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Mike Myers Spreading the Message

Mike Myers has taken a single scene from his 1992 movie So I Married An Axe Murderer, a scene that has the father ranting conspiracy theories out of a Lyndon Larouche pamphlet — and expanded it into a six episode netflix series.

Only time will tell if this knocks The Simpsons Treehouse of Horrors reference down from top perch as dominant pop culture joking on Larouche.


a LaRouche recruiter once offered to help me move. they really know what they’re doing.

One of my relatives has reached LaRouche-level conspiracy.

You may be pleased to know that it’s been many years now since the LaRouchies have been encamped in Rosslyn. There were at least some in Palo Alto — they used to put their newsletters in my Stanford mailbox in grad school.

If you do not remember your first time as a newbie to politics talking to a LaRouchite, I feel bad for you. I remember taking their lit home and no being able to make heads of tails of the bizarre and esoteric historic references. When LaRouche accuses I think Dukasis of working with the Socialist International and like global wheat producers, I died.

They used to hound passerby with provocative argumentation where I lived 15 years ago. One guy was such a douche nobody would even look at him twice. They disappeared pretty quick.

When I was a 13 year old I encountered LaRouche people handing out fliers. They were beckoned me over and were trying to tell me how the 2005 Tsunami was a result of the world financial system. I have rarely since met anyone who knows about them.

I’m honestly kind of floored, this shit feels like a dream. LaRouche was a gd fascist. My childhood friend’s dad got beat up by LaRouche’s goons when they busted up a communist meeting with fcking nunchucks. What a surreal world we’re in, how tf are you going to defend the dude.

you’re in for a treat. the LaRouche fanatics were *everywhere* around UCLA c.2001-6, think I have a complete physical run of his amazing Children of Satan series thanks to my own stupid capacity for arguing with them at great length

friend who works for HM Treasury came to visit me in NYC, then went on a trip to Philly. came back he told me he had befriended someone who took him to some Lyndon LaRouche meetings. he was totally shocked. had so many Qs about the American education system.


Daniel Burke suggests taking the message to the churches, and so comes, from “Alex Jones boi”: I need to print some of your guys pamphlets for these sorts of situations. Yeah, be sure to clip off the ” larouche” references.

Paging Jimmy Dore.

Hasn’t this been their mo for the past 14years? is time to have Schiller institute infiltrate GOP circles, websites, and AltTech & CRUSH THE LIBERTARIANS! Maybe it was largely the faction that took off with lpac.

The question regarding William Jones. Answer: He’s paid in world historical mission-hood.

Hm. Mangled or botched metaphor: Cutting the branch they’re sitting on??

CPI-USA, not to be confused with CP-USA, Meets in Texas

The CPIUSA merges in with team Larouche. Haz speaks. And… These tendency tenders tend their tendencies.

Worth pointing out — Michael Parenti holds the same positive “killed for taking up The People’s Cause!” line. I suppose this historical anachronism (There is no “proletariat” until the Industrial Revolution) can be fodder for imaginative Marxist historical parables. Parenti was probably alluding to Caesar when defending some left wing autocrats (Hugo Chavez), but from there once established it allows it to slide in to right wing ones as well… Anyone so long as they are battling American or Western hegemony. (Gaddafi for instance.)

Caleb Maupin will synthesize Lovestone, Browder, Marcy, Shachtman, LaRouche, and Avakian into a higher stage of Marxism which can only be defeated through Marxism-DeLeonism, which was the correct branch all along.

All right. So they hold a meeting in Texas, and … Tweeters follow along.

Apparently Haz, caleb maupin, jackson hinkle, etc had to create their own neo-larouchite outfit called the CPIUSA because the actual CPUSA explicitly banned any of them from joining. Lmao. first step to entryism is entry and they couldnt even manage that. If they can get our local philharmonic to adopt Verdi tuning, they will have my undying support

Purple Maggot” offers running commentary.

And more news and notes from the meeting:

Apparently during the opening they played the internationale & the star spangled banner (I hope not at the same time lol that sounds awful) & held up the soviet & US flags, and then as a special fun surprise added in some pro-Putin shit. They also produced a smaller copy of this Abe Lincoln head from a rally that the Communist Party of the USA held when they had like 50,000 members. The smaller, cheaper reproduction is probably a good metaphor for their conference room of 50 people.

After Haz there was an intermission for a few hours, I didn’t go back. They did have a guy talking about LaRouche which I’m learning is pretty sus. And lots of “SJW bad, patriotism based, socialism with American characteristics,” so…yeah I mean who would call them nazbol

It’s kind of like basing your entire policy on this image + LaRouche tube reading

New Larouche just dropped. Honestly that’s a little mean to Lyndon Larouche

Wait are these LaRouche people? I looked into it and one of them was talking about a “world landbridge” just deeply weird stuff

Vibrant communist movement: 37 year-old men wearing cheap suits with running shoes, misreading Heidegger et al, waving American flags & soviet flags. Pretending that the soviet union never ended. Very very sad indeed.

(Read it in the inflection of old Seinfeld routine): who are these people

They never did explain mecha Lincoln.

Another note on the Lincoln head – the patsocs keep calling it an “exact” replica but at least to my eye the CPIUSA Lincoln looks significantly angrier than the CPUSA Lincoln. Not sure what that’s about

Yes, one of the speakers talked at length about LaRouche and there was a lot of, “He wasn’t a [widely accepted bad political ideology], either, like *they* say.”

Their weird connection with what remains of the LaRouche cult is so odd.

Seriously if you want a experimental controlled case for how the internet and postmodernism have fundamentally rewired brains, look at the american podcast left. It’s literally just gobbledegook

It’s like Armando Iannucci wrote a satire about the Stalinized American Communist Party. Need me that floating Lincoln head in my room

none of these people are as cool as Lyndon LaRouche

it’s probably like 10 feds and maybe 3 other guys. the three other guys are also feds but ATF instead of FBI

Dear US tweeter users pls explain it… is it some kind of artistic performance? Kind of a joke?

You wore your finest sneakers with the suit! Classy!!

Granted I haven’t read as much theory as I need to but how is a right wing oligarchic country invading another country getting us any closer to a labor movement

What the hell are you? The United States in 1919 sent such morons to Soviet Russia, where they were partially shot. We must repeat.

I don’t understand. Is this satire?

What in holy hell is this nonsense?

if you played The Internationale and The Star-Spangled Banner simultaneously as some sort of unlistenable symbolic mashup that’s actually kinda great, otherwise everything about this is so embarrassing that you should blot out the faces to preserve some shred of dignity

Communism is when your leaders are billionaires with yachts who exploit workers obviously.

do you not realize just how confused y’all look here? It’s a mishmash of imagery stolen from unrelated movements being held up by guys who likely can’t even point out Donbas on a map

When you’re trying to create a mass movement but authoritarian cosplay also seems fun!

If you want to be a communist, that is, of course, your right. But using that as a screen to give aid and comfort to Putin as an enabler of Russian imperialism would have even Marx and Engels spinning in their graves.

Reminds me of the time Lenin was like, I hope the czar wins this imperialist war to maintain his legitimacy while Trotsky waved the Romanov coat of arms in the air

Like I need to find the video of this, but to start with, why have an “opening ceremony” with a presentation of colors? You’re not a Boy Scout troop or a high school with a rotc program. Just have the flags on the stage when you start.

I am oddly comforted that larouche style sectarian weirdness couched in respectability politics is making a comeback. Feels like a balance has been restored to the universe

It’s a weird guy named Caleb Maupin trying to start his cultish organization and trying to be the next Lyndon Larouche. And i am not being metaphoric about the Larouche thing…there is a lot of overlap between members of his org and the Larouchites

Just pining to see an ugly ms paint banner reading “Uphold the lessons of Chairman Caleb!

Imagine if Lyndon LaRouche, rather than Jim Jones, established the People’s Temple

Because Peter Coffin attended an event with a Larouchite you can now do six degrees of separation between Steve Harvey and Lyndon Larouche. Peter Coffin writing for the Executive Intelligence Review would be so funny that I would literally die.

Every few years some dipshit platonist wants to come after Aristotelian metaphysics, LaRouche was just the most dedicated.

the fact that LaRouche’s great work is not on display here just shows that CPI are truly revisionist liberals. when i joked about LaRouche’s materials not being on the table at that stupid CPI event last night I had no idea someone I followed was really going to get sucked into a genuine LaRouche LaRumble.

Fact checking this: lmao one of the first things Larouche did was form a group to beat up leftists and it managed to unite the entire Boston(?) left against him. Actually it was about the fifth thing he did. It’s so fucking good I love this shit they went from 1950s CPUSA aesthetic to LaRouche in like a day. the best thing is it’s for basically the same reasons, early leftist Larouche wanted a more “normal” “working class” left which apparently necessitated uhh beating up black panthers and other leftist groups

The part about lyndon larouche that was kind of cool was his crazy infrastructure ideas, and his absolutely batshit screeds had fun turns of phrase. Otherwise he sucked

And Daniel Burke’s generous offer: Anyone who was at the @CPIUSA conference or supports it, you can use this link to sign up with @LaRoucheOrg, and we will send you a free subscription to the LaRouche publications. Dozens of new signees coming right up!

Odd, considering Putin’s view of the demise of the Soviet Union as tragedy, his current geopolitical power aim with Ukraine, and the Laouche organizing with Soviet flag wavers — The single biggest impact LaRouche had on actual politics was keeping many people I knew employed at defense contractors working on SDI. And in turn helping to bring about the collapse of the USSR. And lest we get revisionist history on the period of courting Cold Warriors — Lyndon Larouche convinced Ronald Reagan you could build a “peace shield” which would have made a nuclear war “winnable” (meaning the destruction of the planet).

Battle-Lines of Left-wing Hegemony

Opposition forces come to crash the meeting, but guards shake them away. Austin — the domain of Maoist Red Guards, and …

Austin falls!!!! The Austin Red Guards, FTP, Tribune of the People Austin, or whatever they call themselves now have taken the biggest L in their history today. They sent in 2 scouts to the conference who didn’t even make it through the door. Austin belongs to CPI now, the Red Guards are done.

By extension, Austin now belongs to Putin!

But here… Red Guards speak up and push back. Maoists organizations still have far more influence than like 70 ppl in a conference hall, also u forgot to mention that most ppl there weren’t locals. You can see in this video that even last years May Day March had more attendees than ur chauvinist crap

Take that CPI-USA!!!!?

first time in history larouchies tried to prevent someone from learning about the land bridge.

Actually, in all seriousness that is a battle where I guess you have to side with the Larouchies and neo-Larouchies against those Maoists — the Larouchiesand neo-Larouchies knowing full well that the Maoists will behave like the disruptive Larouchie shouters and write in the Larouche literature about “successful interventions”. (See a random shout at a 1980 John Anderson rally — but these you can throw these political footnotes into a hat and pull one out as just as good as any other out.)

Query: Wait who’s Haz. The short dude that’s jacked up on roids and says very profound statements like “Women love me” and “You pee from your butt”. youre a dumb pussy. Another important quote of his. This may plausibly be true — Haz (infrared) knows more about socialism and marxism than you ever will. Debate him. — but even if it were (for all concerned twitteters) — they would be debating someone who has affected the mannerisms of of a Cartoon Super-villain.

Bottom line: Nobody outside of one armpit of Twitter has heard of any of you people, but commie internet dork turf wars are hilarious. (etc)

Continuing a push: Lyndon Larouche was a fellow socialist that must not be forgotten, and must have his name cleared, the liberal smearing of his name should not continue. Don’t let Larouche’s tragedy be in vein, arm yourself with knowledge.

ANdD new bottom line the Second:

These are the types who tell you that you “Don’t understand the working class” which is really funny cuz I have no idea who this is supposed to appeal to. It feels like it’s scientifically designed to appeal to the smallest group of people possible. Like really, who wants this? Actual Socialists? None of these guys actually support Socialism, they’re literally supporting a far-right government. MAGA hogs? Every Trump guy lives in fear that Commies are under their bed, they aren’t going to be pulled over with USSR flags. Even the terminally online Tankie types are explicitly anti-American so even those weirdos aren’t going along with this. Feels like a bad Hollywood reboot of that LaRouche cult.

Still Hate When any of the Proleteriat /People / Masses Create Music

The irony of the statement You probably only hate LaRouche because someone told you to. placed after the denigration of music that people love as conspiratorial plot … Just — No self-awareness. The Larouxhies are aiming to be The Man Busting Our Music, but … The Man Can’t Bust Our Music. But such productions from the wlym are Worth a laugh.

This is like if you went to an AA meeting and the group leader started in about how “spirits are a degenerate drink of The Negro and Irishmen destabilizing the cities at the behest of Jewish Landlords!” Lyndon LaRouche was basically off-mic Louis Farrakhan for white polisci dorks.

Shadowy oligarchs created syncopated rhythm is the weakest part of LaRouche for me. get hip to it – it’s just History. We’ll resolve whatever contradictions in time.

Looking, just because Lyndon LaRouche’s claim that Jerry Garcia formed the Grateful Dead on orders of MI5 wasn’t true doesn’t mean that Adorno didn’t contribute to “Hey Jude”.

The “escape clause” for the racial implications of banishing jazz has a celebration of negro spirituals –or, time freeze and leave everything as a museum.

Hm. Well, this is fun disposable music.


Lyndon Larouche (a very strange character but also a very well-informed one) already explained in the 1970s that the Anglo-American intelligence community had a terribly distorted notion of feminism that led to neurotic micromatriarchies like this.

Illinois elections are the best, every governor goes to prison, there was once a Larouche Dem and another time a Nazi REpublican. One future president of the US won an election Bc of the actress who plays 7 of 9 on Star Trek Voyager

Lavel Gubarev trailing into Nataliya Vitrenko.

Running through Russia Today history. (Why no ‘blue check‘?). Webster Tarpley’s post rt trajectory — and … Interesting enough: wgt also told me jeff steinberg is a very evil guy, fwiw

Playing “connecto”. Q … Quaker… Coincidence?

The current pitch to the left: Lyndon Larouche was a fellow socialist that must not be forgotten, and must have his name cleared, the liberal smearing of his name should not continue. Don’t let Larouche’s tragedy be in vein, arm yourself with knowledge. Met with: Where’s the “correct” record? They used to hound passerby with provocative argumentation where I lived 15 years ago. One guy was such a douche nobody would even look at him twice. They disappeared pretty quick. And back to the insane pitch: It seems that American communists failed Lyndon Larouche in th past, and history would demand that we as Marxist Leninists finally do right by him. The Schiller Institute played a big part in CPC’s development of the BRI & World Land Bridge project. We must #ExonerateLarouce. (Now why would American Communism not stand by Large he over the past six decades?)

Back to the Austin Twitter Aftermath

The Austin conference attendance has given “Larouche” its biggest Twitter spurt since either Larouche’s death or the heckling of AOC. On that score, I guess it is a success. Surely someone in this swarm of castigations and mockery brings someone along into the cult. Failing that, it gives the Larouche Twitter Guards something to do, and meaning… If nothing else cue a reference to “Anti-Imperialist Legend Mike Gravel” and… Win an argument?

A little bit of a game to play for this here Cleveland Browns fan: I still don’t understand the critique of Larouche. Like what is it that these people object too? Cue the angry tweet from Daniel Burke on the eve of the Superbowl. To be sure, I doubt the Maoists can stand pro-football.

So comes various tweet threads of history of Larouche misdeeds. Some superior, others inferior (or maybe largely fine but which I differ somewhat and don’t want to spend time caveating). Larouchies respond by throwing a bark at Dennis King, whether or not he actually is the source or citation (and in some tweets he is), and in this case dropping out after the first tweet bullet point item, and missing the point about celebrating the trashing of war criminal Henry Kissinger by way of bringing in homophobic allusions. An overly simplistic left wing knock on that guy who was George Wallace’s favorite president to quote — Abraham Lincoln, who after all “freed the slaves”, and after all spent his career desiring to ship them back to Africa — grants Burke a chance to turn him into an overly simplistic talisman–and all kinds of ” to the side” here as the only reason a goofy Lincoln emblem is involved is because the CPI wants to establish a spiritual lineage with the 1930s Communist Party. Jose Vega stands defending one of the damnedest of crude Larouche pamphlets — that one about the sexual impotence of the Puerto Rican Socialist Party — a “thanks for the promotional link” — Toss out a “so be it” on alternate universes where anything in it is defendable. On an intellectual level, the “neener neener” line — it’s always funny to see the reactions when LaRouche calls people impotent is that kind of “neener neener” thuggery exemplified by your Nelson Muntz to Milhouse call to “Stop hitting yourself”, but really… A grade under. In this case, that doesn’t really matter as it tends to prove that Twitterer’s point on the underlying message of the pamphlet.

On insta- “validator” responses — Before or after his exoneration of Slobodan Milosevic?

More immediately on current day happenings, the line — repeated in a few variations — about “no one has said anything on these ‘fascist’ program of Larouche!” follows or are surrounded by any number of tweets that do strike at some of the proposals.

Critique away! LMAO a Bering land bridge would destroy the arctic ecosystem. No country will ever support that shot. Isn’t the Bering strait pretty famously one of the most unforgiving and dangerous waterways on the planet. Why do larouche people think we can build a bridge there. And the one wanting to know how the hell does get the project built through Somalia.

Alrighty then: Serious question, if that’s the case, why are there a lot of black peoples in the Larouche organization? Short answer is they aren’t, other answer is it is irrelevant to the historical record of Roy Frankhouser walking in to bilk the cult for what he can, indirect answer starts with meditating on one now former member sitting by as Larouche makes monkey “jokes”.


CPI. Elena Branson. Jack T Chick and Jordan Peterson. Small groups of protesters in front of the White House: Dang. Even the Lyndon LaRouche crazies that used to picket my local post office drew more people. Lara Logan. People’s Convoy. An eco-radical whose sectarian splintering gets called out as “larouche vibes”. Ben Norton. Q — but not even ” comparison”. The Miami Dolphins.

As Lyndon LaRouche put it: “He predicted 18 of the last three economic crises

Germany, and Europe

getty images. BUSO lobbies in the German street.

Election Posters in Scandanavia — I imagine referencing”Glass Steagall” to a foreign electorate… has no pull with anyone anywhere.


Starting in 2015, you began to see for perhaps the ‘first known time’ in your lives, two political candidate’s be publicly attacked and persecuted, as a way of destroying them, before they could get there in life. So tweets perennial hobby horse candidate Kari Ilonummi. The candidates are Donald Trump, who at the time in 2015 were being lambasted by the larouche organization. And the other candidate is Kari Illonummi, according to Kari Illonummi. Well, we both beat ‘the deep state’ and even became friends through it all. Ironically enough. We had something in common. A lot actually. Not sure how. One won an election for the presidency of the USA. The other was zapped away in the top two primary. But years before the deep state went after Trump and Ilonummi… Why! Larouche was framed! But then… Long story short……God protected Dr. Lyndon LaRouche, the gangs had an official “No F*ck With Dr. LaRouche Policy,” agreement amongst each other (because they knew he was innocent) received a Presidential Pardon five years later, due to being innocent, Incorrect — though he was released early — but supposing this narrative were true: what was this point of weakness that lead this originally ironclad evil entity to “free Larouche”? In a previous telling of the story, the pure-hearted Bill Clinton did it… Fighting the deep state, or something.

For what it is worth, in this spirit, I recommend The Case of Walter Lippmann. And ask yourself, why all the hate for Franklin Roosevelt, by an organization that later will claim him as their mantle? History. Wash it away as needed.

Comedy Silver

New digital piano has a setting to tune up Verdi pitch and it’s way better. What else was Lyndon LaRouche right about?

Lyndon LaRouche was the archetypal “New Hampshire Man

she lyndon my larouche until i go to jail for five years for committing mail fraud

It breaks my heart that Larouche really grew up in Lynn not Rochester NH. It may seam like a distinction without a difference to you but it’s huge.

Alright how do I find out more about Larouche’s footwear management consultant days. Is there a cultural history of the traditional folkways of the New England Footwear executives?

The Problem Facing The Demands

I exonerated LaRouche. Now what?

I’d tell you, but I’ve got to catch this train from Vancouver to Berlin.

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