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#2 on Cracked’s list of “15 Notorious Cults That Amazingly Still Exist“. Gawking at the splintering. (Note: I have to disagree for the premise on “amazingly” still existing. Remains always remain.). Anyway, counter to the surprise — we can project larouchism as on the up-swing.

LPAC alongside Turning Points USA introducing Trump official Scott Atlas at Michigan State University. Sparking the question — what it you Turning Points USA, Charlie Kirk?, And, for whatever it is worth Grant has been rising on those presidential ranking lists — basically because he stuck with Reconstruction for the bulk of his time in office — hard to imagine how Trump will ever get reconsidered. I do not figure your Trumpists are shifting through Grant’s record to rehabilitate him, but to the extent they wear disdain from Ivy League historians as a badge of honor, Grant is heading in the wrong direction.

Daniel Burke leans deeply into Soviet idolatry, and now in the LORG canon — The Alexandrov Red Army Choir. Continues the fight against the Second Law of Thermodynamics, though this guy probably would not care if not for Haz.

Interesting, LPAC wants to deviate the right from a current “state conventions” obsession –I will note: War-time censorship and an historic attack on free speech, — “an historic”? On the left, some of our readers might recall that in 2011 another “anti-establishment” movement came into existence—the left-wing Occupy Wall Street phenomenon. Financed by George Soros, and intended, like the Tea Party, to entice angry American citizens into dead-end political activity, today’s remnants of Occupy have now joined with CSG to assault the U.S. Constitution — The legacy of Occupy is irritation at the CP-USA and the Larouchies for parasiting off of it. (Recall the Larouche troll who chafed against my lightly mocking tone on Occupy. )

Will Josh Hawley embrace the Land Bridge? I should organize Hawley around the idea of expanding the Callaway Nuclear Plant near Fulton, Missouri and try to get him on LaRouche’s ideas, including the World Landbridge. Yeah, you go do that.

Let’s join all nations to defend humanity from the threat of asteroids. Yeah, you go do that.

News Alert! LaRouche folks are out in front of Fox News

Zero Hedge — Point. Counterpoint.

Unsubscribing to their newsletter — Helga does not have the vision of her husband — backing Communists and Putin. Or, maybe they are Leninist after all. Or, Hell, maybe Stalinists after all!


I hail from Iran, where state TV might casually suggest, for example, that Pepsi is actually a Zionist acronym (“pay each penny, save Israel”), or that the Jews created lovable Jerry from Tom and Jerry to rehabilitate the reputation of mice, given their own rat-like disposition. Growing up there honed my loathing for the conspiratorial cast of mind. I proudly remember the contempt with which I dismissed the LaRouchies I came across in Seattle as a University of Washington undergrad.

Princeton City Council meetings.

I once got in an argument with larouchies cause they were horning in on our canvassing space… one of the brain-wormiest discussions i’ve ever had. the young larouchies seemed more like millenarians trying to convince people the solution was to quit the internet and be a goldbug

The worst thing I did in college was signing up one of my best friends for LaRouche’s email distribution list as a prank. He auto-forwarded them to my email and I auto-forwarded them back to this and we got nasty calls from the campus IT people. Good times!

If there’s one pre-covid thing I miss, it’s messing with Larouchists when they table.

Wow yeah so that’s who I was debating with back in the day While I was very dumb at the time it’s nice to know they were totally whack. (Further: “extremely niche

A popular AM radio station in Washington, DC, WMAL, featured a weekly ranting by LL. I would listen to it in my childhood, thankfully I recognized the paranoid bigotry against “Zionists” and “humanists”. Fortunate inoculation against my future encounters with Larouche.

Q adherents analogy of the pastThe worst I remember was the Lyndon LaRouche people who would have a table at a supermarket and try to push LaRouche as the solution to all our nation’s problems.

What a drag it is getting older — I am 40 years old. I can’t join the LaRouche Youth anymore. That ship has sailed

Some of the looniest people are pharmacists and medical doctors. In the town I grew up in, preCVS, Walgreens, the local pharmacist was a big LaRouche guy.

I miss those hour long political ads Lyndon LaRouche would make every election.

I’ll never forget when I met some Larouche people tabling near my work and they suggested that Karl Marx was a British agent. Also in denial that Larouche started out as a Trot, they didn’t see that one coming. LaRouche people have a messianic cult complex where only they can save the world from the Malthusian agenda. If you question them you are refusing leadership of the only people who can save us from the coming crisis and therefore working for the Queen’s conspiracy.

~10 year ago; table outside the supermarket, with a lady collecting signatures to run for office as I neared she looked up at me; took 5 seconds for me to get a crazy person vibe her spiel included a web of unknown groups Crazy+front orgs? had to be LaRouche

What’s the closest you’ve ever been to being in a cult? I attended multiple Lyndon LaRouche meetings

I remember Douche LaRouche as a slogan.

We all knew that guy in high school who was an exact genetic clone of Lyndon LaRouche.

He first came to my attention in early 00’s when a friend was handed a LaRouche pamphlet in Seattle filled with $10 dollar words and asked me to make sense of it. I said this guy’s fucking nuts stay far away. It read like a pseudointellectual Pat Buchanon disguised as Leftism.

LOL those LaRouche people were all over my college campus antagonizing people in the ’90s. They were always so creepy.

Before Washington went to vote-by-mail, we had to wade through a crowd of those LaRouche loons screaming in our faces and waving posters of President Obama with a Hitler mustache drawn on him. Things are so much better now. 🙂.

Years ago when I was a member of the 46th District Dems, there was an attempted infiltration by a local group of followers of Lyndon LaRouche but they never had enough people to join and outnumber us. I imagine something similar in the Republican party with an opposite outcome.


SIC. For this interested, a vintage picture of Lyndon LaRouche with his sisters Lenore (left) and Shirley (right). No, I don’t know what it means either.

A bit of a correction, or clarification, in the otherwise sound “David Icke copied Larouche” premise — 4th Reich Member,Icke was heavily promoted by Alex Jones — initially Jones kept him at arms’ length, calling him “the turd in the punch bowl”

back in the day he seemed to be exclusively the choice of angry weird old men who hung out in front of the post office trying to hand out pamphlets. after the past 5 years though, he’d probably have a fighting shot in a GOP presidential primary. if he got more racist. — Children of Satan III … Trying for the bargain VHS horror market.

John Singlaub.

International conspiracy theory vortex.

That 2016 memo

A map of the 1986 Illinois results. Fairchild’s coalition mainly consisted of rural white voters in downstate Illinois and black voters within the city of Chicago. Many black voters were motivated to vote against machine-backed white ethnic candidates after efforts to oppose Mayor Harold Washington. How in God’s name did Fairchild win the 13th ward? Is this an error?

I still think my favorite moment in Dem debate history is when @GovHowardDean roasted the Larouche people who started heckling from the audience

Matlock — q

Run through in light of Maupin. (his stop over in support of democratic socialist cause celebre AOC spells further doom to these Marxians.). Etc.

War on Drugs.

An alternate universe where Jackson beats Bush and for third Larouche beats Paul.

Since you asked — Frankly Jim Jones’ politics were miles better than LaRouche’s. At any rate, my point is we should not pretend as if either are the least bit admirable. And certainly shouldn’t overestimate degree of correctness in LaRouche’s “ideology“.

Misnomer worth a poke: Tarpley is no longer affiliated with the LaRouche movement. Also wait until you find out you can come together with people you disagree with to work together on certain issues and that non gay people can get HIV. Further explication of the harm / insanity of that cause.


(shrug)I am not nor have I ever been a member of the Left, which I guess frees me up to “defend” Kyle Rittenhouse.

I’m sorry to ruin your fanfiction but LaRouche was desperately trying to get employed by “the cathedral” (he offered the FBI info on radical orgs in the 70s and got pissy when the Feds ignored him)

Found this while in the basement with my dad. (Poster from presidential campaign). he thinks larouche was crazy (he used to parade tanks down main street), but he got this poster from a friend and had it framed

. “Parties for federal elections” was always interesting for boomers. a. when obscure small parties had their say. A real highlight was the EAP with the legendary Helga Zepp-LaRouche (still alive! and only 73). The EAP was cool. Absolutely. The good old LaRouche movement. Today it goes by the name BüSo. If by “cool” you mean “crazy in an entertaining way” — then yes, they’re cool.

Adolf Hitler, whatever else you can say about him, was not a de-growther.

Miko Dzagi with more amusing lines from Larouche’s past.

Patty Hearst.

Regarding George Soros and the details of his life under occupied Hungary-And, on that last part, I notice that the fact he also delivered a warning with each notice that they’d be deported if they showed up seems to escape you. Rebutting the rebuttal: The 2,000 billion dollar golem has come to life and is about to attack the worshipers of Dr Faust. The US has in its power the ability to change its fateful end only if it divests itself of the Oligarchic principle and exonerates Lyndon LaRouche and his ideas post mortem

The LaRouche movement was considered to probably be a CIA political operation by Phil Agee, the first CIA whistleblower who become a socialist. The only kind of former intelligence whistleblower I trust.

Rudolf Schulten

Re-situating Ronald Reagan as opposed to the strange revisionist if for Communist supporting selection of the day. And Communism like — JFK?

To be honest, who do you think was having more fun: Lyndon LaRouche calling Walter Mondale a Trotskyist Fifth Columnist, or Walter Mondale talking about trade deficits?

The current state of Larouche. And a long history report.

One rejoinder to the line on “Brits mean Jews”. Though on that score: significantly more common to see someone blaming Jesuits for all the world’s ills than Britain.


It’s the rhetorical matching. Leading to curious selective rationalizing, failing a test of self-awareness. And over to cult of personality.

.LaRoucheOrg leaflet going out in the streets— “Only Fools and Liars Deny Ukraine is a Murderous Nazi State” Print and circulate in person and online: …

In practicality they’re promoting the post-destruction digitally controlled slavery system already rolling out in Ukraine.

Counterpoint: I want to thank the Lyndon LaRouche cult for bringing Richard Falk to my attention. Ever since I read in an Alex Cockburn column that the LaRouchians had denounced Falk as “a vicious agent of British faggotry,” I figured that he was worth paying attention to. I was right. Even as he proffers opposition to American and NATO’s stance on Ukraine. But then here is a rebuffing of selective Larouche usage — that which Scientology calls “squirrel” ing.

Don’t cry for Valery Gergiev.

Question: My friend Elena Bransen is being charged as a Russian spy. What for? Answer: For being a Russian spy.

Championing Putin’s historical bravado chest thumping.

How widespread is this belief? reminder that the first international was founded by british spooks to support the feudal polish uprising against the abolition of serfdom in russia. (More reaction. referencing.)

I see a resurgence of people using ‘land bridge to Crimea.’ I understand its superficial appeal, but this framing is not especially helpful for understanding the course of this war, or Russian aims in it.

Zelensky bans the “Progressive Socialist Party”, which is — what? Dugin Poster dynamics — and what is the domestic fallout sectarian splinter-wise?

The CPI-USA issues its statement.

VOA identifies Chinese US sources — “There’s the dangerous possibility that Chinese officials and academics actually think the LaRouche movement is a serious Western group.” — EIR headquartersand a video.

Cliff Kincaid i.d.s Larouchepac as influencer for conservatives in bashing Zelensky. JBS sharply deviates from LORG.

Richard Black on Iran’s Press TV.

When accused of war crimes, simply accuse the target of war crimes.

Begin the anti – Aleksandar Dugin campaign with this one tweet.

You lost me at “Zinoviev was refuted by LaRouche” on page 918 of your manifesto

Assess your politics however you may.


Russell Brand. Max Blumenthal. Cory Morganstar, etc. Etc. Mao. Palin. Firefly fans. Julian Assange. Adrian Vermuele. Falun Gong. Lara Logan. Uneasily, qanon. Jordan Peterson, with Kermit voice. “People in my town“. Ursula von der Leyen. Adrian Vermuele. The convoys. The Black Agenda Report. Gus Hall. Sunrise Movement. Technocracy, and an incorrect statement. Senator Tom Cotton. Vladimir Zhirinovsky. Facebook. David Icke. Nina Turner. 2024 presidential aspirant, and remembering her forebears’ purpose. Warnings. Cryptocurrency. (Me: Man, the crypto peoples’ vibe is a lot like the Larouchies on any college campus 20 years ago. Crypto bros, prob: Fight the beast men, invest in Lyndon Coin). Extinction Rebellion. Lynch and Kubrick. Tulsi. Cyberpunks — I guess. The vortices of trans a related politics. Trump pop up business. Dale Peterson. Alex Jones. Dust James. Nick Brana. Josh Mandel. Blondie and Dire Straits not on this guy’s play list.

Different from Manson.

Point: Really annoyed that people apply all these wildly off-base political labels to me when I’ve been very clear that the one I actually identify with is democratic fascism. Response: I always thought you were a LaRouche supporter.

It’s always sad when you get a bunch of new followers for a fun normie tweet and they slowly realize you’re basically indie rock Lyndon LaRouche

would you rather fight one horse sized alexander dugin or 100 duck sized lyndon larouche’s. either way you have to fight and it is to the death

Glass half empty: most of the women who message me on dating apps have word salad rants about “late capitalism” with painfully affected nihilism Glass half full: the World Land Bridge movement and the school of Lyndon LaRouche has many new potential adherents presented to me.

I don’t know anything about LaRouche, but I do know that 432 harmonizes with the PYRAMIDS, m’nan!

This is actually a warning sire for Idaho’s Democratic Party, as the “too aligned with Republican Party” white nationalist/ supremacists have the stated goal of a state party take-over.


Given the fact that Maupin is following closely a Larouche playbook, and interacts to the degree that it is debatable whether his org is trying to swallow up the larouche org or the Larouche org is swallowing his org up —

— the better to suggest that it is practically one group, and separate is better strategically —

This comes out as amusing: ten cringe protestors in union square. That’s like a tenth of the regular daily protests for LaRouche and greeting aliens.

Or… “The Larouche movement really has shrunk, hasn’t it?

A little bit of a passing in the night with this photo — Webster Tarpley moves into Democratic Party advocacy (though, that is in his roots under Larouche in the Clinton period) — Maupin continues

The hopes to be the author and victor of “the next left schism“.

Maupin announces he is no longer a Communist, and (ignore the association beyond reality to Larouche) — we can’t say he was in 2017. (Note: Jeff Gannon was a favorite for Bush and press chief to call.) Also shoving aside — Webster Tarpley, and I do not know the details of his recent comments to gauge a ludicrous level — did he reference Large he in relation with Tarpley?

Tweet-stream for reference purpose, Caleb disavows a 2009 anti-war ounce article.

The “Breadtube” conspiracy theory, endorsed by Daniel Burke.

I do not dip into the reasons and merits of charging Caleb Maupin off of twitter, but if interested start at this accusatory tweet. Expounded upon with a tweet thread now placed with viewer restrictions, and on to “bingo card”. My guess is round about there is the reasoning for PayPal’s banning.

Imagine if the CPI makes a remake of that Saints and Soldiers movie but instead of finding out that there’s Mormons in the Wehrmacht, it’s finding out that a member of the Taliban has a shrine to Lyndon LaRouche in their house.

The Fight


A team of organizers and activists, led by LaRouchePAC’s Kesha Rogers and Peter Bowen, succeeded in securing support for the campaign to replace the Federal Reserve with a Third National Bank, at last weekend’s Texas Republican Senate Caucuses.

Aiming at Ron Paul fans.

Paging Daniel Burke with (now deleted tweet): Man Larouche PAC YouTube channel is so freaking good. And so comes: Watch out!!! LaRouchePAC is full of crap. They left the international movement two years ago. The old material on that channel is good! But the new stuff is horrid.

Putin and Beatles conspiracy theories.

Trying to tap Tulsi Gabbard’s shoulders. And Nadia Oak’s. Scott Ritter. James Cornyn supporters.

And him –Whoever invited me to a LaRouche cult conference featuring the Russian ambassador really has no idea what my politics are.

band im playing with just shouted out lyndon larouche lmfao. he’s gaining momentum

Robert Arnold shouts to Glenn Greenwald.

Id-ing French politicians. Emanuel Macron will get back to him any minute.

Robert Kokinda is running for state senate in Michigan.

Diane Sare campaign momentum! there’s a LaRouche Party senate candidate canvassing outside the whole foods at 96th street lol. Spotted again.

Australian Citizens Party gets column Q.

Bards Logic and David Christie.

We discuss the 2022 Conference to Establish a New Security and Development Architecture for All Nations hosted by the Schiller Institute. The conference featured speakers from around the Globe to establish a dialogue for a new economic paradigm based on production and cooperation to ensure peace among all nations.. The goal is to destroy the Treaty of Westphalia.

The one thing you can say about “Fault Lines Radio”, ” Radio Sputnik” is it is right there in the name. Daniel Burke was on for a segment, which you can look up if you want a listen, and we can expect it continues.

A misnomer here: Ms LaRouche, I believe in you, however you are helping China, the world’s worst Dictatorship, against US democracy, the world’s best hope. David Icke is warning AGAINST what you are proposing. The China question.

Mark your calendars, I guess

Podcast episode coming.

Fun with alliteration for Seahawks fans, on undrafted players you will probably not see or hear of again.

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