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continuing coverage of Kesha Rogers’s March to Congress.

Thursday, March 11th, 2010

I am meaning to look back over the comments sections for the various blog and news posts that came out of the Kesha Rogers victory in Texas — 22.  Anything new?  Well, here’s how the people in Texas — 22 are taking it.

Or, if you’re not all that interested in street theater, instructions on how to de-select Kesha Rogers if you’re plopping down that insta-Straight Democratic Ticket — follow through on links off of this page.  Note on Gerry Birnberg – Obviously, the county party chairs want you to vote a straight ticket, which is why Gerry Birnberg was trying so hard to make lemonade in that story. — Still a stupid comment.

Also, we may as well note — their stipends from Leesburg don’t cover the price of beer.

OMG! A few years back a whole gaggle of LoRouchies flew into our fundraiser. I made the mistake of letting them in on “student” prices as a favor to Kesha. BIG MISTAKE!

We asked for a donation for beer. The key word was “asked”. Seems like that meant “free” to them.

They did help clean up after the event. In fact we had an unused case of wine (value $80) that they helped take to someones car. I presumed it was one of the organizers car.

The thing I’m watching is to see if this spurs an up-tik in the cults’ contributions to the campaigns of Rachel Brown against Barney Frank and Summer Shields against Nancy Pelosi.  They believe they’re charging forward with the Mass Strike, dangedit, and now’s the time to splurge.
… And getting in touch with anyone round about “Tea Party” they can.

One of the curious things from the blogger reaction came from wonkette.  The headline identified the candidate in question, Kesha Rogers, as a “Birther”.  Can someone point me to where Kesha Rogers making comments about Obama’s Kenyan citizenship?  I’ll take her masters of Larouche and Harley Schlanger for that purpose.  I did find one comment here… Birther?  That may be searching for money from the True Believers, though.

Robert Beltran threw in $300 for Kesha Rogers.  Now that the whole thing is picking up steam, I’m sure he will now throw in contributions for Rachel Brown and Summer Shields and Rachel Brown, right?  Of interest, this comment, conferring my last Larouche post’s comment that their educational curriculum boils down to letting the LYM members in on a table headed by Larouche seated by various luminaries plotting strategy against another table with other luminaries (Queen Elizabeth, George Soros, etc.)

Their original thinking is well grounded in study of great and beloved friends of the past who have contributed original thoughts, eg. Kepler, Gauss, Mozart, Bach, Shakespeare, Vernadsky and present leaders, Pope Benedict XVI, Amelia Boynton Robinson, Robert Beltran, the old geezer himself, Lyndon LaRouche, Jeff Steinberg, John Hoefle, Helga Zepp-LaRouche, etc. Keep an eye on Summer Shields who will be running against Nancy Pelosi and Rachel Brown who will challenge “Bail-Out” Barney Frank.

Well, I guess we have that axiom rattling.  Gauss and Mozart and Kepler and Bach and Shakespeare — Oh My!  Well, they’re not all that original in this tact.

Okay, they can claim some dead people, but… can they really claim the Pope?

Robert Beltran recap:   I once felt fear at a Star Trek convention. This convention in New Jersey advertised all of Star Trek: Voyager’s crew. All came but Kate Mulgrew. I was watching the Knight’s club table when Robert Beltran (Chakotay) was on stage. A fan had asked him what his opinion of the Star Trek universe was and Beltran candidly replied it was: he goes to work, he performs his lines, and he gets his paycheck. And the crowed BOOED him! I made a note of the emergency exits. That is precisely what you *don’t* say to Star Trek fans!

Hey!  Maybe the Larouche organization should run him.  Hollywood glitz and all that Schwarzenegger stuff, right?



Sunday, March 7th, 2010

I was thinking I could let this story lie.  I would get back to it with my usual brush-off on Friday.  Then I saw this quote.  True, this is qualified  support, but it is a type of favorable support nonetheless, and one that in key passages I am having serious trouble straining out these statements that could fit a context that would put Gerry Birnberg’s words intoa a favorable context.

“One of the things the LaRouchites are able to do is to engage young people,” said Gerry Birnberg, chairman of the Harris County Democratic Party. “If she can turn out young people to vote for Democrats, all the better.”

Birnberg said Rogers has much to commend her. He said his main objection to her candidacy is her association with LaRouche, and that if she instead held many of the same views but belonged to a group called “LBJ Democrats,” her ideas would appear much more mainstream.

Birnberg and Rogers both said much of LaRouche’s economic thinking is in line with Franklin D. Roosevelt‘s, including investment in public works, separating commercial from investment banking and opposition to corporatism.

The reaction has died off justifiably so — a lot of bloggers connected to the area have thrown in their “Final word”.  As everyone paying attention to politics in Texas know, a Lyndon Larouche Youth Member by the name of Kesha Rogers, supporting a platform of Impeaching President Obama on a platform of cutting NASA funding and pushing a Health Care Agenda characterized as a direct copy of that implemented by Adolf Hitler.

Right there, on the most superficial look at the situation, Harris County Democratic party chairman Gerry Birnberg should be removed from his position.

I am actually rather circumspect and nonplussed by Kesha Rogers’s victory.  I had posted on factnet a sentence that this would be a year a Larouchie could sneak in a Democratic Primary victory — though, I did follow that with a sentence that they won’t.  Another poster, by the pseudonym “chator”, pointed out the fairly obvious that Kesha Rogers, running in a heavily Republican district with a Republican Incumbent and not well known Democratic contenders, was their best shot of the three Larouche Youth Members running — Summer Shields  against Nancy Pelosi and Rachel Brown against Barney Frank.  When I refer it as the best year it could happen, I refer to it in the same way that 2008 was the year a perenial idiosyncratic candidate Bob Kelleher had at winning a Republican nomination for US Senate in Montana.  Party fortunes are down.  If you wish to chalk up a primary reason for Doug Blatts defeat, it is simply that his election did not mean anything — he was likely primed for a lop-sided defeat to Pete Olsen, and thus he had few resources to turn to churn away at party Apathy against a Crowded Ballot.

Circumspectly, I don’t fault anyone — though I don’t blame anyone who might.  But I still retain a definite demand on how the Democratic Party should respond to the campaign of Kesha Rogers on behalf of the Lyndon Larouche Movement.  She should have no political party support of any type, and at any prompting a denunciation of her organization as a vicious demagogic cult.  I am in principle opposed to the idea being floated out there to remove her from the ballot in the same way the last Larouche Democratic candidate that pulled off a victory in Texas did — Claude Jones — though I admit that I am not all that strongly opposed.  Falling short of cutting all ties, Harris County Democratic County chairman offered the Lyndon Larouche Movement that line of support.

“One of the things the LaRouchites are able to do is to engage young people,” said Gerry Birnberg, chairman of the Harris County Democratic Party. “If she can turn out young people to vote for Democrats, all the better.”

Understand what these lines represent.  Gerry Birnberg has just thrown rhetorical support, useful for Larouche’s propaganda purposes in spurring forward his cadre of workers revved up to continually battle the onslaught of a “New Dark Ages”, to an organization I will now characterize in three ways.:

#1:  A Crypto – Fascist Personality Death Cult.
#2:  A multi level marketing Marketing Scam running off of political frustration
#3:  A long time pop cultural punch line.

My phrase “Crypto-Fascist Personality Death Cult” may sound a little like referring to something as “Poopy-heads”, but a quick look would show much the worse from the Larouche organization ala “Locusts”.  It may be that should leave out the “crypto” before “Fascist”, but I harbor a basic desire not to spot, even in extremities, an ideological spectrum.  “Personality cult” comes from the act the organization has had in convincing their small number of activists that Larouche is the most important person in all of Human History.  Their education studies amounts to sitting them at a metaphorical chair headed by Larouche and across from the likes of Franklin Roosevelt, Johannes Kepler, Gottfried Leibniz, Aristotle, Abraham Lincoln, and Fenimore Cooper to feel a part of the plotting strategy against a similar table where sits George Soros, Bertrand Russell, Queen Elizabeth, and Mark Twain — the forces trying to unleash a New Dark Ages.  That is how the organization “engages” ”young people”.   I put the word “Death” in there as as we speak, Erica Duggan is attempting to convince the British Government to open up an investigation into the circumstances of her son’s death, a long process that has sparked the Larouche organization to blame it on Dick Cheney and Barronness Symons.  And I refer to the suicide of Printer Kenneth Kronberg upon reading a memo on the morning of April 11, 2007 directly blaming the organization’s misfortunes on the Baby Boomers, particularly the printer.  His widow has a lawsuit currently filed for the campaign commenced against her, fabricating her as the cause of Larouche’s Criminal Problems in the late 1980s.

Regarding the political multi-level Marketing Scam reference, the organization takes a special pride in the confusion garnered by their ideological chameleon act.  The one constant in 40 years has been their trading off on political frustrations and anger at the moment with raw, demagougic appeals.  As a rule, when they have meant to gain recruits — Kesha Rogers during the Bush Administration for instance, they have voiced concerns from the Left.  When they have meant to raise funds, they’ve appealed toward the right.  The logical result of the organization as marketing scam came when Larouche was charged and convicted of Credit Fraud in their dealings with elderly donors in particular, at that time with appeals such as a campaign to quarantine AIDs victims.

I don not expect Gerry Birnberg to have a ready knowledge on the history of the Lyndon Larouche organization.  Life is too short to maintain active awareness of a fringe cult.  I do expect him to be cognitive of what he endorses and condones.  On the most superficial level, this reaction to Kesha Rogers’s victory falls up against the broad cross-partisan (and across to England) reaction this election result has garnered: laughter.    I fail to see what good this endorsement makes.  We have a couple of Simpsons references, one Futurama joke, a Saturday Night Live parody, a reference in a comic book by Howard Chaykin, a joke made by Dennis Miller on Monday Night Football, and a pop cultural footnote reference list that goes on from there.

For comparison’s sake, at least any Republican official who hedged their bets in the early 1990s on the Senate and Gubernatorial nominations in Louisiana of David Duke would have done so with an electoral voting c0nstituency in their sight.  Further, from a purely superficial partisan level, the Larouche organization counts at this moment any Republican electoral victory, including Scott Brown’s in Massachusetts, as their personal victory and vindication that the “Masses” have turned to them.  A chair of a local Democratic Party should not be speaking favorably of an organization actively working to defeat the Democratic Party.

Birnberg said Rogers has much to commend her. He said his main objection to her candidacy is her association with LaRouche, and that if she instead held many of the same views but belonged to a group called “LBJ Democrats,” her ideas would appear much more mainstream.

The Larouche organization had previously siphoned themselves officially under a rubric of “FDR Democrats”, now they only do so unofficially.  I do not think it is wise to encourage a group to camouflage them under more favorable politicians.  I assume the reference to “Lyndon Johnson” is not merely an allusion to their shared first name, but also meant as a push-back to some of the characterizations of the locally popular issue with space exploration, as well a reference to the highest elected Texas Democrat.  But it is wholly inappropriate comparison.

Leaving aside the matter of the Vietnam War, Lyndon Johnson left behind the two major Domestic Achievements of the Civil Rights Act and Medicare.  When Lyndon Johnson used the phrase, “We Shall Overcome” to define his push for Civil Rights, Martin Luther King Jr reportedly choked up at the clear cut non-equivocating meaning.  Lyndon Johnson took a long poltical path to that point, that started with the customary Southern Democrat’s first Congressional floor speech defending Segregation, then later aligning himself to be picked for party leadership from the Southern Dixiecrat power-brokers (Richard Russell), and in pursuit of national office pushed through a weak civil rights bill in 1957, weak enough to pass Southern Dixiecrat muster.  From there he defined himself by picking up the somewhat undefined legacy of the assassinated John Kennedy and “Gave Up the South for the Democratic Party for a Generation”.  On the campaign trail in 1964, he deleiverd an anti-demagoic appeal in Louisiana with use of rather blunt language.
Lyndon Larouche’s civil rights legacy includes working with Ku Klux Klan leader Roy Frankhouser, and — when he decided the way to furbish his historic reputation amongst his cadre — recruiting two King disciples to suggest he was going through the same thing King went trhough.  One, James Bevel, stopped by the Larouche organization en route to Louis Farrahkan’s organization (and was later convicted of incest).  The other can be seen on a video at youtube giving effusive praise to President Barack Obama.

Regarding Medicare, the Larouche organization is clinging to the line that they are attacking the Obama administration’s Health Care policies from the Left.  I am fairly sure that a majority of Democrats would support an expanded Medicare program over Obama’s health policy.  But I am also pretty certain that the Larouche organization would peg such a policy push as out of Nazi Germany, for the same reason they are pegging the current policy push as out of Nazi Germany.  It maintains the organizations’s sense of fighting on the Eve of Armegeddon, and aligns them with polarized political forces.
Noted too that the Larouche organization has cut out their employees’s Health Care Plans, and moved a lot of their people to the ranks of “Volunteer”.

I do not blame this embarrassing election result on anybody.  Embarrassing election results happen in every election cycle in a lot of low impact elections.  This one is perhaps a bit more embarrassing as it comes attached with a rather vicious highly demagogic  organization, and is not entertained by a single idiosyncratic person.
What am I to make of Gerry Birnberg’s qualified condonings?  They strike me as disqualifications for his job.

Kesha Rogers to provide crucial 218th vote for Obama Impeachment over NASA defunding

Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010

… or more likely, the General Election will come, Kesha Rogers will win 15 or so percent of the vote against Pete Olson’s 70 and a feeble write in bid’s 15, and Kesha’s sponsors with the Larouche organization will claim victory that night with the on going mass strike as the Democrats lose 20 House seats.  (Hell.  Make that 50 and a Speaker Boehner.  I don’t care, so far as this topic goes.)

Most importantly, some funds will slush through with the twin dualities of impeaching Obama (there’s an audience) and refunding NASA (there’s a different audience, and concentrated in this district.  The Larouche honchos — quick!  What’s that name I can’t think of right now — the guy in Texas right now — holds all those classes. — knew what they were doing, and I knew what they were doing.)

It is moderatly surprising, though not jaw droppingly so.  We knew that of the three Larouche Youth Candidates, this one was the one that had the best chance to pull the “Illinois 1986″.  I will have Kesha Rogers to kick around until November — meaning I may as well start getting her name right.  It is a bug in our electioning system, but in this case not a very big bug.  This is fairly low impact — for comparison’s sake to the great Larouche Illinois victories of 1986, Kesha Rogers is Janice Hart, the Treasurer victor easily lumped away in any Democratic Voting function, and not Mark Fairchild, the Lt Governor candidate who doomed Adlai Stevenson III’s run as he was election-wise now tied to him.

Under came in secondAND:
Yesterday was election day in Texas, and I voted.  And I voted.  And then I voted some more.  If my count was correct, I voted fifty-two times. [..]
But this is ridiculous.  The correct word for most of the elections that happened in Texas today, and that happen in primary elections around the nation all spring and summer this year, is farce.  No one has any idea what they’re doing (especially in primaries, and in nonpartisan elections, in which you don’t even get a useful cue about what to do).

A good chance to mock Texas in general.  And for the larouchies to call the cull of sort of wacky “human interest” stories this election result pops up as “Hit pieces”.  (Oh my god, are you kidding me?  TIME FOR TRUTH makes an appearance, from vintage “Time for Truth Factnet posting” days!!!)

Noted that Kesha Rogers now enjoys a wikipedia page, thanks to a person who apparently has an interest in odd politics.  That makes sense.  More interesting, if you go to the “Jeremiah Duggan” page history , you see some very recent change attempts from someone with the id of “DraftCB”, who is apparently a “sock puppet” of a banned user “Soledad22″.  I don’t know my Draftcbs or my Soledad22s, but it is funny how a lot of new identities of sock puppets sure take active interest in setting up their wares to sell or guard the Larouche empire at wikipedia.

The edits appear to be something in the vein of silverchild:

This article is full of plain old lies, but what would one expect from a British newspaper? [...]
As for Jeremy Duggan, it is a terrible tragedy that he took his own life, but to blame it on LaRouche is insanely false and totally politically motivated! The kid had a history of depression, prescription drug use, and psychological problems-due in some part to his parents’ divorce. His mother knows that, but she was manipulated into defaming and blaming LaRouche by Baroness Liz Symons, a friend of Lyn Cheney, the wife of former VP Dirty Dick Cheney.

Deep in their heart and guts, what percentage of Larouche members trully believe that Dick Cheney had anything to do with Jeremiah Duggan?


This is a valid point, as are the Action Group’s criticisms of the court and criminal justice system for failing to establish a wider responsibility that went beyond the actions of the actual murderer. Both these points need to be put in context. Germany has a long history of neo-nazi violence, with victims ranging from the homeless, left-wingers, asylum seekers, migrants, black people and other non-white German citizens. Case after case from the Lübeck fire (1996)[1], to the hounding to death of the Algerian asylum seeker, Farid Guendoul (2000)[2], to the death in disturbing circumstances of the British Jewish student Jeremiah Duggan (2003)[3], have revealed a pattern of neglect – what we in the UK might call institutionalised racism – by both the police and the public prosecution service. This pattern ranges from the bringing of inappropriate charges, (manslaughter is often substituted for murder), flawed prosecutions (public prosecutors have been known to refuse to allow evidence of racist background to be heard), lenient sentencing as well as failure to develop a victim’s perspective on extreme-right violence. (There has been criticism, for instance, of the lack of compensation for the victims of racism.) And it is not just academics who are suffering from the knee-jerk reaction of police officers to file suits for slander. Amnesty International has documented a pattern whereby those who allege police racism find themselves served with a counter-accusation of insulting and slandering police officers.

One can only hope that this misguided court case against Dr Sabine Schiffer will finally bring issues of institutionalised racism within the German criminal justice system to the fore.

the congressional campaigns of Keesha Rogers, Rachel Brown, and Summer Shields: Let’s Impeach the President for ending a Space mission the public is not paying attention toward.

Friday, February 26th, 2010

Every large-scale movement has disparate forces and peripheral players that are not central to the causes and concerns of most activists. While they deserve some mention, journalists should also maintain a sense of perspective so that readers are properly informed about overall tone and direction of the political forces at work. [...] Tea Party Activists Interlinked with Aryan Nation, John Birchers, Lyndon LaRouche.

As too:
Lately people have been appearing at meetings with posters of Obama as Hitler. Some of these posters came from the followers of Lyndon LaRouche. One can only wonder who gave the cash-strapped LaRouche movement money for the vile signs. The inclusion of the LaRouchists in the rightist anti-Obama coalition underscores a decision to draw more upon the growing far-right fringe groups.
Not really a decision on their part.  The Larouchists I mean.  To dispute, and arguably the thrust is about the same but with a different political viewpoint.
The left has a political interest in defining the broad backlash against expanded government as identical to the worst elements of the Tea Party movement — birthers and Birchers, militias and nativists, racists and conspiracy theorists, acolytes of Ron Paul, Tom Tancredo and Lyndon LaRouche.
You know, Ron Paul did just win the CPAC presidential straw poll.  Also, I can’t categorize “Ron Paul” as wholly negative an element.  Tom Tancredo addressed the Tea Party convention.  What do you want from me?  I guess the only real demand on me is to differentiate a cult from a, quote-in-quote “cult”.  See Bill Maher, look the video up for this transcript — key reference in script:
[slide of Obama with Hitler mustache.].


LaRoucheisright SaysFebruary 24th, 2010 at 8:32 pm Lyndon Larouche is the only one who knows what to do now. Check the vids on my channel, or go straigt to the LaRouche youth movement news page larouchepacdotcom and read the breaking developements, or listen to one of the webcasts.

All right.  Activitate.  Taking on the Haiti tragedy:

During the question and answer period, LaRouche PAC representative Shannon Chew, intervened into what had otherwise been an attempt by the relevant panelist, Rev. Thomas Streit, to cover over the immense biological disaster befalling disaster stricken Haiti, now. Chew forcefully introduced the reasons why Lyndon LaRouche’s Army Corps of Engineers-style relocation and evacuation of lower-elevation city denizens, is absolutely necessary to avert a potential biological holocaust. This met with initial speechlessness and shock from the crowd, and the panelists, too, who decided to take it as a statement for the record.

They sat there, speechless.  Shocked and stunned.  FANTASTIC!
Mostly they just have some things to write out on the placard dropping from their card-tables to confuse stray passerbyers that this might be a Haiti Aid project, incurring stray donations.  They resemble nothing so much as the Scientologists in exploiting these tragedies, and internalizing stories about action.

As Lyndon LaRouche emphasized on Wednesday, there is currently a concatenation of events which must merge to force the impeachment or resignation under threat of impeachment of President Barack Obama within a matter of the next two or three weeks if civilization is to have any chance of surviving. LaRouche’s own call for Obama’s impeachment is the crucial initiative necessary to bring the growing revolt against Obama’s policies to the necessary deliberate conclusion in time.

As LaRouche has said, we need a great U-turn. As long as Obama is still President, nothing will be capable of being done to save this country or civilization.

Yesterday’s so-called Health Summit was a case in point. A new CNN poll shows that at most 25 percent of the US population supports the Obama Senate bill. And yet Obama remains completely committed to ramming this fascist bill through using the so-called reconciliation process in the Senate, despite the fact that to do so violates the fundamental Constitutional principle of the mass strike underway in the U.S. today—the principle that all legislation is only legitimate if it receives the consent of the governed.

Suppose it’s true.  Suppose the president passes through the Congress a policy that is the most hated and reviled policy in the history of Human Civilization, against a backdrop of protests that represent the fervant desires of 80 percent of the public.  Unpopularity and Unpopular Policies is not grounds for Impeachment, lest we end up jettisoning every single president in American history.  It is a stringing attachment to a fringe and incoherent political position.

Suppose, also, that we follow through with Impeachment for the following reason.

Rep. Pete Olson (R-TX) vowed earlier this week to fight for Constellation in Congress as the FY11 budget works its way through the House. “Congress is going to challenge this plan,” the Houston Chronicle quotes Olson as saying at a meeting Wednesday. However, that’s mild compared to what one potential Democratic challenger says should be done. “If you want to save NASA, call for the impeachment of Obama,” said Kesha Rogers, a candidate in the Democratic primary in the 22nd district, which Olson now represents. Rogers is linked to Lyndon LaRouche, who made a similar call for the president’s impeachment because of his NASA policy earlier this month.

Suppose the Republicans in Congress decide that they will now, at this date, make their focal electoral and political strategy the Impeachment of President Barack Obama based on Obama’s short-changing  the NASA budget and cutting a mission…

… as the principle item of Impeachment — Cutting the NASA budget…

Do you have any idea what would happen?  Mitch McConnell goes on the Sunday talk shows and hammers home the NASA related Impeachment plans.  Every Republican Congressional candidates puts this at the very top of their proposal lists.  Do you know what the result would be?
Basically, the Democrats — right now poised to lose a boatful of seats in the November mid-term election, would win.  Every seat, basically.  And I mean that.

The situation is on a very short political fuse. Many will get caught up in the predicates and balk at the necessary action. (Indeed.)  Our job is to kick against the pricks of pragmatism and provide the necessary leadership. Impeach Obama now!

The question for this story.

thatone says: February 22, 2010 at 2:16 pm
Why even give serious journalistic coverage to these loons? Followers of Lyndon Larouche? Really?!?! These Hitler comparisons are so offensive I don’t even know where to start. What in anything Obama has ever done suggests he is going to gas millions of men, women, and children to create a master race? Before you sign a petition like that, do some research. Is anyone paying attention to facts anymore? Stop getting sound bites from entertainers pretending to be newscasters.

Which tends to dove-tail into this perenial commentary.

Trilateral Commission wrote @ February 19th, 2010 at 10:33 pm
Heavens, for all these years I thought Lyndon LaRouche had become wormfood over two decades ago. He’s not endorsing candidates (Democrats no less?!) from beyond the grave now is he?
That is pretty much the case.  AND
I keep hearing about all the outrage over shutting down of constellation and how this is President Obama’s waterloo but both the numbers of comments and the number of negative comments to me shows a general public not even in tune or aware of the controversy. Tiger Woods articles get more attention then a NASA “back to the moon” one.
The recent teaparty conventions and the republican one just held did not even show a NASA/shuttle/constellation poster at all that I saw. As far as everything i could find about them online.
Once again I am baffled by those posters here talking about the outrage over the death of constellation. The only “outrage” seems to be from representatives and senators of 4-6 states with vested interests in their state’s job picture and their articles in newspapers do not even get any comments.

But I expect that if this page and this article had a comments section, it would attract a call for Obama’s Impeachment and call for Larouche’s phony “4 Power Alliance”.

Hey!  Here’s a stray Webster Tarpley mention.  Russia Today interviews him on some exciting new conspiracy theories.  Of course:
I doubt it, he has already been discredited because he was in the LaRouche Movement. LaRouche is a shady individual. He can speak the truth he can be screamed down by the mainstream and left-wing press. He is saying nothing new here, the military-industrial will run the entire world into the ground. Better to fight it than live on your knees waiting for the big Mushroom cloud this idiot network wants.
I bring up Webster Tarpley to get back over to some reaction to the Larouche slate of candidates, this blog deigns to accumulate supposed “Birther” candidates.  They bring up the candidacy of one Rachel Brown.  I do not believe it is fair to say she is a birther.  I haven’t seen any birther comment coming out of the quotation marks ascribed to her leader in Leesburg.
Webster Tarpley has entertained the idea, though, for I gather fun and profit.  Interviewed Orly Taitz.  Sheesh — for I know Orly Taitz has an Internet Broadcast and has interviewed him.
But the thing is… these terms are getting thrown out with no meaning attached to them.  “Birther” has become a catch-all term.  So, this guy — in a ghost comment from 2004 pulled to some echo blog post in 2010, is now a Birther.
Or sell it hereI am so glad i was born in England, the rulers of the world!\

You know, now that I think about it… sparred from this comment:

On no Mr. T in DC, you’re wrong. They were out there trying to convince the public Pres. Obama is the one true descendant of Hitler. Notice the physical similarities? LOL!

… I’m tempted to ask how far that would get in a congressional campaign, but I guess that is the purpose and test of the congressional campaigns of Rachel Brown, Keesha Rogers, and Summer Shields.  That and to give these people something to do or other.    (NO!  Here’s your “Summer Shields for Congress” Campaign staff at work!)

Or to get a sentence or two into stories like this, and compete against this:

How could you go wrong voting for a guy whose qualifications include experience designing killer robots?
Gets them exposure, don’t it?

Her website says she wants to impeach Obama for ending the NASA moon program?! That’s the meme?
Comment by David Stephenson

The meme is “dining room table.”

In any event, LaRouchies don’t really care about the noble adventure of space exploration. They just want the damned Helium-3 from the moon. They’re afraid the Chinese will get it first.

… Not true.  They want a four party alliance to get the Helim-3.

How Marvel Comics will change the Tea Party scene

Friday, February 12th, 2010

It’s kind of funny.  I see that the “Captain America comic book infuriates Tea Partiers” story has reverberated a bit more even since I myself posted a blog entry about it.  I don’t think there is much of a story here — I gather some of the hub ub comes from the mistaken notion that children actually read comic books.  (In the mid 1980s, DC Comics ran an ad campaign awkwardly grabbing for respectability with “Comics Aren’t Just for Kids Anymore”.  And so that came to be true, and so the comic book industry just kept on the atrophizing that had began back in the mid-1950s.)

This might also partially explain a certain lack of context that appears in the news articles on this story.  The last time “Captain America” received some media attention / controversy (indeed, the last time any comic book did) and scorn from right wing blog-sites, Captain America was deciding not to go along with an item in a fictionalized version of the Patriot Act.  To put this another way, why is it that — with yahoo having this “Captain America” story on its front page this morning, I can go over to google blog and type in “Ed Brubaker” — the writer of this story — and see that my blog post is the second item concerning this story, and the third over-all.  These things don’t write themselves!  I submit to you that if we’re going to get all upset with politics propping up into superhero comic books, well — I expect Bernie Goldberg to slide someone out of the next edition of “101 People Who Are Screwing Up America” and insert Ed Brubaker’s name.

I will state for the record that when I really particularly cared about the work of Ed Brubaker, his comic books looked like this – a poor man’s Chester Brown, I suppose.  In 1999, I had to slant my head a bit upon reading that Ed Brubaker had been hired to write for Batman.  An interesting career move, but the result is apparently that a move to mainstream superhero comic books has his work getting more political in nature. 

Hey!  Is Revenire reading this?

In future editions, Marvel Comics is going to remove the “Tea Party” referencing signs.  I must say, though, that the changes Marvel Comics is apparently going to make probably will upset the “Tea Party” movement a bit more.


Then there’s this other piece of patent dishonesty.


Here, there, and everywhere. Seattle, Illinois, and Uranus

Sunday, February 7th, 2010

From comments section of a page I link below.
Isn’t LaRouche dead yet? — Posted by You Look Like I Need A Drink!
And yet.  Here I am again.  Indefatiguable.  Looking at the Pechenuks, the Howie Gs.  Sorting through the margin.  Searching for meaning where there just might be no meaning.

Item the First.  Some chaos in Illinois.  The Democratic Gubernatorial candidate finds himself with an unwelcome lieutenant gubernatorial candidate.

This, I think, is a serious flaw in the Illinois electoral system.  Fluke and unwelcome nominations happen all the time in these United States — i’s just that they’re disregarded relatively easily, even if they screw up one or the other party’s plans.  I can point to two examples in 2008 of state wide nominations for the US Senate.  Perennial hobby candidate Bob Kelleher won the Republican Senate nomination in Montana, meaning the fifteenth time was the charm after a bi-annual placing on the ballot as Democrat and Green.  To believe his selection was not a fluke is to believe Montana Republicans cottoned to his platform of socialized health care, a European parliamentary system, and banning Abortion.  In reality, his nomination was basically about the same as the 1986 Illinois Democratic nominations of two nutcase Larouchies for State Treasurer and Lieutenant Governor — the two state legislators vying for the nomination (and popping up on the NRSC website) had low name recognition, and to the extent that they were known had high disapprovals within a low impact election — Kelleher, meanwhile, had developed an unconcious name familiarity from his frequent appearance on the ballot (the “Smooth names” of 1986′s Illinois duo).  The Republicans weren’t investing anything into anyone’s win, and Kelleher never made an appearance on the NRSC website.
Meanwhile, in South Carolina a man who just attached himself to the letter “D” and was keen on Ron Paul was nominated the Democrats’ candidate for the US Senate.  This race was somewhat interesting to note, because he showed up in the polls within 8 and 9 points — he of a $300 warchest against Lindsey Graham‘s entrenched millions.  He ended with a fairly predictable 15 percent margin, and I am one to believe no amount of money would have changed that result.

Meanwhile, Illinois has set up a system where a man who ekes through in a crowded field off has to run with the legitimate pol.  Perhaps this is divine retribution due to the corrupt nature of said “legitimate pol”s — the indicted  George Ryan, the indicted Governor Rod Blagojevich.

So, the reprise of 1986.

Former U.S. Sen. Adlai Stevenson — who formed a third party to run for governor in 1986 rather than share the same ticket as two disciples of Lyndon H. LaRouche — said Gov. Quinn faces the same political reality in dealing with running mate Scott Lee Cohen.

“It would be very difficult for Pat Quinn, in good conscience, to run for governor with this fellow tied to him as if they’re joined at the hip,” Stevenson told the Sun-Times today.

“One answer is to do what I did, namely to resign the nomination and run as an independent with a different lieutenant governor candidate,” he said. “Of course, they can try to talk [Cohen] out of it, but I’m skeptical as to whether that would work.”

Stevenson, who won the Democratic gubernatorial primary in 1986, formed the Solidarity Party rather than run with a LaRouche-backed lieutenant governor candidate, Mark Fairchild.

Stevenson wound up losing the general election to Republican Gov. James Thompson, who got 1.65 million votes to the 1.25 million that went to Stevenson and his Solidarity Party candidacy. Another 208,830 votes were cast for the Democratic governor’s slot that Stevenson vacated.

Of course, Adlai Stevenson III went on to lose that race.  (And really — isn’t there something about considering here “Adlai Stevenson III” somehow show the problem and indictment of how large numbers of someones might roll past the establishment picks and settle for the protest candidate they’ve never heard of?)  But, I guess Stevenson lost with integrity instead of losing with a cult.

Let’s now turn to Gerald Pechenuk’s alternative universe of events — and I would like to know on what planet does he spend his days?

FYI, Adlai Stevenson was threatened by the late Senator Paul Simon among others, with being called a neo-Nazi if he stuck on the ticket with LaRouche. That statment can be verified by looking at an interview Adlai did with a Burlington, Vermont paper after his sanctimonious fall.
FYI, If Adlai had not succumbed to the threats, he most likely would have become Governor and then gone on to secure the Democratic Presidential nomination and ACTUALLY BECOME PRESIDENT!!!
Now, what this means is that Mark Fairchild, LaRouche Democrat, would have become Lieut. Gov, which means that Adlai Stevenson would have had the benefit of the knowledge and wisdom of Lyndon LaRouche, the world’s foremost American System physical economist, and the author today of the new 4 Power Alliance of India, China, Russia, and the US, a budding alliance to rebuild the collapsed world economy with a new credit system to replace the dead, bankrupt Anglo-Dutch globalization system which has died and whose PRIVATE GAMBLING DEBTS are presently being bailed out with TRILLIONS of dollars of PUBLIC TAX DOLLARS ILLEGALLY!!!Conclusion, We could have avoided the last 20 plus years leading to economic disaster, had LaRouche been brought onto the scene back in the 1980’s, which was what the results of the Illinois Primary and Many Others that year should have resulted in……….
So, listen to LaRouche NOW, and quit listening to bankrupt idiots…. Gerald Pechenuk, LaRouche PAC

Just think.  One departure was missed in parallel universes of how Larouche might have been brought to power, but for the exacting influence of Paul Simon and his British legions!  (But.  Wait.  Didn’t he have oh so much influence in the Clinton administration?)  OR… To rebut on the main thrust of his suggestion, turn to the Stevenson comment story.

Item the Second.

The Hispanic population is anti-white, with La Raza, LOULAC and other anti-white organizations with millions of members. White people are finally catching on.
Lyndon LaRouche yesterday called for the impeachment of Barack Obama. LaRouche has been calling since July 2007 for placing the Federal Reserve System under bankruptcy protection and re-organization, converting it to the Third American National Bank and for issuing credit (greenbacks) for reconstructing the economy according to Hamiltonian principles (the American System of political economy). LaRouche often speaks favorably of the Clintons. He is anti-Hispanic and Hispanophobic. His two principle websites are and

I may as well mention there that I was going to pull out David Duke’s two Republican nominations in Louisiana in the early 1990s as an example for Item the First, but upon consideration, I have to conclude that sadly those weren’t really “flukes”.  The electorate that selected Duke knew roughly what they were doing.

Meanwhile, the Tea Party Convention started with this throw-back to the days of Jim Crow.

Item the Third.  Digging through the comments relating to Henry Gasparian , the 70+ year old who slapped some Larouche members upset at their Hitler signs…

… I’m mostly unimpressed.  But it’s worth pointing at for Pechenuk, who seems to think Larouche is making strides with the youth (You might actually have to read some of Mr. Larouche and actually think, for a change, and then SEE what world leaders, including people in the US, SEE in Larouche, and SEE what the young people SEE in LaRouche, because your old SORE ASS smart aleck bullshit don’t count for a nickel, any more…..), the comments and poll at the Stranger.  Beyond that generic mention, I throw out this comment.

The Ladouche clan is just another multi level marketing scheme that uses very unintelligent young people who are willing to enrich old Lyndon the liar for free,

Ironic that Lyndon has been a commie, a right winger, a left winger, and everything else in his byzantine career. He is the ultimate political opportunist. Anything for a shock. [...]

Basically, but not entirely.  I’ve seen that sentiment expressed in that way, have posted it before.  There’s slightly more, of course — wade through the anti-semitism ( Hey!  Isn’t Jeffry Steinberg Jewish?”) — and I’d be remiss if I didn’t go ahead and link to  Dennis King linking to “earnest one” on his brother’s — Jonathan Tennenbaum – culpability in covering up on the death of Jeremiah Duggan.

Down a ways, I see the more partisan hackery and shallow mention of “inconvenient truth to the ‘Leftists’!  Larouche is a DEM!”  Bleh.  I suppose I should mention I sliced off the last sentence of the “marketing scam” comment to evade the stink bomb throwing.
[(Good luck to these people.  They're wasting their time.]
It appears from this LPAC release that the Larouche org is poised to make hay, for internal consumption, a rallying arouallying with the Republican Party to defeat “Obama Corruption”…. see the final paragraph, which quotes the RNC.

Item the Fourth.  The Seattle Times article comments include a couple of youtube videos — one of the SNL skit and the other a 1980 anti-environmentalist ad.    LINKS here  and here.  I high-light a few interesting and bemusing comments.  And you can play along at home with the game “Larouche Zombie, actively anti-Larouche, or amused passively anti-Larouche?)

plasticman1973  LOL, it’s funny and it sounds outrageous for those who don’t know the facts. I like the queen preparing the heroine though. Kissinger a homo? lol.

azezel2311  He does like to ramble. Scary thing is we seem to be on the same mindset. Minus the british empire. The brits could actually drive positive change if they wanted to. You just have to give them something new to go after. Something that they would have to build others up for in order to stand on them and get there…. Have we found that planet that is half gold and half diamond yet?

kappy0405 yup – kissinger and david rockefeller are just a few of the people who speak OPENLY about pop reduction. Leave it to SNL to ignore facts and cater to the Fox News/CNN mindset. :rolleyes:
Oh well, people ARE finally are waking up. ;)
(… And it only took 24 years…)

kanalje  this is amazing in a weird way. It’s like they are doing his bidding with this parody. It is not unlike the parody style of larouchies.
unityrover  Come for the Larouche, stay for the DANZA!!!

Trapster99 Well, I believed in all the lies said about Larouch, until I did a little research and found this great man’s mind.
He is a modern day Ben Franklin.
Want to solve most of America’s problems, right now?
Build 100 brand new, state of the art, high temprature Pebble Bed nuclear reactors (2 in each state).
That will employ 2 million people directly and indirectly. It will solve a host of environmental problems and it will make energy cheep across the land.
3 Mi Island was sabotaged.

terpis Hard to figure why a slick ad like that didn’t do the trick.

ITEM THE FIFTH.  Call me crazy, but I tend to think Obama will likely win a second term.  If you’re wondering about the qualifiers, it’s because I’m not setting such a prediction in stone.  Also his party will suffer significant losses in the mid-term elections.  That is the norm, the electorate that voted in the candidate falls back as somehow the magic pixie dust doesn’t alleviate all that ails them, and the electorate that voted against them steps forward and entrenches themselves.  There are things the in-party can do to shrink their losses, and things they can do to increase their losses — the Democrats appear to have gone the latter route.  I could go on and explain some things about the purely politikal plusses and minuses of Republican positioning, but this is losing focus.

Now, I’m reading through this sort of predictable and cyclical mess from LPAC and associates to… what? End the Obama Presidency somehow or other?  A few asides tossed in, and I thought I saw a floating of the “British may axe him” thing.

I caught ol Rush Limbaugh muttering about Hillary Clinton shifting up a run against this oh-so-wholly broken Obama Administration.  It’s an item mostly pulled out his arsh, but it’s a meme that I  see floated about every so often.   Being make-believe Clintonistas, I expect to see LPAC releases to that effect sooner or later, based on supposed insider information.

But it also occurs to me, recalling the 2008 nominating fight, fully behind Clinton was the Larouche organization.  The nominating battle fell to this stasis where every single state contest result was easily forecasted right through the end.  And it was there that LPAC commented on the results of Oregon and Wast Virginia, incongruently (go down the batch of Larouche PUMA material in the comments section here).

Despite the desperate assertions and wishful thinking of the pundits, as well as of the Obama campaign, that the race for the Democratic Presidential nomination is all but over, voters in both Kentucky and Oregon turned out to vote in large numbers on May 20, delivering another landslide victory for Hillary Clinton in Kentucky. In Oregon, although Barack Obama won (as expected), he did so with a far narrower gap between himself and Mrs. Clinton than had been projected.

Steam-rolling ahead, I guess, somewhere beyond Hillary’s talking points.  This made no sense — the totals were roughly what was expected.
This wraps back around to the 2010 mid-term elections, which Larouche Inc is gearing up with as part of a “mass strike”, because their post-election release won’t differ much whether the Democrats lose 2 Senate Seats and 2 House Seats, or lose 10 Senate Seats and 50 House seats.

 Incidentally, as I see Larouche drop a pile on Obama’s NASA mission plans — I guess in concert with the election campaign of Keesha Rogers– I note that Buzz Aldrin has his back.

Also, they’re scouting out for Gold Bugs here.

weekly dose of ladouche

Friday, January 29th, 2010

Dennis King, in his postings on the developments in the inquest into Jeremiah Duggan’s death, criticizes the nature of google’s news aggregator, largely spelled out here, but also at the top of his update page is this.

Jan. 29: A LaRouche press release now ranks on Google News as the number one news source re the U.K. Attorney General’s Duggan inquest decision. The AG’s “fiat” for a new inquest is an important news story being covered by numerous newspapers and other media outlets in Britain. Responsible newspapers with substantial circulations. But what comes first on Google News as of 10:30 PM, Jan. 28–if you type in “Jeremiah Duggan”–is a scurrilous rant signed by LaRouche.

Other news sources aggregated by google…
The John Birch Society.  As well their magazine “New American”.
I’m a bit hazy on some of the other “news” sources of similar questionable repute that google aggregates. 
Then there are any number of opinionated bloggers, and I would say any number of them don’t really fit the category “news”.  (For instance, to his credit the dailykos blogger asked for his site’s removal.)  I could go either way with most of them, they may be worth a read for different perspectives on this or that news topic, but surely they can be aggregated by something else.

I guess if EIR had the blessing of Morton Downey, Jr in the 1980s, it gets to be thrown into google news.  As for the piece on Duggan, I could swear I’ve read that LPAC / EIR piece on the Jeremiah Duggan case several times before.  It’s all a head scratcher.
Is not my appearance twice on the BBC broadcasts in the matter of Prime Minister Tony Blair’s lying pretext for launching war against Iraq, as this fact of the matter was emphasized by Dr. Kelly, the primary area of fact bearing on Erica Duggan’s launching what has been a largely fraudulent campaign against me, launched by important associates of Blair in the setting of the death of Dr. Kelly, of the highest relevance in the behavior of certain British circles in the strange role of Erica Duggan?
I can answer that for you.  No.
But at least the Herschel Krustofsky branch of sock puppets have been kept at bay at wikipedia.

As for actual news items, Dennis King seems to have pulled the bulk of the UK’s offerings.  The BBCUnited Kingdom Press Agency.  Their attorneys at Leigh Day.

Ask the deployed members at card table shrines on about Duggan, and they’ll respond round about like this.  Meanwhile, the EIR item will shortly be dumped onto that weird sort of weblog — this sort, for perhaps further commenting by Howie G.

Things I’ve been wondering about Howie G.  About a third of the posts at his sites are paid sponsor posts.  Buy this.  Curiously enough, this doesn’t have the “Visit Sponsors’ Site” button, but it’s evidentally a paid message, as per the disclosure:
The compensation received may influence the advertising content, topics or posts made in this blog. That content, advertising space or post may not always be identified as paid or sponsored content.
Well, I’m sure Howie G is raking in big bucks with this.  But maybe there just are no better ways of making of a living — tough economy and all that — this way is falling a bit a way.

I remember giving two Larouche people $10 at a Chicago airport for some subscription, I never got a thing, lol, this is my way of getting back at the Larouche crowd, by posting this tidbit here.
investur – January 25th, 2010 at 6:51 pm
I agree, when I had asked a Larouche youtuber he gave me his Hawaii phone number and said he’d only communicate that way, no emails, no text messages online–so I dumped him.
splintercell99 – January 25th, 2010 at 9:49 pm
yeah those guys mean well, but they wont tolerate people not following their ideas all the way down the line. If you dont agree with them you are automatically against freedom/life/ etc

But we just need enough to get by to the end here.

LaRouche continued: “You have got to understand emotionally, as well as intellectually acknowledging things, that you are talking about the extinction of civilization as we have known it. And this is coming up now.” [...]

Hold on!  Now I see why google news aggregates this.

As far as I could tell, LPAC’s site was the only one reporting this story. It will be interesting to see if any other significant sources report it.
They get to news sources… not reported elsewhere.  Like how it’s been decided by a cabal out in London for everyone to destroy themselves.
Have you ever asked yourself, why are eyeglasses so expensive?
… Are you interested in Long Distance Savings?  And we can get you a real good deal on this car!
Who will Obama want to fire, or even murder, as his Seneca. After all, if Obama is Nero, someone is a Seneca. Even Hitler had his Rudolf Hess. Perhaps, Hillary Clinton will be axed as someone reminding Obama of reality too much. Or perhaps Former Fed Chairman Paul Volcker, with his half-baked no good proposal to regulate the banks, has outlived his usefulness to Obama. Harlem dudes know the score, Obama is about to lash out.
Barack Obama is staring to remind me of a combination of William Howard Taft, Mauno Koivisto, and Charles the Bald.  His administration is heading into exactly their courses.
tap tap tap…

A silly thing about keeping up reguarly on a blog is that I find myself with this mental list of names and a curious question of “How will I tackle a blog post at their death?”  It’s a weird distortion of thinking about this hobby.
Howard Zinn was on that list.  He is that guy — that caricature everyone’s talking about when they refer to the left wing academic activist “Blame America First” figure.  And somebody has to be.
Zinn, by the nature of his fame, lends himself pecularly to a wading of blog posts in a blog aggregator and by and large by-passing the obituaries in major news sources, because  he is a man who registers for basically political activists on the left or right, and not in a vast mainstream center.  The most interesting thing is to read the caveats toward some otherwise complimentary items from detractors — “Sure, he’s a pinko Marxist Revolutionary… BUT –”.  It is by way of acknowledging that outside the current wash of his death, the only times they’d be referencing Zinn is a sort of pejorative short-hand of marginilia, hyphenated with “Chomsky”*.

Or perhaps
Although one suspects that within another generation or two he’ll be as curious and obscure a figure as Lyndon LaRouche or Pat Buchanan: once interesting to a few, but utterly irrelevant to the future.

I reference Howard Zinn here by way of bringing myslelf back to Lyndon Larouche.  When he dies, and one looks into blog aggregators, there won’t be any relatively positive pieces from anyone who’s referenced him as a pejorative slight, caveats or otherwise.   The small number that there will be will read like this.  Or maybe this.
I see little reason not to get this out of the way, and post my quick salvo upon Lyndon Larouche’s death.
He accomplished astouding feats, in the same way a man who dediccated his life to the creation of elaborate and intricate castle sculptures out of his own feces might.  I stand at the sighting of these sculptures, a foot or two steps back to avoid the worst of the pugnant ordor, and while I admit to gaping a bit in wonder, mostly I am just scratching my head and asking “What the Hell was the point of that?”

One last note, this is worth a look – this collection of essays on hnn’s website.

Michael Ledeen Responds to Liberal Fascism Michael Ledeen

Matthew Feldman and Chip Berlet reference the Larouchies’ current campaign, sticking Hitler mustaches on politicians’ faces.  Feldman includes that image.  I note that the other image used in this set of articles is that in the Roger Griffen piece with of the tween (they’re teenagers now, right?) neo-nazi pop sensation Prussian Blue.  There’s… something there.

ready to take on Pelosi, Frank, and the guy who represents the Houston district NASA is headquartered

Sunday, January 17th, 2010

Three candidates for the Congress coming out of the Lyndon Larouche Youth Movement.  And I guess we have the question, What would the org do without youtube?  Interesting feedback, seemingly all coming from within Basement Team headquarters.

thbyrnes (2 days ago)  Rachael is attractive, but she is way too stiff at this point.
A rule in Politics:  Everybody is an Elitist except when they are Populist, and vice versa.
Idiots vote (literally, I live in the 4th Dist), she needs to be more likable at their level… they’re never going to understand anything beyond a sound-bite. That is how bail-out Barney got the job, he gets that.
And one word of advice.
Loose the talk about treason and about higher moral issues (at least broad audiences)… stick with the bail-out Barney shtick and hammer the economy and make LaRouche’s ideas her own… (not his) that’s her ticket.
Don’t mention Larouche?  What’s the point of a Larouche ticket unless you keep repeating Larouche’s name over and over again, such as the comments section with this guy.

larouche …
Reid is scum scum
Comment by VoIPpoetry — January 16, 2010 @ 12:13 am

Instant credibility!
MTL911Truth (2 days ago)
It’s great to see LaRouche candidates running for Congress but LaRouche himself should be running for Congress as well. He isn’t going to be President now, and what a great legislator he would make. He would undoubtedly be the greatest mind on the Hill. Please Mr. LaRouche, run for Congress! We need your ideas in there.
Yes.  Represent the various generations.  Three twenty-something year olds to lower the median age, and just to off-set it back to its current marker as Oldest Congress, mr. 8 time presidential candidate.
McWalker25 (2 days ago) Yay, Humanity and LaRouche FTW!!
Regarding Mr. “If I chant his name several times”,
@VoIPpoetry, I can’t make heads or tails of where you are coming from. Are you for LaRouche? Are you against him? If so, why or why not?
Clearly, you think Harry Reid is “scum”, but, again, why do you think so?
Comment by classic14rider — January 16, 2010 @ 12:13 am

Pro LaRouche.

Pro LaRouche.
Harry Reid was the dumbest lawyer in his entire class.
Harry Reid is corrupt and has been caught in dirty land deals with his friends.
Harry Reid slipped in an “in Perpetuity” cluase on page 1020 of the Health care bill.
This means congress can NEVER overrule it.
This is far worse than Hilter or the NAZIs.
2/3 of people oppose this crooked healthcare just like they did the bailouts and NAFTA.
This is NOT representation by politicians anymore.
Comment by VoIPpoetry — January 16, 2010 @ 12:13 am

Worse than the …
Worse than the Nazis? Get a life.
Comment by JBeatty17 — January 16, 2010 @ 12:13 am

Do you have …
Do you have anything of substance to say?
Not even Hitler had “in perpetuity” clauses on his useless eaters program.
You really are out to lunch. Maybe you outta check out some football or something.
Go to LaRouche’s site and read if you are literate. Any objective reader will conclude that Harry Reid is totally corrupt and must be removed prior to the elections.
Comment by VoIPpoetry — January 16, 2010 @ 12:13 am

 I didn’t get very far in watching the press conference.  I saw Harley Schlanger, of the “Larouche Foundation” (???), and my computer sputtered out after a couple of minutes of the great Hope to Defeat Nancy Pelosi.   But I guess the message is always the same:

Conservative protesters achieved their goal of attracting attention to their cause in Conroe Wednesday but drew criticism for their tactic of depicting President Obama as Hitler.
“We’re here to let people know they have a choice between a Hitler or a Roosevelt,” said LaRouche organizer Craig Holtzclaw, referring to Franklin Delano Roosevelt. “We are advocating for a peaceful repudiation of his policies that are bankrupting this country.”

… with that annoying reference to “conservative protesters”.  Just as well, the comments section show everyone skipping past the topic of the Post Office Warrior Team — because there’s not a whole lot worth saying — and heading over to the more significant topic of Sarah Palin.

One odd comment from the Larouche name chanter:
Maybe you outta check out some football or something.
Wait.  Is this guy reading xlcer’s posts at factnet?  The one that referenced the Eagles losing?
Never time for such frivulous bourgeoise pursuits that get in the way of the creating the new Renaissance.  I barely care, but I care just a tad nonetheless.  My prediction a few weeks ago was that the Superbowl would end up the Chargers and the Saints.  For all I know, by the time I post this half of that equation will be scuttled.

If we want to look around for other pieces of Entertainment news for a few minutes of diversion– the “something” in the phrase ”check out some football or something”, I am fascinated by the Late Night Television scuttle between the various late night talk show personalities. It is  hard to take seriously, but has inspired these at-times complacent comics to unload some hilarity. 

Here’s this popular Hitler Internet mememade to use from a Conan O’brien fan.
Now, if you look up “Obama” and “Hitler” on youtube, you will find plenty of variations of the theme. (The Republican Party got into a minor kerfufle when one of them was linked to a sanctioned GOP twitter feed.)  I’m not sure why the Larouche Youth Basement Team hasn’t stuck one up themselves.  Maybe it’d be too easily lost in the shuffle, or maybe we’re now stuck moving forward to the three congressional campaigns.

Are the candidates going to be manning the card-table shrines, and if so will their faces be placed on the signage, this for instance?  Or are we just going to see Pelosi and Frank with a Hitler mustache?

Some more things to consider for in these campaigns.

Congressman Ron Paul today endorsed John Dennis in his Republican bid for United States Congress. Mr. Dennis, a successful entrepreneur and longtime liberty-minded GOP activist, is Some more rtunning to unseat Nancy Pelosi in California’s 8th district.  [...]
Congressman Paul‘s endorsement comes through his Liberty PAC, a Republican leadership PAC committed to supporting Liberty minded candidates across the country.
Said Liberty PAC director Jesse Benton, “John Dennis is a terrific candidate who is going to ask tough questions like: ‘Why is Nancy Pelosi running up crushing budget deficits?’, “Why has she allowed President Obama to expand the war in Afghanistan?’, and, ‘Why has Nancy Pelosi refused to support transparency and accountability at the Federal Reserve.’ The constituents of California’s 8th district deserve answers to these questions. John Dennis will hold her accountable.”

I don’t really think that John Dennis has much of interest in really even a percent watch — when was the last Libertarian Party candidate who did, and this John Dennis campaign strikes me in that same basic pattern.  But, if you are trying to explode a vote total into the twenty percentile, in Nancy Pelosi’s district, there are issues to hammer where he is “so right, he meets the left” — foreign policy, generalized discontent over party politics and all that, damned them Wall Street Bailouts.
Still, it looks from afar that Mr. Dennis has a clear path to the General election — I imagine the seven percent or thereabouts of Republicans in the district grasp toward some of these Libertarian hot-bed issues, and an aura of anti-authoritarianism in there.

Meanwhile, are the Larouchies deployed in Massachusetts right now, manning those card tables?  If not, why aren’t they?  There’s a major special Senate election between two candidates I wouldn’t much want to see in the Senate.  It’s an an embarrassment for the Democrats, even if, the best case scenario for that Donkey Party prevails and Coakey wins by like eight percentage points.  Surely plopping down there can be presented to everyone as a successful interaction of the “Mass Strike” — seen on display when everyone cheered the Great Escorting Out at the Harry Reid Town Hall Meeting.  Or is the fact that it’s MLK Day getting in the way?
Or is this too other-directed at this late date?
I park this link here, expecting myself to return to it later.  (Not as interesting is this page.  I see dominickseid has found himself a new Lair.)

“small time Stalin”

Thursday, January 7th, 2010

A curious thing about the stacking and categorizing of books at… a local prominent bookstore.  There is this huge swarth of books pegged under the category “Culture Wars”.  These books are almost universally useless, affirmative to your tribe I suppose.  Across the aisle, the books get divided into — say — “Conservative”, “Liberal”, “Far Right”, and then there’s “Marxist” and “Left”.  Arguably, your “Culture Wars” can be slotted around these parts, but the management appears to have come to a judgement call not to put the latest Glenn Beck book next to Edmund Burke.  (But, I guess, Horowitz fits the bill?)

And then things get a little fuzzier.  A couple of months ago, I picked up, read a few pages, then put down “The Whole of Their Lives”, a 1965 republishing of a 1948 ex-Communist work.  This time, I picked up one of their two copies and bought it — sold due to the inside first page stamp which identified the book as having been part of the library of the local chapter of the John Birch Society.  I think the publisher imprint — “Americanist Library” — follows the book as published by them, but I’d have to do that quick google search to find out.  (Answer in the affirmative.)

Why is this under “Conservative Studies”?  It is a jeremiad against a “left-wing” creature — the American Communist Party.  I suppose at the mark of the mid point of the last century, American Conservatism was defined as largely a negative force opposed to foreign and domestic Communism, and yet go over to the section marked “Far Right” and very few of these books on fascism, Militia Movement, or the Klan are pro-fascism, militia, or Klan.  Though, to puzzle the category further, sitting there — somewhere alongside a book extrapolating out a Pat Buchanan presidential victory in 1996 forty years to a Dark Fascist Future — why, it’s the 1960 and 1961 editions of the John Birch Society White Book!

Oh.  And in case, you are curious.  Children of Satan.  The book atop card tables four or six years ago, all of your “Children of Satan”s bound into one handy volume for your “Children of Satan” needs.  The cover holds “Suggested donation: #15″.  Leaf through it, and I see that the previous owner went to a few “progressive” sounding things in San Francisco.  Must have been a Right wing nut.

I read a couple paragraphs, where these bookmarks leave me, and I learn that the DLC was formed as a way for the Democratic Party financiers to deal away with the surging “Larouche Wing” of the Democratic Party.  I feel stupider for having read it.  As I do round about here.:
2010 is the year all those who agree with LaRouche must come out publicly and say so, and support the LaRouche Plan. [...i]
Join us on the front lines, and enjoy striking a blow for freedom.

Wait.  The Larouche Party World Superstructure (German cadres Unite!) is now going to get out of the submerged Underground!  Fantastic!  Now that everyone’s been instructed to come out full force, we’ll now have a full reckoning of numbers in support.

A quick check, and the recentish publication of Chaitkin/Tarpley Bush book is no longer available.  Or maybe there is a copy or two over in the Conspiracy section alongside the various David Icke books.  A couple of curious things about this categorizing — for various presidents — the two Bushes are dropped into “Bush Family”.  Though, the two Bushes fare better in that regard than Gerald Ford, who disappears with the Nixon books ending and the Carter books beginning with a slider reading “Nixon — Carter”.

As for the Benjamin Gitlow book.   A few things.  He almost thinks that the Communist Party (USA) was practically solely responsible for the demonization and scape-goating of Herbert Hoover to the Great Depression.  Granted, Hoover’s main fault was residing as president in that particular time-slot, but really he gave his old cohorts too much credit.  Then there is the great crux of the Communist Conspiracy, the final sentence of the final (and hastily written due to rapid changing of events — he set out to write a chapter covering Earl Browder, and then saw him dumped, such that our emerging Communist Dictator changes:

The Eugene Dennis of today may become the saber-rattling Moscow gauleitier acting as the President – dictator of a Communist America tomorrow.

Or, maybe he won’t.  Actually my mind is a bit stuck there.  I reel from Foster to Browder to Gus Hall.  I somehow manage to skip past Eugene Dennis.  Eugene Dennis is the Gerald Ford of the American Communist Party.

Okay, the Gitlow book.  Of interest to me, perhaps the most extreme case of cognitive dissonance in political history — American Communist rank and file reaction to Stalin’s Pact with Hitler.
It must be kept in mind that the Communist Party is organized on a totalitarian basis.  Members are not permitted to voice criticism against the leadership and its policies.  To utter an exclamation against Stalin brought about one’s expulsion from the Party.  The members came together to take orders and carry them out, not to voice an opinion.  Yet, at the meetings in which the Pact was discussed, members were violent in their criticism and heaped abuse upon the Party leaders; member after member pointedly asked the party leaders whether, if the workers did not want to follow Stalin into the camp of Hitler, Stalin wanted them to sacrifice the workers for the Nazis.

Radwanski, one of the editors of the Novy Mir, the Party’s Russian language paper, head of the Polish section of the Party, formerly secretary to Dzerjinsky, the founder of the OGPU, a fanatical Bolshevik, threw up his hands in the Party office and exclaimed: “This, that they have done to us, cannot be worse.”

Markoff, the director of the Party’s school, the Worker’s School, kept quiet, but to a few of his most intimate friends he conveyed his great disillusionment over the signing of the Pact.  Under the constant pressure of Party pleadings, he gave his support to the Pact, and then succumbed to a heart attack.

Henry Gannes, the foreign affairs expert of the Daily Worker, inwardly opposed the Pact, but in the coumns of the Daily Worker became its most outspoken advocate.

A number of members of the staff of the Freiheit, including some of the trade union activists, not only resigned from the Party, but attempted to carry on a campaign among the Party members and sympathizers for a repudiation of the Party and Stalin’s leadership. [...]

All the Jewish leaders of the Party were called together for a secret meeting.  Foster, the Chairman of the Communist party, presented the new line.  Instead of defending himself, he launched into a sharp attack upon the Jews, declaring that they were narrow and chauvinistic in their viewpoints on the Pact.  The Jews in the Party, he charged, because of Hitler’s anti-semitism had allowed that to determine their attitude and had lost sight of the bigger and by far more important considerations involved.  He demanded that the Jews take a stand as communists on the question and not as Jews.  The tension in the meeting held the Jewish leaders glued to their seats.  Many showed the strain of great mental and spiritual agitation — hands clutched the chairs in front of them tightly.  The top leaders of the Party had come to club the Jewish leaders into submission, not to argue the question with them.

The Communists Jewish leaders were torn between two loyalties, loyalty to their people, who were the innocent victims of Nazi anti-semitic bestiality, and loyalty to the cause of communism, upon which they had placed their hopes for the liberation of all mankind, including the Jews.

Foster gave them no time to think.  He pounded away at them with blows that stung.  They knew that to oppose Foster meant to be made a target for vicious attacks and to be driven out in disgrace from the movement that they had given their lives to serve.

When Foster finished, a resolution endorsing the Soviet – Nazi Pact in unequivocal terms was presented for adoption.  Foster insisted upon an immediate vote.  The Communist party does not allow its members the privilege of taking time in making up their minds.  The Communist party leaders who were Jews had listened to Foster.  Now they must vote for the resolution; abstaining from voting for the resolution or voting against it was tantamount to expulsion from the Party.

The few who asked questions or expressed their doubts, during the discussion, became the targets for attacks by the Party leaders, who were unrestrained in their abusive viciousness against them.  They were given to understand that the Jews, more than any other element in the Party, were expected to give the new line their wholehearted and enthusiastic support.  Foster summoned up with the full weight of Stalin, the Soviet Union, the Comintern and the Party in back of his words, and bludgeoned the Jews into complete submission to the resolution.

Perennial Campaigns, Hitler analogies, and Dark Ages.

Tuesday, December 29th, 2009

In doing that round through of Larouche articles at wikipedia, I found that the org has been rather successfully shut out of their propaganda editing offensive ever since the brief flurry of an attempt post Krusty Banishment.  Assuming this call for a spell check cleaning isn’t part of the Sock Puppet tree, and an attempt to crack the editing privileges open — but I assume that’s just paranoid conjecture on my part.

But I came upon this line LaRouche has run for president on eight consecutive occasions, a record for any candidate, and has tied Harold Stassen’s record as a perennial candidate.
Is that right?  He ties with Harold Stassen?  Well then, considering Larouche’s strong aim for Immortality, there is only one thing that needs to be done.  The record is in his grasp.  Larouche NEEDS to run for President, just to blow Harold Stassen into the dust.  Come on, everybody in the Larouche organization.  That means you.  Yes, you, Harley Schlanger*, I’m pointing at YOU.  Lyndon Larouche NEEDS TO Be ON THE BALLOT in 2012.  You don’t want to be the equivalent of this year’s Indianapolis Colts team.  (And otherwise, you’re stuck with a vague rememberance of a Whale-related bumper sticker as a historical legacy.) HISTORY BECKONS!!
* Disclaimer:  Actually I’m pointing at nobody in particular.  That name just randomly came to me.  Disregard it.

Of course, maybe there is no urgency at all here, and Larouche can wait for 2040 to make the record breaking run.  This under the stewardship of the Cryogenic advances of Mister Phil Ossifur.  But at that point, I’d just go ahead and exhume Harold Stassen and commence the stalement.

In the meanwhile, as we await the HISTORIC presidential bid announcement, there are a few other perenial items.


“Because Harry Reid has now made himself a duplicate of Adolf Hitler, he’s responsible for every Jew who was killed by Hitler,” LaRouche said. “Harry Reid must take personal responsibility for every Jew killed by Hitler, by allowing this thing to go through. Every Jew who was killed by Hitler, Harry Reid is responsible for now! He must resign immediately in embarrassment, in abject apology to the American people for copying exactly the Hitler policy, which is so infamous. He has made a page for himself in infamy!

Wow.  That’s kicking it up a notch — one inch more explicit and ahistorical.   I guess they disagree with the statement that The Fuher has no place in the Health Care Furor.

And to go back to the whale postings:
sounds fishy to me. larouchies aren’t really known for their sense of humor.
That’s a… sense of humor, right?

As I recall, the original “Nuke the Whales” was from the old Bloom County comic strip. Might have been a parody of the LaRouche campaign.  I think it was expanded from there.

On to the other perennial.
Well, the process has gone on, since last August. It’s undergone various transformations. Now, we’re reaching the point that we’re headed toward a breakdown. There’s a breakdown crisis in process in Europe, there’s a breakdown crisis in the Americas, there’s a breakdown crisis inside the United States. We can not, at this point, assume, that unless we do what I will emphasize we must do, by the middle of January — no later — unless we do that, the United States will go down, and the world will go down, into a prolonged Dark Age. So people who have these ideas about step-by-step, the usual kinematic kind of thing, we’ll do this, and then we’ll do this, and then we’ll do this — no! You won’t do that.

NOT ANOTHER 14th Century Dark Ages!  We were only beginning to recover from the last Dark Age, which occured on October 12.  I don’t know how many more of these Dark Ages the World Economic Infrastructure can take.  These Dark Ages do appear to be shorter bursts than the one always being alluded to with these things — it is curious to note that i took the creative energy of the careers of the Great Renaissance figures to end the Dark Ages.  These Dark Ages apparently are so transitory and flimsy that they’re defeated by a random weekend afternoon cable tv showing of the TMNT movie.
Or a 1999 Jack Van Impe broadcast.  Nobody is all that original in forecasting disasters.

2007 flashback here with this.  And this bearded guy is entreated in 2009.  News is that that the call to “Repeal” the health care bill might be a Republican 2010 Congressional election rallying call — which I suppose might save the organization the headache of finding a new cause to glom onto.   (I’m not sure sliding the British into the coming 12/25 Truth Movement can be judged to get them very far — but I guess I’ll wait to see if Webster Tarpley jumps into that fray shortly.)  Otherwise, we’re stuck celebrating China’s new Train.

In concluding news, the whole “Laroche Industries” mistaken identity fiasco made a year-end best (or worst) list.