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How is Rasmussen polling Nancy Pelosi versus Summer Shields?

Sunday, June 6th, 2010

“The first day the McCarthy Committee set up on campus, 650 people signed up.  And the moment we began to act — to act directly against racism and imperialism — the McCarthy buttons disappeared.” — Mark Rudd
“We manufactured the issues.  The Institute for Defense Analysis is nothing at Columbia.  Just three professors.  And the gym issue is bull.  It doesn’t mean anything to anybody.  I had never been the gym before the demonstrations began.  I didn’t even know to get there.” — Mark Rudd.

I have long been wanting to place up an excerpt of some kind from Emanuel Josephson’s “Strange Death of Franklin D Roosevelt“.  But the question would be what exactly — to open the book at random is to find something appropriately hullucinatory.   (Leave that to the Paultards — I don’t know why, Josephson holds the Gold Standard in low esteem as an economy of scarcity.  What does he advocate?  Apparently Father Charles Coughlin had the right idea, even if his ideas had some fatal flaw, and what we need is something called the “Yankee Plan”.)  
Incidentally, you know Smedley Butler’s alleged “Business Plot” — as told to John L Spivak?  That itself was double-agent conspiracy plot to fool the public.

Regarding “Strange Death”, I’ll flip about and go to… the geneology of Harry S Truman’s Health Care policy?

Bismarck and Marx were the guiding spirits of Nazi Germany. They had foreseen the docility of the Ger. man worker and the absolutism it made possible.  Nazism or some other form of dictatorship and slavery were the inevitable consequences of Marxism and of the “welfare” program of the “New Deal” launched by Bismarck. Its development was guided by Hitler’s “Brain Trust”, Professor Haushofer and his Geophysical Institute. The class hatred of Marx was converted into another equally absurd hatred-the Aryan. Marxist “internationalism” translated itself into Aryan “internationalism”. The war on Capitalism logically as. sumed the form of raping of other lands.  For Marx’s definition of “capital” in final analysis is “the other fellow’s property”. Restriction of the supply of labor is most effectively obtained by slaughtering workers. The philosophy of Marxism and of Nazism is obviously identical. Nazism is the active tense of Marxism. And it is but natural that Communism should take over where Nazism left off.

The first of formidable competitors of Germany that succumbed to the propagandized Bismarxian program was England.  The Fabian Society was the chief agency of the propaganda.  A few years before the World War I, Great Britain was forced by the agitation of the working classes to swallow the whole bait, hook, line, and sinker.  Thereby were set in operation forces which are now speeding the disintegration of the British Empire. Premier Ramsay MacDonald in an address before Parliament in 1929 frankly blamed the welfare, dole and health insurance laws for the insoluble economic problem presented in England by the unemployment situation. […] 

From the point of view of American affairs, even greater significance was lent to the situation when the wholly alien ideas were given an aura of respectability in the eyes of American Tories by their adoption in England.  This was accentuated by the fact that British industry was now in the same position with respect to the cost of the “welfare” program in its competition for world markets. It became of interest also to British industry that the United States should adopt an identical handicapping program.

It was not long before Sir Arthur Newsholme, representing the British Ministry of Health, began to visit this country to lecture systematically on the advantages of the “Security” and “Socialized Medicine” plans.  He joined forces with the local agitators for the adoptors of the program, in spite of the fact that it has resulted in England in a steadily rising death rate that culminated in 1938 in one of the highest death rates in the civilized world.

Russia was the next to succumb. In the stalemate of World War I

Oh, forget it.  The only interesting part of this paragraph is the word “communazi” (see it here), a sure sign that something demands your respect.
Skip to the end of the book.  We’re all screwed.  All of the prospective presidential candidates up in 1948 are Coummunazi Puppets of Rockefeller.  Dewey.  Our good friend Stassen.  MacArthur.  Eisenhower.  Taft.

For the record, the “Obama Joker” sign pictured here — which I think is being posted to align to the statement about signs coming from Larouche — is not Larouche’s.  I associate, somewhat it with Alex Jones — though the totality with which you can attribute it to him (he popularized it to some extent, but didn’t create it) is not the same to which you can attribute the Obama Hitler Mustache poster to Larouche.

The campaign season is heating up.  The primary contest pitting Nancy Pelosi and Summer Shields will happen on Tuesday.  I’ll try to muster up a retrospective montage of campaign moments next week.  In the meantime, I’m looking long and hard at his campaign website, and for the life of me I cannot see a mention of their biggest name endorsement — that of Right Wing Radio Personality Michael Savage. 

I missed this Campaign event as we speak.

Saturday, June 5, 2010 – 11:00am – 11:00pm
(A workshop and cadre school event)
11:00 -1:30 Policy Discussion with special guest Phil Rubenstein
3:00 – 6:00 Campaign Workshop with special guest Jason Ross
6:00 pm – ??? Trip out to Chabot Observatory
Wow.  Phil Rubenstein and Jason Ross?
We do , of course, have other campaign juants covered.  See:

The women, one of whom identified herself only as Ali, because “of a policy we have with the press,” claim the president is a “Nero-like puppet” backed by the same London-based financier circles who “brought us the Hitler regime and World War II.”

All part of the final push for Summer Shield’s primary face off on Tuesday.

The women working at the booth declined comment.
Comments get odd as always, but…
While I personally would rather see Obama behind bars, I wonder how these Larouche members think a Democrat majority congress would ever vote to impeach their messiah. Unfortunately, all three branches of government are aligned against the American people, as designed by the Socialist Democrat party. The chance that Obama would receive impeachment from his fellow Dems is slim to none. Over to:
Some people (Larouche party) need to find a hobby since all they seem to have to do is stand outside the post office with images of Obama with a Hitler mustache asking a president 500 days in to be impeached.

I guess they are full of confidence in the Summer Shields campaign — note that they have a campaign event on Thursday, two days after the election.  Hm.  The campaign continues in some form.  I’ll check off the chartWe’ll still have Kesha Rogers to kick around some.
Robbo says:
June 4, 2010 at 8:32 pm
She won the Democratic primary, didn’t she? For all your gutless snideness, what are you doing to change the system that has caused the whole mess in the economy and government? Kesha’s fighting to do that, and the voters are recognising it. 

Wonder how the event went.

Saturday June 5, 2010
Coffee Oasis
4550 NASA Parkway
Seabrook, TX 77586
1-3 pm

At least she’s campaign in Texas, which is better than running in France.

Wait.  The name of Kesha Rogers is reverberating around the country, as she gets compared with other candidates.  SHE IS HAVING AN EFFECT!

Pathetic? Yes.
As strange as Kesha “LaRouchie” Rogers?
Come on, Dave. Not by a long shot. Does Tim Crawford believe that we should be establishing military bases on Mars? Does Tim Crawford believe that Queen Elizabeth II is the hub of an international drug cartel?
Tim Crawford is Single A crazy. Kesha Rogers is Major League All-Star crazy.

My fellow Daniel Pinkwater fans.


Monday, May 31st, 2010
Maybe it’s been a matter of “I Care, but I don’t care all that much” — my motivation falling just short of being willing to wade through a huge quantity of stuff — and for all I know if I simply typed in just the right phrase in google I’d have the answer immediately — but I have been wanting to see Webster Tarpley in his own words explain his disassociation with Lyndon Larouche and his organization.  I have seen such in second hand references — probably most obviously in relation to downplaying his association in the comments page at wikipedia — and the phrase has has for the Larouche Youth Movement is “Maoist Cult”.  I have no reason to disbelieve the second hand accounts from his sympathizers, and indeed every reason to believe them.
Many people, quite a few within the “9/11 Truth Movement” actually, have viewed him suspiciously leaped to “Larouche infiltrator and Agent”.  I do not believe so, but the man has given little reason to disabuse anyone of such.  To put simply, “If Webster Tarpley is not ‘Larouchism without Larouche’, then ‘Larouchism without Larouche’ has no meaning.”  Of the various ex-members categorized as such — see a category of links on the Larouche Planet website — Webster Tarpley is the most undistilled example, such that I imagine his leaving the Larouche organization as mostly an issue of gaining Intellectual Property over his work and gaining various avenues for profit.  It is notable that in any Tarpley-sanctioned biographical sketch — within such and such a “9/11 Truth Anthology” or his written books — his work after the cult is presented as a continuation of his work produced within the cult, and his various “research” theories moved along with him.
So, this email message is not in any way surprising.  His answer is about what one should expect.  Re-order organization history to deny culpability in, I guess Larouche’s spot in the Oligarchy.  Place a “Fall” in the organization as conveniently happening after he left.  While I suppose it is good to see that he keeps up with current Larouche happenings — mentioning one of Larouche’s failed predictions — I’m still left with that question of “Anything else?”
But the single sentence which serves as the most telling sentence, and the hinge of his message to Economist “N”:

Accordingly, I suggest that we forget about LaRouche and see what can be done for Latvia.

And, if I may add:  I should think there is no time to lose.

Classic.  Move along, nothing to see here.  Overcome that Sales Objection, and Sell that Snake Oil NOW!!!  The fate of Latvia hangs in the balance.

In other news: Howie G throws out a couple of names of candidates for low office I should be aware of: Art Dunn, a LaRouche endorser in 2004, now running for the Dem nomination in California’s 17th C.D.; and Ryan Maher, a South Dakota State Senator running for re-election, who has endorsed the LPAC call as part of his platform. I do not believe anyone else on that list fits my purview here — but I will be sure to look up and down Art Dunn and Ryan Maher.  Good to see the Larouche org is making a jump start and not putting themselves in the situation they had with Carol Johnson Smith — where I outcovered their coverage of her campaign.
We also see that Obama referenced the Larouchies, or rather the “Obama Hitler” posters.  The Larouchies had their collective orgasm as they inferred their vast Square Root of 2 Hidden Hand Powers in Global Politics, or counter Tarpley (heh!):   What this means is that the credibility and influence of Lyndon LaRouche and his Political Action Committee have never been greater; they are seen as the only force that is not discredited. The headline that pays:  “Larouche: It’s Time for an ‘Unnecessary President Act”! What — are they anarchists — “We need no leader!” — or is this the final stage for a Communist Utopia?  In the meantime, the “Unnecessary President Act” is that uncomfortably weird game — eliminate him, huh?
Leaving aside that, and going to this headline:   US Population Goes into Angry Revolt Against the Mustachioed President.

When the Obama Administration moved to kill the Glass-Steagall amendment and any anti-derivatives aspect of its so-called financial reform bill, Lyndon LaRouche remarked that if the U.S. Senate went along, the U.S. population would no longer see the Congress—and the President—as legitimate, and begin to act on that assessment. In the week following the Senate’s capitulation to Obama’s pressure, that assessment is being borne out in the streets.

The most dramatic indication came in San Francisco on May 25, when President Obama showed up at a fundraiser for Sen. Barbara Boxer, only to be greeted by a widely disparate crowd of more than 1,000 angry protestors. The protestors included Tea Party members, those protesting non-action on the BP atrocity, pro- and anti-immigration groups, and those with no constituency at all. Organizers for the LaRouche Democrat Summer Shields campaign also found an open response to their presentation of an immediate solution to the economic collapse: impeach Obama, restore Glass-Steagall, and begin a 50-year policy to rebuild the nation. They reported that many of the protesters were unable to articulate exactly why they were there, but that they felt driven to protest against the President—a clear indication of the mass strike ferment which has been increasing in the United States since August 2009.

The clear indication of a “mass strike” within a typical San Francisco protest is that some of the protesters had no concise explanation of what they were protesting?  This either is a statement of the Larouche Organization’s cynicism, within their fevered imaginings, or is a statement of their purpose.  “What do we want?”  “Stuff.”  “When do we want it?”  “Eh.”  Where’s the Glass-Steagal in that?

Well, read up and read on from San Francisco’s news media.

Well, better than the protests in Los Angeles.

While Los Angeles Opera’s production of Richard Wagner’s epic “The Ring of the Nibelung” was the main event at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion on Saturday night, two dozen protesters outside did their best to upstage opening night.

A well-dressed crowd gathered for the start of the company’s first full production of the 19-hour cycle, which began with a performance of “Das Rheingold,” the opening chapter of the Wagner’s magnum opus.

They were greeted by about 25 protesters who stood outside on the Music Center Plaza with banners that denounced Wagner and the county’s decision late last year to approve an emergency loan for the financially stretched opera company.

One banner read: “Wagner: Loved by Nazis, Rejected by Humans.” Another said: “L.A. County: $14 Million to promote Nazi Wagner, Layoffs for Music Teachers.”

The protesters identified themselves as supporters for Lyndon LaRouche, the eccentric political activist and frequent presidential candidate. The group handed out fliers published by the Schiller Institute, an organization founded by LaRouche’s wife, Helga.

The fliers denounced Wagner’s anti-Semitic personal views and criticized the county for rescuing the opera company. “Does Los Angeles County have nothing better to do … than bail out L.A. Opera, so that it can celebrate the monstrous sexual fantasies, and the cult of violence, of that vile anti-Semite, Wagner?” read the flier.
For the Love of Sweet Baby Jes — oh, whatever.

Absurd, ill-informed, ridiculous protests, reminiscent of those protests of films in which the protesters have never actually seen the films they are so incensed about. Yes, Wagner was a virulent anti-Semite. So were a great number of great nineteenth-century artists in music and in other media (Degas for one). If Hitler had found inspiration in Degas’ paintings, would that then mean that we should boycott a Degas exhibit as being propaganda of the Third Reich? The fact of the matter is that, as the critic Paul Robinson rightly argues, we must separate Wagner’s operas from Wagner the man. As Robinson writes, Wagner’s “music dramas yield anti-Semitic readings only when subjected to aggressive interpretation…Put another way, Wagner’s creative genius seems to have protected him from infecting his artistic creations with the hateful views he spouted in his prose works. It is as if they embody only his better self, reflecting a moral sensibility distressingly absent from his writings and his life.”The real question is, what are the Laroche crazies really after in this stunt?

A sense of purpose?

In other news — call it RAPLYM, as the historical origins of that organization come to the forefront, and the time may have passed but remind me again to holler over to David Frum — though I’m not entirely sure what I want him to answer.

Jeremiah Duggan report in the BBC? TO The battle-fields at WIKIPEDIA@@

Sunday, May 23rd, 2010

It never fails.  Whenever there are new developments concerning Jeremiah Duggan and his death, or new media attention out of Britain (see here), the Larouche organization preps their response unit and hits… WIKIPEDIA!!!!!

Wikipedia is biased toward Britain and against Germany, and Slim Virgin is distorting the picture here.

Okay.  Albert Sumlin.  He’s a proud cyclist who wishes he owned a Plymouth Roadrunner.  Good to know?  Also he’s been making edits for various wikipedia articles since… April 21, 2010, eh?  Now to be fair, his edit on Kesha Rogers appears pretty appropriate.

For future reference

Meantime, Thomas Rooney is upset by wikipedia’s portrayal of the LYM.
As one of the two persons actually responsible for the birth of the LaRouche Youth Movement, I can say, authoritatively, that this article is innacurate. I’m tempted to use stronger words. If anyone is serious about the true history: Leave a distinct subject, or it will probably be ignored.
All right!  Everyone, email Thomas Rooney — Co-founder of the LYM, at and leave a distinct subject to find out the TRUTH behind the LYM!  STOP THE LIES of the BRITISH EMPIRE!
I don’t really trust anyone who comes out of a “Basement Project“:
The next link on the home page is “The Basement Project.”  The first link on that page is a video called “Gauss and the Physical Tensor.”  After skimming the introductory paragraph, I was disinclined to go click on the video, but the train-wreck attraction of LaRouche was sinking its claws deeper and deeper and my curiosity got the best of me.  The video starts with a dark field of outer space.  As an ominous, yet exciting note played by what sounds like a decent-sized orchestra fades in, a distant rock-like object appears in the center of the screen.  A nearby planet fades into the foreground from the bottom-left corner of the as a male voice introduces the video:  “Human civilization now faces a dire threat.  Its impact has the power to wipe humanity off the face of the Earth.”  The farcically melodramatic tone of the announcer’s voice, not to mention the script, reminded me of late-60s Japanese monster flicks.  You know–the ones in which you would occasionally catch a shot of a four-legged cross between a Stegosaurus and a bee moving around by using the knees of his hind legs rather than the feet?

It is funny.  There is no right and no left.  It is all just one Massive Octupus Conspiracy to Get Larouche.  See here for evidence.

Topic 2.  I have had quite a bit of fun here, figuratively kicking the teeth in of the newly nominated Republican Senate candidate in Kentucky.  I actually wish I had started about a week or so before the election — I could see his problems coming from a mile away.  For the sake of this blog-post, I just have to point to comments from former Bush official David Frum — now a bit of an apostate among some Republicans — who, in looking at his party, actually mentioned:
Unfortunately, people eager for a strong message can be undiscriminating about the messenger. I remember in the late 1970s how much conservatives disliked Jimmy Carter’s “age of limits” message. We believed in growth, opportunity, technology – so much so that many of my friends fell (briefly) victim to Lyndon Larouche’s mad ideology, which exploited those good themes to bad ends.
A bit of predictability comes with these remarks — from Cato:
I never knew anyone who fell for Lyndon Larouche; I never even heard of any actual person who followed him; but David Frum had “many friends” who became followers of the nuttiest guy ever to run for president? That’s some band of friends.
Looking at this in the narrowest of ways:  Certainly the Larouchies trolled for and picked up money when swerving out the “Hub Ub” on the right wing / conservative in the spectrum in the late 1970s and early 1980s, espousing certain causes.  There is something that puzzles me about Fusion — in the shufflings of political and partisan alignments, it generally came to be espoused and associated with the “Right”.  I think that is kind of arbitrary.  But then again, I have a cynical thought.  The “9/11 Truth” Movement — while not entirely consigned to the “Left” is generally a hallucination associated with a Left.  This would have been flipped if the 9/11 had happened under a Democratic President.
As for the Pauls — Frum continued on and some items of debate roiledHow is it that the GOP has lost its antibodies against a candidate like Rand Paul?
Funny thing.  I am pretty sure that same word “anti-bodies” was used in description of the situation with the Democratic Party in Illinois and their two Democratic candidates.  There’s a natural difference, of course.  While certain corners of the Paul base are prone to draw out rather Larouchian ideas such as the Bilderberg’s plotted Assassination and warnings of pre-emptive vote rigging, those stem outside of the Pauls.  And we also know who has the better chance of winning an election.

Speaking of Alex Jones…
I was watching a clip of him last week, where he accused the violent exploitation movie “Machette” of being a CIA plot to incite a race war in the United States — and he dropped the somewhat standard conspiratorial phrase, “the same people who used to control the British Empire” —

To Tarpley! Howie G has … sour grapes?
Webster Tarpley is a sellout. He couldn’t make money with LaRouche, so he invented his own weird theories, mostly to sell stupid books. He should have stayed with LaRouch epac .com and done something useful.
Was that around when Tarpley was with the group?  Also, as always, sounds like a good idea to take your ideas where you can make money.  And the weird theories seem about the same, don’t they?  It’s just that you don’t get any credit for them in the org.  At least he has a face when popping up on Alex Jones.

Glass Stegal!  As supported by the former fed chairman that Larouche considered perpetuating a new Dark Ages, and as opposed by the former President he considered in the tradition of FDR.    Fairly predictably, this provision was in a rather slimy fashion brushed aside.  One step toward mediocrity as Obama happily checks this “to do” off his check list.  What does it mean?  Let’s turn to the Larouchies.

Actually, let’s don’t.  We have this:  LYNDON LAROUCHE is the answer, his party is anti-depressional. And we have a lot of … Well, according to them Chaos beckons now.  My survival depends on the passing of Glass Stegal.  Interesting.  Did I die after it was revoked?
Maybe there’s something from Greece that we can take in?
Funny thing about that dog.  A similar situation is taking place in the deployments of the Lyndon Larouche organization.  A small yellow dog keeps appearing in city after city.  It appears to be the same dog, and so has been given a nickname:  Archimides.  Now, in Greece Kanellos is said to “Always be on the side of the Protesters”.  It’s hard to make of what Archimedes is doing — he just wanders in, takes a leak on the card table, and leaves.

I always thought that reading up on classical history was supposed to give some sense of Historical Perspective, but what do I know?  An idea:  Obama — Bush merger.  It makes some more sense than Obama — Hitler.  See where it gets you in terms of reaction, instead of this or whatever.
But.  It’s funny.  Room for some disasters and not others.

Question for anyone in Britain or Germany:  Have you seen these people lately?

Jacques Cheminade, the small-time Marshal Pétain who has long headed the LaRouche org in France. He was in charge of the recruitment team that persuaded Jeremiah Duggan to go to the 2003 German conference. The French LaRouchians who accompanied Jeremiah were sent home after his death and told to keep their mouths shut and not even talk about Jeremiah to each other. Under Cheminade’s strict discipline, this has worked fairly well…so far

Jonathan Tenenbaum, who Jonathan Tennenbaum was one of two LaRouche representatives that met with Erica and Hugo Duggan shortly after Jeremiah died, when they traveled to Wiesbaden.[…] he was assigned this “job” because, formally, he is Jewish and on occasion he can sound semi-sane and at least pretend to act like a human being. […]  at minimum, he was responsible for dealing with the Duggans and, more to the point, he was probably assigned the role of figuring out what really happened. Then he could help formulate plans/ploys/ways to handle “the problem”. Surely, he served as a conduit of intelligence information–a one-way conduit. Without question he told his bosses, Lyndon and Helga LaRouche, everything that happened during his meetings and conversations with the Duggans.

Gas Steagalls for everyone.

Sunday, May 9th, 2010

Occasionally I have to wonder: what the hell is my point?  For instance, a few weeks ago I really BLEW THE LID OFF of the presense of Lyndon Larouchie at a comic book fan board.  Really, investigative journalism at its finest.  Is it anything?  Well, sure.  Micahel Retour, otherwise known as revenire, drops details of an oh so exciting life working a stream of world historicality.  When asked if he’s under the auspices of Lyndon Larouche, he makes a cowardly retreat and lies, betraying that his mission is a fiction and an illusion and he knows it. 

This one is a bit harder.  It begins with an odd little reference at LPAC. 

As one astute blogger on firedoglake wrote on Sunday, in an item titled “The Glass-Steagall Test,” “As the whole blogosphere knows, the Glass-Steagall Act forced banks to choose between being a commercial bank or an investment house. During the Clinton regime, the despicable Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (also known as the Financial Services Modernization Act of 1999) allowed commercial banks, investment banks, securities firms, and insurance companies to merge… The final vote on Gramm-Leach-Bliley was a gutcheck that most Senators failed.”

Really really strange.  They just referenced obscure blogger.  In the past, they’ve made reference to Jane Hamsher — the main person at firedoglake– for using the word “fascist” and generally opposing Obama’s Health Care policy.  This works hand in glove with their basic attraction to the blog.  It goes on.

The “whole blogosphere knows” about Glass-Steagall because of the radiating impact of the LPAC website, and the other LaRouche points of intervention on this issue, including the impact of the past 14 months’ dialogue with the Stanford Group of leading American economists.

I suppose I should have asked the question based on this statement — “Do you know about Glass Steagall based on the radiating impact of the LPAC website” — instead of a generalized “What?”, but I take his answer to my replacement generalized “What?” to be “No.”  Decide for yourself!  I guess it’s in the eye of the beholder — see: it’s the effect that took things from their activity to various people’s awareness.

So, what we have here, I guess, is that sometime ago the Boiler Room in Leesburg decided that firedoglake would make for a good validator in what political stream they’re swimming.  (They’ll just handily skip the Environmental stuff.)  So they surfed about, looked up “Glass Steagall”, and found that comment. 
Bill Clinton has, of late, been speaking out about policies he undertook during his presidency that he now believes were mistakes.  NAFTA, for instance.  But he stands behind his signing of The Gramm-Leach-Bliley.  Notwithanding whether he is right or wrong to do so, I do believe Clinton knows what it is Glass Steagal.  Lyndon Larouche?  Reading the bulk dump on “Restore Glass Steagall”, I haven’t the foggiest what regulatory policy he refers to — there it is, the words: “Glass-Steagall” — needing to be implemented in some form Worldwide, apparently.  It just does not really appear to connect to anything Senators Carter Glass and Henry B. Steagall pushed and passed and President Roosevelt signed in 1933, and that Paul Volcker proposes in part today… his version apparently follows something like:

The United States must take action to protect itself from the disintegration of the British System, which has already happened. Who cares about the British System? (maybe The British?)  No one in their right mind cares. But, to save the rest of Europe, the United States must act first, by immediately reinstating Glass-Steagall; because, if the United States goes down, the rest of the world goes down.

But it is apparently the topic du jour of what the cult’s followers and travellers stayed glued to, and amped themselves up for last week.:
We are now down to the final five organizing days before Lyndon LaRouche’s next historic international webcast, on Saturday May 8.
Coming on the heels of last week’s private dialogue with leading economists and diplomats, representing the Four Powers nations, only an absolute fool could miss the fact that LaRouche is setting the agenda for the only means to avoid a British-engineered plunge into a global dark age that would wipe out 80 percent of humanity or more. Make no mistake. As events now playing out on the Korean peninsula and in the Persian Gulf make clear, there is a faction in London that is literally Hell-bent on provoking an era of perpetual chaos, in pursuit of their radical Malthusian agenda.
And so it goes.  I don’t understand why anyone would want to wait for a “Historic Webcast” — Larouche has been interviewed by LPAC a ton lately — it appears you can drop by any day and see him as a “Special Guest” to something.  But, there we go.  Appointment viewing for Howie G — good lead in to Betty White’s appearance on Saturday Night Live no doubt.  No word on whether Harley Schlanger checked out a space for a mass viewing in Texas or Utah.  Jerry Pyenson grabbed whomever he could invite.
The world has changed completely now.  That Historic Webcast will always be remembered as a dividing line.  Before and After.

Even though, scenes like this… took place before… and will take place after:

A small group of protesters stationed themselves outside the Darien Post Office Wednesday to advocate for the impeachment of President Obama, a dramatic reshaping of the U.S. financial system, and other far-reaching proposals from the LaRouche Political Action Committee. […] “If she had given me a chance to speak , I would have told her the reason for the mustache is that Hitler’s rise to total domination and power started with an enforced healthcare system much like Obama just pushed onto America,” Sare said. “I am only here to inform.”

Well, they have Chewbacca1989 agreeing with that one.  And here I always thought it began when Hitler removed Glass-Steagall.  (Incidentally.) That campaign is hitting Germany, apparently — part of this campaign:

Essentially, BüSo’s main platform is the repeal of both Maastrcht and Lisbon, calling for a return to full national sovereignty, and the restitution of sovereign national currencies for all nations currently under the sway of the dictatorship of the imperial Brussels bureaucracy.
This would be more on the lines of the great Treaty of Wesphalia (1648), which establishes, for the first time in recorded history, the universal principle of a harmony of interests, in mutually beneficial co-operation, in a community of principle between perfectly independent — yet interdependent — sovereign nation states.
Standing in rabid and furious opposition to this, is the great fraud and evil of world-empire, a neo-feudal form of world-fascism, just as outlined in the Fabian H.G. Wells’ pamphlet The Open Conspiracy (1928), and elsewhere.

I’ll have to peg this:  Interesting that the key election is in North Rhine Westpahlia, where the BüSo party (Bürgerrechtsbewegung Solidarität = Civil Rights Movement Solidarity) is attracting many new supporters. and see if it translates to a marked increase against previous electoral outcomes.
Hey!  They’ve had some luck in the states — though no thanks to the Main Org.  9 percent for Carol Johnson Smith.  And Kesha Rogers, whose nominating victory the German organization is ready to make hay out of:

One week to go until the elections in Northrine-Westphalia, the largest (in terms of population) Bundesland of Germany. After the Texas primary, Bueso printed new posters “Erst Kesha, dann Kascha” (First Kesha, then Kascha), obviously hoping to gain a 52% landslide victory. Kascha of course is the LYM girl mentioned before who called the deindustrialization of Northrine-Westphalia a crime against humanity (for Helga’s crowd, it was always clear that Germans are the victims of whatever type of fascism).
Theys also seem to run out of money in Germany: The “Kascha”-posters were glued to the backside of their standard posters of Helga claiming to have the patent recipe (“Wir haben Patentrezept”).

Okay.  Take the good with the bad.  I’ll start by commenting on his youtube videos as this young man is recruited and then rejects Larouche.  As he stands for-square behind the politics of David Duke.  Also he’s black.  I guess what might be interesting is to go back and parse his story and if the org recruited him with his various youtube videos in sight.

1:09:  “Don’t know what the fuck that means”.  PAC = Political Action Committee.
Type “Jeremiah Duggan into youtube, google…” Google = wikipedia, JusticeforJeremiah, Schiller Institute.  Youtube.  Not one LPAC entry.
5:20:  Queen Pushed Drugs.  Depends on which day of the week it is.
6:07:  Hm.  Website of two ex-LYMers.  Anyone know what he’s referring to?
(I’ll ignore my problems with anyone using that word at 6:19.)
7:03: Wikipedia.  Always with the Wikipedia.  Wikipedia is the new Dennis King, which as late as two and a half years ago would be where they’d have accused him of getting his information.
7:12:  I don’t think he knows the definition of “second hand, third hand, fourth hand sources”.  Ah well.

Part Two.
1:15 — Has Larouche Planet compiled the Best of these videos into one handy collection yet, or will I have to suck it up and do such a thing?
2:32 — “EVERY PRESIDENT they call Hitler.”  Clinton.  I don’t think they ever called Clinton Hitler.  Bush I — sure.  Reagan — I think they did, eventually.  Kennedy — Maybe not.  (Note: my conception of the start of Larouche’s “Movement” has been backtracked from 1968 over to 1965.)  Johnson — hm.  They’re not messing with electoral politics much at that time.  Nixon?
I am positive they never called Ford Hitler — it was at that time that they joined electoral politics in a way, and Larouche all but supported the election of Ford.
2:53 — Who’d they call Hitler? Ma—huh?

Interesting guy, I suppose.  My head hurts while watching his support of David Duke, and rattling on regarding the Vast Zionist Youtube Conspiracy.  5:00 for Duke:  You can’t write anything against Israel in the college ’cause then you’d be kicked out — really?
7:53:  David Duke 2013! — I mean 2012
I’m not going to lose sleep pondering this man.  I hope he gets himself adjusted somewhat better, and he’s more likely to do so outside the cult than inside.  Otherwise: Move alongPonder the imponderables — “One thing most people don’t know about you”.  Someday he’ll wish to wipe this off the web so people won’t know these past ideas about him.

An old Chip Berlet (and Joel Bellman) article has been posted to a Chicago news site.  Comments follow about a renewed “GLTF”. 
Then again, from the San Francisco Chronicle in 1986:  Political extremist Lyndon LaRouche believes that many homosexuals support Proposition 64, the AIDS initiative, and those who do not have been duped by a “a little mafia among the so-called gay community.” […] “I think you will find that the average homosexual is much quieter than the people who are vocal. And I think that privately they’re terrified of this disease. They don’t see much hope,” he said. “And I think they think about me, `. . . If this guy is gonna save our lives, more power to him.’ ”
The next thing you’ll show me a black David Duke supporter.

Boring from Within

Friday, April 30th, 2010

Sometime ago, somebody or other referred to a particular negative political ad as a “New Low”.  The ad was a take-off of Lyndon Johnson’s “Daisy” ad, which made me wonder — “How can this be a new low if it’s been done before?”

I tend to view these comments from Noam Chomsky in the same way.  He has never seen anything like this before.  And we’re lucky previous charismatic figures that this nation has gone over, in similar circumstances as today, during his lifetime, were all crooks sowing the seeds of their own downfall.  He negates himself.
Cripes!  The Birther Phenomenon isn’t even new.  Warren Harding was accused of being a “negro”, and Franklin Roosevelt was a Jew named “Rosenbaum”!

Anyway, it looks like Obama survived Larouche’s stupid Assassination dread.
Then again, what is this fantasy?
The crash of the world system is a fait accompli, and the European events are just playing out with a desperate denial for the moment. It’s the same kind of thing as Weimar: it’s a denial of reality, because they’re afraid to face reality.
It points up the extent of our responsibility. “We have to be the strong people,” LaRouche said. “There are no others available.”

(If I could get find with any ease the “Larouche with a Hitler Mustache image”, I’d link to it right here.  The best I can do right now is this.)
I posted that last link in part because I am having trouble finding something from Howie G’s constellation of blogs this week.  A reference to Noam Chomsky. A  reference to the “Tea Party”.  Most importantly, a reference to Alex Jones.  So we almost have something of a Larouchie response to the recent “Jones – Tarpley – Larouche infiltrating the Scene” commentary from Kincaid and Deweese.

In consideration of the “Tea Party”.  An interesting “Moment Of Truth” has just come upon us.  Immigration!  And with that the “Reason Magazine” someones depart, and we find out that the “Tea Party” means different things to different constituents.  A bit more mixed, I would think, is the “Daily Paul” blog — and the comments there show considerable division.
Last week, I made note of Larouchie signs being kicked out of a Tea Party event (I can link there because it’s at the top_ — perhaps a bit sympathetic people kicked out — well.
You’ve lost your “Tea Party”.  Or some of them, at least.

Obama as a Joker — incidentally — while it originated with this artist (who disdains the “Socialism” that was affixed to the image), it was popularized in part by Alex Jones — and really, you can see how.  Interesting to note — two images that accompany this Maccleans article in its print edition: the “Obama Joker” thing and the Obama with a Hitler Mustache — and the “larouchepac” url wasn’t even clipped out! The National Review blog, meanwhile, snubbed Larouche by citing the “Obama as Heath Ledger” instead of Obama with a Hitler Mustache in their cry of unfair double standards and unfair focus on inflammatory signs.
Somewhere within the scope of Tea Party History (or perhaps “Pre-History”, if you affix its origins to when Freedom Works effectively bought it out), was the Ron Paul “Money-bomb”, evoked by “V for Vendetta” and its reference to Guy Fawkes.  “Remember the Fifth of November” — donate money on that day.  The Republican Party has carved it out (and the Time blogger has left out the film’s source material).
A round about trigger back to Alex JonesConfused though he may be.

Okay, so Howie G is no longer giving me a back-ways reference to the mainstreaming of Alex Jones.  He does give us some good little ret-conning.


Chator:  According to LPAC, the next EIR, will feature a piece of historical revisionism which centers around LaRouche’s SDI proposal, as the missed opportunity from the 70s and 80s that has lead to the present nightmare. Yes, I did find it a bit odd that in the latest DWTT campaign show, Matt and Leandra dug up an “old school” LaRouche campaign video to make the point that the world has been sliding downhill since the Reagan administration axed “Lyn’s” SDI proposal in the mid-80s, which you can hear him calling “my baby”. I remember in the late nineties, it was JFK’s assassination that was responsible for the present mudslide into economic disintegration. I guess that theory wasn’t appealing enough to the space-obsessed, LaRouche geeks in LYM. So Lyn has thrown them another bone.

Blegh.  Another bit of Historical Re-invention:
4. Finally, although this is 10 days old, mark it down: On April 13, 2010, Lyndon LaRouche announced that the Queen of England pushes dope. Not only that, but he declared that anyone who denies it is “worse than a Nazi-like liar.”
I mention this only because we old-timers all remember the hilarity generated decades ago by Lyn’s running around insisting that he had never said that the Queen of England pushed dope, and that anyone who said he’d said that was a Nazi and a liar.
This was, of course, after Lyn had run around saying that the Queen of England pushes dope, and that anyone who denied it was a lying Nazi.

South Park.  I was discussing on an Internet message board the matter of the New York Islamic lunatics who threatened Trey Parker and Matt Stone — they would meet the fate of Theo van Gogh — after South Park dared to mock the fury over images of Muhammad.  A line of interest:
A wild claim is starting to percolate on the more paranoid sites that the originator of this warning was actually a one time jewish settler of the west bank…
What?  Is it second nature?  Always a Zionist Jewish Plot, isn’t it?  While it’s a dime a dozen and you can toss anywhere near this cult and land with this one, I’ll go straight to…

Lyndon Larouche on 9/11.  What notches him his recent (mis-leading) title of “Intellectual Author of the 9/11 Movement”.
OR… Executive Intelligence Review with… well.

As for the other Richard Cohen, I can tell you something about him. He is opposing John Hechinger, the incumbent, and the chairman of the Hechinger Co. Cohen is 37 years old and works for the Executive Intelligence Review, a journal published by Lyndon LaRouche, an extreme right- wing figure. The Journal advertises a reprint in which it reveals that “associates of Henry Kissinger, Swiss financiers acting in behalf of the Nazi International” and others are planning to “rebuild Solomon’s Temple” in Jerusalem. This Cohen is also not qualified to run for anything.  (The Candidate With My Name, Washington Post, April 30, 1984)
No, you mean the Masons.
The Pope’s Masonic Jewish Zionist government.
Just google “rebuild Solomon’s Temple” (with or without Kissinger) and see what you come up with.  It’s an old fear, I guess.

Other Zionist Plots and schemes?  You hear about Archie Comics introducing a gay character into Riverdale?  You know how that happened?  Zionists.  A rather broad definition of “Zionist” with many a false synonym, but that’s the way it has to be if you’re going to accuse Archie Comics as being part of the Zionist Plot.

Meanwhile a debate between “Roger Ogden” and “Toaster”
However, that is where I stop agreeing with the rouchies, as everything that follows in discourse with them is like falling down the rabbit hole…reality is replaced by the wildest ravings.
Now hear my wild ravings!

Anyway.  Get back Glass-Stegal.  Sounds good.  Hey!  Bad Immigration Act.  So true.  Pecora Commission, of sorts.  Good.  I think they’re throwing up crap with “Four Party Alliance”, but it’s a good thought nonetheless — God bless the Wilsonian Impulse! Hey!  What about the BRITISH Petroleum, eh?  No — we can’t go there — all environmental disasters are solved by sending humanity to Mars.  Answer to Carol Johnson Smith: Hm.  NoIncidentallyJohn Bottorff, of Jasper, isn’t delusional. No comment, though at least CSJ doesn’t believe she has a chance, so that is something.

Of note:
Apparently Molly thought it would be interesting and useful to post Ken’s thesis, written when he was 19, so that people could judge who knew more about Plato–the 19-year-old boy, or Greatest Mind of the Millennium (no more identification needed, am I right?)
Yeah sure.  But I bet you anything Lyndon Larouche packed more dangling unexplained references to various names and figures (in a representative piece on Plato) than Ken Kronberg.

Carol Johnson-Smith sets out to become the next Kesha Rogers. Or something like that.

Friday, April 23rd, 2010

Hm.  One good thing may be that this can happen.
Fans of the Tea Party movement were not disappointed on the first anniversary of the tax day event at Barley and Hops this year. Well, perhaps with the exception of Lyndon LaRouche supporters with a giant “Impeach Obama” sign; they were kindly asked to leave it off the premises.
But swirling around that vein, I see taht that damned stupid piece from Cliff Kincaid, and its similar progeny, continues making the rounds.  And I laugh at this comment.

Taylor H said…  Infighting like this seems to be what the elites would want. It takes our mind out of focus.

Actually it’s not so much what the Elites want, but what the Cult want — to think they’re joining in the battle against the Elites.

There are worse connections to be made than shuffling about the debris of Tea Party fracus.  Take this connection for instance.

What about starting with the password to enter the secret sex society. It is “Fidelio”, which is oddly enough a opera by Beethoven. Dr. Harford (Cruise) got it from the piano player: but remember it isn’t really the piano player’s password – it’s Kubrick’s. He wrote the script. If we look at the text of the opera, we find themes like deception, imprisonment, rebellion against tyranny. But this doesn’t sit well, because the setting is in Spain in the late 19th century and could just be another smokescreen intentionally put in by Kubrick.

Do “Fidelio” and conspiracy have an affinity? Follow this link:

If you did, you’ll find “Fidelio” is the name of a magazine – it is presided over by Lyndon LaRouche, someone who heads up an organization that gets it’s inspiration from various conspiracies! It was started in the early 90’s, but the question remains: is this reason enough to say there is a connection? Does the magazine inspire the movie somehow?

The answer:  no.

Moving right along…
If it weren’t a bit of a hassle to register to this forum for John Byrne, star-artist of some Superman comic books in the 1980s, I would register and post one single post and then leave.
Michael Retour?  To quote Congressman Joe Wilson, “YOU LIE!”  And it looks like he’s going to get away with it, unless — I suppose — Matthew McCallum or Michael Roberts like to engage in vanity google searches.

But I would like to know — why is Retour / Revenire lying?  He’s proud of his association with Larouche on this blog.  He’s proud of it in his factnet posts.  But he hides it when discussing John Byrne?
Note for the record:  then again Wikipedia doesn’t always get things ‘correct’ and no less a talent than John Byrne bans any mention of Wikipedia from his site.

Then again:  Retour:  I am running three congressional campaigns now: one in Texas, one is Massachusetts and one in California. My Texas candidate won the primary.
Doesn’t matter to me if someone here doesn’t believe that.

Michael Roberts:  As a number of us at the JBF are political junkies, it would be great to know which three candidates you’re working for right now. That way we can cheer on your successes.
Question: is there a similar set of candidates for California, Massachusetts, and Texas other than Summer Shields, Rachel Brown, and Kesha Rogers?

A good cull of information metrices from a “Kevin Brown“.

I am involved in national politics at a visible level.  That isn’t going to go public here.  You can, as always, believe what you like.
Jodi my wife actually won her election. 
I also work for a private intelligence agency (nothing like the CIA).  My work in sensitive.  It might not qualify me as an internet quarterback but hey, we all do what we can.
I’ve worked with Maxine Waters, Brad Sherman, Henry Waxman, and other SoCal Dems.  I served on the State Central Committee.  Anyone really aware of the California Democratic Party knows what that is.  
Al you remind me of Rumpelstiltskin but with even more rage.  I am sure your wife appreciates the break you give her by fighting windmills online.
Just accept I am what I say and move on.  

Continuing:  I’ve been at this political junk for 30 years in all sorts of capacities.

One of my congressional campaigns in California was in a predominantly white area. The other candidates were whipping up the population into an anti-immigrant frenzy. At a campaign event of 300-400 people we candidates shared the stage. This event was televised. It was a standard Q & A session with teleprompter like responses from most of the candidates, although one rather bloodthirsty one did say he would pull the switch on his own grandmother (playing to the pro-death penalty crowd). I asked for a show of hand of people who had lost their jobs to illegal immigrants.

Matthew McCallum (I hate giving up on my LaRouche theory, because the pieces all fit, dang it!)
Dear Matthew McCallum: Don’t.

California, Masschusettes, Texas, and… Wait.  Another candidate?  This one in Indiana?

But Johnson-Smith, a Corydon native who’s political career thus far is limited to a failed run at a Harrison County Council seat, said the nation’s spending is out of control due in part to egregious financial bailouts.
“We don’t have an economy anymore,” she said. “There’s no good leadership in the [Democratic] party.”
Johnson-Smith describes herself as a Lyndon LaRouche Democrat, taking her lead from the former candidate for U.S. President who focused much of his campaign on economics.
Though a Democrat, Johnson-Smith favors the impeachment of President Barack Obama because of his support of bailouts and said the nation needs to return to the financial policies established by former President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Keep up to date with her campaign blog, facebook feed, and twitter account.  There doesn’t seem to be as much here as for the others.  Will she be noting things from LPAC such as — ?

The fact is, civilization is rapidly running out of time and options to respond to the existential threat facing it. And it is also a fact that only LaRouche has presented a policy for safe passage out of the New Dark Age that the British are otherwise actively unleashing. So, if we do not succeed, there will be nothing left to worry about. The apparatus that you use for worrying will be taken away from you; so whatever worrying you plan to do, do it now—and then act promptly and effectively to make sure that we win. Because either we win, or civilization doesn’t have a chance, and you will only have a relatively few moments before expiring.

I note that this can be found in an article entitled “Towards a New Periodic Table Of Cosmic Radiation “, published by “Executive Intelligence Review”, and FOUND IN GOOGLE NEWS!!!!!!

Anyway, good campaign rhetoric to be mined from that one.

Okay.  So we now have a quartet of candidates to look out at instead of a trio.  Now let’s see how the Street Theater Crew are doing.  Number One.

“No, but I don’t think he’s Hitler.” Then I tried to reiterate one last time that they didn’t really believe that. One of them literally said, “We don’t have to defend ourselves against you.” And the other said, “Yeah, your academic BS…” And that was it, an unfinished musing on the nature of argument. What could I respond with? […]
No, the net result is that it’s just sad. Someone got ahold of their young brains and polluted them…you can’t hold the boys responsible, but they’re anything but innocent. They’re like telemarketers on their first or second day: They still actually believe in their product and think it’s a worthwhile investment that everyone should have.
No Shows in Seattle, indicating possible victors in that Seattle’s “War Against the Larouchies”.  (Hey!  That’s what the media is calling it.)

Tea party member Ty Welch warned that a group run by Lynden Larouche commonly attend the Tax Day rallies, but if they were there, they didn’t make themselves known.

But they’re in San Francisco going for Summer Shields.
Asked one LaRouchie to explain why she linked the president to the Nazi leader. About seven minutes and several follow-up questions later, there still wasn’t a link…and my ears were starting to melt and slide off of my head.

The Larouchies are being out-staged in Sacramento.


BeeCensored wrote on 04/17/2010 10:52:06 PM:  …where two dozen or so supporters of political oddball Lyndon LaRouche sang hymns with banners unfurled…
And you gave us a snap shot of these four overdressed clown types to make your point?

Yeah well.  They’re more inventive.  To conclude that thought:  Their work done, the LaRouche protesters soon finished their songs, rolled up their banners and left.

The anti-Jerrysters aren’t quite as active competition as this act is:
We did the same thing outside when the despicable LaRouche pigs showed up with their giant banner of our President wearing a Hitler moustache, singing about impeaching President Obama, and we oversang them with the Star Spangled Banner so they could no longer be heard.

Worry now because your capacity to Worry is about to be taken away from you.

While there didn’t seem to be an organized effort to picket the President, a few disaffected protesters managed to make the scene. A small crowd of Lyndon LaRouche organizers crowded a nearby street corner, clustered around a poster of Obama sporting a Hitler mustache. Angrily buttonholing pedestrians, they declared that the Afghanistan war is actually a colonial war in support of the British Empire, that the proposed health-care plan bears a startling resemblance to Hitler’s policies and that Western civilization is in immediate danger of apocalyptic destruction. But passers-by gave the LaRouche supporters wide berth.

Michael Savage, David P Goldman, John Podhoretz, Cliff Kincaid, and one of them is actually defendable.

Friday, April 16th, 2010

“When I read this stuff, it makes sense to me.”  — Michael Savage, reacting to the campaign of Summer Shield, the Larouche candidate for Congress against Nancy Pelosi.
“savage is a stark raving lunatic and that’s why anyone would have him on the radio: to get other people to become stark raving lunatics” — revenire

The following comes from the American Mercury in May 1938, the respectable first half of the magazine’s existence (though the  unrespectability of the second half of the magazine’s existence perhaps comes from it retaining these same attitudes, notched up in shrillness as it was losing the battle).  I probably could pluck up a less obscure example of age old casual attitudes toward Misceganation, and its status as a Communist Plot, or party to fellow travellers of a sort of cultural “slumming it”, but here is Mona Lale’s “The Brides of Marx”.

There was one wild-eyed lass, I recall, who would appear at regular intervals in one of the Village bars with four male Comradews in tow.  They would take a prominent table and proceed to get drunk on straight gin, which the girl would buy, and entertain the others with lurid descriptions of their weird design for living: the girl, I gathered, received $50 a week from her family to stay away from her native Milwaukee, where she had created a city-wide scandal, and now was the communal mistress of the shaggy-haired quatret, whom she supported.  It was her boast that three psychiatrists had prounounced her hopeless, and that she had come near to driving them crazy.  This strange band stopped coming to the bar aftar a while, and the bartender learned later that the Pride of Milwaukee, as this Amazon was wont to refer to herself, had dispensed with her prediculous entourage and had gone native, up in Harlem.  Miscegenation, of course, bears the official sanction of old Karl, though denounced by intelligent negroes, and the color line is regarded by latter-day apostles as being merely another instance of capitalistic Jim-Crowism.  This undoubtedly has fetched scores of depraved white women into the fold, but the colored brother has, in most cases, retained a stolid indifference.  He finds his own women vastly more enticing than the run of white lady comrades, and when he does consort with them, I dare say he does so chiefly to plume his own ego.

Now skip forward to Lyndon Larouche on APRIL 13 2008 — the shot heard round, well — a half dozen blogs I suppose — available here.

I mean: Obama is a racist. I mean, with an African father–he wasn’t much of an African father, but was an African father of Kenya. He was part of a British operation, which took over Kenya, through MI5’s operation. But this guy was away from Kenya, and he married a Margaret Mead type, a woman who had a number of successive husbands, like Margaret Mead did. Went out to the poor, brown people, in Asia, and had sex with them! It was called “Coming in Samoa.” [groans, laughter] And she wore through a number of successive husbands, and by them, had various children. And therefore, you’ll find Obama’s ancestry, if you chase his family tree, everybody’s climbing and swinging from the branches there–from all over the world! All parts of the world! This guy is the universal man. Every monkey in every tree, from every part of the world, has participated in the sexual act of producing him. And he works for organized crime–which is a branch of British intelligence.

And now David P Goldman —  who we well know for his membership in the org from 1968 to 1989 (are those the right dates?) — at “First Things”, a place where his fans refer to Obama as “Hussein Soetero” in the comments section:

Obama is the loyal son of a left-wing anthropologist mother who sought to expiate her white guilt by going to bed with Muslim Third World men. He is a Third World anthropologist studying us, learning our culture and our customs the better to neutralize what he considers to be a malignant American influence in world affairs.

John Podhoretz responds:

This is, not to put too fine a point on it, disgusting. In the first place, Obama is not responsible for his mother or her political views, any more than Ronald Reagan should have been be held accountable for the fact that his father was a drunk. In the second place, Goldman’s speculation about her sexual history is appalling in about a hundred different ways. I’m sure I’d hold no brief for Stanley Ann Dunham, but the idea that the lower-middle-class daughter of a furniture salesman from Mercer Island, Washington, would be awash in “white guilt” — far more a species of upper-middle-class Northeastern opinion — speaks more of Goldman’s inability to achieve imaginative sympathy with someone from circumstances different from his than it does anything about the president or his family.
Finally, there is Goldman’s description of Obama, who lived for less than a year in Indonesia from age 6 to age 10, as a “Third World anthropologist studying us.” Casting Obama as a malign foreign influence is a particular and unforgivable intellectual madness on the Right over the past two years. There is nothing foreign about Obama’s ideas or ideology, alas, which can be understood, in my view, almost entirely from the curricula and extracurricular ideas endemic in the American university in the late 1970s and early 1980s, when he was in college.
Goldman wrote a piece for First Things last year in which he revealed his history as a member of the bizarre and paranoid political cult around the extremist Lyndon LaRouche. Goldman intended the article to be an explanation of and break from his past. But thinking of the sort revealed in this blog item is in the direct line of descent from LaRouche’s vision of the world. It appears you can take the man out of LaRouche, but you can’t take LaRouche out of the man.

Let some debris float away — tackled here and here — and I’ll say something for Podhoretz.  A quick google search shows I’ve mentioned Podhoretz — whether John or Norman (who, for purposes here have similar enough views that I’ll lump together — I’d refine if I thought about them more often times.) — seven times.  All negative.  So that’s now seven negatives to one positive reference.
I doubt very much that John Podhoretz has come into contact with Larouche’s Monkey quote, so I guess I can say that he doesn’t know the half of it.

David Goldman seems to be getting the brunt of a lot of this Leaving aside for the moment the remarks of Spengler/Goldman (whose wide following has always baffled me, since it should have long since been obvious that he is nuts) Maybe I should leave a break for him — what did I title that post?  “I Hope To Avoid Posting Anything Concerning David Goldman Following This Post”?
Here.  Dedicated to Lyndon Larouche and David P Goldman:  Bleh de bleh.


A few notes on this thing from Cliff Kincaid  of “AIM“, and apparently something called  “America’s Survival, Inc” has released a youtube video that  exposes radio personality Alex Jones and his allies in the Lyndon LaRouche movement as behind some of the attempts to discredit the Tea Party movement.

For the love of gawd.  I guess I saw this snow-balling a tad.  I will add to my attempt to explain the Vinn Diagram of Larouche and Jones (ideas floating there, and they share some connections — past with one present with the other — with Webster Tarpley) that Alex Jones and his association with Ron Paul was there before the Republican Party.

One question: does Cliff Kinclaid read factnet and the posts of xlcer?

A former LaRouche insider and expert on the cult suggests that Jones and Tarpley are actually competitors for the same audience but have teamed up for common purposes. He, too, has noticed LaRouche material being posted on the Alex Jones and Ron Paul websites as well as various gold bug and tea party sites.
“Since Obama won,” he explained, “the cult is doing exactly what it did when Jimmy Carter was elected. It merely turned to try to be a parasite off of the right-wing anger and this time Obama is an easy target. This is the same cult that raised money and recruited among the left when Bush was in power and was being labeled a Nazi.”
This observer says that what the cult is doing is “carpetbagging” at any Tea Party or right-wing meeting or website it can find: “The idea is that they just abandoned the anti-Bush propaganda and are using the anti-Obama sentiment to raise money.”
They are also physically attending Tea Party meetings. He noted that the Tea Party movement in Massachusetts had a LaRouche cult member by the name of Rachel Brown address their meetings and go on their radio show. Indeed, Brown went on Tea Party radio to discuss “the British empire’s drive for global fascism.” It is typical of the LaRouche movement to attack the British, especially the Queen of England, for everything that goes wrong in the world. She went on that show with Harley Schlanger of the LaRouche political action committee.
“They just had a cult candidate named Kesha Rogers win a Democratic primary in Texas,” the former LaRouche insider said. “They will attend right-wing meetings to get some names to call back for more money. They will also feed more delusions which will backfire on the Tea Party.”

But Cliff Kinclaid is a hypocrite, isn’t he, on his concern about Larouche blurring into his precious political movement?  Note this headline posted by him on December 30, 2004.
AARP, LaRouche Oppose Private Social Security Accounts
… which I know because it was pointed out then by , um, me.

But, I support such an image as the bottom one here.  The video from Kincaid itself is… tedious.  I see him rolling from images of Obama Hitler to non Larouche (and non Jones) inflamatory signs.  Still, I’ll point to an Alex Jones listener.:
alfy1234 This Guy cliff is a shill. .He is a CIA plant. Watch loose change.
learn about the PRIVATE federal reserve and the IRS.
Learn about Rothchilds, Rockerfellers. and our fiat currency.Learn, Learn,learn.
You should never trust anyone 100% but learn whats going

It will be worth noting Alex Jones’s idea of Tea Party infiltrators.


Howie G says something.  Marielle Kronberg responds.

The LaRouche people have always invoked the national security argument, and screamed “witchhunt,” whenever anyone sued them, or whenever they were prosecuted.
Their view is that LaRouche’s policies and politics are so marvelous and life-giving that he should never be challenged on anything.

In other legal jurisdictions — we go to the front on Jeremiah Duggan.

Anonymous said…
Britain doesn’t have jurisdiction does it?

Maximillius said…
If we’re to continue this I’d like to know what your interest in the case is. Are you an interested observer or do you represent the LaRouche group in any way? 
(I think we know the answer to that question.)
It sounds as if you’re attempting to dispute my comments on technicalities, when anyone with a clear mind examining the facts can see there are many, many holes in the story given by the German police.

Meanwhile, … no, really — Larouche has grave concerns over Obama — no animosity.  He wants Obama to avoid assassination.  Also thinks he’s swinging from every tree.-

Ivanov, The author is clearly confused. LaRouche is obviously trying to prevent the assassination of President Obama. Obama’s big ego is a strategic factor that would cause him to walk right into an assassin’s bullet. Also, it’s obvious the LaRouche has no personal grudge against Obama. If you haven’t noticed, about 3 in 5 Americans completely agree that Obama’s policies will result in genocide against Americans.

symsess If I told you to stop commenting on my blog because you are in danger of being assassinated you wouldn’t take that as a threat? LaRouche is not God; though many seem to think he is. I’m sure Obama is truly grateful for this warning. If only LaRouche had warned Kennedy too.
I beg to differ on LaRouche’s “grudge” against Obama. Slapping a Hitler mustache on anyone is the very definition of disdain and animosity. The problem with LaRouche is he lacks humility of any sort.

Incidentally, here’s some of La Rouche’s words on that topic.

“You have to take my judgment of this thing: To explain it to you, how this works, is too much, there are too many things. You’re not prepared to deal with this kind of thing, but let me tell you what’s happening. Take it from me, this is the situation. We’re now—and the President is an idiot! among his other qualifications. This guy is doing the worst thing possible, for a President who’s under target for assassination. I mean, they want to get rid of him!

I will state that this Media Interview is somewhat better than this.  Though he seems aiming about for the Michael Savage voters — or money.  BUT… a vote of confidence.:  If you ask me, the La Rouche people are no weirder than birthers.
They get kudos here I was glad to see the Larouchies out in force, with a dope-pushing queen in drag. There were also some plants with really ridiculous signs, which I don’t really think helps the dialogue.   AND  I kept finding their ‘literature’ in the trash cans on my walk from the White House back to Union Station last September.  Hard to read what they have to say when you have to dumpster dive to get at it.

April 11, 2007.

Monday, April 12th, 2010

Yesterday was April 11, a “Day That Will Live in Infamy”.  Ken Kronberg committed suicide.  Had it not been for this, it is unlikely that I would still be posting on matters concerning the Larouche cult, certainly not at the rate I have, and I would have moved on to some other bright shiny object of absurdity.  An anniversary like that puts me in mind to look back and answer the question — Why was I around to take special notice of this?  I am a little bit startled in re-reading what fades away in my memory.

The circumstances of the time are these.  A college newspaper writer saw a few posts on this blog — they were re-posted comments to silly posts about the Larouche Movement from a former member giving his warning sirens and relaying his experiences.  Current members descended upon his comments, and the tenor of my general attitude can be seen with this post.
The college writer thought I was that former member.  She was wanting to write a piece for her school newspaper, dangling further possibilities in shopping to the liberal rags of In These Times and something else that escapes my memory — which would be in its immediacy a Cautionary Warning Piece to the campus as the cult started its fall recruits.  I let it pass before she emailed again with more urgency.  I don’t know how this reads, but after a bit of thought, I switched my mind and actively, more aggressive than my laissez faire attitude norm, contacted the man to urge the poster some cooperation with the college newspaper writer.

There’s a bit more to the story, but not much.  Perhaps I leaned on him a bit too hard, perhaps not.  The article was apparently something of a Deadline Buster.  But it was published — made a presence at that campus and online.

There were a few Larouchies who continued to grace this blog with their presence.  Someone with the last name “Bettag”, for instance.  In hindsight they appeared to give me more power than I ever could give myself.  See this statement here.
Do you also suggest solutions to the problems that this ‘nut case’ raises? Economics, the war? Or do you just intend to disparage those who do, thus demoralizing the population with your stuff? Good show!
Really?  This Blog has the ability to “Demoralize the Population”?  Really?  Looking back, I wonder if she meant I was “demoralizing” the members of the Larouche Youth Movement — future daily briefings seem to suggest that possibility for interpretration.  Otherwise, I’m a little stumped — months, years later I’d be sharing closer to the truth: “this blog is read by, like, seven people”.

I was reasonably charitable with the figure of “Steve”, though could not help but balk at his great question “Do you know the difference between Man and the Animals?”  I somehow slipped away “Animals” and replaced it with “beasts” — I think that comes from the various references to “beast-men” and “Bestial”.  So sorry.

Anyway, such comments did not escape the notice of ex-members.  Hence the following comment, shortly after the “Day That Will Live in Infamy”, April 11, 2007:
See if the larouche cultists who show up here can give more details of what happened in larouche’s residence the night before and the morning of the suicide.

Some details emerged shortly, of course.  The Daily Briefing for that morning.  And so Bettag resurfaced here.  What does it make YOU if you publish stuff you have no personal knowledge of? How much research did you do before you published Nick Benton’s article and then responded to it as gospel…?

A fumbling and mad scramble indeed, easily and quickly substantiated — Dennis King published the briefing in full, it was published at factnet by (probably quasi)-anonymous figures — and the larouche org itself chimed in on its authenticity when it blasted Dennis King’s postings at its various websites, the relevant phrase:

These slanders, along with King’s posting of stolen documents.

I will add that nothing came out of this particular message.
Brian Says:  May 1st, 2007 at 2:45 pm I don’t believe you guys have any idea about LaRouche or his movement. I would reccomend all of you to call them and challenge them personally. Making a stupid website called skull / bones and ranting about something you obviously dont know is retarded. I live in Lynnwood WA, we should meet up and have some of the LYM youth there and then you can tell them how bad LaRouche is in person, unless your just a little pussy that hides behind fourms and posts shit like you know something..

I don’t think so.

When  an article for Kenneth Kronberg appeared on wikipedia, the Larouche Wikipedia Team came out and took their whacks.

:::::::::The statement about suicide is clearly hyperbole in the “briefing,” not intended to be taken literally. Benton is treating it as if it were a literal recommendation. “Malicious” seems to be the right word for this. —NathanDW 16:12, 23 May 2007 (UTC)

And so they continue, as you can see on this wikipedia page, rationalizing the Daily Briefing.  But, for some comedy relief, try this one.:

:::Take a look at WP:SELFPUB. Kronberg was a member of the LaRouche movement, so under Wikipedia policy a self-published source from that movement is acceptable in an article about him. However, in an article about an opponent of the LaRouche movement such as Dick Cheney, material sourced to LaRouche publications would be excluded. —Marvin Diode 14:32, 21 August 2007 (UTC)

The mind boggles.  And, as the Larouche Line evolved, so did the wikipedia assault…

::::How do you know it was “lack of support from his community”? He left no suicide note. For all we know, he was pushed to suicide by a wife who was undermining his life’s work by supporting George Bush. In a matter like this, it is disrectful to the deceased to speculate about his motives, but the real issue here is that the usual gang, King, Berlet, etc., have ghoulishly seized upon Kronberg’s death to push their agenda. That’s why this is a coatrack article. —Masai warrior 13:56, 30 October 2007 (UTC)

And about the Ken Kronberg Memorial Page.
:It is most emphatically not “his family’s memorial website” — it is a propaganda site run by his cousin, acting as a meatpuppet for Dennis King. —NathanDW 01:04, 14 June 2007 (UTC)

That’s an extraordinary claim, isn’t it? ”
To follow an evolution of the “Line”, we can track through the material I batched up here and here.  The startling focal point in terms of re-directional hate came when the Larouche org let it be known that Molly Kronberg donated money to the Bush Campaign.  Well, it is a ways from her congressional campaign days in garnering 285 votes, and back then, — that time in the late 1980s which, in the new drive to demonize Molly Kronberg, became another source of historical revision in the organization to meet the new narrative.

So it was this.
Ted Andromidas (not verified) on Tue Sep. 2, 2008 7:31 PM PDT  Now Molly, for over a decade you have ridiculed and vilified LaRouche. I was there, at gatherings, where you did that. So, using your name means little or nothing. The more interesting question for me is, why DID you hang around? What was the point? Why did you live on a paycheck provided by an organization, and those affiliated with it, that you have so despised for 19 years. Really, cut it out>

Submitted by Molly Kronberg (not verified) on Tue Oct. 7, 2008 10:06 PM PDT
However, I didn’t “live on a paycheck provided by [the] organization”–I never got a paycheck from the organization after 1986, and Ken never got a paycheck from the organization after 1978.
As to my vilifying LaRouche at social gatherings–of course I attacked LaRouche for years, and events have shown just how right I was. In particular, the death of my husband, driven to suicide by LaRouche and his associates, as Avi Klein’s article intimates.

Notable is that the cloddlessness of the cult’s members continued unabetted.
Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Mon Aug. 24, 2009 2:15 AM PDT.
Whatever you say about Larouche as far as predicting the crash of the economy he was right on target.
Wha–?  See too here.
The Washington Monthly piece is an interesting piece of journalism about a truly disturbing event: the death of Ken Kronberg. Unfortunately both Kate’s post and Avi’s article suffer from the usual problems with LaRouche critics: (i) over-reliance on emotive words like “crazy” which don’t describe much except to advertise your own status in the respectible anti-LaRouche crowd (ii) and total mischaracterization of the ideas of the LaRouche movement. […] Sometimes I think that those who claim that the ideas themselves are simply “crazy” simply use that term to convince intelligent fair-minded people not to bother reading them. Now, LaRouche’s personal behavior makes the critics’ mischaracterizations an easier sell. That may be the true crime.

A very curious game of compartmentalizing and rationalizing, I would say, particularly since what is being rationalized isn’t worth a lot.

Then came this.
My ubderstanding is that there were problems in the marriage and this sort of thing has driven many a man to jump off a bridge, out a window, whatever.
Marielle can say whatever she wants now that poor Ken can’t defend himself can’t she?She’s rather low as human beings come.
Posted by: revenire |
March 15, 2009 2:33 PM
And this.
Margaret (author) said:
Molly, aside from being evil, rotten and dirty, your problem is and always was that you are UGLY as SIN. Girl, you were whooped with the ugly stick! Dante needs to come back to create a new circle in Hell just for you.
# 17 September 2008 at 11:39 pm

Classy people, they.
And then, just for kicks, several iterations of this.
Revenire:  (i sure hope none of them jump and if they do it is out of a one story building and not into traffic)
When I get a chance, I’ll edit in the supposed sympathetic posturings that revenire made toward not solely Kronberg but too Duggan — as he sk
Relating to these court cases.

The suit also reprints an article from Larouche’s Web site in which he discussed Kronberg’s death, writing: “Now you’ve got a situation, where he kills himself, because he is living with that witch.”

And on to the legal wranglings of the day.

A former federal prosecutor’s involvement in a fraud trial more than 20 years ago is preventing him from representing a government witness in the case who is now suing the criminal defendants for alleged libel and harassment. […]

Markham said today he’s disappointed with Trenga’s ruling on the defense motion to disqualify and that he will likely ask the judge to reconsider the decision. The Justice Department, he noted, did not find a conflict in his representation of Kronberg. Court records show that Markham’s first contact with Kronberg was in 2009 when she approached him about claims of harassment.

Markham said regardless of whether he or someone else argues for Kronberg, there will be a “very effective presentation” of the claims.

The case proceeds.  The cult continues its public displays of insanity, and the public greets the org’s displays.
In hindsight I managed to eke out  a modest platform that a few former members used to shed some light on the horror of the cult.  It also served an equally useful platform where the Cult itself could show and expose itself when under pressure to reinvent its history.  Legal proceedings continue in Great Britain and in Virginia, see here from this page.  Whatever the legal outcomes, I could only say a record of Immorality is pretty well written, and anyone who can fill in those blanks should do so.

Define “Front”.

Friday, April 9th, 2010

Really?  You’re putting in that position of having to defend Alex Jones?  Really?

I don’t know where this sprouting from, but it begins with this citation of Alex Jones as “Larouche Front Talk Show“.  It roams into this Karl Rove Wall Street Journal request to the Tea Party to “Weed out the Kooks” , referenced for the sake of referencing the word “remnants” —

A small fraction of the tea partiers’ leadership are ambitious individuals who haven’t been able to hold office in either the GOP or Democratic Party. Some are from fringe groups like the John Birch Society or the remnants of the LaRouchies. Others see the tea party movement as a recruiting pool for volunteers for Ron Paul’s next presidential bid.

— Interesting, but I suppose false — or maybe it isn’t… I don’t know.  I would note that Ron Paul supporters basically invented the Tea Party movement, and Republican Party structures encroached to it.
But Comedic gold is as always found in the comments section.
Rove advises Tea Partiers to steer clear of fringe groups.

I agree. The top of the list would be the Democratic Party (especially the Obamatrons)and the Republican Party (especially neo-cons).
He laughingly identifies The John Birch Society. Ha! They are one of the finest promoters of Original American values in existence. If Rove says they are fringe, then he is a Socialist.
Thank you John Birch Society.

From Rove’s missive we jump up back to an Alex Jones reference.

The dangerous Lyndon LaRouche cult is attempting to hijack the TEA party movement.   This cult consists of fanatical followers of LaRouche’s peculiar brand of Marxism.  Interestingly, one of LaRouche’s former high level associates, Webster Tarpley, is now openly working with self-described “patriot” Alex Jones, who runs the infowars and prision planet web sites. […]
The strength of the LaRouche appeal to some TEA partiers was dramatically demonstrated in a recent election when LaRouche-Democrat Congressional candidate Kesha Rogers won the nomination in the 22nd District in Texas.  She campaigned on one main issue — impeach Obama.  That message had great appeal to many in the freedom movement and they came across party lines to nomimate
Rogers victory has done massive harm to the freedom movement by giving LaRouche the one thing he lacked – his own political foothold on the elective battleground.  He used the TEA party movement to give him what he never had – legitimacy.

Mostly the dangerous Larouche Group is interested in standing in front of the Tea Party and claiming it, in various swarths, as itself.  The Tea Party is not in danger of being hi-jacked by such a thing, nor did they particularly vote in the nomination of Kesha Rogers… which is best understood like this.  A bit less so the final sentences here.

My previous comments on the supposed Alex Jones — Larouche Axis is found here — I’m not going to repost them.  I can assure everyone that neither man invented that one about the Rothchilds, or the Vast Eugenics Plot that in Alex Jones’s estimation is leading to the Government secretly building large numbers of Internment Camps throughout Middle America.  But skip past, for the moment, trying to slice the confluence of Political and Conspiratorial issues and let’s look and Hiring and Employee Relations.  From this article:

Ryan was the new guy. He had answered a Craigslist want ad six weeks earlier looking for a radio producer for an unspecified program. “If I put my name in the ad, I’d have fans lining up out the door to apply,” Jones told me. (The location of Jones‘ studio is a carefully guarded secret.) When he applied, Ryan was a casual listener of the show who enjoyed Jones‘ style but thought the subject matter was “a little out there.” After a few weeks immersed in Jones‘s world, however, he was a believer. “If you saw what we see every day–fifty to a hundred articles all calling for global government, for eugenics, mind control, and everything else–you’d believe it too,” he said.

I’m a little chagrined by the ease of falling into the opinions sprouted by Alex Jones based on a sort of immersion, but it appears there is an exchange of wages for services rendered.  As for the Larouche org, here we see two workers doing their deeds for their employer.

Well, the figures speak for themselves for Renee Sigerson and John Sigerson.  Significant tithing, I would say.

Did you know there’s a war going on in Seattle?  Take ONE.

Rave To our neighbors who for years have treated the neighborhood to the gift of their outdoor tree decorated with different colored lights and charms for every holiday. Thanks for the lovely spectacle!”
Rant To [political activist Lyndon] LaRouche supporters. If you really want to reach the intelligence of voters, do it through intelligent means. I would talk with you, but your posters of President Obama as Hitler make me feel that LaRouche supporters belong to a cult. Though you may be adamantly against his policies, the president is no Hitler, and it’s rude to make that comparison. How about a picture of LaRouche instead, or posters saying how LaRouche can fix our country’s issues? Why turn off people you want to reach?

… And Jeers to this rusty tailgate.
You know.  This is a bad idea.  They are quite capable of doing this — I think I remember seeing them with something in 2004 with Larouche’s visage next to Lincoln and Roosevelt.
Anyway, I think the cult is liable to take this headline seriously, as seriously as they take their War on the British Empire.
… preparing with their Larouche Constitutional Dollars.

According to a police report, another sign-wielding Mooninite (that’s what we’re calling them now) called police at about 4:00pm on March 24th and said he’d been assaulted by an angry passerby.
Police arrived at the scene and found the man “carrying large political signs with a very unflattering picture of our country’s current president.”
The victim told police he was holding his sign “and trying to engage passersby in conversation” when a “very enraged” man walked up to him, circled around him and began screaming “fucking retard” over and over. The suspect also told the victim he “was in a cult,” tried to grab his sign, and then shoved him.

I beg of everyone: this is not the way to fight the War on Larouchies.  They Battle must be Waged and won with Youtube Videos.

Those people are assholes. I had my 85 year-old mother (who still hasn’t gotten over the closure of F&N) downtown a few years back, and one of them got in her face and started screaming some obscenity laced tirade about Bush.
Mom is a Democrat, but she’s also a lady who doesn’t stand for words like that. I thought she was going to hit him with her handbag (if she were twenty years younger she would have)
Seriously, they’re just jerks. I don’t know what they’re trying to accomplish. Reminding us that LaRouche is still alive?

… We’ll see when the man dies if that’s the whole aim of their antics.

… Wait.  They aim to bring Kesha Rogers to congress (though apparently they already think they have), (last sentences in my post already linked), Summer Shields, and Rachel Brown.  Right?  Roll through the campaigns.

In the span of a few minutes, several people spoke to the LaRouche/Brown supporters and signed a document on a clipboard.
When the Advocate editor asked why the Brown supporters had a sign with Obama’s face and a mustache like Hitler’s, they refused to answer, however.
A young male in the group said, “We’re not talking to people.”
Asked if that meant the press, considering that he was talking to several people, he repeated his refusal and said, “It’s all on the website.” He blocked his face with his hand while the Advocate editor took a few more pictures.
The woman in the group said she was a Brown supporter but she also refused to answer questions.
While the press took photos, she turned the sign so her body was blocking Obama’s mustached portrait. She also said to look for information about Brown’s candidacy on her website, rachelbrownforcongress.

Wait.  They’re not talking to people?  Well then.  That’s a start, because it at least means they’re no longer shouting invectives at already.  (See the 85 year old mom in Seattle.)

How’s the Summer Shields campaign going?

Surely the New Jersey readers want to know about supporting this candidate.

Summer Justice Shields, running in the California Democratic Congressional Primary 8th District now represented by Nancy Pelosi, was informed that he would not be allowed a booth at the upcoming California Democratic Party Convention. With the second lowest approval rating in the House of only 11%, her seat is considered one of the most vulnerable. Campaigning, sometimes door to door, Summer Shields has seen widespread support for the need for her and the Obama Administration’s replacement with a return to the nation of a “Hamiltonian” banking and credit system, starting with a “Pecora Commision” federal criminal investigation of the roles of all those responsible for foisting the Wall Street bailouts on the nation, including now Treasury Secretary Timmy Geithner, Chris Dodd, Barney Frank, and Hank Paulson. The following article is from the website, and at Summer Shields for Congress California Democrats Move to Exclude LaRouche from State Convention

Wait.  Where does that come from?  Here, I guess.  An absurdly low approval rating, an almost absurdly low disapproval rating, and a  bunch of blank.
Rules of thumb:  Congress is NEVER popular — reflected to congressional leadership.  Your congress-critter almost invariably is, in your district.  This is a bizarre trick, apparently coming with the same feelers that hold that Kesha Rogers has been elected to Congress.

Anyway… You know something?  This citation of “Neo-Nazi Girl” is false, but it occurs to me…

Are you kidding? You’re either profoundly incompetent or just plain lying. Do not talk to me about dignity or respect either. You accuse the LaRouche movent of racism and ani-semetism knowing full well that we are running a candidate, Mr. Summer Sheilds, in the Democratic Primary against Nancy Pelosi who is African American. So you permit these kinds of slanders to appear on your website without ever even talking to a LaRouche candidate.
They’re NOT TALKING TO PEOPLE.  What is the press supposed to do about weird people waving nazi-images put together by largely forgotten cults (see Karl Rove’s “remnants” remark.)
Why would they have any particular reason to “know full well” such?  See too this San Francisco newspaper article.  Pelosi, who faces no Democrats in June, will “take a look” at who wins the GOP primary in her district and “go from there,” her political director, Jennifer Crider, said.

Silverchild pops in to echo “European”:
The young lady you reference is NO Nazi, but is fighting fascism!
We will remember that Jeremiah Duggan joined the Larouche organization because of the “Anti-Nazi campaigns” the org was involved with “at the time”.  Silverchild, I will point out, calls Jeremiah Duggan “Jeremy” here — as did Howie G.

Wikipedia Edit Attempt Alert.

Anyway, relating to Duggan… as the recent Channel 4 special brought some new people to view it — an example here

Any fans of Bugsy Malone?  Event described here, Petition description here.

BBC 4 “Lost Abroad”.

Friday, April 2nd, 2010

It is curious to note this weird item (is there any other kind?) from Larouche.  I won’t suggest to read the whole thing, but I will say read what you want — and I will just clip this.

There could be no reasonable objection to stating that the so-called “health bill” just rammed through by President Barack Obama, is a carbon copy of the original form of what became notorious as the wartime practice of genocide by Adolf Hitler. Indeed, the very essence of the argument put forward by President Obama is a treasonous attack on the great principle of the Preamble of the U.S. Federal Constitution.The essence of the matter is that President Barack Obama, just like Adolf Hitler, has shown himself incapable of distinguishing between a human being and a roasted goose for someone’s dinner.As for the culpable members of the U.S. Congress who made themselves complicit in this Hitler-like crime against humanity, in the main, they acted not as men or women, but as barnyard chickens, hoping that they were not next on the table.
So, like the children who fall victims of sodomy, they are denied their humanity in the same disregard for the distinction of human being from barnyard beast. All of this goes to show, that the great defect of U.S. morality today, is the people who are supporting Obama, are like the men who practice sodomy on children, like President Obama, lacking a clear understanding of the difference between man and a beast misused for their entertainment.

He goes on to align his org with the Vatican’s line regarding it’s pedophile scandal — Media Diversion — and here I will note that I was prepped for this because Howie G is always is a day or so ahead of LPAC in pushing the Larouchian line.  And there we take the cue from the ultra-conservative Catholic Doctrine on sex, followed by the suggestion of some “insider” connection, and in the footnotes a number of historical figures pop up for no other reason than — just because.

The new Obama Follower Sex Fixation (and there is more here) appears to have seeped into the cult’s followers — as evidenced by this:

A female co-worker of mine was leaving the post office, located at 2772 Roosevelt St., when the demonstrator, one of two 20-something white males, asked her to sign the petition. She refused and kept walking. The man, wearing a white shirt, hat and sunglasses, yelled that she “just wanted to see Obama naked.” […]

Tangentially, this line of argument <supporters of ex-convict and alleged cult leader and anti-Semite Lyndon LaRouche—has many Jewish leaders, but when pressed to name any of them or provide evidence that Jews support LaRouche, he refused. >  misses the mark on Larouche’s anti-semitism.  If I want to give “European” any credence for his “KKKNAZIBLEH” statements, it comes from around there — it should be noted though, that instead of answering with your “Jeff Steinberg” (He count as any type of “Leader”?), they made the “Go Back to your wacky Facebook” pitch.  (Your Facebook and your Sex?) A similar effect can be seen in  this youtube video of a deployment where the Larouche member just keeps repeating the word “bitch”.

So, a few months ago, “Rachel Holmes” left the comment here that “chewing gum and Hitler.  Perfectly describes what holds LaRouche World together.”   This is not wholly true.  The third component is a juvenile sexual distortion.

For See the last posts from “European” at factnet, where he made this weird and curious statement.
Beside that, J. Duggan got attracted to the organization because of the anti-nazi campaigns it had at the time,

There is no “Anti-Nazi” campaign.  There never has been.  Jeremiah Duggan was drawn into what he thought was an anti-war conference in what he thought was an anti-war movement.  He was ever-so-briefly peddling, or with people who were peddling, something called “Children of Satan”, what turned out to be a four parter.  Unfortunately, he would make an appearance in Part 3 — subtitled (ahem): “The Sexual Congress for Cultural Fascism”, wherein his life is settled into (from here):

That publication contends that Jeremiah was mentally ill and points out that German authorities continue to stand by their finding of suicide. It portrays Jeremiah’s grieving mother as a dupe who has been pressured into joining the worldwide conspiracy to get LaRouche: “The objective of the media smear campaign, linking LaRouche-affiliated organizations to the Duggan suicide, is to build pressure in several Continental European countries, and eventually launch a major disruption of the LaRouche campaign . . . to assure that if there is a John Kerry Presidency, LaRouche will be nowhere near the premises.”

Other than that, the pamphlets place pictures of Dick Cheney, Richard Perle, Paul Wolfowitz next to your picture of Adolf Hitler.  Skip to today and the next step in the evolution of that technique is simply to merge a Hitler mustache onto your Barack Obama and Harry Reid.  As for that “Sexual Congress” thing, we have come full circle with their latest iteration of the question “Do you know the difference between man and the animals?”

The person in the pseudonym “European” related his meetings with Jeremiah Duggan on factnet.  I do not believe I read them at the time, but reading them now I am left in the great “Huh?” with these posts.

1) Something made him have this world outlook. I would try to find out what he did BEFORE he met the organization, in Paris! What was his life REALLY back then? (Usually relatives dont know everything about what once children are up to.) His worldview was when I spoke to him very similar to those that have suicidial pacts, or people that experience things that make them suicidial. He COULD have been on drugs!

I at least have some reference points for where one can conjecture “suicidal”.  For “Suicide Pact”, I really have not the foggiest reference point — outside of, perhaps, the hysterical 1980s anti-Heavy Metal campaigns aped in the Larouche org by Don Phau (for appeals to Christian Conservatives, I suppose?) and currently all the rage in the Islamic World.  This is a bizarre conjecture, made stranger by his denial.

Suicide pact! Ridiculous! An insult against me!

Back to his “When I met Jeremiah Duggan” posts:
I noticed something very soon after we started do discuss. Duggan was psychologically very unstable. He had a very pessimistic and negative view of life when I spoke to him. The thing he was opposing with the organization that evening was that the organization believed it could create peace in the middle east. He said that man was evil, the world was evil and God was in fact Satan that torments all people. Life is evil and just a pain!
This is weird.  Parody is redundant with the organization, so it doesn’t look like a parody of the cult’s double thinking on who’s in with us and who’s out against us, and the mind power tricks that come from them, so much as a straight-ahead duplication.  The futher give-away is the reference to drugs.  There is a “Through the Looking Glass” feel to this report, along the lines of my last post’s side by side placement of an LPAC release on a deployment in Detroit next to a Detroit News report on seemingly the same deployment.

I admit European is more difficult to explain than “Revenire” — who hasn’t posted here in a while, but notably his initial thrusts here revolved on Jeremiah Duggan — on whom I had comparatively not focused much attention.  Or the Larouche Wikipedia Team, whose most fervent dream is to delete the entry on Jeremiah Duggan, but would settle for some dilution down to the German Report and removal of reference of Duggan on the other Larouche pages.  For that matter, the figure of Alan Osler, who can find it himself to make an issue of being able to — in the year 2008 — to ably mistype Larouche’s name and find information on Larouche where Erica Duggan in 2003 couldn’t.  (The logical line of implication with that one would be that Alan Osler wanted to say Duggan was lying about mistyping Larouche’s name?) The problem is I’ve known the identity of “European”.

I can say very little with any certainty on Jeremiah Duggan.  Read the details here.  He attended what he thought was an anti-war conference.  He realized that it was something entirely different.  He made a desperate call to his mom, and was then run over in traffic by a truck.  For seven years, Erica Duggan has had to make sense of the final “Get Me Out of Here” call, and the Larouche organization has been publishing nonsense putting the news story in the framework of British and geopolitical plots.

Yesterday, British Channel 4 broadcast a documentary tracking her efforts.  It is available here.  We also see further news stories here, here, here, here and here.
The Guardian’s tv capsule of the program doesn’t do it justice.  Jeremiah Duggan had been travelling around Europe when he made a panicked phone call to his mother back in London. Less than an hour later he was hit by several cars near Frankfurt having apparently run into the road., 
The tv capsule for The Mirror is a little off..
Seven years later Erica is still trying to find out what led her handsome, clever and caring son to travel to Germany with a group of anti-war protesters. 
But then again, the final sentence for that Guardian capsule looks accurate.:

Both families want justice for their children in the same way the rest of us want to breathe in and out.


Special additional note:

“Er,” I said. “Um, so, who are you guys..?”

“We’re supporters of Lyndon LaRouche. We just got a representative elected in Texas…! Did you know that Obama’s conspiring to shut down NASA?” he demanded.
No you didn’t.  Kesha Rogers was not elected to the House of Representatives.  Sorry, try again.