion.”
Last year, I had the misfortune of having one of these nutjobs preach to me on a Philadelphia street corner about the British monarchy and the Jews’ plot to destroy our very way of life. I kept his flyer full of crazy as a souvenir, but I lost it soon after… wish I could’ve scanned it for you guys. It almost read like timecube.
What the fuck is up with these guys, and where do they come from? Does LaRouche himself pay his personal army to do this in every major city?

Tarpley backs Clinton; Goldman backs Trump

Monday, August 15th, 2016

ITEM NUMBER ONE:  Larouchie proves King-Maker in Texas

Just call Craig Holtzclaw the most powerful Larouche Member in American Politics.

On Saturday, Houston lawyer Shawn Thierry effectively won a state House seat by a vote of 13-11, with the deciding vote cast by a card-carrying organizer with the Lyndon LaRouche PAC, a fringe group whose politics are all over the map.

They print out cards?

There were supposed to be 27 chairs at Saturday’s vote. A few days earlier, one chair, another acolyte of Lyndon LaRouche, was stripped of his position after party officials determined he resides outside of the district he was representing. Lee Carter was thought to have a slim majority of the remaining 26 chairs.
But when the campaigns turned up to the center, personal crises had kept two of Lee Carter’s chairs from turning up. With 24 chairs remaining, things got off to a shaky start, presaging difficulties to come: When the chairs attempted to elect one of their own to preside over the meeting, the two candidates both got 12 votes, precipitating a literal coin flip. […]

But what is it Holtzclaw believes, exactly? “I am a LaRouche Democrat,” he said, as in yet another acolyte of the infamous semi-cult leader who thinks Obama is Hitler, has argued that the Queen of England controls the global drug trade, and who wants to colonize space. Ah.
Holtzclaw said he had voted for the candidates who communicated to him that they were willing to take elements of the LaRouche platform to Austin, namely, telling all those tea-party Texas Republicans that we need “big government investment in infrastructure.” That’s what LaRouche calls “the science of physical economy.”
Blackmon and Thierry, he said, had seemed to embrace that line more than Lee Carter. And that’s why she lost, in part.

We await to see if there was some “corrupt bargain” as that which was historically alleged to take place when Henry Clay swung Presidential the election of 1824 the way for John Quincy Adams.

ITEM NUMBER TWO:  Australia Votes…

In the system that brought a member of the “Motoring Enthusiasts Party” into parliament… the Citizens electoral council remains … right at the bottom

Jeff Davy — Citizens Electoral Council — 159 votes.
We now wait to see how the four candidates do in the Northern territories.

Hm… The fertile soils of Kingaroy which gave us Sir Joh also gave life to the Citizens Electoral Council which, in the 2010 federal campaign, issued a press release insisting that Prince Philip collaborated with former Nazi officer Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands to establish the World Wildlife Fund specifically to reduce global population.
More than 2000 Queenslanders voted for the CEC in the 2013 federal ballot and it was their democratic right to do so. It is also a democratic right to politely pose the question: “What on earth were they thinking?’’
And yet … is there method in this madness? Perhaps the behaviour of modern political parties is such that the electorate’s only rational response can be irrationality.

More results?

The first preference vote count to Sunday put Labor’s Damian Wood in third position with 12,160 votes, followed by The Greens’ Carol Vernon on 5,756, Christian Democratic Party candidate Wayne Lawrence on 3085, independent John Arkan had 2979 votes and Michael Gough from Citizens Electoral Council on 616.

ITEM NUMBER THREE: Tarpley and Spengler weigh in

“Accuracy in the Media” and Cliff Kincaid take on Webster Tarpley at the LeftForum… And here, it is interesting to note the direction Webster Tarpley has taken with this presidential election.  It shadows pretty well some typical Bernie Sanders supporters as they slump over to nudging Hillary Clinton support against Donald Trump… though, losing a bit too much anti-Hillary grounding.

… From hosting a cartoon on his twitter account showing Bernie Sanders as a “gate-keeper” keeping wayward leftwingers in line for the eventual corruptible Clinton… to grumbling that Bernie Sanders isn’t really going after Clinton as the corporate-ist (did he say fascist there?) she is… to now?
Twitter feed:  Morally insane #GreenParty #pseudocandidate #JillStein openly embraces #Trump #Fascism to boost her gate receipts!
Twitter feed#Psychotic #JulianAssange spook limited hangout operative for #British- #Chinese bloc backs #Fascist #Trump 2016
Twitter feed:  #BernieOrBust lack realism-#FeelTheBern failed to educate them in #Fascism & #Psychosis of #Trump, threat to #Civilization- #subjectivists

And here Tarpley is at the conventions.

Not far from where Guerrero stood in the slim bars of shade next to the Visitor Center were two signs, both of which compared Trump to a Nazi. These signs were held by members of the Tax Wall Street Party, which formed two and a half years ago and has run candidates both in New York state and in California.
Washington, D.C.-based historian and author Webster Tarpley, wearing a shirt and tie, explained that the inflammatory nature of the signs was necessary to promote his party’s goals — and goal No. 1 is to stop Donald Trump.
“The basic idea is if you’re going to fight Trump, you have to tell the truth about him,” Tarpley said — including about his potential psychiatric problems. “Trump says he suffers from a mild form of Obsessive- compulsive disorder. That would imply he’s seen a psychiatrist. We need to see his medical records, as well as his tax returns.”
Tarpley mentioned Trump’s onetime biographer, Tony Schwartz, who has lately been speaking out about Trump’s personality issues, as well as Justin Frank, author of Bush on the Couch.
“It’s an ethical dilemma because we don’t like to psychoanalyze someone from a distance. But this is the politics of life and death and needs to be confronted.”
Tarpley has taken his dim view of Trump to Jewish groups, including the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), some of whose members questioned Tarpley’s analogizing Trump with Nazism.
“At AIPAC, people said the Holocaust is sui generis. Fine, but you have to get the lessons from the death and suffering. Of course you don’t want to throw ‘Nazi’ around, but this is an emergency.”

Meantime, David Goldman, aka “Spengler” is backing Donald Trump.  (Spengler received some interesting bit of citation from Webster Tarpley in his 2008 anti-Obama book.)

Trump is vulgar, ill-informed and poorly spoken. He has no foreign policy credentials and a disturbing inclination to give credit to Russia’s Vladimir Putin where it isn’t due. But he has one thing that the fifty former officials lack, and that is healthy common sense. That is what propelled him to the Republican nomination.

So, there you go.  The two most larouchian of the post-larouchians weigh in for opposing candidates in the coming election.  Where does that leave Larouche himself, and the Larouche org?

This can’t be right, as the analysis of webcasts pour onOne questioner wondered out loud why he hadn’t heard any support for Donald Trump. […]


Over the last five weeks the world has changed. Events combined with willful interventions, especially those of Vladimir Putin, have created a new global dynamic and transformed the potential for real and total victory in the immediate period ahead. Success now depends first on the adoption of LaRouche’s ‘Four New Laws,’ […]

What is urgent is the requisite creative pre-emptive action, rather than the repeated failures derived from Newton’s systemic fraud of action-reaction—a fraud that predominates in the neurotic impulses of the political and financial class of the trans-Atlantic today, and a fraud that Einstein so brilliantly exposed. Such pre-emptive action, as required by LaRouche’s Four New Laws, is the very foundation for the preliminary steps by which we eliminate the unnecessary burdens and debts of this failed system.


French journalist and founder of Agora Erasmus, the Belgian LaRouche movement,

Not enough attention is paid to Belgium’s Larouche organization.  But there it is, an appearance in Russian media.

And, sure.


The Democrats have had to deal with firing Lyndon LaRouche many times over the years. But sometimes, the LaRouche Democrats win!

ANDThen came AIDS. In 1986, when right wing extremist Lyndon LaRouche launched his Prop 64 initiative calling for mandatory HIV testing and quarantining HIV-positive people in camps, Weinstein and his best friend Chris Brownlie started the Stop AIDS Quarantine Committee. They distributed more than 60,000 fliers and organized over 4,000 demonstrators to march on La Rouche’s headquarters in Atwater Village, according to gay journalist Bruce Mirken. That march and the No on 64 campaign helped defeat the measure by a whopping 71% to 29%.

It’s a goddamned shame that Lyndon LaRouche isn’t running for president this year. Based on the accuracy of his predictions over the years and his intensely cult-like following, he’d stand a pretty good chance.

HmAfter being hired for my first outdoors job I was chatting with the human resources person and somehow the topic turned to why Bill Clinton deserved a second term. So of course I calmly stated I was going to vote for Lyndon LaRouche. She stared at me as if walrus tusks had sprouted from my nostrils, paused, and then wryly asked if I was simply “stirring the pot.” I surely was, though I didn’t let on. Nor did I reveal the fact I didn’t have a clue about LaRouche’s politics, or anyone’s politics for that matter.


latest larouche crap

Thursday, June 30th, 2016
So.  How’s the Australian election looking for Team Larouche?
Uh oh.  The Citizens Electoral Council rounding up the group list in 23rd spot.  I don’t know if coming at the very end is better than coming in the middle but toward the end, but I do know that “Mature Australia” is sitting pretty at the top spot.
Though the Bullet Train For Australia candidate is tucked in after the Citizens Electoral Council candidate here.  Lindsey Cosgrove goes on to rail against the looming World War III.
Item Number TWO:  What does Larouche think of Brexit?  Oh… who knows… the titles of these EIR pieces could have been written about anything in the past five decades —

The British System Is Doomed: A Totally New System Is Now

And then there’s the new system I suppose Larouche is ambling toward…
Bending Stars Like Reeds Toward a New System of Extra-Planetary something or other

It is worth noting one Webster Tarpley, working against Alex Jones once again, is proving himself quite the globalist.  In the wake of Brexit, his twitter feed going off on Boris Johnson.  Will he be able to stand outside yelling stuff at this year’s conflab of the Bilderberg Conference, or are these things being rescinded these days?


Trump versus Larouche.
Oh, yes, I forgot; Trump isn’t as much a conspiracist as LaRouche.
So, Larouche is in Germany.  Apparently he has a dog.  That’s actually moderately interesting…
The San Fran one might have raised slightly more cash. They disclosed about 70 people showed up even if they’re members. The room was smaller and may have cost less. The org seems to be viewing this as a success.The Texas one never pans the audience.The Boston turnout looked pretty good but running box fans in that cramped office it must have been pretty warm.

ITEM NUMBER FIVE.  History’s Mysteries.

Dennis Hastert is going to a famous prison.  Hastert must surrender by Wednesday afternoon to begin serving a 15-month sentence at the Federal Medical Center in Rochester, a 64-acre secured facility that was once home to former U.S. Rep. Dan Rostenkowski, television evangelist Jim Bakker and perennial fringe presidential candidate Lyndon LaRouche.

And celebrating gay pride history… On June 29, 1986, marchers in the NYC Pride March exchange words with two Lyndon LaRouche supporters who were insulting parade participants. Lyndon LaRouche had called for the registration and quarantining of those suffering from or carrying the AIDS virus. LaRouche had gained enough signatures in California to force a vote in the state’s November election.

Speaking of sorts… this is odd analysis.

The mass murder rampage in Orlando, Florida, by alleged Islamic State follower Omar Mateen, is but the latest in a series of horrific terrorist attacks that all flow from a thirty-year-old “oil deal” between the British and Saudi monarchies. That deal has given them great power and great hidden resources to create today’s global jihadist apparatus, for attacks against nations.


Heh heh.  Protesting in the old tradition of the CPUSA

Russian media reported that “I love Russia” demonstrations took place simultaneously in 15 American states and hundreds of people took to central city squares to declare their love of Russia on the Russian national holiday known as Russia Day.

At the same time the last Gallup poll shows that Americans are increasingly viewing Russia as a threat and the US’s top enemy. 18% said they see Russia and America’s enemy number one, compared to just 3% in 2011.
Furthermore, the only actual American shown in Channel five’s story on the “I love Russia” campaign show is a young woman identified as Michele Fuchs of the Lyndon LaRouche political movement.


Tarpley by way of Cliff Kincaid

AND Etc…

Dennis Small “latin america expert from leesburg”…
Lyndon Larouche, the well-known American political figure.

That being said, while the Huskies have enough talent and experience to compete with (and beat) all 12 teams on their schedule, it would take a lot of coin-flip-or-worse probabilities going right for UConn to jump from to 9-10 wins, which is something you might occasionally see on Lyndon LaRouche fansite “The Boneyard”.


Don’t Be A Senior Sucker

Well “Marsha Maluke” left me a message from 410-299-6293. She said a “friend” brought my letter to the Naples Daily News to her attention and wanted to speak to me about it. Flattery gets you nowhere. Think before you act.
You have so much technology at hand, your friends or the Sheriff’s Office.
I just Googled the phone number and guess what? It’s the Lyndon LaRouche organization. Well, Marsha, I hope you’re not still waiting for my return phone call. Curiosity killed the cat. So seniors stay smart. We may be older but don’t be played for a fool.

As I always say to the LaRouchies who set up shop outside my local post office on Saturdays, before you consider impeaching Obama, consider whether you really want Biden as presiden


No slate of candidates? No one to shock Texas?

Thursday, May 19th, 2016

The Schiller Institute gets into places at the old annual Left Forum…  moderating a discussion on Greece, it’s Helga Zepp.  And then they’ll be Deconstructing the Subhumanization and Dehumanization of Global Society.  Interestingly enough, the Larouchies are nowhere to be seen in the conferences dealing with the issue of abortion, art, or the environment

which they offer different opinions on...

Lyndon LaRouche really. Is that the best you can do? LOL
Why not just David Koch for better propaganda?
Joke’s on you.  Best

Helga Zepp also seen here.

Where’s (former member) Webster Tarpley?  Telemundo, apparently.

ITEM NUMBER TWO:  If I read this email message right… Larouche is in a sort of “legacy” stage of operation, trying to figure out how to fling his name forward.

This is a man who has profoundly changed the history of the Twentieth and Twenty-First Centuries,— with completely deliberate intention, but by using nothing but his own highly-controversial methods. He has changed the history of these decades using his mind alone, without weapons or budgets. Or whatever weapons or budgets he may have had at any time, he obtained using his unique methods, while he was “understood by very few, and supported by no one,” to quote Einstein on Johannes Kepler.
How is this possible? Common sense and practicality reject it completely,— yet it has happened. Not only that, but it is happening now. And not only that, but it was visibly happening on May 10,— for those who were able to see it.

Tend to the cult, I suppose.  And try to bring the legacy forward.

Liberal Media Bashing:  To cover the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs conference without understanding the publication or the record of its speakers would be akin to covering an Executive Intelligence Review conference on economics without realizing its ties to conspiracy theorist and felon Lyndon LaRouche, or covering a American Renaissance conference on the Black Lives Matter movement without realizing that that publication was dedicated to white supremacism.

Hm.  “World on Brink of Existential Crisis”.  Or.  Wait.  I mean,   US, Russia On The Brink Of Thermonuclear War.  (Though, I’m pleased to see the photograph of Putin and Obama at the table there, talking it out, presumably.)

  Putin not strong enough to hold it on, even though…
Mr. LaRouche has repeatedly identified Putin as one of the most brilliant leaders in the modern time as best exemplified by […]
So we are now at an existential crisis, nothing short of removing Obama for his crimes which include this crime of deploying these unnecessary missile systems
Well.  Putin will outlast Obama in office.  Which begs the question:  assuming that Obama’s continued presence in the White House threatens our existence — can we not wait until January?

So this is the last dinosaur in his last desperate ploy trying to provoke a war which would mean the end of civilization. There would be no winner in such a war and it is our duty here in the United States under Mr. and Mrs. LaRouche’s leadership to galvanize the US support for the BRICS nations…

Hmm… The LaRouche Political Action Committee issued its pamphlet, “The United States Joins the New Silk Road. A Hamiltonian Vision for An Economic Renaissance,” precisely as a call to arms in the war to end this literally suicidal submission to that British system.
Symbolic victory.  Hamilton had been slated to be nixed from our currency. Seems to have been saved due to popular culture, ie: a Broadway Play with a positive portrayal of Hamilton.  Instead, Jackson was nixed.  Do I see the Larouchies celebrating this, or building off of it to promote the Hamiltonian Vision?  No.  Opportunity wasted, I suppose.

David Cherry?  In support of Zuma.  And on Sputnik TV… TPP Deal and their take on the Panama Papers.  (Surely we have Cameron tagged, and by extension the British Royal Family… and nobody in Russia.)

Har de har har.
Are you getting the vague sense this wasn’t a Republican presidential primary campaign at all? It was the hapless Shemp Howard of Texas taking on the paranoid, fear-mongering Lyndon LaRouche of the Big Apple to become the Court Jester-in-Chief.

Rachel Maddow brings more attention to Larouche on national television than the man has received in 30 years… largely by re-running a newsclip from 30 years ago.
So, sandwiched between Ross Perot and Pat Buchanan (who Maddow has an interesting relationship with — claims the very clip she shows from the 1992 is what brought her into political activism and today is a co-worker) … it is   at the 7:30 minute mark, as she segues from Ross Perot to Lyndon Larouche.  “If Abe Lincoln were alive today, he’d probably be voting for me.”  Goes on to 12:20 or so.
Into the comments.  Partisan wrangling and things…
RM is correct comparing Trump to LaRouche, both have cult like followings. The only diffence is that some of LaRouche followers were educated and once well meaning leftists who got sucked in by a very cleaver but demented maniac and also the time they were living, the late 1960s and 1970s. Trump and his followers can never be accused of being educated, cleaver, nor well meaning, and he has once and for all transformed the GOTP into a bona fide demented cult.  Cleaver?
Larouche went to prison for credit card fraud (one of mine included). Trump has taken investors’ money and has walked away from bankrupt business ventures while his investors took the loss. Trump knows how to take investors’ money and stay out of jail. So far.
Trumpet isn’t just like Larouche, additionally add in that he’s a jumbled-up combination of Nixon, George Wallace, Bernie Maddow, P.T. Barnum, Pat Buchanan, and Mussolini.
So… Trump is doing good for Larouche’s name spottingbut Americans need to realize that we’re entering uncharted territory. We’ve had our share of demagogues and would-be despots through the years – Huey “the Kingfish” Long, George Wallace and Lyndon LaRouche among them – but never before has one of them captured the nomination of a major party.
In 1980, the Democratic Party was targeted for a hostile takeover by the political cult of Lyndon LaRouche, a mysterious but well-funded eccentric who seemingly materialized out of nowhere as a presidential candidate. When the votes were tallied, LaRouche was barely a footnote in that election, which blew out unpopular incumbent Jimmy Carter and ushered in the Reagan revolution. But LaRouche did not fade away. In fact, he’d been doing what Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders have not: pursuing a strategy not only to lay the groundwork for his own candidacy, but to build a movement that would advance his programs on a permanent, ongoing basis.
In theory that’s what Sanders is now apt to be doing, though of course… he won more votes and can’t figure to be a “footnote”.
Larouche’s presidential elections are the ultimate footnotes.  [See?  300 people keep voting for him in Democratic primaries in Virgo County, Florida!)  Rounding errors.  That’s the one big difference between Trump and Larouche:  assuming something catastrophic in the November election, ala a result akin to George McGovern.  The tally will show Trump beating Larouche’s best showing by a 40% (or thereabouts) to 0% tally.  (Or, 0.000something percent).
It Could Be worse…  There have been candidates from obscure parties like the Queer Nation Party and the Vampires, Witches and Pagans Party. Animals, kids and cartoon characters have run, albeit not seriously. A whole slew of entertainers, from Stephen Colbert to Roseanne Barr, have run.
The arcane rules of delegate allocation, which vary from state to state, are lost on the Trump operation, which is perhaps the most laughably unserious presidential campaign since Lyndon Larouche ran for the White House from a prison cell.  The next sentence is moot.  (As is moot the historical footnoting of how Larouche’s 3rd party runs set up a possible Trump 3rd party run.) This means that even if Mr. Trump walks away with the April 19 primary in his home state of New York, it is increasingly unlikely that he will lock up a majority of delegates before July’s Republican convention in Cleveland.  Helps to win the thing outright.  In Larouche’s case, I don’t think he much cared.
I attribute the anger to what I perceive as the old tension between blue-collar workers, who are often less educated and lower paid, and better-off white-collar voters. It is nothing new. Even though white-collar liberals have always supported unions, better pay, better hours, and other improvements for blue-collar workers, that love rarely seems reciprocated. Blue-collar workers have long been angry. In the past they supported George Wallace, Lyndon LaRouche, Ron Paul, Ralph Nader, Ross Perot and others. So what’s new?
Speaking of Trump…
After all, I didn’t see any 2014 stories proclaiming that Lyndon LaRouche acolyte Kesha Rogers is beloved in the panhandle community of Hutchinson County
And speaking of which… shouldn’t there be a Larouchie out there running for something, or is that something they’re not doing anymore?  (Instead, just claim they already have great powers)…
LURKING on the fringes of Monday’s Labour Day parade was a scattering of adherents of the Lyndon LaRouche cult and its political arm, the spectacularly unsuccessful Citizens Electoral Council.CEC is the party for those who don’t think One Nation is nutty enough. But, despite an abysmal vote-catching record that would make even a few senators blush, the CEC has an enviable money-raising ability, notably separating a Queensland grazier from $862,000.

Also see this bit of history…  And… showing Illinois 1986 worldwide…
In 1988, Mr Truss stood as the Nationals candidate in the by-election for his state seat of Barambah.In an upset, he was beaten by Trevor Perrett of the ultra-right Citizens Electoral Council. It was largely a protest vote against the Nationals for getting rid of Bjelke-Petersen.


Back in 1976, when I was the head of the Democratic Club at my college, an opponent threatened to bring Lyndon LaRouche on campus for a speech.
Rather than threaten a protest to shut him down, I instead suggested a debate – which never came off. He didn’t come to campus.
Later, in English Class, we were asked to “Thoroughly explicate a novel” – I did “The Story of O,” by Pauline Reage.

And, indeed to this.

We can form a political party whose sole end is to promote the candidacy of Lyndon LaRouche or Captain Kangaroo or whomever we want, just as we can run a newspaper that makes comically ill-reasoned endorsements of obviously unfit candidates. No one might join the party, as no one might read the paper. But a political party it would be.
Dan Schmidt reports
With this beautiful time of Easter, we could enjoy a real Easter blessing, with the resurrection of humanity to a more Christian world by joining the BRICS nations that Obama, to date, hasn’t allowed the U.S. to do.

And here the former Pope and Larouche find their vision placed in the same paragraph.

9/11 was an inside jobLaRouche had forecast eight months earlier, a “Reichstag Fire” type of attack shortly after Bush and Cheney took office.

Also “A plainly unhinged woman writing as ‘Brice Taylor’ insists that, when she was a child, Kissinger turned her into a ‘mind-controlled slave,’ repeatedly making her eat her alphabet cereal in reverse order and taking her on the ‘It’s a Small World’ ride at Disneyland,” writes Niall Ferguson, Harvard’s Laurence A. Tisch Professor of History and a Hoover Institution senior fellow, who also scrutinizes Lyndon LaRouche’s claim that Kissinger is a British agent and David Icke’s assertion that he’s a reptilian shape-changer from the lower fourth dimension before concluding, “No rational people take such nonsense seriously. But the same cannot be said for the allegations made by conspiracy theorists of the left, who are a great deal more influential.”

 Gonna Shock the nation of France!
 “I am running for president against the political seraglio who sided with the empire of money,” said Mr. Cheminade on his Twitter account. Confirmation that he made ​​Monday morning on the set of the 4 Truths of France 2 . “For over 40 years, the policy is conducted is a financial dismantling policy, not a policy of growth.” And so, in 2005, he announced his candidacy for the 2007 presidential election, it will be validated due to an insufficient number of signatures. This is the sixth candidate for the next presidential candidate in 2012 already. “Yes, I will be a candidate for the 2017 presidential election,” thundered one already candidate in 1995 (he had obtained 0.27% of the votes) and 2012 (0.25% of the vote). Just under two years later, he announced having collected the 500 signatures needed, and when the day comes, gets 0.25% of votes cast.
 Can he break free to .33 percent, or is he doomed to get stomped by the Trotskyite Party as always?


Thursday, March 24th, 2016

Reportedly, this missing persons report from Leesburg, Virginia has turned out for the worst.  My condolences to loved ones, and anyone else who he knows or has touched in life.

And here I’m in an odd position.  Google his name, and right at the top… you get a page from this blog, out of the Larouche Challenge.  After this I do become a little glib in dropping his name for generalized crankiness — in much the same manner I might with, oh, Bill Kristol.  It’s fair to say I have my political disagreements with him.  What can one say when a simple google search finds that his most read piece of work appears to be an article entitled “The Satanic Origins of Rock”?

But that’s one noteworthy thing on Don Phau.  I can identify him cleanly and clearly with a contentious domestic political cause — a cause here molded a bit too much to the fit the pillars of Larouche’s ideology [and sure, I’m being generous] — I suppose carrying out of its Marxian roots the War against Bourgeois Culture and on into various permetations of an axis fitting small “c” conservative “soccer mom” “It Takes a Village” / “Raising PG Kids in an R Rated World” concerns to a more right wing Moral Majority banner… which, for that matter, taps into a strain of youth angst — the corrupting of American Youth through Mass Popular Culture.  In the 80s, he wrote and made spot media and legislative appearances to decry the theatrics of heavy metal, and launches from there to the myriad of moral panics of youth.  (The Beastialization of Man?  The Beatl-ization of Man!)  As the 90s pass and we enter a new millennium, the conern over school shootings collides with searching violent video games as a chief cause.  Which, for better or worse, slides him right into right into a spittoon for online gamer culture when his writings slide into the edge of the mainstream (or, for that matter, when they don’t) — though, Helga Zepp remained a more visible focus.

I suppose it’s to his credit that I can identify a political angle off of Don Phau, beyond “Larouche”.  But regardless of everything, (and I’m not sugar-coating what he did in the cult, see here for Don Phau circa 1972) condolences.


hoping better illusionary success stopping Trump than propping up O’Malley

Friday, March 11th, 2016

Having waited in the weeds by endorsing and campaigning the one candidate poised to stick around the longest (as opposed to Jim Webb and Lincoln Chafee) without getting anywhere in the public psyche (as opposed to Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders) — that would be Martin O’Malley, to such sources as the Guardian’s amusement — the Lyndon Larouche Movement now turns its attention to battling Donald Trump.  And so enter the post factnet larouche board…

Designed to fail? You’d have to believe that Lyn never once wanted to be president.
Difficult for me to say.  My guess is he had the dream.
Or to see one of his associates win office.
Probably the case he didn’t.
As for Trump, there’s a billion opinions on the net. And a lot of them say his whole campaign is designed to fail.
I have a post on this blog to that effect, and saw a parody in the New Yorker along those lines as well.  The answer by now is, no… and it’s worthwhile to analyze the reasons for his successes and the failure of the Republican Party in getting someone else as the nominee.
He flubs his talking points. He contradicts himself. He’s unprepared.
If you watch Trump’s speeches he rambles from point to point and never says anything of substance. Put him in a debate with Lyn and you know who would win.
Hm.  Trump?  I suppose it’s a little like the Martin Downey Junior debate, in a way.

We’re running out of time and we’re running out of options. Time for Lyn to take center stage before Trump does. Replace his phony nationalism with the American System.
Long walk from the fringes of the fringe to the center of the arena.

And here we get a contradiction.

Trump is a dangerous global criminal, worse than Hitler and Cass Sunstein combined.
The “Worse Than” idea… as opposed to THIS…
We’re in a major breakdown crisis and Lyn is the only change. The other guys have failed.  Donald Trump is literally Hitler.

LITERALLY!!! Not even a reincarnation.  I’d have to look back to see if Obama were a “literally” ever.  At least with Bloomberg and Schwarzenagger — they were just bringing out “Mussolini Style Fascism”, which brings some element of analysis.

The TRUMP brand doesn’t really exist. It was created as a control mechanism to keep people in line — and away from the truth.
AAARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!  See how frustrating this is?  It would be coherent if this read “The Trump Brand really exists.  It was created as a control mechanism to keep people in line.”   
Have you ever heard of seen a video of Donald Trump that made you actually think? No!
Har de har har.

What about the fact that Donald Trump has been in THREE parties: Democrats, Reform and then the GOP?

Hillary, being a “Goldwater Girl”, is only at two.  I think Sanders might be considered at three?
You know how many parties Larouche has been in?  The answer comes in the fact that the “Larouche wing of the Democratic Party” had these fly-by-night political party names through the general election campaigns… so on the ballot it was the “Economist Party”, or something akin to that.

Coming soon wherever you see Larouchies congregate to pass out their literature…

larouchetrumptruthlies  Also, because they’re stuck in a branding rut, the “Trump — Hitler mustache” poster… which… has already been done.  I suppose in the theorum that Trump is playing with right-wing nationalism, you do have the “degrees on the political scale” working which wasn’t with Obama, but as bad as Trump is… and make no mistake, he just might be the worst presidential offering of one of the two major political parties of the last century — (at least in terms of what his messaging represents) — he’s not Hitler.

Do you know what a Trump nomination, nay a Trump presidency, means? A massive global breakdown crisis. Nuclear war. Mass starvation. You will wish you listened.


On your side, parodically… here.

[The freshest comedy act today: Two old New Yorkers pranking people with tuna sandwiches]

These two self-involved septuagenarians are the alter egos of comedians Nick Kroll and John Mulaney, who met as undergraduates at Georgetown University and are returning to Washington for “Oh, Hello,” a touring show about their two kvetchy characters with a cult following. If this all sounds more like a conversation with your crazy uncle than a comedy show, watch this video.

Who will you vote for?
St. Geegland: Lyndon LaRouche. Lyndon’s getting the vote.
Faizon: I’m gonna support Bernie, our old friend Bernard. I’m going to say I’m supporting Bernie all the way till the end and then I’ll quietly vote for Hillary.

7) Invoking the Holocaust or the Nazis is always a last gasp of desperation from someone who’s losing an argument. And that’s exactly what we look like when we spread these memes. “Oh, is that all you got? Hitler analogies? Congratulations – you just lost the debate.” There are vast amounts of facts, figures, and anecdotal evidence that fully support the case for gun rights. We don’t have to go Nazi. You know who has to go Nazi? Lyndon LaRouche. Is that a look we want to go for too?
Trump’s making things a little too hard.  Nonetheless — I and war opponents in some “realist” arguments were fond of making the observation that, oh, “Saddam Hussein on his worst day is never Adolf Hitler” — so it can be avoided.

It is worth noting that Alex Jones’s websites… are effectively Donald Trump fan-pages now.  Which is all very weird, as it does show a display of values on what it is Jones prioritizes  (see here).  No clue how this will continue as Donald Trump maneuvers to play the “deal-making” moderate True Republican, but I haven’t seen Larouche on the Show for quite a while, nor have I seen the longer term Trump – bashing Webster Tarpley.

#FeelTheBern’s #DemocraticSocialism is wretched slogan-We need #AmericanSystem #Hamilton #Dirigism #NEWDEAL #Protectionism #TWSP

Sure.  Fit it all in on the t-shirt.

Your typical “Politicians echoing Larouche” schmearing– this in terms of climate change skepticism against Republican politicos…

AND in this theme… “Energy Lobbyists Gather; Blame Obama and Pope for “War on Fossil Fuels”.

Marv Fertel, CEO of the Nuclear Energy Institute (compensation $3,761,026), said that nuclear power was being “squeezed by gas and renewables.” He promised to take up with his group a question about overseas financing that was posed by an audience member, Marsha Freeman of Executive Intelligence Review. If Fertel was aware that Freeman’s publication was founded by the bizarre convicted felon Lyndon LaRouche, he didn’t let on.

ITEM NUMBER THREE:  Well.  Not as fantastical as the Republican Establishment Notion of bringing out Condi Rice or Mitt Romney through a brokered convention.

…My question was, you know, with O’Malley I know you set that trap:  How does he come back into the race, because clearly there’s no candidate — I won’t even vote, if this is what we’re left with. So maybe talk about that, sir?  How does O’Malley come back into the race if that’s possible?  That was my question.

LAROUCHE:  Well, that can happen.  We can make a revolution of a certain type, in order of course.  We can overturn things. See whenever we become, as a people, whenever we become intelligent, we discover among other things, that we’ve been rummaging in a bastion of foolishness, and therefore we say “uh-oh!  We made a big mistake.  We shouldn’t have done that.  We shouldn’t have begun that.”  And what happens is then people just get rid of bad people.

Now I would say that all of the people who are implicitly rival to O’Malley should be thrown out of office, that is the notable ones; simply throw them out of office.  And it’s like a breath of fresh air!  Throw all these guys out of office — Oh! The air is so fresh!  We never want to go back there again!..

ITEM NUMBER FOUR — Dan Schmitt Reporting for duty.

OneWell, it has calmed down here in Iowa now that the caucus is over. I stood alone at my caucus for Martin O’Malley. Different members supporting other candidates came over to wish me well but not to leave their candidate. None of the presidential candidates of either party have put in writing what their policies are. This is how the LaRouche team in different. We have just released a 33-page pamphlet entitled “U.S. joins the new silk road,” copies of which I will deliver to the council, the board of supervisors, and the public – plain English and with illustrations – it calls for getting rid of this imperial drive to rule the world, for you see, we have already lost our lead.

Should be standing out there in Marshaltown with the “Trump with Hitler mustache” and “Larouche = Truth, Trump = Lies” billboard any day now.

And… interesting.  I actually kind of want to read some “reports from caucus-goers on their experiences, even this.  I stood alone at my caucus for Martin O’Malley. Unfortunately, it shows what money can do. Different members supporting other candidates came over to wish me well, but not to change who they were supporting.

Brings me back to wondering on back in the days of Larouche’s presidential campaigns, how a caucus-goer for one of the mainstream candidates was supposed to make a pitch for a Larouchie’s support.  What’s interesting is that Dan Schmidt does offer up a rebuttal to Larouche’s post-election declaration…

On Thursday, Feb. 4, Lyndon LaRouche will be holding an emergency dialogue with LPAC activists on the implications of the brutal termination of the presidential campaign of Martin O’Malley, and what this signals about the immediate danger of general war. […]
LaRouche’s conclusion, following the abrupt termination of the O’Malley presidential campaign, even before the final Iowa results were announced, was that leading British circles, controlling the Barack Obama Presidency, are desperately escalating their preparations for war against Russia and China. The actions against O’Malley were, in effect, a red dye indication of the war preparations already well-underway. The fact that there were escalating British Crown provocations against Russian President Vladimir Putin, coincident with the actions against O’Malley, sealed the case. […]
These British Empire forces, including their Obama Presidency, are committed to the rapid depopulation of the planet, through warfare and other means. The coincidence of the breakdown crisis, the over-reaction to the LaRouche intervention on behalf of a viable O’Malley candidacy, and the dramatic escalation in targeted provocations against both Russia and China—coming from London and the White House—is the clearest evidence available that mankind is moving into a moment of grave crisis.

Or maybe… as Dan Schmitt reports… they went to vote, and they stood alone for Martin O’Malley as everyone else argued for Clinton and Sanders.

Well here we are! I’m not the Daniel that could read the hand writing on the wall, but I have been able to follow great citizens, Mr. and Mrs. LaRouche. But Lyndon LaRouche, who has been rejected time and again, as president, but who did not go on to make money for himself, but dug into history to understand how human nature works and has told us how the devil works, and how to, with a Christian heart, stop the evil of this world for the good of “We the People.”

ITEM NUMBER FIVE.  Electoral Historical footnoting.

In Pennsylvania, unlikely candidates have appeared on the ballot before. The 2000 primary, for example, featured Republican Gary Bauer and Democrat Lyndon Larouche. Both men drew single-digit support, but “if you can be a protest vote on an issue, that can be very helpful,” said Robert Morris University political science professor Phil Harold. ”And it’s not a coronation on the Democratic side yet.”

The disconnect stems from a long-running debate between the Christie administration and the Democratic party over whether Justice Jaynee LaVecchia should be categorized as an Independent or a Republican. While LaVecchia is a registered Independent, Democrats have argued that she should actually be considered a Republican, in part because she was nominated by Republican Gov. Christine Todd Whitman.
Roberts took aim at that argument in yet another retort March 1.
“Last time we checked, a registered Independent didn’t mean Republican…or Democrat…or Green Party…or even a Lyndon LaRouche supporter.  It means Independent,” Roberts said.

Into the weeds of campaign finance.
Q: You frequently tweet fun little nuggets that come through in candidate’s campaign-finance filings. Any favorites?
There are the patently silly ones that clearly aren’t serious, but I think my favorites are ones are the ones I see repeatedly.

Lyndon LaRouche’s PAC still raises hundreds of thousands of dollars a year (and sometimes loses some), and it always brings a smile to my face.

Can Trump go for a third party campaign?  Larouche is a precedent.

Ruth Williams. Williams is “a tireless community leader, she participated in many actions that led to equality, including the march on Sacramento, fighting the LaRouche initiative, and bringing attention to transgender issues, and serving on numerous boards.” Williams is a member of the city’s Public Safety Commission.
The recommendations will be presented on Monday to the West Hollywood City Council for its approval

Smidgeon of success in Australia, once upon a time.

In 1988, Mr Truss stood as the Nationals candidate in the by-election for his state seat of Barambah.
In an upset, he was beaten by Trevor Perrett of the ultra-right Citizens Electoral Council. It was largely a protest vote against the Nationals for getting rid of Bjelke-Petersen.
Here it may be worthwhile looking over the CEC’s donorsEstate of Douglas Maccleath Dolgner is the only one on this list…. interestingly, one of the Top 5 Donors to any of these parties.

Theorizing similarities between Trump delegate “underperforming” and…  Reached at home Wednesday morning, Fakroddin declined an interview; Sadiq could not be reached. Neither would be the first to lose an election in Illinois because of apparent voter angst about what many perceive as foreign names. Thirty years ago, the Illinois Democratic Party watched its preferred nominees for lieutenant governor and secretary of state, George Sangmeister and Aurelia Pucinski, lose to supporters of Lyndon LaRouche named Mark Fairchild and Janice Hart.  Ironic, given the nativist nature of Trump’s campaigning.

Al Sharpton v Larouchies comes up in discussion of Trump “protester” rhetoric.

And the Uncyclopedia updates some new Larouche bits.

ITEM NUMBER SIX… Cliff Kincaid’s fantasy world, redux.

Oh, mercy me.  The real significance of David Duke’s endorsement of Donald Trump?  It has to do with… hm… er?  Their mutual communistic loves of Putin’s Russia?  And down the rabbit hole through “connecto dotting”…

Trump has his own Alexander Dugin—a political operative and alleged dirty trickster by the name of Roger Stone. A “former” Trump adviser who now runs a pro-Trump Super PAC, Stone wrote a book using Russian sources that blamed President Lyndon Johnson for the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. His latest book is about what he calls the “Bush Crime Family”—including the two former Republican presidents—and credits such sources as Webster Tarpley, formerly associated with convicted con man and Marxist Lyndon LaRouche. Tarpley is a prominent figure in the so-called 9/11 Truth Movement, which blames unnamed U.S. officials for carrying out the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001.


A communist capitalist. Sure! Makes sense to me.Shades of Lyndon Larouche’s quadrennial infomercials in which he called Henry Kissinger the same.

Item number Seven.

Hey!  Some weird Analysis of Larouche.
In particular all good philosophical or moral ideas can become perverted and integrated into cults and political fanaticism. This has happened even with the Platonic, Neoplatonic and Leibnizean tradition which was appropriated and perverted by the Larouche political cult.
Fair enough.

More memories.
When I was in my teens, I used to love reading the screeds of Lyndon LaRouche and various Trotskyite factions pasted on walls and the outside of mail boxes in New York. Even Dr. Bronner’s Christian mystic rant about the unity of faith. There is something pure and liberating in a good rant. The more unhinged the better. It works better than waterboarding to suss out the fanatics in the world around us.

What do these names all have in common?
There have been, let’s see, former First Lady Barbara Bush, Oscar-winning actor Paul Newman, U.S. Senators John McCain and Estes Kefauver, Rochester-native and presidential candidate Lyndon LaRouche, and Boston Celtics’ Robert Parish, M.L. Carr and Satch Sanders. There could be others as well.
They’ve been to Farmington!

Item Number Eight.

Okay.  Around the bend in Russia and Iran…

Executive Intelligence Review Senior Editor Jeff Steinberg told Sputnik that in his Munich speech, Putin had predicted the strategies of the Obama administration almost two years before it took office.

Jeff Steinberg continues on Sputnik railing against George Soros.

Steinberg joins a symposium discussion about Obama’s State of the Union speech.

In this edition of The Debate, Press TV has conducted an interview with William Jones, with the Executive Intelligence Review, and The Hill columnist Brent Budowsky, both from Washington, to discuss the tensions between China and the United States over North Korea’s nuclear program and South China Sea.

William Jones does his bit on Press TV.  Odd commenting:  thanks to the russians, IR, hezbollah and of course Mr Putin the saviour of the modern world  …
And you can look to Press TV for a whole lot more William Jones.  Because we all know you needs your William Jones fix.

Webster Tarpley battles Kurt Nimmo for HEGEMONY

Friday, January 8th, 2016

We begin with Webster Tarpley, whose admirers are circulating the “bottom half of the Internet” to let everyone know Webster Tarpley has exposed ISIS as a CIA plot to de-stabilize the Mid-East

Have a look at what Dr.Webster Tarpley has to say oon the creation of ISIS that it is an American secret army created to de-stabilise the middle east. Dr.Tarpley is an American historian and broadcaster with his own radio show.

And, we have an intriguing conspiratorial battling line amongst erst-while friends– forces out on twitter…  differing opinions regarding the stand-off in Burns, Oregon.  See here Webster Tarpley’s twitter feed.

fanatics join Oregon armed gangs to privatize lands owned by American people-Will or back them?

is armed gangs of storm troopers-Are militia the right wing of & ? If not let condemn them-

Kid-glove treatment for in exposes them as pampered darlings of

And on this… It’s Webster Tarpley versus Kurt Nimmo!

Jan 4
Mormonism is the issue here? I think it might be the and a criminal insatiable fed govt. . funny.
Tarpley has been on the anti-Mormonism for a while (it was the basis for his 2012 book on Romney) — and that does put him on a collision course against some strains of the conspiratorial chain ala Skousen — As for the other point here… Considering Tarpley a charter member of the “9/11 is an inside job” bunch, that is a good catch on the use of the hash-tag “yallqaeda”.

Kurt Nimmo expounds his view with this cutesy image — showing what it is that is going on.  Yes.  Andrew Jackson and George Washington weep, man on the bench represents either Bundy or the Oregon rancher or the Average American, and Obama looks on, Consitution under foot.

As for the big “gatekeeper” con, the Alex Jones universe (which has been plugging about Trump with a fervor almost akin to how they used to plug along with Ron Paul) — always watching what the right wing (and I guess we’re calling Trump right wing?) avatars are saying to keep the rowdies in line.  Trump: he’d tell “You gotta get out.” Feds have zero authority over the states.

It has been a while since Webster Tarpley has made the rounds on the Alex Jones Show.  Is there fricture as Tarpley moves out to the wacko left while Jones and Nimmo stick to the wacko right?  Who can say?

………… —- Odd little tidbit, from Webster Tarpley’s Barack H Obama: The UnAuthorized Biography, published 2008… page 413

Even before Obama’s “bittergate” remarks in San Francisco, the acerbic Spengler of Asia Times had diagnosed Obama’s method of profiling and manipulating the American people

Huh?  Oh, footnote in what appears to be a footnote of a story that mostly calls into question further concerns for when information online needs to be private.

Ac­cord­ing to cam­paign spend­ing data, Na­tion Build­er’s biggest cli­ents in the cur­rent elec­tion cycle are the Mas­sachu­setts Re­pub­lic­an Party, Rep. Dav­id McKin­ley of West Vir­gin­ia, and the Lyn­don La­Rouche Polit­ic­al Ac­tion Com­mit­tee—which is as­so­ci­ated with the con­tro­ver­sial con­spir­acy the­or­ist and per­en­ni­al pres­id­en­tial can­did­ate.

And ballot decisions come to the fore, one of the foot-notey legacies of the Lyndon Larouche Movement’s electoral campaigns.  How Lyndon Larouche is benefiting the presidential campaign of Donald Trump.

Husted cited a 1981 law barring candidates who are affiliated with a political party from appearing without partisan affiliation on a statewide ballot. Trump officially filed for Ohio’s Republican primary on Friday, seemingly triggering the law. However, as Ballot Access News pointed out in the wake of Husted’s announcement, the law Husted is citing in order to keep Trump off the ballot has been enforced selectively at best. For starters, white nationalist and all around crazy person Lyndon LaRouche appeared on the state’s general election ballot in 1984, 1988 and 1992 as an independent despite having filed for the Democratic nomination all three of those years.
In other words, Ohio is planning on being less accommodating to Trump, who only walks up to the line of being a fascist white supremacist, than it was for one of our nation’s most well-known fascist white supremacists. If Trump is looking for evidence that he’s being treated unfairly, there it is.

Oh, the horrors of being a congressional staff, having to deal with this guy 23 times…

Q: Mr. LaRouche, this is B— from Fair Oaks, Sacramento County, and I was interested in the 25th Amendment and a rapid removal of President Obama, as President Nixon was removed, and I’ve seen it can happen in one day, coming from the top people from the Democratic Party in this case, as it was done in the case of President Nixon. How can this come about and the right people not make the excuses and denials as I come across?
Where we live, in our district, the 7th Congressional District, Congressman Dr. Ami Bera answers like a lawyer, just picks stuff apart and denies there ever was treason or any reason for Obama to be impeached or removed by the 25th Amendment,—that’s just a field caseworker for this guy. I’ve gone 23 times to that office, and they’re just liars, and deniers; it’s useless. So I’d like to know, how could it happen?

Larouche answers?

I’ve also seen my dearest friends assassinated in various parts of the planet; and those assassinations tell me exactly what the problem is. Why were they killed? Like Indira Gandhi; why was she murdered by the British? Why? Because she was a genius; and genius is what these guys specify as a target for killing. Indira Gandhi; that’s not the only case. There are many cases of leading figures who were assassinated; again and again. De Gaulle was not assassinated; but he was virtually assassinated before he died. Because the fascist party, which is called the Socialist Party in France, is the force of evil. Obama is the force of evil.
And therefore, the question is, if you’ve got an option, you better do something about it quickly; because the forces of Satan will gather quickly, exterminate you, and then go back to business as they were doing it before. Unity; the force of unity, is the secret of humanity.

Story Number Four
Looky see what’s a’happening on Wikipedia.

Deleted Wikipedia edit for “Larouche Movement” Even more so, they have a group of “Fundraisers, see: Telemarketers” that will call you and yell and swear at you if you don’t buy into or wholeheartedly glom onto all of their tinfoil hat conspiracy theories.

For six months, LaRouche worked with American Healyite leader [[Tim Wohlforth]], who later wrote that LaRouche had a “gargantuan ego,” and “a marvelous ability to place any world happening in a larger context, which seemed to give the event additional meaning, but his thinking was schematic, lacking factual detail and depth.” Leaving Wohlforth’s group, LaRouche briefly joined the rival [[Spartacist League]] before announcing his intention to build a new “Fifth International.” ref name=Wohlforth>{{harvnb|Wohlforth}}, undated. /ref

Other decisions:  partially, the line about his “brilliance” is clearly biased but his status as convicted felon is not defining enough to merit the first line of his bio.

Press TV headlines?
US moves in Asia to bring about ‘nuclear holocaust,’ activist says
 Themo-nuclear holocaust. Sounds pretty dramatic. You know what else sounds dramatic? Is all the talk of removing Obama from office since like, Day 1 in his office… You people are clowns at ABSOLUTE best…

Talk about Under the Radar!
Kansas Cattlemen’s Association to host convention in Dodge City
9 a.m.—”US Economy, New World Development Paradigm…Or Bust,” a presentation with Bob Baker of the Executive Intelligence Review, reveals the dependence of derivatives effect on U.S. economic viability.
Looky here, looky there.

At the 3 minute mark, Martin O’Malley — who is on the bubble for the next Demcoratic Debate now — gets some rare joking coverage by Stephen Colbert.
A citation polls from the story about Lyndon Larouche’s endorsement of Martin O’Malley — see 3 minute mark.
What does this mean?  Did the producers of the Stephen Colbert story merely look up Martin O’Malley on google and see that story?  Were they considering doing a comedy news commentary about this story, but decided it wasn’t relevant enough?  Was this just an additional gag for those paying attention?
Formulation from fightapathy at factnet:  Larouche Was Right.  But now O’Malley Is Right.  Larouchies to dump Larouche and back O’Malley now.

STORY NUMBER EIGHT.  Tarpley excited by Obama?
Webster Tarpley twitter feed…   #Obama #WhiteHouse embraces #TaxWallStreetParty strategy for destroying #ISIS #Daesh by shutting 98km (60 miles) gap
#TaxWallStreetParty makes history-#Obama #WhiteHouse embraces our plan to destroy #ISIS by closing 98km corridor on #Syria#Turkish border!

Yesterday Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley were forced to bow out as candidates for the Presidency, after the trio were found involved in sexual relations together (which the majority of Americans voted was totally gross). This dramatic turn of events rocked the Democrats, as they struggled to think of a quality candidate to replace them.
It was announced this morning that the 93 year old serial Democratic contender, Lyndon LaRouche, would accept his Party’s nomination for president of the United States.
Mr LaRouche has informed the XYZ that he plans to tackle the “Venetian-Dutch-British system” head on by nationalising the banks, oil, water, gas and raw materials. He has stated he will build particle beam weapons and lasers to destroy narco-crops and banking institutions laundering its monetary proceeds.
He further stated he’ll use these particle beam weapons to assassinate leading “oligarchy” figures like Queen Elizabeth and Henry Kissinger (who apparently are seeking to spread AIDS and the bubonic plague).
Frankly I can’t wait to see Mr. LaRouche go head to head with Donald Trump in a debate.

STORY NUMBER TEN.  Clinton surrogates versus Sanders surrogates with Larouchies shouting from the audience.  (Do they count as O’Malley surrogates?)

But there were some highly charged moments, especially when a young white activist apparently involved with the notorious Lyndon LaRouche movement started shouting questions to the surrogates on stage, such as: “What are you going to do to stop the drones from killing people and the World War III instigator and mass-murdering dictator Obama?”
That one seemed to surprise and fluster Eldridge a bit. She turned to the panel and asked: “Do you want to answer the question — quickly?”
Tony Hoffmann, from the Village Independent Democrats club who had welcomed the audience from the outset with fellow V.I.D.’er Marti Speranza, could be heard saying that the activist’s question “doesn’t deserve an answer.”
Nevertheless, Wright gave it a try.
“Let’s not forget that George Bush got us into this war. Let me finish, thank you very much,” he added sardonically as other angry voices intruded. “One of the first things I learned in school was that when we get into wars, the economy is supposed to get better. Well, George Bush got us into two wars and the economy got worse. Whether you disagree with how our president is handling this — that’s your opinion.”
Eldridge ended that discussion after Wright’s comments.
“I think that’s enough. All of the other members on the dais approve of most of the things in the Obama administration,” she said, as several people in the audience clapped.
Then the straw poll began. When it concluded, people began filing out of the auditorium and into the street from an exit door near the stage. Several lingered to talk to the panel, among them the aforementioned activist, who carried a placard showing an image of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. The words on it said: “We Need FDR!”

OaklandAnd.  Boston.

OMG – I had not noticed that Obama grew a Hitler moustache. When did he do that? Very ballsy moustache choice!


Brian Gray wins 432 votes

Monday, November 2nd, 2015


Exciting election results in Canada, where the Larouche Platform ™ was on the ballot.

By the time all votes were tallied Conservative Marshall Neufeld gained enough to move into second with 19,894, Liberal Connie Denesiuk slipped into third with 18,727 votes, followed by Samantha Troy from the Green Party, 2,851 and Independent Brian Gray, 432.


Locally, Richard Cannings of the NDP will be the very first South Okanagan-West Kootenay Member of Parliament (MP) after picking up 37.2 per cent (24,823) of the votes for the region. Marshall Neufeld of the Conservatives (29.9 per cent) and Connie Denesiuk of the Liberals (28.1 per cent) were not far behind in second and third respectively. Green Party candidate Samantha Troy ended up with 4.3 per cent, while independent Brian Gray had 0.6 per cent.

Such results are typical for a candidate whose facebook pages includes wanton attacks on the Queen of England and loud declarations of support for Vladimir Putin.  Unfortunately, while there’s video of Neufeld’s victory, I’m still having to look around some more for video of Gray’s farewell speech.

This is all as opposed to a candidate running for a legislative seat in Virginia, who is unfairly being tarred a Larouchite — a game of political attack (part of his past, since then he — for instance– went on to support Dennis Kucinich) and lazy reportage.  Past associations never easily cleavered.  At any rate, my guess he’ll do better than Brian Gray.


Lyndon Larouche pronounces “John Boehner” “John Boner” — a childish lowbrow joke which is maybe something you can do once, but then gets tiresome when you actually want to say something of any substance about politics.  Also stamps out as fraudulent the supposed goal of a new “Renaissance”, and the criticism of the demoralizing quality of our culture.  GO Org, GO.


A question in the search terms for this blog.  “Does Lyndon Larouche support Bernie Sanders”?  Answer?  No.  Last I saw, his line was full of support Martin O’Malley, but don’t let that support alter whatever opinion you have or don’t have of Martin O’Malley.

Indeed.  Recent comments on Bernie Sanders.

The corrupt fundraisers for Obama’s campaigns, who smuggled in drug-money under cover of anonymous internet contributions in 2008 for Obama’s fraudulent victory over a better Hillary Clinton, [big backers of Hillary in 2008, today they’re running around with Mike Gravel, noted drug –marijuana– dealer]—have now moved over to perform the same service for Bernie Sanders.

And you know what they think of Obama… (That he’s Hitler).  Not that it matters that much, because…

A different nominating process must be begun now, directed not so much to nominating a single individual for President, but much more towards the creation of a Presidential team, like Franklin Roosevelt’s or George Washington’s team, for example, which unites within itself the qualifications and the knowledge to rescue our country while there is still time. And like Roosevelt’s and Washington’s teams in their time, that team must be assembled now, in and around Manhattan.

Which, I suppose, means that should Bernie Sanders (or Hillary Clinton… or Mike Huckabee or Donald Trump for that matter) come to be president, we will have an interim of a couple months before the inauguration where, as in 2008 after Obama’s election, the Larouchies will report on making contacts with the new administration, before being summarily rejected and becoming ipsofacto Hitler.
This is what Edgar Allan Poe tried to teach you in his great stories, “The Pit and the Pendulum,? and “A Descent into the Maelström,? among so many others. Reread them now. Indeed, he sacrificed everything to teach you this; and now, well over a century later, have you learned nothing at all?
Sure.  It’s the Larouchies and Edgar Allen Poe Versus the Universe.
It’s the Universe that’s the issue, at least the human part of the Universe as we know it. And therefore, we’re going to have to have a composition pulled together which meets that requirement. And we can do that. If we get our ass off the shelf, shall we say, or something like that, we can do it! And we can do it on the basis of a central reference to Manhattan.
And Math.
And you know, mathematics has been one of the most Satanic influences, effectively a Satanic influence, as I know of: mathematics.  Mathematics is a crime against mankind. 
Worth noting, Webster Tarpley has some thoughts on Bernie Sanders.  Decent left wing “gate keeper” idea — I saw a forum round about here in Portland “Should the Left Support Bernie Sanders?”  I can anticipate the focus of the argument against, as spoken too by Green Party candidate Jill Stein — “at the end he’s just going to endorse Hillary Clinton”.  I say this as neither good or bad regarding Bernie Sanders, it’s just that Tarpley has tapped standard left wing criticism of Bernie Sanders, with the added problem that… he supported Hillary Clinton in 2008, with wholly implausible rationales that struck as just political opportunism.
Further Tarpley item:

US historian Webster Tarpley also shared the similar idea, stating that the United States created ISIL to use the jihadists as its secret army to destabilize the Middle East.

What does it mean that in the latest appearance by Michael Billington on Russia TV, he’s referred to as…
The author of the book titled “Reflections of an American Political Prisoner: the Repression and Promise of the LaRouche Movement
which isn’t a book apt to be in heavy promotion, nor is a touchstone book of any sort.
 Here we see the Larouchies called “goo-gooites… good government… from the Larouchies?

Henry George, for all his faults, had the following to say– which is demonstrated to have endlessly annoyed Republicans, Democrats, liberals, conservatives, socialists, communists, libertarians, Ayn Rand devotees, and Lyndon LaRouche goo-gooites

Historical note, from the PANIC Initiative campaigns, and whatfor is AIDS.

Oh, andJustice Department lawyer Kyle Freeny said the requesters — writers for the Lyndon LaRouche-backed Executive Intelligence Review who are representing themselves in the lawsuit — have already received all the records they’re entitled to regarding a Presidential Study Directive President Barack Obama issued on the subject.  Freeny said searches continue on the broader issue of the Muslim Brotherhood.

In other items of no real note


EIR Daily Alert Announces New Pricing
Cost of living going up.
As of this week, EIR is offering its Daily Alert Service for $1200 a year (260 issues), with corresponding prices for half a year ($600) and a monthly subscription ($100). Every day counts in today’s showdown to save civilization. Those determined to act need EIR’s intelligence, now priced for rapid expansion of circulation.

Only 12 thousand bucks???


The UN has a report.  Which includes some passages in regards to  the Horrors of video games, all for the broader topic of “cyber violence against women and girls“.  It cites Larouche. Curiously
 The citation for ‘killing zombies’ links back to quotes from Lyndon LaRouche and Helga Zepp-LaRouche from 2000 when they were decrying video game culture and the Pokémon cult, claiming that it promoted Satanism.
The Pokemon cult is pretty well passe, ain’t it?  Next thing you’ll be ripping the Beanie Babies Cult.

The UN has since apologized.

On Wednesday, the UN issued an apology for how poorly sourced its report on the phenomenon turned out. Relying on such noteworthy sources as Wikipedia, a publication associated with conspiracy theorist extraordinaire Lyndon LaRouche and the UN itself, the report on cyberviolence against women and girls was panned by both supporters and critics alike when it was issued September 24. The prestigious international union promised that it would issue a revision soon, with much better sourcing.

Next up, the UN Report exposing the evils of Math.

It is fairly amusing to see this publication, which would sympathize with the Larouche stance on the influences of video games and mass entertainment media in general, but also has an axe to grind agains the UN, take up the cudgel on this story.

Technogeek (Sep 30, 07:24 pm): @Andrew Eisen: Just promise me that, when you guys do get to the UN thing, you’ll call specific attention to the part where it cites Lyndon LaRouche’s wife.


Helga charms China… championing China’s international trade plans.  No Landbridge in sight.


William Carto is deadSnared some politicos in here and there, who have had to apologize for not looking at some fine print… and was pivotal in the political alliances forged by Larouche.

Mike Gravel update

Tuesday, September 15th, 2015

Mike Gravel covering… The Beatles.  Not once, but twice.
There is a contradiction here, isn’t there?  As he now lines up in talks with… Lyndon Larouche…
No… It’s Mike Gravel.

The Schiller Institute has announced a special event for Sept. 12 in Manhattan, entitled “Creating a Peace Paradigm: A New Era for Mankind Where We All Become Truly Human.” Due to the importance of this event, it will be presented as a live webcast.
Uh huh.

The event’s feature presentation will be a dialogue between American Statesman Lyndon LaRouche and two other veteran members of the U.S. Presidency, Ramsey Clark (Attorney General 1967-1969) and Senator Mike Gravel (US Senator Alaska 1969-1981).
Okay.  That’s where this gets a little fuzzy.

“Two other veteran members of the US Presidency”.

From my definition of things, there are 43 “members of the US Presidency”.  George Washington through Barack Obama.  Currently alive, there are five.

I suppose if we define it to include people who run for President, than Mike Gravel belongs there alongside Lyndon Larouche.  As does, oh, Deez Nuts, who will have the same “footnote” of historical import.

Ramsey Clark was in a presidential administration once.

In the “Fantasy Shadow Government contraption” definition, laid out by Larouche… which I don’t know quite what is  — any figure of import that Larouche can rope into a “dialouge”? … I’m a little curious if Ramsey Clark and Mike Gravel consider themselves “veteran members” of the “US Presidency”.

With all eyes on Manhattan on the eve of the U.N. General Assembly and Pope Francis’ first visit to the United States, Mr. LaRouche’s intervention into Manhattan, to shape the debate about the very existence of the future of mankind, is something you do not want to miss.

Yes, it’s another one of those “most momentus weeks in Mankind’s History”…

Former U.S. Sen. Mike Gravel (D-Alaska) is the new CEO of a marijuana company that produces cannabis-infused products for both recreational and medical use, the company announced Tuesday.
The Alaskan Democrat and 2008 presidential contender will lead KUSH, a subsidiary owned by Cannabis Sativa, Inc. Former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson serves as CEO of Cannabis Sativa, and Gravel is on that company’s board of directors.
KUSH will develop and market new marijuana-infused products under Gravel’s leadership, the company said in a press release.

… Is marijuana cool to the org now?
I suppose you make your compromises with things, as one time firm anti-monarchist Jeremy Corbyn ascedes to the formality of kissing the Queen’s hand and pledging servant upon ascension to Labour Party head.
Incidentally…  once upon a time a drug dealer anathema to the Larouche org, now there’s a drug dealer (Gravel) that’s been drafted into the “Presidency”.

As for Corbyn… the closest the Nation gets to addressing his sideshow with the CEC, though not quite there:

Then there are—predictably, given Corbyn’s long record of support for the Palestinian cause—the accusations of anti-Semitism. Not against Corbyn himself, who is universally regarded as a thoroughly decent man. Instead the attacks are classic “guilt by association” tactics, in which Corbyn is alleged to have shared a platform with various objectionable characters whom he has then been pressed to denounce or disavow—by groups and individuals who have been happily doing Benjamin Net- anyahu’s dirty work for years.

Outside the DNC:

As a self-identified representative from Lyndon LaRouche’s LaRouchePAC handed out literature criticizing the Clinton administration’s repeal of Glass-Steagall, and protesters struck up a rendition of Bob Dylan’s “The Times They Are-A Changin’,” security guards stood outside, helping some DNC staffers get in and out of the building.


The crowd was about two-thirds supporters of former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley (whose failed administration, which imposed taxes on rainwater, lost his state to the GOP in 2014), and one-third supporters of Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT), with a couple of Lyndon Larouche fans on the sidelines to promote their arcane economic theologies.

And We’ll find out soon enough how much of the vote Brian Gray, larouchite for Canadian office, does.