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Yeah, well: Just found larouche Twitter day ruined. It is just celebrities in their own mind, people you would not know if you did not actively look up — just as any other “[fill in the blank] twitter.”

When I think of people who are serious about winning, I definitely think about people who are trying to rehabilitate Lyndon Larouche.

Larouche people be like “that’s wild, to learn more you should come to my webinar for the Committee of the Correspondence of Coincidental Continentalist Confound Convening Variables of Derision” and wonder why people call them a cult among other things.

They call it “triggering” the “libs”. I guess.

Basically: CPIUSA, Maupin all run on the LaRouche school of thought namely civic nationalism, big government spending, schizophrenia and glowing in the dark

Arguments! Pro! Con!

Point: (against this). They believe that the Jews rule the world through the British royal family. They also believe that capitalism is infinitely sustainable, and that opposing this is Malthusianism — No they don’t wtf, stop spreading lies about LaRouche’s beliefs. Counterpoint one: Yeah bud, he really does. He says it right here at 3:49. (From BBC documentary on Jeremiah Duggan). Counterpoint two: Wow. Who does the money go too? ((Them))? Three parentheses, indeed.

This here is a new twist on an old classic that “Larouche predicted all 50 of the last two recessions” — a comment like all other points willfully bounces past larouchies’ heads — this is good too: correctly predicted 34 of the last 0 “hyperinflationary blowout” events. The interesting thing here is that the response from “anti dinosaur Larouche Twitter” is to define “hyper-inflationary” “dark ages” downwardWhen I was lad a burger cost $1. Same burger now cost $4. Minimum wage is the same — Throw up your hands. Yeah, and … computers and cell phones are cheaper than ever. Though I guess more necessary for societal existence. Funny thing is — even if tomorrow we did have Weimar Germany Inflation and Dark Ages unemployment … The Larouche movement have already shot their load on the topic.

Also good: We will have fusion in about ten years. Just like we have for decades. That one at least has sympathetic argumentation about “cause we are not spending on research!!” — but then you run right up against the stance for same type of argumentation against “green energy”.

Counterpoint: I see the Larouche movement isn’t ambitious enough to build bridges between the Indonesian archipelago and Australia. Fake Prometheans if you ask me.

Point. Counterpoint.

Point: Putting LaRouche in the same boat as Andrew Jackson shows how much you actually know about Lyn and his policies. Counterpoint: Trump is standing in the foreground before Jackson and then Larouche. It is fair to compare Trump with both of them — Trump has occasionally done so with Jackson, leave others to do so with Larouche — up to and including larouchepac.

Point: (responding to) Ukrainians are ready to die for the European perspective. with Hitlerian. Counterpoint: this will do.

Elon Musk referenced by third party as Hero of Larouchepac, and then placed in the front of the Grand Historic Narrative (in a tweet that I have lost which has Musk and Larouche versus Zuckerberg and some evil figure in history) . He receives a slide into the establishment “gate keeping the trumpists” claim with his endorsement of Desantis.

Hm. . No one talks about the strange connection between the rise of “raves” and theosophical and Masonic influence on culture. Response: Nothing’s stopping you.


Skipping back and forth between being the real Communists and being… Not communist. Anti-marxists not heeding the Marxist messaging, heeding some other message of these parts. The Canadian trucker convoys are Maoists, I guess. Rather disturbing that all these years after LaRouche did his bid in Federal prison, the cult rebranded as the most Marxist Marxists that ever Marxed. (Counterpoint.)

Jacobin Magazine is ” Operation Mockingbird”. One point of contention for that point, coming up in twitterland , damned that, Solidarity Movement! (I will have to figure out where everyone stands on that “Stalin Question”, but we are in that weird sphere of Stalin icon Larouche fan twitterers.)

Here we find them In support of Ali Khamenei. Odd, in that they backed up the Shah during the Revolution — but maybe they were part of an elaborate move to quell the leftist revolutionaries in favor of the religious.

On to that Larouche – Xi – Stalin axis. (I think the “ultra Leftist” response on this is to curse the Capitalist Chinese government.)

The sometimes bizarre hard to get into the mind insult theory of Larouchies: this Maoist has other interests beyond her politics — draws cartoons. I have little idea of what I am supposed to be replying on. Maybe it has something to do with falling short of a “New Renaissance”?


I was handed a pamphlet on the street in St. Louis by LaRouche “The Contract with America is a Contract on You

Lyndon LaRouche was a family joke when I was growing up.

Please don’t say Lyndon LaRouche. He haunted late night TV with his bizarro ads when I was in my 20s (pre-cable). Come home from a party at 1 am, turn on some crappy B movie to wind down, and there he was talking utter weirdness.

Now there’s a name I thankfully hadn’t heard in years. Growing up in NH we got more Larouche than is healthy.

also a cult. The approach of society to simply not speak about LaRouche, media blackout, gave him infinite credibility among the poor souls who were sucked into his nonsense, and still are.

When I was in grad school in Baltimore his acolytes used to stand on the corner in dress clothes and handout literature. I ran a lot then and when I was bored I’d yell “Larouche suxs!” as I ran past just to see how far they’d chase me. Two blocks was the norm. I mean seriously — dudes in badly fitting suits and women in dresses and pumps would try to catch me. In Baltimore though that wasn’t abnormal enough to draw attention. I learned a lot about propaganda watching his late night tv ads when he ran for president in 84. He started perfectly normal but then lead you along slowly until you arrived at a totally insane conclusion.

the time I tried to force a large crowd of angry LaRouchies outside my high school to sing the school’s terrible alma mater song, while belligerently accusing them of not having any school spirit, until my friend Liz suggested they might kill me, after which we went to Chilis. there used to be a regular crowd of them haranguing people standing on line outside the DMV and I has to hand it to them: they really knew how to get people when they were at their most vulnerable

Im honestly stoked that people are trying to rehabilitate Larouche because more insane people is fun and also I wish they were politically relevant

The fact that LaRouche cultists are still around after first encountering them IRL like 25 years ago blows my mind. Also, while I’m at it, Caleb reminds me of the weirdo Trotsky and Stalin stans we’d run into irl back in the day. Typical conversation with these types on the street in 1998… Weird guy: Support China read my paper Me: why? WG: because they oppose the United States. Me: yeah but why support them? WG: because they oppose the US. Me: They seem simultaneously to be supporting thier own capitalist class while embracing the worst aspects of authoritarianism. So why should I support them? WG: because they oppose the US Me: that seems like a shit argument and how about we just don’t support either one? WG: you wouldn’t understand and your liberal, “petty” bourgeois ideology will doom the working class. (Dude literally lives in a million dollar suburban city adjacent house, with his own parent provided wing) Me: yeah ok great, here’s your paper back I’m good on toilet tissue. And so it goes I guess.

one time my wife ran into some proselytizing LaRouche people, and she confused him with David Duke, and said “what about [a racist thing David Duke did]?” and they parried it like, “no no, that’s a very normal thing for LaRouche to believe” without skipping a beat

Hugh D. Young was my favorite professor and it was a great contribution to my success that I had him in my first semester. Besides his teaching, it was campus legend about how he confronted an abusive Lyndon Larouche activist haranguing students going between classes.

got reminded of coming across some LaRouche-ites in Paris in 2013 and one of my homies kept heckling them. “we hate you in America too!

I lived in Beaverton 1994-2016.I would see Kingsley at the Burger King one day, then he and his crazy friends wave signs by the Fred Meyer the next and sometimes he would be in front of the Post Office with the Looney Larouche people with pics of Obama as a Nazi.

I met a LaRouche person during the W era and the sheer size of the stack of literature I was handed made 100% clear to me that these people were not to be engaged with in any way. Lyndon LaRouche’s final acts before he died were to endorse Martin O’Malley for President and then to write an essay about how O’Malley’s defeat was orchestrated by the British and their puppet Obama to start WW3. (Why or why do neither part of Larouche reference O’Malley anymore?). I mainly know of them from this (Jeremiah Duggan Wikipedia page linked) but nobody else seems to. My favorite LaRouche bit was him accusing Jimmy Carter of working with High Times and NORML to use pot for MK-style mind control while at the same time working with Rolland McMaster, an alleged associate of Tampa mob boss and heroin trafficker Santo Trafficante Jr.

I had no idea the Lyndon Larouche people were still around until I saw them in a NYC suburb trying to influence an election in the early 2000s. Saw them again in 2017 on the Upper East Side set up on a street corner on Madison Ave, largely ignored, with a “Defend Trump” sign.

The method for dealing with LaRouche fascists has always been to drive them away from demonstrations and events, and otherwise to ignore them.

I have a cousin who lived on a LaRouche compound for a bit. His mom gave me my first copy of the manifesto lol.

Oh is he a Larouche guy? Man I have those dudes my email when I first moved to LA. Big mistake. LaRouche has always loved tractors.

Jurassic Park part of the same conspiracy as Star Wars?

Somewhere within a vast array of boring Larouchie politicking around climate and energy, this nugget gets tossed out — Dinosaurs did not exist.: They were created as a concept by the Rockefeller’s. There is 0 evidence for them at all. There’s even far less evidence that somehow oil is made of Dino bones when oil can be found miles and miles beneath where there are any fossils.

For some reason, the YouTube algorithm lobbed me a video titled “10 Things All Flat Earthers say” — I did not click as beyond the perhaps idiosyncrasies of pro basketball player Kyrie Irving, I did not know there were any flat earthers in the news saying anything I was obliged to be hearing. A tad more mainstream as someone society is obliged to hear as it slides into “small d democratic” school board fights, creationists. I can not decide whether young Earth creationists — believers in the 6 thousand year old Earth — are more nuts or less nuts than a Dinosaur denier, but at least the former has more popular support. Btw, dinosaurs obviously are fake. The founder of the dinosaur myth Henry Fairfield Osborn was the nephew of J.P. Morgan and the founder of the Eugenics society. Perhaps it is the idiosyncrasies of “space larouche” — and we are in that “follow the trail of Rockefeller cover-ups” and the trouble where “folliw themoney” goes back to people spraying money in trusts good and bad to lead off on to every which conspiratorial undertaking — to “kantbot”. In sum: The Mesozoic Era was MKultra, man!”

Wait. It so funny that the most offensive thing you can do today is say that Dinosaurs were made up in the Victorian imagination of Richard Owen to explain fossils, & then they became the mascots for “Fossil Fuels”. Redefining ” offensive” as too “most offensive.”

So the query out in the wilds of twitter: is this an orthodox larouche line or is this just a haz troll they picked up and ran with? Some evidence that the dinosaur line is a joke — he moves on to that “annex Canada” line. (I doubt the Canadian Trucker Convoy has much use for that one, but then again they are the faves of lpac and not necessarily lorg).

Methinks this guy’s misnomer came from tripping over the “dinosaurs were a plant” line. Though, again: Creationism is more mainstream than Dinosaur denialism, and I am simply stuck on the question: was, maybe, an article submitted but put on the chopping block in old 21st Century Science and Technology?

Weirdly enough, this Twitterer deleted an “anti-woke” point I’d largely agree with — along those lines of Why do I care if a Marvel movie is “underperforming” and then get cornered into figuring out the great political ramifications? Why is this deleted while the dinosaur nuttiness remains? If at first I think it may be the horrible revelation that he is relating to popular culture — this post shows a liking of two movies of violent spectacle.


Automated tweet: BEING ANTI-LAROUCHE IS ANTI-INFRARED. SUPPORT OUR MOST STAUNCH ALLIES COWARD. From there we turn to such “anti-imperialist” Russia Imperialism cheering chest thumping— judging the veracity of the statement beside the point. The weirdness of seeing your name in Larouchian literature — Small correction: not “infighting” as much as clean split into two entities. And the explanation for the cults’ continued existences.

Keeping you abreast of Russia TV during its British censorship. Larouche has informed for the last 50 years UK is the leader in NWO together with the globalist jew pharma and media, with French Mossad and Jew Mossad.

And Burke does not answer the question. Or maybe Peter the Great wasn’t imperialist? Helga has an odd sense of history: (the British) or slowing down the US wish to open the western front to join the USSR vs Hitler — Yeah, somewhere a few years after selling Britain out and pacting with Hitler.

Accidentally correctly ascertaining the basis of Michael Billington on iran’s Press TV.

The crown of England was Lyndon LaRouche and his French-speaking foal, Jacques Cheminade. If the latter still had any importance, I think that certain speeches would have taken up his obsession to attract him, a sort of conspicuous call. A jerk.

The assassination of Abe Shinzo equals the umpteenth millionth firing shot at World War 3. Says Daniel Burke. Not tweeting. And if at first I can grant “maybe it is big enough event to warrant comment violating his ‘I’m off’ — no, he continues a fishing around for usual spiel-ing. Twitter is addictive, I guess. The line moves into that ” Tell the British to Quit Assassinating our Presidents” territory, and an odd historical reach around. On the facts on the ground — I can’t pretend to be up on Japanese domestic politics but I gather Abe had the backing of the Moonies and the killer was upset that the Unification church (cult) was taking up his mom’s life and money. I guess there’s an alignment issue to charge at with that one. Beyond this, it resulted in an ever larger landslide victory for Shinzo’s party — and what is their policy? Military armament, stronger posture against the Chinese government, defend Taiwan?


RIP… Joyce C. LashofAt the height of the AIDS epidemic in 1986, for example, she set her sights on defeating Proposition 64, a California ballot initiative spearheaded by the far-right political agitator Lyndon LaRouche that would have mandated mass testing for AIDS and, critics feared, mass quarantines.

Interesting how and where peoples peg Larouche. Dancing With The Devil – A Music Censorship Documentary From 1991. A Channel 4 exploration of Christian hysteria about the evils of rock music. Sure, Larouche dug around in that ground. But so did Falwell and Gore.

Who still knows the EAP (European Workers’ Party, chairwoman Helga Zepp-Larouche)? They once put up a poster saying “Create peace with beam weapons“.

the rhythm is gonna get you


Always had a thing against Star Wars.

Blast from past — the Jane Fonda / whales bumper sticker within a collection.

Paul McCartney — Beatles trashing out in the wild. (Larouche adjacent and corrupted twitter). Here, it is actually worth pointing to the Soviet conspiracy theorizing surrounding the Beatles — starts with that premise of “How can some Schlubs from working class Liverpool create this?”, and taking the leaps of complexity in music toward Sgt Pepper, filled in the ” capitalist imperialist plot” to corrode the youth. Certainly not Larouchian this, as it gives the music credit. Oh, and incidentally — the photo is a fake. No, they used to consider Verdi tuning a major issue. They were a ridiculous cult, but they used to prey on smart people with taste. Now it’s gullible streamer consumers who like dopey Europop, apparently.

A YouTube video passed by me — I never clicked on it — about “finding the greatest play for the lousiest team” in a NFL football video game. (In the distant past, kind of reminiscent of me — who was not a video game player at all — willing to take someone up on a suggested game of Sega’s nfl2k only if they had the handicap of slotting Ryan Leaf as their qb from out of his spot as 3rd stringer on that Chargers team). Anyways, This is reminiscent of those challenges.

By way of Kautsky.

Most historical gays have been fascistic or libertine” –– “Space Larouche”.

Also: The Anglo elite are nearly all homosexual and pedophiles, much like the ruling elite of the romans they model themselves after.

This is the odd example of someone getting the presidential candidates running from prison” list up from the two always referenced — Eugene Debs and Lyndon Larouche — up to three — Keith Judd — but not getting the fourth — Leonard Peltier who was the ballot in 2004.

Connecting the dots to find the historical founders of Israel the same clique that were out to get Larouche.

Boers versus British. In the early part of this century, denizens of “free republic” would spot media internet polls in the wild and call attention to everyone to flood it, thus making for — say — a 2004 Bush approval rating of 80 percent. I gather the Larouchies aren’t following this tactic, otherwise there would be more than eleven responders here.

Odd statement: Only the LaRouche organizations were at the forefront of opposing the new fascism represented by Newt Gingrich and his Contract on America! Huh. Agreed, Clinton “triangulated” a tad much but… I gather he represented some form — even if one disagrees with its form — to Gingrich and his program. Then there is Nader. Who and what else? Marcy Kaptur?

Lyndon LaRouche fundraise off of a Big Lie and then keep all the money? Answer: repeatedly.


People’s Party. Charles Murray. Mike Lindell. dialysis propositions. Presidential hopeful Jimmy Dorethe griftHinkle. Claire Hunt. Usual gang. Jeff Clark and Michael Avenatti. Greg Lopez. Benito Mussolini. Bob Avakian. Yelling at a frequent Larouche compared figure, as though she matters. To be sure, this is following through lpac circa 2008. Random Democratic voter not in support of Democratic establishment pick, I assume the alternative one of the “progressives”. Trump and his fundraising techniques. Beto O’Rourke — politico whose time has passed. And — Was Harold Stassen ever ” broke”? Kolleen Carney Hoepfner. Pence / Cheney. Vladimir Zhirinovsky. Lowering of the mound in 68. Muammar Gaddafi’s Green Book. Some guy at a whiteboard. Bob Avackian by way of Sunsara Taylor in current abortion protest movement. Herschel Walker.

This guy hadtahave read the appendix in the early Larouche history at laroucheplanet — Technocracy, Inc, huh?

Yeah, I hate those signs.


TEXAS is LPAC Country

I wonder if this is a thing where anybody can come up and talk or if the Texas gop is legit insane enough to let larouche people speed at it’s convention.

I note that according to the Libertarian Party in Harris County, when Larouchite Democratic candidate Kesha Rogers popped in unannounced, they let her say her piece and moved on. Maybe just as well, as the write -up in the Larouche literature printing her speech before the Libertarian Party in Harris County did not much travel beyond Larouche-land, and their YouTube clip clipped right at the speech.

Sounds more like Bircher, but whatever.

Texas is lpac country, as lorg badly needs to hide their (in Twitter land at least) Marxist fueled rhetoric. So sayeth: Frankly in Texas, I think the strategy will have to take on as much more Christian approach. In Texas, we should probably call communism “Christian economy”. I mean that’s what communism is anyway. I’m open to disagreement here

New York is LORG land

Making friends and influencing people. Today’s Britain is nothing more than America’s 51st state and not worth the poster he wasted his time on. LaRouche heads are so odd. Am I understand correct, US is the dog of Britain, not the opposite? LaRouche era um idiota

I’m not going to look it up but I’m guessing you know what “The Larouche Organization” is. I had never heard of them but they had a table and signs outside our local grocery store and the stuff I could see looked pretty kooky.


Always be closing

Sarah Palin is making a comeback with a Congressional run in Alaska, so I suppose now is as good a time as any to pluck up her terminology. “Lame stream media“.

Paging Marjorie Taylor Greene.

Inwood, West Virginia

An attempt to page and lure prospective talent.

To Elon Musk fans. To be sure, Republicans derided her as much.

Unremarkable statement made by Nader and others, which a Larouchite tries to tie to Larouche. The question I have is what does it mean for a computer program to gauge the Twitter account as 51 percent troll? (Grasping at such a this.)

LaRouche is the answer to avoid Mad Max?

Podcast Ville

Odd little amateurish boring, podcast. For commentary on dealings with Larouche organizers, go the start of the second file. More interesting is some non-Larouche related commentary on the Canadian Convoy thing and January 6. Some decent thoughtful perspective and technical glitches to suffer through.

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