Lpac relevant in Michigan

Tying the horrors of a racist shooting in Buffalo to the war in Ukraine, Diane Sare drops a load. Aiming the message at Kim Iverson. As seen here, “that dog don’t hunt”.

The thread for the shooter’s confounded belief system (which includes holding that Fox News is run by Jews) runs more in parallel with what miko dzagi is selling here:

In the wake of another damned shooting, we get some quote about the “new violence” by an instigator of the Old Violence. (Enough amends with their old punching with nun chuck bags of the cpusa for the cpusa to have attended a conference for those Chinese reds alongside the larouchies, fwiw .). And, regarding this — to be sure, this is one hellava degree into the morass belonging to the labor committees over cpi.

Hm. I prefer a diet of Marx/Engels/Lenin/Stalin/Mao as well as a hefty dose of LaRouche optimism.

Also shadowing the conspiracy theorizing and presumptions of elite concoctions behind political arguments — James Lindsey.

LPAC continues to worship Trump and sell every trump loving media item. Over on the other Larry he group, Helga gives China happy talk.

Clinton Crime Family“?


Boo, again. Cue Larouche blandishments against King, with new innovation of references against Caleb Maupin as copying Larouche’s act. (Some links rolling through the nature of his group available out of this, a whole bunch of praises and partnership history in this thread). … And memes kinda floating from familiar texts. Puppet strings, huh? [Probably out of “first principlesmore than entangled Larouchism. Sure. Communist Soviet Union a “British” or Jewish project. Sure. The question.]


I am not going to sing the praises of Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, but that was a good moment she had when confronted by the crazy sputtering loon of a Larouchie. It becomes fascinating to see how it gets chunked into Larouchie lore — I am not horribly impressed by ambush politics anyways in the best of circumstances (Hi Beto!), but when confronted by seeming unstable person — you smile, nod, de-escalate.

Well, that’s one logical inference. I always found it interesting how the import of these rock bands and counter culture from UK was called “the british invasion”

And this is a tweet that must confound the Larouchies, big sellers of the “Neo- Nazi troop battalion in Ukraine!” Come charge they be — Sure, Azov has a few token Jews to show off. There is a history of clever neo-Nazi groups here in the US such as the Lyndon LaRouche cult pioneering such tactics. We’re not fooled. Meantime — Wagner Operatives, huh?

Heh. Schiller would spit LaRouche (owner of that linked site) right in her face.

EGO Stripping Exercise

This is a good sum of splitting some “conspiracy analysis” truth from different cultish interpretations of same. I hope you understand the difference between “CIA used various fronts, Ford Foundation is one of them, to sow chaos in academia during the Cold War and enforce cultural hegemony” is different than “LaRouchies, milita movements and neo-Nazis are angry someone wrote about them”. Hot wire the conspiracy so you are at the center of it. Shave away the inconvenient messiness of history.

I await the bashing of the NYT for bringing up this: In Michigan, Ms. Mitchell’s group held a training session in May that was sponsored in part by a coalition of grass-roots groups called the Michigan Election Protection Team. The R.N.C.’s state election integrity director brought together the coalition to recruit poll workers. According to its website, the coalition includes LaRouchePAC, a committee dedicated to Lyndon LaRouche, the deceased conspiracy theorist, and Let’s Fix Stuff, an outfit run by a former Republican state senator who has promoted a theory about the 2020 election that Republican Michigan Senate leaders denounced as “indefensible.” The Rachel Marrow Show has picked up on that paragraph, so comes a new deluge of comments. And a retooling of the “I thought he was dead / He’s still alive?” line of old.

Spiritual heirs of post election charges of fraud — Trump’s Pac charges that a 52 percent margin of a loss by their candidate hadja been fixed. Reminding me of their post election analysis when Barney Frank beat Rachel Brown — the “Vault” did something nefarious.


Reminds me of Lyndon Larouche. One of his volunteers came to my house when Bill Clinton was running for re-election, my dad politely declined saying that he planned to vote for Bill again, dude got quite angry with him.

They were very active in my area prior to the Occupy movement. I have many anecdotes about interacting with them… but people always think I’m exaggerating. They would aggressively heckle and troll Ralph Nader or Green Party events… and after inevitably being kicked out, they would regroup outside and sing Christmas carol style songs about how evil Nader is and how good John Kerry is. I once spent a lunch break eavesdropping on their members doing publicity on a street corner. One was trying to explain how LaRouche was correctly predicting a future steel-shortage that would crash the economy (unless LaRouche was elected and built a bunch of rail.) … he kept pointing to a graph on their magazine saying “saying, see how this line shows how there will be a steel shortage.” The pedestrian he was talking to just said, “but what data is this from?” The LaRu smugly corrected and said: “it’s not a graph, it’s an animation!”… 3. I was radicalized by the US invasions after 9/11. My first larger political experience was the Iraq war and I was very new to the left. I met some LaRouche people and tried to network for an anti-war thing I was doing and gave them my number. … they left increasingly hostile and threatening voice mail for weeks and weeks. Doing like good-cop bad-cop strategies on my voice mail. One would call and scream and then another would call and leave a message apologizing but also heavily moralizing me.

Speaking of LaRouchies I saw one of their Canadian devotees (Matthew Ehret) was on Christopher James’ show last month. The Queen and therefore Canada’s government is bad, which has always been used a proxy to attack the American republic. Canada killed Lincoln. Or something like that.

Wow, there still are LaRouche fans ? I remember one telling me Prince Philip ordered JFK’s assassination about 20 years ago, lol.

And I’ve had run-ins with members of this cult back in college. They act like there’s an impending economic collapse just right around the corner, and only god-emperor LaRouche can save us.

I had a LaRouche person try to get me sign her petition. They didn’t mention the LaRouche (it was on the flyer) and told me they were for culture and the arts.

I remember years ago a woman outside a government building was promoting Lyndon Larouche. We had a conversation and I can see the crazy in her eyes. When I was leaving, she was getting hostile.

Muppets family Christmas, recorded on vhs from 1987, with an hour long infomercial by Lyndon LaRouche accidently taped on afterwards… was the best tradition to watch all of it at my house growing up

Hm. Parents had Ron Paul / Larouche newsletters, and gaming stores had ironic / not ironic nazi clientele. Different experiences than mine.

I have an aunt who gave me the manifesto when I was a young punk, but her son was in LaRouche’s cult and I got some of his pamphlets from her, and I was more interested in giggling at that nonsense to read anything seriously. They have names like “Children of Satan” and “The Sexual Congress of Cultural Fascism.” Regarding their content, I seem to remember them applying right wing thinking to left wing ideas. I was a teenage crust punk, and it was clear to even me Larouche was wrong headed. (“nick” asks for “what is so absurd” and “do you believe in satan?”)

I grew up camping in Mich-mostly at state parks & all over incl UP. My Dad & bro went 2 Isle Royale. I sat that out. NO interest in straining water 4 parasites lol. My dad told us of sovereign citizens/militia & Larouche loons. We heard stories.

This is unhelpful but Larouche’s people used to show up and demonstrate at St. John’s College in Annapolis when I was a student. Something about us being a bench for the CIA.

Been in Virginia 40 years now, Tidewater area for half that. It’s always been Delmarva. DMV is where you go to be harassed by Lyndon LaRouche supporters.

One time I got dragged to a Lyndon LaRouche meeting because somebody said they had a telescope to look at Mars. At the meeting they were disparaging public school education, pointed at me and said they bet I couldn’t draw a line segment with a length of the square root of two. I took their ruler and made an isosceles right triangle, with side length one. They acted surprised and asked me where I had seen that before, and I said: “public school.” Nobody talked to me afterwards and the telescope was disappointing. 20 years later and still bothers me.

I got wrangled into going to a LaRouche meeting and listened to Mozart while a guy tried to get me to sell all my possessions

When I was about 11, I discovered LaRouche at the news stand. At first, I was like, wait! This guy’s brilliant. By the time I was 14, I saw him as a mental patient.

Benefits of online service for dmvs in Virginia: Also, I don’t have to walk past the Lyndon LaRouche supporters anymore.


Looking back to Zeitgiest.

I remember good ol’ Lyndon LaRouche claiming I.F. Stone’s book on Socrates was published to prime the public against him in the ‘84 election. Talk about ego!

I relate to lyndon larouche, i really do. he was a guy who had lotsa opinions, and brother i can tell ya when you have lotsa opinions people get mad!!!!

I’m currently imagining James Burnham, Lyndon LaRouche, and Murray Bookchin attending the same Socialist Workers Party meeting and being like “yup we’re all committed Marxists glory to Leon Trotsky long live the 4th internationale”

The Dutch political party Vrijzinnige Partij argues for A 432 as a standard on the unverified grounds that Joseph Goebbels was responsible for the adoption of A 440, and that it causes “disarray” in music and society.

Labor Committees still exist?

The weird go-to blame that accrues to 1920s Trotskyites.

The Jews are responsible for all the —-“. (Says… Goldstein?)

To be fair, the yippies contemporaneously were annoyed by the hippies and prone to dip into conspiratorial and semi-conspiratorial ranting on from whence they came. (and defending the line presented here… Well, the term “rock and roll conservative” was bandied about as a marketing term.). I do not believe Hitler ever advocated a “new dark age“.

1994 … Back when the Larouchies were warning frantically that Moscow would take Ukraine. Third Rome and all that.

I think this is an allusion to, say, the mayorial candidate in LA on a “law and order” kick. Nothing terribly wrong with this party maneuvering particularly on the municipal level — It is not the same as the Larouchies or the White nationalists in Idaho this year.

Why NAWAPA was insane.

summer of love

NATLFED at Operation Mop Up.

How to

Alternate histories for Democratic Socialists.

Even Raymond Eddé, a secularist who hated the far-right, made the mistake of having meetings with Lyndon Larouche. Larouche hated Kissinger so Raymond Eddé thought he could be an ally. Larouche was a strange beast. Was Marxist before taking a hard right turn I remember reading some of his pamphlets on streets of NYC early 2000’s and not getting a clear idea of his positions. Local friends had to give me more context. So I forgive R Eddé for getting it wrong.

Alex Jones a secret commie, gate keeping the right for the Commies, as is Putin. Oh, and Mossad to boot.

Long list of third party candidates — and the classic line of “the Dems shoulda gone with Henry Wallace!” told in jest. (More on the problems when counterfactual history mingled with the conspiracy mindset: He literally thinks reason why Russian Revolution didn’t spread to USA is because of Oregon Treaty of 1846, a year before Treaty of Cession, even though boundaries were defined in 1818. Fits a narrative, I guess. Then there’s Napoleon Bonaparte and Chinggis Khagan were proto-communists. If you don’t understand this, then you aren’t a socialist. That is a joke, right?)

Good used book find.

Odd thread of Russian history.

I think there’s an excellent one-act play to be written set in the cell LaRouche and Jim Bakker shared in federal prison.

My only personal experience with LaRouchies were how theyd ruin every protest in the 00s. Like a dozen would show up to an anti-war protest, represent less than .001% of the crowd, just do incredibly embarassing shit and local media would invariably train all their cams on them


About as much coverage as they garner, this is about how most “what’s on the ballot” articles address the Australian Citizens Party::

The Citizens Party (formerly the Citizens Electoral Council) has a predominant focus on all things economics and business. Their policies are focused on big banks, making a “public post office a people’s bank” and rejecting the “hysteria and alarmism” associated with climate change. 

They also want to help the population “rise above” addictive violent video games, dangerous drugs, mass-produced Hollywood movies and banal popular music. Yep, you read that right.

They have candidates in Queensland, Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia and New South Wales.

Making the pitch: ACP policies, claims Isherwood, “oppose the tyranny of those who wish misery on the world by reducing human beings to less than beasts, inducing them to accept less than their true human potential, and denying justice, in all its forms, to those who need it.” “This”, said Isherwood at the party’s campaign launch on Feb 10 this year, “does not make us popular.”

This candidate receives his greatest applause when backing protectionist economic measures. He never mentions China, Russia, Ukraine, or Britain. And he equivocates a tad when confronted by opposition to nuclear power.


Blake Masters. Ryan Kelley. Fred Phelps, Tucker Carlson. Corbyn. Mangabeira, Foucault, Ayn Rand, Zizek, Meszaros, é uma fileira de malucos que não acaba mais. Snooping Dog, Enema Man. Chomsky, Carbo. The Finders. Geoff Young (Democratic primary winner in lopsided Republican district. Theoretically has appeal.). Connor Lamb. Jimmy Dore. George Carlin, out of a bang your head against the wall framing on Chappelle. Thomas Riggins. Since candidate Geoff Young gets the comparisons, may as well sell him on Larouche. Michael Chertoff. Nina Turner. Vaush. Jim Ziegler. Beto O’Rourke. DSA. Bob Katter. Nick Adams. Forrest Gump. Naomi Wolf. Carl Paladino. Elon Musk. Bilderburg Crasher filming stunters. Ross Perot. Ryan Kelley, again, in the news and more load adjacent than ever.

Geoffrey Young jumps right into it.

Jacobin covers the classical music / capitalism vortex.

The working class love 5’7″ guys who can’t groom themselves and sit in their basement all day yelling about Lysenko. You go to any factory worker in America and they love hearing about this.

Har de har har.

One question on this Tarpley analysis: I feel he’s being used to split the 9/11 truther movement from Larouche mvt. Present tense?

The problem in this bit on CEC: “how banks are going to steal all your money” is an issue to deal on in regulation. The problem here is in failing to differentiate the policy aims of Bill Clinton, but that game continues. The problem with this is that the wlym did not exist in the 1980s. The problem with this is he appears to be suggesting “US Senator” means something in validating words.

I am surprised that there are still political candidates invoking the name of Lyndon LaRouche to bolster their candidacies — and that they can find volunteers who are willing to canvass for them on the streets of Harlem.

LPAC gets Texas Republican group to do that resolution for banning the fed. Ron Paul lay the groundwork, methinks.

Point: The attacks on “patriotic socialism” function primarily to keep people limited to a “class struggle” dogma. Counterpoint: What part of “No war but class war” am I missing?. And, yes, from anything even hinting at Marxist a point of view, the American Revolution was not a Revolution but mere reforming.

What do Leninists have to do with anything?

There’s no essence to anything haz says and his fans will never organize anything. They can organize a lunch bucket!

Big on NAWAPA.

Answer to this question: the deed is done. Slightly modify the formulation, though.

No answer: Daniel I’m a fan, but why do LaRouche hate Zizek/Hegel? Because they overcame the Plato/Aristotle division you guys love?

Trying to sell Larouchies as the real influencer instead of the over-hyper Dugin. Strange pissing contest, or hype machine. Worth pointing out Dugin has stated his role is over-stated, but I guess someone from a point of strength is inclined to do so. (Noting how lay viewers see the Larouche — Glazyev connection.)

Sales pitch to pacifists.


No, I can’t say that I am looking for podcast reviews of Edgar Allen Poe that include “Larouche interpretations”, but depending — I am not totally against the lark. So, Kings Cast edition 11 — to these podcasters — beware of an email entirety from out of LPAC or out of LORG.

A1 uses: Once I get my invite all I am going to do is type in combos of words from Lyndon Larouche pamphlets for months on end.

Diane Sare Runs

Leaving the supermarket just now, I was asked to sign a petition to get someone on the New York ballot for Senate. I asked what party, and I was told LaRouche Independent. I laughed a little and said that I don’t vote for crazy people. I wonder if I should have laughed more.

Was handed one of your calling cards yesterday with a request to sign to get your name on the ballot. I said I’d read up on you. Glad I did. You’re nuts.

Hitting Albany.

The deed is done, a photo-op of ballot access is lobbed, and …

Support coming in! If Schumer doesn’t get some kind of reconciliation bill passed every DSA person should endorse the Larouche lady running against him it’s not like he’s gona lose so might as well. Also it would be really funny

Apparently a good jumping to point (archive dot org has old Michael Hillingdon interviews), Diane Sare hit Ang Ating Katipunan on Radio DZAR. Nothing came out of it.

Meantime… The best story the Bay Area press missed out on in the #CAPrimary: Ned Nuerge, running as a REPUBLICAN against @RepBarbaraLee used to head up the Lyndon LaRouche contingent that routinely got elected to the @AlamedaCoDem Central Committee #Eurasianlandbridge Cc: @eastbaycitizen

More Salesmanship

Subscribe to a patreon for thingy:. Also subscribe to see an ” unfolding personal meltdown manifesting itself as increasingly unhinged posts about Lyndon Larouche. “. I have no choice but to take the word for it.

RUAwakeyet 1984 World” tries to sell Larouche to conspiracists opposed to his mass of policies.

Random supporter — “Larouche lives through me”, going to name first son after the dead cult leader.

Not winning this twitterer: Look at Lyndon Larouche’s positions on homosexuality when the weather is less beautiful and we’ll talk about it again

okay so i came up with this new political philosophy. it’s basically the last anti establishment idea you can have now. so i call it “maga marxism,” and i know what you’re thinking, but i just read the wiki page for lyndon larouche, and- hey where are you going i have a substack,

Jacques Cheminade knocking on doors. Maybe you can time a meeting so he can be meeting with you when the Jehovah’s Witnesses come knocking and arrange for a meeting of the minds.

I came here to exonerate LaRouche and chew bubble gum…and I’m all out of bubble gum. Cute, but they apparently hate pro wrestling and its stars’ movies.

The Royals and Royal Adjacent

Meghan Markle makes a quick unannounced at not noticed jaunt to a memorial for Uvalde. A good deal of in jest comments abound that … She’s running for office and… Cue any variation on the Simpson’s line. The feeding frenzy shapes up in The Spectator, premise picked up by prominent Twitter Larouchie, and… Hm. To be sure, a concerted photo does not require it announced at the time of the photo op-ing. Beyond that, I remain mum.


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