Release the furries

Caleb Maupin moves into “Vast Earthen Conspiracy against me” Persecution Complex Land

A couple years ago, I either had not heard of this guy or barely had. Such is the Bobby prize of twitter, I guess. The closest we have to someone following the foot steps of Lyndon Larouche. See where it takes him. We have achieved Delusions of grandeur off of persecution complexes. (Any attention paid at all is part of a plot and/ or a “threat”.)

Synth Leftists: Let’s spread lies all over the internet claiming Caleb is Neo-Nazi, in the hopes that antifa or someone else can kill him, or the govt can lock him up, and everyone will be Ok with it. Also Synth Leftists: Larouche is a fascist because of fistfights 50 years ago.

I agree with Larouche more than I agree with the idiotic “leftists” who threaten & harass me daily for being anti imperialist.

People who have openly put out an antifa hit on me, labeled me a “white supremacist” & “fascist” despite over a decade of anti racist work, hoping to get me murdered… ….are now scandalized that I talk to people in a group who got into fistfights 50 years ago. These people have set up entire accounts, published deceitful articles, all in the hopes that somebody can shoot me or the govt can lock me up and most leftists will approve. But Larouche is bad because of fistfights in 1972?

Gots himself a copy of Dialectical Materialism.

Reply not followed: Who were his followers fist fighting? Communists. Black Panthers. He allied with Willis carto and his Liberty Lobby, allied with the Klan, cooperated with the south African BOSS . Stop being disingenuous about larouche’s fascism and your connections to his followers.

The Twitter commies take note, note the differences,

And I guess Caleb can tie the one podcast that cared to cover his Texas gathering in with the vast Earthean plot. Though, in the Marxist / Communist environs that make this land up, this attack on “Thoughtslime” also makes some kind of sense: Also, one of the accounts you are following “Anti Maupin Aktion”, is run by supporters of Vaush and ThoughtSlime, who say Stalin and Lenin were “opportunist fascist”. And you claim to be maoist while associating with these people? As does tweets from a supporter of the North Korean government. (curiouser)

The “thoughtslime” aligned tweeter feed sums some summations: Counter-protesting is not violence. Telling someone you don’t approve of paleocons, right-libertarians, LaRouche, boogs, NRx etc is not violence. […] But from what counter-protestors shared about the event in Texas, all he received were hecklers.

Imagining Maupin leading a group of incels with nunchucks to beat up a DSA meeting, etc

baroque cultural-historical opinions like defending the Ottomans and shit.

something created by a malfunctioning algorithm.

Antifa” slams Black Hammer, by extension Maupin, by category Larouche. Alluding to “Operation Mop Up” and generalized relationship Larouche had with “right” by Gazi Kodzo’s relations with Proud Boys today.

Point: If this LaRouche guy is building infrastructure like this it seems pretty crazy to be against that. Counterpoint: He doesn’t build shit lol. Further: He did want to build anti-Soviet space lasers though. Observation: and this has been retrofitted into a “cooperation to end the Cold War” storyline.

Not even is LaRouche’s weird dreams does the US get decent rail

Ukraine’s List of Russian Propagandists

Newsweek’s article dumps the Larouchies and Larouche figures in the final paragraph. Jason Ross is a finance specialist and Diane Sare is a politician (as too Geoff Young).

Tucker Carlson was slighted… LaRouche organization activists win the prize for most members on the list. Noting the lines from Rand Paul and Glenn Greenwald. Paul’s “sympathies lie with Ukraine”, and in a recent interview with Reason, Greenwald explains his reluctance to deal with Russia’s state as ” effecting what I have any control over” more than what he has less control over. After this list, the Larouchies seek to “get on Carlson” and at Greenwald to a conference with them. Jimmy Dore, I guess has podcast availability. On Greenwald, I guess it is worth a try: he is adjacent to adjacent to Alex Jones here, and Jones is — of course — adjacent to Larouche.

But the call for an invitation onto Tucker turns to anger: Why did you (Tulsi Gabbard) & Tucker report Ukraine’s Russia’s dupes paper without the first name on the list, Helga Zepp-LaRouche? Must be gate- keeping duties. (As I suppose The National Review praising Pelosi for her Taiwan trip is considered. New cusp of WW3 because China is that insane?) And on to Carl Osgood and Doug Mallouck whining. Funny letter.

Wondering what the Canadian branch of the LaRouche movement has been up to in the past week? Infowars and Sputnik. RT and Sputnik hold a seat for all the nations’ Larouche troops, given that they will all say the same thing and they can be passed off as multiple entities.

Will LORG take the fight to China?

China has a Glass-Steagall measure in place since 1993. What do we have, Larry?

2 years out from China’s flushing of its Glass Steagall.

China’s Green Program.

Wikipedia on the Daily Sabah, which … Cites “former candidate for US Senate” Daniel Burke.

Christian China, huh?


Hm. Daniel Burke reaches out to “future congress member” Geoffrey Young with this: MYTH: We don’t have a solution to nuclear’s “waste problem” REALITY: Nuclear waste isn’t a problem. In fact, it’s the best solution we have to meeting our energy needs while protecting the natural environment! Here’s what you need to know: Growing up within earshot of the Hanford Nuclear waste dump in Eastern Washington, I would occasionally see on the news innovative and creative uses for nuclear waste. For instance, an artist in Seattle picked up some “nuclear sludge” for his sculptures. So there you go — uses for nuclear waste — Nuclear sculptures. The wave of the future.

Education Fails Some

It’s so blatantly obvious that Socrates was a Jesus figure and yet no one ever mentioned this in my “education” growing up. I did not take a Philosophy class (first semester) in high school. I thought about it, along with the accompanying Psychology class (second semester), but the teacher doing the course lead to a question — Why do I want to take Psychology from a teacher who is psychologically unstable? If only the classes were taught by someone else, I probably would have taken them. The thing is, I did not need such formal education to intuit a parallel between Jesus and Socrates — I did make an irreverent joke about it on my geocities website. I assume it is also covered in the Joseph Campbell ‘Hero of a Thousand Faces’ book, a favorite of Star Wars fans. (Though I could be wrong — Socrates only pokes in as “teacher / martyr”.). And hey. It’s an 1803 book on the subject! Someone in 1917, actually. Also 2009. I frankly do not understand this gripe.

Pothead Larouchies. I met a Grateful Dead enthusiast who was an anti drug warrior of sorts, so maybe I can reconcile it.

The “scuttlebutt” technique.

The “Russian” Question

Point. Counterpoint. The funny thing is that Burke’s “point” — demanding the answer to the “slander” that “Larouche hated Russians” — follows chronologically the “counterpoint” — ie: he does not bother addressing the actual material, which both inspired his outraged post and answers his question. The follow through “debate”/ ” discussion” sees odd mutations that skip from the original post — “Hitler was Russian” has some connotation beyond the “criticism / attacks of the Soviet government / spycraft” that the tweet streams slide over to.

A bit of a salve thrown out here to get back at the point:

anyone who claims LaRouche “loved” the Russian people: he claimed that they were “heathens” who were without “individual human mind” and incapable of “individual personalities” – this is the belief system of the LaRouche cult and @schillerinst of @DianeSare and @Burke4Senate Better to say “was”, and Burke and Sare only figure in that everything for Larouche gets marked forward. Also, I am not sure Larouche ” believed” a damned thing, except that this anti-Russia rhetoric could sweep up some money from Cold War anti-war Communists, and gnab some relative vips for ego a inflation purposes.

Though, I suppose there is much to object to at the original tweet: Doing some research on Larouche, and I think it’s safe to say that you’d be pressed to find anyone who ever hated Russians, the Soviet Union, and Stalin more than him. Something like defining jazz out of “authentic” Black American (and American) culture, Larouche picks and chooses Dostoyevsky out if Russia. We are in a weird spot where “hating Stalin” is to this Twitterer a bad thing, but the contradiction leads us to present day discourse of how Putin aligns history with the piece of Stalin quashing the Ukraine — good, usable history. Well, here we have the great history of the Soviet Union as spoken by Larouche — Stalin assassinated by the Brits, who took over. Interesting to note near the end of Stalin’s life, he was panicked by the spectre of assassins — and thought Jewish doctors were out to get him. Defend Stalin at your peril.


Defending Saint Nicholas II from leftists and Stalin from rightists sayeth guy with “exonerate Larouche” in his profile.

the Bush family and the Kruschev liberal nomenklatura which despised Stalin“. Revealed in the famous ” Stalin Sucks” speech that Khrushchev gave before the Twentieth Congress.

if LaRouche people said “Lyndon was wrong about the Bolsheviks” this would clear up everything. Except for the part where it breaks apart their Cult of Personality, and the tenet that he is (was) “always right”.

I mean it’s been 20 years why is LaRouche a thing I have to think about again? Our society is so fucked if we can’t even shake this second rate diabetics bullshit. Strictly speaking, you don’t.

CPUSA Politics

About 2 hours into this show. Guy learns as he goes.

Yeah, one species of exotic rare floral after another. But, on the tiff of the one I lights have some decent grasp on — the good old Communist Party… Well, they have their issues and history with Larouchies. So… Comedy! A Bad faith Twitter actor is —

puzzled on why a Larouchie responds with outrage that the CPUSA won’t grant him entre into their meetings. or maybe they saw you have lyndon larouche as your avatar, the cult leader who ordered his followers to disrupt CPUSA meetings and beat up its members. but maybe it was liberal idpol after all, we may never know. Everything else, the part of “gay furries”, is noise. After all, I am reasonably certain a Gay Furry convention would drop the invitation to a Larouche supporter as well.

Good exchange that gets at a good point: I had a cousin who lived on one of Larouche’s compounds.

Has nothing to do with what I just said. Nor do I care. You people really just project nonsense then when caught on it switch topics

Nah, that’s fair, it doesn’t have anything to do with the topic at hand, but it’s the reason I’m giving you for why it’s so easy to dismiss you out of pocket.

More proper response.

So your profile is filled with larouche bs, in an undisciplined rage you post to the internet to trash a communist party that asks for your to re apply at a later date, and you want people to think CPUSA is the trash in this equation? AND. The whole patsoc entryism arc has been absolutely hilarious. Who loudly announces on all platforms they’re gonna do entryism and then gets mad when they are purged and disallowed from participation? Their whole personality is being obnoxious colonizers they’re not hard to spot

Do you believe, when space is limited, that members of the LaRouche movement should be prioritized above women and national minorities when it comes to filling seats at communist party functions?

It strikes me that there is a perfectly good reason for the delay of response to Space Larouche in rejecting admission: they wanted to be rude to him. Also, no one has to go back to “Operation Mop Up” on historic reason for doubting any good faith on the part of Larouchies. Try some more sedate disruptions of more bourgeoisie minded political events. Rachel Brown makes a name for herself at a Barney Frank event. Someone goes off on eating babies at an Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Chuck Schumer is doing something apolitical minded, and Diane Sare makes an ass of herself. A 2004 Democratic Presidential debate gets disrupted several times. For their part, the allies of Caleb Mailings CPI-USA, at a convention with Daniel Burke, turned away a group of Maoists at the door. So, “space larouche” is guilty of disingenuity.

I’m sure there are women and national minorities in the LaRouche movement. Maybe they were even among the people invited to attend the function in person. We’ll find out if they have a confrontational / disruptive YouTube clip.

Lol that your only response to *quotes from LaRouche himself* is to call the guy posting them a CIA agent. Hm. Tends to be in tandem with “other contradictory quotes from Larouche himself”and willful ignoring of the first set of quotes. Also added, calls of ” slander!”

The larouche organization’s role in spain’s dirty war is rarely addressed.

As for other points of contention… “No dog in a fight” and all that…

It is curious, the Communists are high in this argument that haz has brought forth in meme form. What is Starbucks selling? Is it burnt Coffee and glorified milkshakes, or is it roughly two hours rent for workspace? Whatever — who cares? The problem here is that Haz is high as well. I suppose this means that I have no dog in this fight, except I suppose in the final implications on unionization, and that would only be the case if I gave a rip on aligning myself with Marx. (I can leave aside pin pricking analysis on definitions of “proleteriat”.) Then a summation: It’s that whole weird little cult of Larouche/robot suit people. Anyway: patsocs take the corporate side in Starbucks unionization efforts. Good to know.

And here we see one circle jerk inspiring another, as some Communist defines “misconceptions of Communism” through redefinitions of capitalists (and quasi-capitalists) terms on King of the Hill images, and from that some triumphant claims on the higher spiritual meaning of mass projects. What happens to the antisocial weirdos when they dodge the draft to build the World Landbridge? Seem to simply get written out of this definition of “humanity”, where the definition of “spark” is to following the illusion art dictation of the ghost of Lyndon Larouche.

Point: They threw LaRouche in jail. I don’t see them doing that to Joe Sims and the Communist Party of the Democra- I mean United States. Counterpoint: Is Joe Sims committing credit fraud?


damn this makes me think of junior high, when I loudly and embarrassingly assumed the other kids would be as excited as I was about Apollo 18 by They Might Be Giants

Ah those good ol’ college days, strolling around campus in the autumn and avoiding the LaRouche table outside the Carl’s Junior

when I was in HS I chatted with some activists manning a LAROUCHE 2004 table and the person tried to tell me economic problems are fake and made up by those in power and I was like “scarcity is real?” and they were like not if we tap into the full power of THE HUMAN MIND

One time some old people were pamphleting at USC. I thought they were Christians but I grabbed one of the leaflets and it turned out they were LaRouchites. Can confirm: friend got recruited by a Lyndon LaRouche honeypot at one

Larouche is fun the way harry turtledove is fun. Alternate history Greece where Aristotle was the leader of an order of assassins specializing in poison, amazing stuff

The LaRouchies are very good at catching you with a good lead-in before they start throwing out all their crazy bullshit. I remember getting a friend request from the Larouche org back on MySpace lmao. 1979 when talking to a group of Lyndon LaRouche adherents and their mags were pro nuclear power and articles Queen of England controlled conspiracy against US. Britain determined to control those obstinate colonials still.

I met a LaRouche guy once at an Allen West event when he was my congressman. They wanted to build a super lake in Saskatchewan or something

Sleeping to @thedollop is fun. It keeps invading my dreams. Last night I was being pursued by thugs sent by Lyndon LaRouche. I could use more comfortable earbuds though.

LaRouche group are neofascist wackos & have nothing to do with Left progressive politics. I remember physically fighting these fascists in front of unemployment offices in 1970’s when they launched “operation Mop Up” and attacked real Left organizations like CPUSA. They are CIA

When I was at university, umpteen years ago, LaRouche had a campaign of visiting campuses and having a literature table along with his cultish sycophants to lure naïve young people with an initially reasonable sounding message. They encouraged kids to drop out and join them.

Incidentally the LaRouche people used to try to recruit me in front of the library during middle school

Hasn’t gotten the memo. Have not seen the LaRouche Roaches around in years, they used to be all over San Fran when I was growing up. I guess Lyndon was not as astute as other cult leaders of the era in starting a dynasty to carry on his bad works after he died.

My first encounter with Larouche was during the 2000 election. His followers were on my campus pushing his bullshit. I talked to one of them for 2 minutes before telling him he was a fascist and walking away in disgust. How are you people falling for this shit? Like you’re not even falling for an active op. You’re falling for an op that’s 25 years out of date. 25?

they tried to recruit me one time circa 2007 ish. In the 90s I used to report on him on a student radio station. Every week. Lunatic.

I still have fond memories of the time in the early 1990s when I called a LaRouchite standing on a St. Louis street corner a fascist and he got really pissed off. Whenever I run into them I start going on about how Walter Mondale sabotaged the colonization of the moon. Really try to one up them, ya know?

just remembered my first lecture in my first class in college got thrown into chaos by a bunch of larouche people pretending to be students and asking wild questions. lmao


Comedy gold. No one who has seriously read LaRouche would make the claim that you have read all his works on Plato/Aristotle. He wrote about the distinction in a huge number of his works. Damned if he is not correct. And if someone did read the entirety of Larouche’s writings on Plato and Aristotle — repetitive list chanting — over his seven decades of self publishing — I would recommend psychiatric asylum.

Check to see if these YouTube comments remain:

Harley your ability to conflate and confuse is legendary.

Sorry…my bullshit meter is going way off the clock.

Triggering” someone. Very edgy of Burke. Anime and videogames are designed to make you masturbate 24/7 and kill your parents. The hits keep on coming! LaRouche “The easiest way to destroy a selected victim, is to induce him to destroy himself. Send an assassin to kill, and remove all traces back to the man who sent him. Such is the role assigned to the self-doomed victims of “Pokémon” and “Harry Potter.” LaRouche “If you think you admire “Harry Potter,” please stand before a mirror, while saying to yourself, “I must be nuts, like Ariel Sharon, or like the presently disintegrating personality of that modern ‘Humpty-Dumpty’ known as Henry A. Kissinger.”

The real, ultimate enemy, Satan’s mother, has residence much closer to your home, perhaps the office of your favorite daily newspaper.”

Claiming suggestion boxes as originating from Larouche, and praising Putin for using them.

Big Ortega fans.

If Mike Hudson did indeed co-write that SNL sketch, that does explain how it got the ideological description right.

China believes in dinosaurs … Word has gotten out, and the conspiracy against the existence of dinosaurs now associated with Larouche, people sticking it in the litany list. To be sure, we do see lpac over here swinging for Creationism — no mention of dinosaurs, though.

I do not believe “Flying House” is arguing in good faith. Debatable is “Miss Plays” — but probably not.

Seeing a lot of commentary about LaRouche on the TL by people who have clearly spent fewer than 10,000 hours studying his work and ideas and, frankly, that’s just unacceptable.

I never bothered looking into this LaRouche character until now. I expected some intelligent if flawed character. What I didn’t expect was the lost member of the manson family. The LaRouche/Schiller “Land Bridge” plan is akin to a child connecting all of the dots on a map regardless of geographic features. There’s a big reason we don’t have a railroad line from Seattle to Alaska: most of BC and the NW Territories are impassable mountains.

Point: LaRouche & his wife are puppets of Putin’s brutally corrupt mafia-fascist colonial empire… As are you. Counterpoint: Lyndon Larouche is dead. Wrong tense.


Republican gubernatorial candidate kicked off Independence Party line.

Political rivals can’t be assaulted without suspicion, apparently. Beyond Trump.

We will find out what third place for Sare is worth.

William Jones for the CCP. See too. And. Then there’s Sweden.

Quote Putin, who leaves out the obvious example of Ukraine in the “legitimate sovereignty” category.

Ron Wieczorek? Do I even need to ask?


Not important enough vips enough to make the poster.

Episode 12 of a podcast you have to pay money to hear has Daniel Burke interviewed. If you want to pay money for such a thing.

We see here the making friends and the influencing people. like you have to have a doctorate in LaRouche thought to understand literally any of their bill boards.

A victory for lpac over lorg! And I think that is why it is necessary to criticize larouche, however the Schiller’s Institute which is a split from The larouche Institute back in 2020 has vastly different leadership.


Larouche does Iran-Contra. Blames followers of Bukharin (????). Leading credence to the “Larouche was useful for Intelligence services when they needed to dump things into the public and taint the effect with conspiratorial garbage” theory.

I wonder if former larouche followers are now following trump. I hope not because they followed him until he died and they’re nuts. Current followers have lpac carrying on with Trump as post Larouche and LORG carrying on with China’s government as post Larouche.

A sitcom of Bob Avakian, Angela Davis, and Noam Chomsky living in the same apartment. Their wacky doorman is Lyndon LaRouche

Lyndon LaRouche(D) vs Pat Buchanan(R)

Jim Cramer meets Lyndon Larouche.

And you got these statistics from the World Wildlife Fund, literally started by Prince Philip. How did they possibly record how many animals there were a hundred years ago vs now? Your ideology is the product of the British royal family and the Rockefellers. You are disgusting

Did you see the interaction where he thought Lyndon Larouche was the guy from Code Geass and when Samoyedcore told him it’s not the case he was “man I’m so sick of you leftists splitting hairs over the difference between “liberal” and “leftist” instead of engaging with my point”

it’s extremely annoying that when you search something like the Gelli to Guarino telegram letting Poppy Bush know of Olof Palme’s imminent assassination, you are hit with a deluge of crap from LaRouche and David Icke and assorted other professional shitcoaters. Someone stumbling on “Prescott Bush gave us Hitler” line.

Dear Ms LaRouche: 1) I will always revere your husband. 2) I have explained to you Communist Pedro Castillo of Peru is bankrupting my Peruvian wife’s travel agency, harming my family. 3) You persist in supporting Peruvian Communism. 4) You disgrace Lyndon LaRouche!

How are the globalists, who are desperate to reelect Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, attempting to stop the “red tidal wave” from sweeping over Michigan in November? They are deploying an array of dirty tricks to confuse and blunt the America First...

there’s gotta be at least a few LaRouche-Biden voters out there. I am guessing that the guy I knew, described himself as ‘Socialist’, who “voted for the nutcase Larouche” because of how corporate and lame the likes of Gore and Bradley were found his way to voting for Obama / Biden by 2008. And that there are a handful of them out there. This is the reason you want your Kuciniches and the like on the primary ballot.

Far as I can tell, they been writing a larouche sci-fi about building mechs and giggling over comicon-type drawings of futuristic hamsic stuff ever since he fell for that comedian. Don’t even know what’s going on on twitter since I been using it less but esp over there.

Hm. There was never a serious debate in society about drag being misogynist. I can show you the works of any hack conspiracist academic like LaRouche, doesnt mean anything he said is relatively important or indicative of the times. People like him and Daly are rejects. Camille Paglia’s book has a scene with some barking at drag queen as she is walking with him on campus. But they were probably madder at Paglia.


Lex Luthor from Red Son. Beto. Dr. Frankenstein. Texas Republican Platform. Rishi Sunak. R-Cam, mixed with Matthew Yglesias. Another failure to mention Peltier, though kudos for getting to Judd. Jimmy Dore. KHive. Jordan Peterson — though the premise raises a “can’t win” situation for someone getting inspired / mentored by anyone — unless, I guess, they are on the memer’s “approved” list. Pence — some standard Political blinders and biases of recentism. Kari Lake. Jan 6th Committee hearings — disclaimer: I saw the opposite point made, that this is slick my produced production for short attention spanning. The limits of “Vote Blue No Matter Who” — I agree with adding asterisks. Keith Ranniere from the NXIVM cult. I maintain that Eugene Debs is the better known of the two. american perincek. Keir Starmer. Unification Church. Chairman Gonzalo. Augusto Del Noce. Andrew Yang, and fine so far as it goes, but when did Larouche spoil an election? (Illinois 1986 is the closest.). Xiangyu, but not Tupac.

Note: “Larouche Libertarian” is oxymoronic. Strictly speaking, this is false: He’s a LaRouche libertarian who is running as a Democrat because the Republicans won’t have him. Perennial hobby candidates flip parties a lot — in his case it appears he landed on ‘d’ seeing an opening to the general. Good to see ‘So I Married an Axe Murderer’ instead of the usual ‘Treehouse of Horrors’ reference. (which was made by the podcast interviewing Daniel Burke.)

I look at him like a political version of Charles Manson and both as apotheosis of the 60s. It would be wild if Larouche character would appear in the latest Tarantino movie but sadly QT is a different kind of nerd.

Breaking Bad. (This sounds like the Gus — Hector relationship.)

Guarantee you the Farmer Jones kook isn’t a farmer. More likely a superannuated hippie who began as a Lyndon LaRouche groupie at airports back in the 60s, then moved on to Hare Krisna for a while.

Alex Jones says, “the attack had begun, we are no w being murdered.” He says the US is a “2nd Atlantis” founded by Francis Bacon and controlled by globalists who are descendants of Count Dracula aligned with the CCP to put nanotechnology in food to wipe out 90% of the population. Hm. 4 out of 5 Larouchisms. Though maybe one better counts as a Tarpleyism.

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