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New Polling data shows Kesha Rogers surging, Rachel Brown falling, Summer Shields flattening.

Friday, August 13th, 2010

The Post Office Tour presents us with an interesting “Point / Counterpoint” debate.  Enter the Maple Valley Farmers Market stop.

I don’t get out to the Maple Valley Farmers Market as often as I should. Apparently, I missed the Lyndon LaRouche supporters (yes, he is still alive) displaying posters of President Obama sporting a Hitler mustache. […]Fiery language that motivates your voting base is good if you are trying to wake up inactive members, but if you are a fringe group like the LaRouche political action committee, you just look like an angry lunatic. No one likes to hang out with angry lunatics; especially voters with moderate sensibilities, and the politicians that are trying to appeal to those voters.
What these folks have completely ignored is the simple art of persuasion.

Howie G chimes in to disagree, and offers the “If you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen” approach.

I think Godwin’s Law is pretty funny, actually. And I’ve seen it in web forums a million times!

You know who else thought that Godwin’s Law was funny? Hitler!

These people hate Lyndon LaRouche, because with meager resources LaRouche has been effective in exposing them and changing history. These are fundamental issues LaRouche has addressed that go back to ancient Greece and Plato and Socrates.

Then again, they have a way of not saying any of this.

Two supporters of Lyndon LaRouche offended passersby in Mukilteo on Monday when they campaigned for the LaRouche Political Action Committee using Obama-as-Hitler posters outside the Mukilteo post office.

The supporters refused to talk to the Beacon for this story.

More discussion on this vital issue follows here. Interesting item that marks the Youth against the Boomers:

(Note: I say “supporters” because I secretly think they hire young actors to hand out fliers… they are suspiciously younger and more hip than what I suspect the typical LaRouche supporter would appear.)

The “supporters” here are not young and hip but appear to be middle-aged working class guys, which adds to the sense of sadness about the whole thing.

This is another interesting bulletpoint discussion.

Those people were SO crazy. I was scared.
That’s nuts. I like your disclaimer at the bottom.
Yeah, stay away from them.


SO… The new “American System Rothschild” poll has been released.  It shows some surprising results.  First of all, the percentage of Americans who want to remove Barack Obama from the White House is either 75 percent or 85 percent.  Analysts suggest that this result shows that we are ripe for a Mass Strike if only enough people stationed themselves at enough post offices.  What percentage of the public would need to serve as these Shock Troops?  Analysts suggest that it might take the square root of one percent of the public in order to off-set the competing vibes sent by the Transcendental Meditation Movement.

According to the new polling, Kesha Rogers has surged up to within just six points of Pete Sessions, and is now down just 55 to 49 percent.  What accounts for this surge?  Analysts suspect it may be due to new tactics in trying to appeal to the Religious Right and district Christian Democrats by referencing the biblical precepts that undermine her proposed platform.

In a statement issued from her campaign yesterday, Democratic Congressional candidate Kesha Rogers, running in Texas’s 22nd District, laid out for her supporters, the core conception behind her campaign for the North American Water and Power Alliance (NAWAPA): the concept of “mankind as creator.”
Leading off with Genesis 1:28 (And God said unto them, be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it), she presented an argument for how NAWAPA will fulfill that mandate. she wrote:

“The NAWAPA project reflects, and is necessarily guided by, an upshift in the self-conception of mankind, to realizing his creative potential as a scientific and artistic being, responsible for tending the garden of Creation, as indicated in Genesis 1:28.

Another reasons given for the polling upsurge is the wearing of a new pair of sunglasses.

The new “American System Rothschild” poll shows Rachel Brown falling further behind Barney Frank, down 90 – 10 from the last poll’s result of 85 – 20.  Analysts suspect that the public found the appropriation of Mozart at the recent Campaign Concert ham-fisted.

The Rachel Brown Congressional campaign hosted a very high level and unorthodox campaign event on Thursday, August 5th; a community classical concert aimed at getting under the skins and into the souls of the generally liberal community of Brookline and Newton, MA. Here, in the heart of Barney Frank’s supposed-strong-hold, more than thirty people came to the concert held at the Brookline Library. Some were just curious, and didn’t stay for very long, but others were absolutely concentrated and riveted by the combination of music and Rachel Brown’s speech on the optimism and creative spirit of the North American Water and Power Alliance (NAWAPA) infrastructure project.

It appears that the public is growing weary of wandering bands of singers.

The campaign’s organizing into the event was varied, and the attendees of the event reflected that. One key flank was the revival of an old Boston LaRouche Youth Movement tradition; singing on the trains! The campaign also took their music to the streets in the days leading into the event, and distributed leaflets advertising the event at various classical concerts in and around Boston. But, it was not so much the form of the organizing, but the fact that the members of the campaign challenged people to reject the degenerate culture of the Baby Boomer generation that keeps electing Barney Frank, acknowledging that, in a revolutionary period, people are open to recognizing how destructive the culture has been and are ready to embrace something much more beautiful. […]

The Mainstream Media concurs with the description of curiosity seekers.

Indeed, their renditions of classical works from Robert Schumann and other composers were good enough to retain nearly 40 random and possibly duped attendees in the Brookline Main Library last week, at a Rachel-Brown-for-Congress event that at moments transcended ordinary fringe craziness.

At a glance, the show flyers that Brown operatives hung around Brookline appeared to be largely apolitical, with a portrait of Schumann filling the page and the words CLASSICAL CONCERT in big letters. But a closer look quickly revealed something much more insidious: in addition to honoring Schumann’s 200th birthday, the performance was tuned to metaphorically reject “the crazy Obama administration and moral degenerate ‘Bail-Out’ Barney Frank,” whom Brown is now challenging in Massachusetts’s fourth congressional district.

The content of Brown’s half-hour diatribe, which came between the first and second pieces on the program, was no surprise to anyone familiar with her former work. To be found in Brown’s trash heap of unintelligible talking points: “[Obama] would rather the nation collapse than admit he is wrong,” American citizens are no longer being trained to make discoveries, and the United States should tunnel underneath the Bering Strait so as to connect Russia and Alaska. Brown also spent much of her time touting a “future-oriented Mars colonization” proposal, which might answer the question Frank asked her back in Dartmouth: “On what planet do you spend most of your time?” (Watch the entire loony performance — with rant — above.)

The senior citizens and non-English-speakers in the crowd seemed untroubled by, if not unaware of, Brown’s comical indictment of her opponent and Obama. Everybody else just seemed relieved when she shut up and let her comrades bless the gallery with their gracefully executed classical selections. Two apparently well-off 60-something couples simply chuckled at Brown’s inanity, perhaps unaware that her literature tied their lifestyle to the Third Reich: “The culture which [the notoriously anti-Semitic] Wagner represented,” according to the flyer, “was later imposed upon and accepted by the failed Baby-Boomer generation.”

Various respondents to the “American System Rothschild Poll” were largely negative.  One person wondered why the tune was set at 256.  Still others expressed horror at the morbid allusion to Lyndon Larouche’s death and how everyone needs to start thinking about it.

Malene Robinson, during her discussion of the historic personality of Mozart, set the scene: “imagine you are a group of mourners who are looking at the dead corpse of your leader, who led a revolution, and is now dead, and the whole world is collapsing around you. . .and you ask yourself, ‘what does this mean for me?'” This suddenly became a very real question for everybody in that room. Ask yourself: has it become a real question for you?

The Rachel Brown campaign appears to be not worried about this public relations set-back, perhaps believing that the upcoming “Wienie Roost” set on the day of the anniversary of the day Barney Frank roosted Rachel Brown but good will remind people why she is vaguely memorable.  The high profile web-blog wonkette has provided the Event some publicity.

Polling for Summer Shields shows that he has fallen further behind in his Write-In campaign against Donald Duck, Spongebob Squarepants, and oddly enough Lyndon Larouche.  Analysts believe that Donald Duck’s rise comes out of renewed name recognition from news stories about sexual assault cases against Disneyland employees.  Spongebob Squarepants is expected to win the write-in election, due to his continued omnipresence.  Lyndon Larouche is harder to peg, considering:

Speaking of funny on the square in front of our office today a Lyndon Larouche stand was set up. Another bunch of crazies — unfortunately they don’t get nearly as much airtime as the Tea Party. […]

Larouche is ancient news. Sheesh, how long have those crazies been around? Three decades-ish? And yet, despite their very best efforts otherwise, they never viably influenced the Dem Party or its policies. […]

The answers to the above tell you why virtually no one’s the least bit interested in old Larouche idiocy, and why virtually everyone’s interested in recent new TeaP idiocy.

Though it appears Summer Shields has one voter in him, Analysts suspect that Summer Shields’s fall behind Larouche in the polls may be due to Shields’s disappearance when he speaks, and the invariable propping up of the name “Lyndon Larouche”.  Analysts suggest that in order to beat Larouche in the coming November election, Summer Shields will have to find a way to distance himself from him.  While they believe that Donald Duck has reached his ceiling and can easily be jumped, they are stumped on how he might pull ahead of Spongebob Squarepants — perhaps Shields will have to go on the attack against Spongebob.

This week’s Wikipedia Sockpuppet Banned list includes  Manger le caniche, Outings Chair, Forge Tipsy, and Amy Ferrous Mix.

Kesha Rogers Summer Shields Rachel Brown and continual birthday celebrations– on the Campaign Hustlings

Saturday, August 7th, 2010

The Post Office Tour Continues!

Chris Sare, left, and Bob Wesser set up a table outside town center’s post office on Monday to hand out literature. — in the town of Redding.

“We’re everywhere. We’re going to every post office we can go to,” said Chris Sare, who said he works full-time with the group.

It is a fantastic tour.  See, here they are in Dryden — Bob Wesser and Chris Sare.  What’s even better is that they are going into places that are not used to seeing people standing around post offices with Hitler Mustache images.  I love it when a band that’s achieved some fame makes a point in taking out-of-the-way detours away from the biggest venues.

Also see Winfield.

The woman in the picture was very interested in talking with me up until the second I started taking pictures. I wish I had known that was going to be her reaction because I would have asked more questions before I pulled out the camera. She became even less enchanted with me when I switched to video. I thought it was quite bizarre behavior to get squirrelly when talking to a guy with a camera when the whole point of her protest, petition and information cart was to get her point across to people. You would think she would be overjoyed to have her point of view put on the local news. The people she had at her cart that were signing up for information were alternating between shy and evasive and aggressive albeit through veiled threats. […]

The bottom line is, it pays to be wary of who to hop in bed with politically. These days with the power of a Google search at your fingertips there is no excuse for being uninformed.

A different tour takes a different group through West St. Louis County in Missouri.

As I approached her, I took a photograph. This set her off, and she began a tirade that I had no right to photograph her without identifying myself. (While she is quite incorrect, as she had set herself up in a public place and made herself a public spectacle – thereby becoming NEWS…) I did identify myself. I then attempted to get SOME comment on video.

I have never understood this fascination of people drawing a mustache on Obama to show him as “evil”.

Draw a Vinn Diagram, and in a lot of people’s heads the word “Evil” and the word “Hitler” will morph into one giant circle.
Don’t misquote me on that one.

Anyway, these are a little bit roguish, in the sense that they don’t mete up with the Biggie of the 2010 Electoral Season, and the candidacies of Rachel Brown, Kesha Rogers, and Summer Shields.

Summer Shields’s campaign hit an exciting note.  According to LPAC, the Chinese Press Covered Summer Shields’.  I’ve seen headlines like that one from this news source.  Anyway, it’s the biggest notable reference to the campaign since the endorsement/word of encouragement from Michael Savage.
This week ahead for the Summer Shields campaign, starting right as I post this:

U.S. Army Corp Bay Model Tour – All are welcomed to join us!  Missed it.
Economic Policy Workshop 7: The Historical Development of California with special guest Mark Calney.  No, really: you can hear from THE Mark Calney!!!
There will be an appendix tomorrow — A Conceptual Tour of San Francisco lead by, yes again, Mark Calney!
And keep your eye on Next Saturday, when SKY SHIELDS will host a policy workshop (Workshop Number 8, baby!) on the BASEMENT PROJECT.

Kesha Rogers’s campaign made news this week, as she actually moved beyond broadsides against the President and went on the attack against her opponent in the race that she is in, alleging that Pete Olson is working too closely with the President.

Kesha Rogers Blasts Pete Olson’s “Deal With The Devil”
In a statement issued Saturday, Democratic Congressional candidate for the 22nd District in Texas Kesha Rogers blasted incumbent Republican Pete Olson for his “deal with the Devil,” namely President Obama, around the shutdown of NASA. Rogers’ full statement appears below. […]

“Anyone who still thinks that Pete Olson is serious about saving the Constellation program, guess again. He has already given up the fight, he will continue to ‘go along to get along’, and compromise on principle. As I have said repeatedly, anyone who tries to make a deal with an insane President, is unfit to serve in office; we must force Obama to resign, and reinstate Glass-Steagall protections of our commercial banking system. Over 75% of the population wants Obama out now, and that is why I am unwavering in leading my campaign’s drive to force his resignation, before the November 2010 elections. Nothing short of this could save NASA, or the country.

That’s an interesting figure — the 75 percent mark that want “Obama out now”.  Variously LPAC insists the number at 75, 80, or 85 percent.

Kesha Rogers’s campaign schedule has  Campaign organizer Ian Overton leading “a discussion of LaRouche’s September forecast, of a physical economic boundary condition that will push the world into a hyperinflationary collapse” — see it now at Coffee Oasis.

As for Rachel Brown, stay tuned to learn the details of next week’s “Meet and Greet” in Fall River. Details have not been either decided yet, or relayed.

The press is already writing about her campaign in the past tense.

She recalls her encounter with Frank, which was recorded in a widely viewed You Tube video, as a high point of her record as a political activist. “The occasion on which most of you saw me, was one instance of this activity, when I challenged Barney Frank on his defense of the Wall St. bailout and Obama’s Hitler healthcare policy, both of which policies only further harm the American population, even to death,” she said.

Several Republicans are also vying for their party’s nomination to run against Frank in the fall, calling him “Bailout Barney” for his role as chairman of the House Financial Services committee. But Frank has a firm grip on his party’s nomination and victory in the fall election.

Anyway, this Rockwellian political activism has struck other public figures.

He introduced himself as a representative of L-Pac (LaRouche PAC), and launched into a song to the tune of “Funiculi, Funicula.” “Peter Orszag and Larry Summers, they’re fascist pigs, they’re fascist pigs,” he began in a loud, strong voice. The lyrics went downhill from there, quickly veering into the unprintable along with Hitler references – even while William Gale, a senior Brookings economist with the build and look of a professor, not a bouncer, escorted the songster to the exit.

Orszag then turned to a more familiar face, Washington Post columnist Ruth Marcus, who steadfastly refused to sing her question about the budget deficit.

Orszag was more gracious than Frank.

“thank you for that”.

This whole array of Post Office Tours and Workshop laden Political causes and choral singing is part of an attempt to affect this Birthday Present for their hero.

On Thursday, Lyndon LaRouche let it be known that the best 88th birthday gift that he could receive this coming September, is the removal of Barack Obama from the Presidency.

All the chips are falling into place.

The LPAC release on Porter Goss’s role in the targeting of Maxine Waters has gone viral on the Internet.  (Interesting. Basil Marceaux’s campaign went viral.  Never heard of this one.  Have to check to see if anything other than some ‘usual suspects’ sent it out.)
It is not only feasible; it is vital, if humanity is to survive by rediscovering the true nature of man. The first step is to get Obama rapidly, and safely out of office. He is a failed personality, and his continued occupancy of the Oval Office is an abomination that cannot be tolerated.
The Obamas are also coming under more and more attack. The latest bombshell appeared in Thursday’s Daily News, comparing Michelle Obama to Marie Antoinette. (Great.)
Eighty-five percent of the American people want Obama out! Let us mobilize to make that a reality, and let us celebrate Lyndon LaRouche’s 88th birthday this September by the reinstatement of Glass-Steagall and the launching of NAWAPA.


Ickes plagarizing Lyndon Larouche?

Reportedly, the staff in the National Committee of the Larouche org believe that the answer is … yes.  Some members have flipped their lid over different items.
And I am not making that up.

Then again, this information has pretty much been validated.  Only Seven narrative plots out there, so says Issac Asimov.

I have seen the future of the Larouche Org in Ferndale, Washington.

Sunday, August 1st, 2010

Circuitously, and having to shuffle past a tedious series of exchanges with the author of this Fine study, I found my way to clues to an answer to the questions that hover in the background for me — “What will become of the Larouche org after the man passes away, and what lasting memory will he leave?” — the same question.  It comes out of the question “Where in the world is Howard Scott”, as of today — in the year 2010? 

Wikipedia is an uneven and rough reflection of public historical memory.  Look into it and we see this spectacle of people ready to defend his character.

It is well known that Howard Scott was smeared in the press. You are republishing old information. Did you read the link I directed you to? I gave you a link that provided evidence. Why are you wholesale reverting everything ?
Why be a continuing part of a smear effort? Why try and assassinate this persons character. It is unseemly and really uncalled for. skip sievert (talk) 16:15, 4 February 2008 (UTC)

User Johnphos… Scott was smeared in the press, and you are dredging up that material now again, please do not use the Times link in this article on Scott. It is not sourced in the article. The article is a known designed attack on Howard Scott and includes things like this How this transformation from dollar economy to energy economy is to come about, Howard Scott never explains. Says he at times: “Technocracy proposes no solution.” At other times he silences questions with a pontifical belch That is the level of this unsourced anon article. Along with the Hearst corporation there was a concerted effort to make a fool and chide Scott in the press. skip sievert (talk) 04:02, 22 March 2009 (UTC)

Obviously the article is meant to be a satire and not a serious piece. It has no author and came out after the Hearst corporation and others put out a directive to discredit the group. His early career is not notable at least the way you have measured or portrayed it. Obvious to see where the piece is aimed. Please do not add this again. Johnfos I have asked you previously not to disruptive edit or trail my edits. skip sievert (talk) 01:32, 31 March 2009 (UTC)

I imagine the wikipedia article on “Technocracy Inc” clashes with Hyzoloic Hedgehog’s piece round about where it places the organization in the present day and fails to concur with a split.

Technocracy Incorporated’s headquarters were originally situated in New York. It has moved several times through its history, and is currently located in Ferndale, Washington. Howard Scott became the first Director of Technocracy Incorporated in 1933, a position he held until his death.[citation needed]

From “Monad Man”:  In spite of the majority’s adherence to Scott, the split devastated the movement. In 1951 Technocracy’s CHQ had to leave its offices in Manhattan and relocate first to Lambertsville, New Jersey, and then to a farm in Bucks County outside Philadelphia. Although some local Technocracy chapters continued to publish small journals, Scott’s CHQ issued its last pamphlet in the late 1940s. Scott sank into even deeper historical obscurity and when he died in 1970 his passing did not even merit a note in the New York Times.

Looking at the citations for the wikipedia article, I have no idea why the current website for “Technocracy, Inc” would delete its founding principles of 1933.  I suppose that you have to be pragmatic and can’t be ideologically driven to your principles in a society you did not create — even if you favor a “No Money Society“, you still have to sell stuff to pay the bills.

I have seen the future of the Larouche org.  It is a website where this is the most popular page — where predictions for 64 years ago are still rationalized away, and the main Ferndale, Washington branch has a sister locale in Vancouver, British Columbia.  It is a loop of appeals to the Youth to the FUTURE!

Technocracy is not a political movement. It is an organization with a dynamic plan for the future–a non-monetary system of distribution, managed by the people most qualified in their particular fields, not by politicians or financiers–we’ve already seen what they do.
We owe our standard at living to science and technology–in the hands of those who know how things work. In the wrong hands, we face an uncertain future. You owe it to yourself to look into Technocracy’s design. After all, that is where you will spend most of your life–in the future.

There are three wikipedia pages that directly concern Howard Scott and “Technocracy, Inc”.  Larouche enjoys a much larger wikipedia tree.  Absent the mass of Larouchites tacking away at wikipedia, I suspect the apparatus would collapse — not quite to the Scott and Technocracy, Inc — but only due to the fact that there are more outlets of information today than there was in the hey-day of the 1930s and 1940s, and more available.  Meantime, the wikipedia team of one for Technocracy, Inc appears to have faded.  A battle lost:

Skip, You’ve said here that “…Technocracy Incorporated and its program.. is perhaps the most important social movement of the 20th. century in my opinion… it influenced and continues to influence many… and was the fastest growing social movement of the early to mid 1930’s.” skip sievert (talk) 14:51, 6 April 2008 (UTC) And this is the general position presented in this article.

But where is the actual evidence that TI has been so important and influential? Perhaps there are some New York Times articles and scholarly books by disinterested historians about TI? Many more third party publications are needed to support what is being said in this article. Sources close to the subject are not very helpful and I’ve tagged the TI Publications section as being an advertisement. Johnfos (talk) 09:27, 16 February 2009 (UTC)

Skip Sievert has failed the Herschel Krustofsky test — he has not kept at it with new names, with a new tag-team (perhaps because the org only consists of one person in Ferndale?), from different isp locales, etc. to badger and bug the wikipedia editors.

In Larouche campaign news:
Summer Shields held an all day press conference in Chinatown on the 29th.  I’m sure it filtered into LPAC press releases.  The Summer Shields for Congress Chorus held a concert at St. Mary’s Square Park.  And this week, all are welcomed to join the U.S. Army Corp Bay Model Tour, and an Economic Policy Workshop on The Historical Development of California with special guest Mark Calney on Saturday, followed by a Conceptual Tour of San Francisco lead by Mark Calney on Sunday.

The Kesha Rogers campaign held a “Save the U.S.A. Layoff Obama!” Intersection Rally, and Ian Overton will lead a discussion of LaRouche’s September forecast on Saturday at Coffee Oasis.

The Rachel Brown campaign has received a bit of press, and a columinist calling for a debate with Barney Frank, here:
You may remember her as the person Frank likened to a dining room table at a Dartmouth town meeting last summer. According to her campaign website, Ms. Brown favors the impeachment of President Obama, in part because of what she calls his “Hitler healthcare policy.” She also advocates the American colonization of Mars. That’s Mars, the planet — not the candy company. I hope Frank debates her on live television.

But she will appear alongside the two Republican challengers to Barney Frank on Newton radio station NECN’s program “Broadside”, on Monday, August 2nd at 6pm.  For a suggested 25 dollar donation you can go to the Brookline Main Library to “participate in an evening of beauty, dignity, and joy in honor of the 200th birth year of Robert Schumann and the beautiful culture he fought to create” in fighting “the Obama administration and lackeys such as Barney Frank, are degrading and killing off the population.”  On Saturday, you too can meet Rachel Brown and dine on some pizza.

the weekly larouche bodily fluid journal

Saturday, July 24th, 2010

1974?  Seminal date in the history of things.  Just as, what, 1958?
1974 was when Larouche started fingering the British!
Lyndon LaRouche and his associates were ALWAYS right about the British. I, and about 100 or slightly more, of our associates, have served with LaRouche in the “anti-British imperialism campaign” of 1974-2010, a thirty-six year period, during which we often deployed for seven days/week. This campaign began “officially” in the early morning hours of January 1, 1974, when a plot to assassiate LaRouche was thwarted, in the course of the which, British authorship of that plot, was not only definitively exposed, but linked to a much bigger game.

Go ahead and make fun of Lyndon Larouche, but when the Mossad, the Freemasons, and the House of Windsor come after your pancreas DONT COME CRYING TO ME.

And with that warning…
Years ago, someone — college aged — posted something on youtube.  An interview with a LYMer manning a table just outside an Art College (or maybe the UW) in Seattle.  It was this passive allowance with mock agreement on whatever the LYMer said, a phony phone number exchanged, all leading to an agreement to a meeting / encounter that never happened.  There was a line in the video that was quite good — the interviewer asked, “What do you think of the students’ art here?”  The LYMer answered with a feh, and a statement that “They aren’t even interested in launching a new Renaissance!”

This production from the LYM — fails to ignite a new Renaissance.
Which is just as well.  We are on the verge of a New Dark Ages, inevitible if Obama is not removed from office before the date of Lyndon Larouche’s next birthday in September, you’ll hear after 5 minutes on this Internet radio broadcast.  I don’t know what to make of that thing — struggle past the minute and a half of the “Everything Politics” rap and see how long you can survive this.  I didn’t make it to hear Kesha Rogers.

I am not sure what I am supposed to be on the look-out on Larouche’s birthday.  It’s apparently another “Phase Shift” vaguity — it’s all over even if nothing tangible happens.  Seeing that the concept is always that on these days, 14th Century Dark Ages beckon — I’ll go ahead and say that unless 1 Billion people on Planet Earth die out within a week, Larouche will be wrong once again, and this Doomsday Cult can go ahead and call it quits, and — I don’t know, split off to work to elect Tom Tancredo or Alvin Greene.

I’m reading this fan of Larouchian economics.
In my blog dated June 27, 2010, I say that Lyndon LaRouche (1922- ) is one of seventeen ‘big thinkers.’ (click) He became one of these thinkers when he modernized the economy that Jesus Christ spoke about in Ch. 24 of Matthew in the New Testament.
Wow.  Was this part of the work he came up with in prison with Jim Bakker?

The content of the natural economy is measured annually with pie charts. A pie chart example is shown below. As an economy grows, more and more pie charts are necessary to study the natural growth. This natural economy will move humans from planet to planet.

All right.  All this time I thought the only useful graph for the Larouche organization was this one:

  But I guess not.  They’re all into pie charts?  piechartrising

I’ve got a good pie chart.  It’s right here.  I regret to say that the chart is already out of date, and the situation has deteroiated since.  I better get the situation rectified before the Wimar Hyperinflationary Triple Curve sets in again.

Say, WHERE’S MY WEIMAR INFLATION?  July 16th has passed.  There is no Weimar Inflation.  These things have a romantic glean to them — 60 percent of respondents to an Alex Jones website poll forsee a “Road Warrior Future”, I imagine because these 60 percent want to experience the thrill of one of their favorite science fiction dystopias.

Here’s something interesting.  A case of a person looking out over the material online and coming to one conclusion about Larouche — “Hey!  Kesha Rogers!”.
And another who comes to a different conclusion.
Well, I imagine they’re just seeking to affirm their own biases and see in the web what they want.

What’s fantastic for them is how the web provides a useful recruiting platform.  Check this one out!

Pleasanton4Life — This IS exactly what we need in this country. I’m definitely going to their townhall meeting in Livermore this Friday.

livermore925 —  Now, I normally don’t agree with LaRouche’s controversial ideas, but for some reason he is making a lot of sense to me. I found myself even donating $50 to get one of his books and DVDs. […] I think their Townhall info is at our Public Library this Friday starting at 3pm. I’ll see you there!

Nancy — Yeah, seems like you are a bit cooky Stacey. I’m not sure if your a pro-Obama freak, but I think the message is correct. I got a membership just recently and probably will go to the town hall on Friday. Don’t drink the kool-aid Stacey. I recommend you listen to Savage Nation to get your facts straight. Summer Shields was on there too!  (Wait.  Did Summer Shields get an interview on Savage?)

Tri-Valley Teacher — You seem to have a wrong definition of totalitarian fascism. The only fascist I see who is hurting my family and friends is Obama. I don’t know much about LaRouche, but anyone with the balls to put a Hitler mustache on this insane “empty-suit” community organizer you call President is good with me.  I would suggest you pick up a few history books, because the policies being rammed down our throats by the Obama team, is literally and silently killing people.
When I went to the LaRouche website I personally enjoyed this discussion at this link:
(link to Harley Schlanger excitedly talking with Larouche about Basement tehniques linking the Asteroid Belt with exciting new princples in confronting the British Empire)
And, I have often asked myself, why can’t this President (and the last one as well), engage in this quality of dialogue, with the American people.

Jeff —  I’ve been a Democrat all my life, my parents were FDR Democrats and switched over in the Carter days. I’ve felt the same need to switch over my card to a more independent ticket considering the disgrace and highly disappointing year and a half.
 Everything, this country has fought for. We were pioneers in almost everything. Now, what can I really say to my children. “Oh wait, we have a black president.” Well, who gives a fly F@#$, I’m BLACK, what the heck does that mean if he is destroying our country.
If I had the time, since I’m barely making it because of Obama’s “economic recovery”, I would protest with those young lads.  I’ll give whatever time I have to see this guy out. When is that Townhall meeting?

What with Jeff, Tri-Valley Teacher, Nancy, livermore925, and Pleasantown4life all in attendence, That meeting  — on “Our Extraterrestrial Imperiative” — must have raked in the big bucks, moved ideas about, and landed the necessary signatures to become an official write-in candidate.

It turns out that a group of Lyndon LaRouche supporters were in town to drum up support for write-in candidate Summer Shields to face Nancy Pelosi for a seat in the 8th Congressional District. This seemed odd to me as Tracy is in the 11th Congressional District. They were merely looking for supporters to help in their campaign. They were told “it was a good area”. […]  I’m not sure whether they got enough signatures or they decided too much controversy and publicity. Now I just have to wait for the next sign.

Kesha Rogers held a chorus in Sugar Land Town Center yesterday.  Still haven’t seen her prize winning 4th of July Parade float.  There will be an ice cream social at Ben and Jerry’s tomorrow.  Today there’s an um… unspecified location… discussion about Leibniz.  I’m sure it’s fascinating.  It’s sure to defeat Pete Sessions in November!

Meanwhile, over in Rachel Brown’s purview:
Today’s volunteer, sporting a tricorn hat, had set up a table with a poster reading “Pull over, stop Obama.” There did not appear to be much room in which passing motorists could comply.

Title of blog post taken from a David Frum post.  Some of David Frum’s best friends are ex-larouchies…

Can Commander Chakotay and Summer Shields save us from Dark Ages Interval?

Saturday, July 17th, 2010

I do not believe that this is a very good one of these things.  I posted a couple of paragraphs from each of my previous bunch of blog posts, and came up with a different author each time.  I suppose “blogging” is not writing, or it is a type of writing which will bias everyone to certain authors over others — David Foster Wallace is an obvious skew, the footnotes within footnotes in Infinite Jest essentially a type of hyper-text.  Wallace is the first author who showed up twice.
My last post about Lyndon Larouche and the organization that surrounds him?  HP Lovecraft!  That seems appropriate somehow.

Regarding the Tea Party “Lenin, Obama, Hitler” sign controversy —

leave it to prison planet to provide commenters deploring the cowardice of the movement for taking the sign down.

Also not always that difficult to find a fusion point for Larouche Inc.

I wonder how long they had to search for someone who didn’t actually agree with the sign?

So, I went over and contacted Adolf Hitler for comment on the “Lenin, Obama, Hitler” sign.
He responded with such a fury upon seeing the sign, that I had to run out of the room in fear of my life.  Quite a spectacle.  I don’t speak German, so I didn’t quite get what he said.

Such a thing as “neo-cons” and “paleo-cons” exist, don’t they? Also, quite a lot of the politically left/progressive people posting on the countless Internet forums based in the United States who use language like ‘NeoCon’ and ‘Zionist’ and ‘PaleoCon’ are either Lyndon LaRouche acolytes or have been unwittingly influenced by LaRouche’s propaganda without being entirely certain of where they picked up that language and ideology. Any time you read an Internet posting where the OP sounds like Rosie O’Donnell with a conspiracist opinion about everything, you’ve basically entered LaRouche-land.

Reaches a frustration point.

If ONE republican –JUST ONE– would point out that the Obama-as-Hitler signs are from Lyndon LaRouche supporters– DEMOCRATS– I’d give the RNC $20 and give Lindsey Graham a kiss on the cheek
picklesgap on July 16, 2010 at 5:34 PM

Noteworthy.  Rick Barber.  The Republican Congressional Candidate who ran a campaign where he told various Founding Fathers that “He would impeach” Obama.  He lost the nomination — 60 to 40.  Discounting intimations surrounding Darrell Issa — which remain intimations, albeit of a type you can probably find with, say, Bob Barr in 1994 — that leaves Kesha Rogers in the “Impeachment” Caucus.

Breaking News!

Okay, we’re done with the breaking news, we now return to regularly scheduled programming.

Update on the Summer Shields campaign!

As they were packing up, Joe E. boasted that they’d interested many locals in the LaRouche platform during their afternoon stint in front of the Post Office.   They loaded up their literature and umbrella and were off to retrieve two other true believers who had been posted in a small foothill town for the day.  In our thirty minute discussion Joe continually tapped his finger on one of LaRouche’s books as if it contained Biblical prophecy; their candidate, Summer Shields, seemed barely an afterthought.

Today’s wikipedia updates.

Well, first of all, I knew full well what this question was getting at.

But is the current picture the best we can do for this movement or is this picture a fair representative of the movement’s Political Advocacy? Weaponbb7 (talk) 17:08, 28 June 2010 (UTC)
It might be surprising that I’m not a fan of the image for that purpose, though I don’t know if the mass choral singing will get the Larouchies any better propaganda points.
Anyway, looking at Weaponbb7’s profile — I guess he’s not your HK sock puppet.  But this is the reason the  Larouchies would hate that photograph use.

Face front and smile. Maybe wikipedia can get permission for that photograph?  I don’t know.

Wikipedia is currently stumbling on how to cover the activity surrounding Obama.
Meantime, Marshal MacMahon has been removed for “Sock Puppetry“.   He’s a big fan of Stanislav Menshikov, and resents a description of the word “blather” to describe his praise for Larouche.

And this seems a bit self-serving a “solution“.

If you were to move this section because there is an article devoted to LaRouche’s views, wouldn’t you also have to move the sections on the US Labor Party, Jeremiah Duggan and Kenneth Kronberg as well, because there are articles about them? That might actually be a good idea, because this article is too long. Marshal MacMahon (talk) 12:47, 14 July 2010 (UTC)

Wikipedia presents some problems on certain topics.  Here’s an issue with Webster Tarpley, for instance.  By any reasonable measure, the “Kennebunkport Warning” controversy should be covered in the Wesbter Tarpley topic, as it was a demonstration of his methodology in trying to claim credence from anti-war activists such as Cindy Shehan, and in the recripocal relationship whereby anti-war activists such as Shehan ask Tarpley to buzz off.  Yet, it was a controversy which existed in a very limited universe — the 9/11 Truth land — outside mainstream media not noting it.  There was this strange instigation from this cartoon published by rense, and served up several articles on this.   So, there you go : it exists in the weird virtual space that Webster Tarpley resides in, and can shuffle things away whenever he pops his head out of the ground.
So we get this as an explanation for its deletion.

Is that right?  We passed another Crash Point of Hyper-Inflation?

Another world-historical Lyn-forecasted “crash” was to occur, too. Crash, Crash, Crash. I am for skin. For skin. No more knife fights.
I thought July 16th 2010 was date certain and with interest. He has NEVER been wrong. Never. I thought I had lived THIS history. This is living history? Is this living? Living this is, or should be.
Does bread cost $100,000 in your area today? I bought hot dog rolls last night and got a good deal — two eight-packs for $1.50. Sale price. A two-fer right before Weimar. Wow. And in see-through plastic bags. Oil was used, somewhere.

You know, David Lindsay is really odd.

In fact, LaRouche’s theory of a nefarious global Anglophile network is also held by neoconservatives. And there is more than a touch of New Labour about him, with his hysterical hatred of Britain and his incessant abuse of the Queen.

Tony Blair and Gordon Brown hate the Queen?

Anyway, while I’m trying to create a political coalition as described by David Linday, it seems a moot point.  The End Game is ON!!!

More centered here.  Oh, yeah.  Dark Ages round the Bend!  Dark Ages for Everyone!  It’ll be fun.


LaRouche (with his following) seems a throwback to the early 20th century; wherein scientists like the Huxleys also mused upon spiritualism. LaRouche claims descent from Vladimir Vernadsky, specifically. […]  Vernadsky and LaRouche remind me of Ayn Rand and other such holistic, secular prophets. LaRouche, perhaps more Randian in his interest in politics.

It’s enough to follow this: voiceofelijah2012  Says: July 14th, 2010 at 4:45 pm economy is tanking, the system is failing, but make sure you spend your money on this guy and make him rich. lol foolish people.

look my way through email spam.

My grief counselor suggested I make a list of things that might fill the sudden – but expected – void in my existence. […]

Clear out e-mail; send credit card information to Nigerian prince and Lyndon Larouche.

Help us, Commander Chakotay.  Only he can save us from the Impending Dark Ages Interval.

I went to a LYM meeting once they yelled about Cheney and then tried to get me to come back with promises of Commander Chakotay from Star Trek Voyager at the next meeting. I would have gone for Riker.

I confused LaRouche with LaVey for a second and got pretty excited over the OP but then I read on and was rather disappointed.

i wanna meet a larouche nut so i can tell him to stick a square up his rear end and double it.

Bill Lauten, Igor Panarin, Kesha Rogers, and Rachel Brown. Oh My!

Friday, July 9th, 2010

Hm.  In all my haste to figure out how many votes Summer Shield received in the June primary, I missed this candidate.

billlautenwithobamahitlerposter Yes, it’s Bill Lauten, receiving a full one hundred percent of the primary vote in the race to decide the American Independence Party candidate for State Treasurer of California.  As you see from previous runs for office, he can not be bought.

A history of the American Independent Party is instructive.  From a launching pad for the presidential bid of George Wallace in 1968, the party has since bumped up into the “Constitution Party” — a sort of Christian Reconstructionist political party — and is today splintered into two.    It’s the fate of third parties sometimes, more fun to be had in the comments section.  I do believe that the word “Independent” should be outlawed for use of any political party — loaded as it is, and there’s a pattern (seen in Oregon recently) of an “Independent Party” launching and immediately taking its place as third political party — for use with potential Fusion law corruption.

So, as per Bill Lauten:
Here’s 4 examples of LaRouche credibility.

I will be sure to follow the campaign of Bill Lauten on into November’s destiny with — what did he get last time?  5 percent of the vote?  He’ll fall short of that.

(4) LaRouche PAC bring the Glass-Steagall resolution to city councils.HINT: Is Beth Krom still on the Irvine City Council? If not will she sign anyway?

Sure, why not?  A curious thing to note about the recent LPAC article “LaRouche Announces the Role He’ll Play In a Post-Obama Administration” — looking ahead, I suppose for the year 2013 or 2017 when — assuming he’s still alive — he’ll play the same role he’s been playing for the past forty years — the articles listed — a lot of disgruntled Huffington Post articles — would do well to be linked to so that I can see them for myself.  I am a bit curious to note this dangling bit, though:

“Prison Planet” asks, “Do you feel independent knowing that Congress has tried to stop Glass-Steagall?” Similarly commentator Bob Moriarty.

It is worth noting that “Prison Planet” did not ask that question, but this guy.  Still, they picked this piece up from Prison Planet.  That’s worth something.  I don’t know about the next dangling sentence fragment — a lack of proof-reading, I suppose.  Anyway, FANTATIC:

A new spirit abroad, namely a qualitatively new phase in the complex, self-changing mind of the mass-strike process, could be seen in the reports from Kesha’s campaign on July 4, when among many other developments, her “impeachment” float was given the trophy for “best individual float” in the Stafford, Texas parade. “No coincidence,” Lyndon LaRouche said. Something similar was seen earlier at the Texas Democratic Convention, where 150 participants were convinced to sign the Glass-Steagall resolution even while complaining that they didn’t want to sign anything which bore LaRouche’s name. It is reported that such changes are shown in the new, live-camera interviews of field organizing.

I am very much interested in seeing the float, and the floats that the “Impeach Float” beat out.  I sought out a question for someone from the City of Stafford, Texas — am not holding my breath for a response.  I suppose, given that this is the most exciting moment of the Kesha Rogers Campaign so far — the cleanest show of some public approval since the March Nomination — they would do well to post the float, replete with Blue Ribbon or Golden Trophy, or whatever prize trinket the Float received.
Mother Jones dropped the ball in failing to report on the Float victory.

But in late June, that didn’t stop Rogers from showing up with a posse of her supporters at the state party’s annual convention in Corpus Christi, where they handed out leaflets and periodically broke into song—Mozart’s “Ave Verum Corpus,” to be precise, to emphasize the LaRouche movement’s belief in a classical Western education. “People were very moved by this,” Rogers says. “They want leadership, they want beauty.” Rogers adds that some delegates even contributed money to her campaign on the spot, though she couldn’t specify exactly how much she raked in at the event.

Outside the convention center, however, the scene was less than harmonious. About a dozen of Rogers’ supporters were ordered to move off the grounds, prohibited from wearing their campaign T-shirts or distributing campaign literature on the premises since they were not official delegates. They ended up moving their operation to the sidewalk a few blocks down the road. Matt Glazer, an Austin Democratic strategist who attended the convention, declined to take a flyer from one LaRouche supporter—and says he was verbally assailed as a result. “He screamed out, ‘You guys are just as bad as the Republicans—as the Nazis,'” says Glazer, who claims the man continued by “calling me everything from a fag to an asshole, to telling me I had mental disabilities.” […]

In 2003, she was elected to become a local Democratic precinct chair in Harris County, serving for two years before she made an ultimately unsuccessful bid for chair of the Texas Democratic Party in 2006. “She was a very good speaker—very articulate, very passionate,” says political consultant Harold Cook, former executive director of the Texas Democratic Party, recalling Rogers’ speech. “She didn’t mention in her speech a single wacky thing that she believes…If I didn’t know her, I might have voted for her, too.”

Tomorrow, at Coffess Oasis down in Texas, Kesha Rogers and Ian Overton will put on a presentation.  It will “develop a picture of the global economic breakdown crisis, and how the reinstatement of FDR’s 1933 Glass-Steagall banking law is essential if the USA is to regain control of its economy, and avoid a hyperinflationary collapse.”   I’ll instead defer to Igor Panarin.

On June 22, the 69th anniversary of Operation Barbarossa, the Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union, Prof. Igor Panarin escalated his current series of public attacks on the British Empire as the historical, “and contemporary,” adversary of Russia. “I find it necessary to repeat once again today,” said Panarin in an interview with, “that the leaders of the British Empire should confess to having organized both World War I and World War II, and a public tribunal should be organized to determine who organized the First and Second Wars, and why.” He said that holding such a tribunal now would be justified because of the “holocaust of the Soviet people” which resulted.

Professor Panarin is the Dean of History at the Diplomatic Academy of the Russian Foreign Ministry, best known for his forecast of the coming fragmentation of the United States. Few reports on his statements note, however, that Panarin attributes the anti-U.S. plan to a London-centered group of financiers.

Panarin told, “June 22 is a tragic date in our history. But I think that the sudden attack on the USSR by Germany was arranged not only by fascist Germany, but also by the British Empire. That might seem to be a paradox, since those two countries were adversaries at that moment. But, it is only strange at first glance.” The professor then reviewed his argument that some Bolsheviks, such as Leon Trotsky, were “agents of British Intelligence” (as established in Panarin’s recent video briefing, which highlighted Trotsky’s relationship with British spies Robert Bruce Lockhart and Sidney Reilly), who had been suppressed by Stalin. Unable to achieve the control over the Soviet Union which it had sought, said Panarin, “the British Empire decided to prepare World War II, where fascist Germany would act as the strike force for an attack on the USSR. It has long been no secret that it was the British (the Bank of England, in particular) who financed the Nazi Party….”

I think in plasting this revisionist Soviet nostalgia of Igor Panarin, the Larouche org just wants to validate the theory of Cliff Kincaid, percolating about, that Larouche and Alex Jones are Russian agents.  See too that prison planet reference!  It makes as much sense as launching yourself at Glass Steagal and claiming it as your own.
Lyndon LaRouche summed it up: “That’s what I expected. I’ve been waiting for these things to show up, because I knew they would tend to have to show up. In what form, I wouldn’t know in advance, but I knew it would have to happen.”
Or, the strange spectacle of Republicans wondering where their nation went since the election of Ronald Reagan in 1980?  Why does John Boehner refer to the “America they grew up in” – Tom Coburn contemplate loss of freedom from ”30 years ago” and Glenn Beck on the better times of 1979?

As I skip from Michael Moore’s to “Dude, Where’s My Country?” — 2003 — over to Jerry Doyle’s “Have You Seen My Country Lately?”, I recognize one major difference.  The “Left” throws a greater jab at contemporary popular culture than the “Right”.
Here I would encourage you to read the wikipedia synopsis of “Dude Where’s My Car?”  In part because there’s a good chance you didn’t see it, and it behooves you to know a little bit more than you did before about various trifling irrelevancies.

Impeachment History:

As the public tempest had swelled, some wanted Washington impeached.  Cartoons showed the President being marched to a guillotine.  Even in the President’s beloved Virginia, Revolutionary veterans raised glasses and cried “A Speedy Death to General Washington!”
With the national surge of anger toward Washington, some Americans complained that he was living luxuriously as George III.  Using old forgeries, several columnists insisted that Washington had been secretly bribed during the war by British agents.
Still others charged that the President stole military credit from soldiers who had bled and died.  “With what justice do you monopolize the glories of the American Revolution?”
Reeling from the blows, the 63 year old Washington wrote that the “infamous scribblers” were calling him “a common pickpocket” in “such exaggerated and indecent terms as could scarcely be applied for Nero.”

Okay.  Let’s finish by pointing to a big event in the Rachel Brown for Congress campaign, coming up in a month.

Come and participate in an evening of beauty, dignity, and joy in honor of the 200th birth year of Robert Schumann and the beautiful culture he fought to create. A concert of choral and solo works by Robert Schumann, W.A. Mozart, J.S. Bach, and other great, will be performed by campaign staff and guests. The Rachel Brown campaign is committed to reviving Classical humanist culture in a time where the Obama administration and lackeys such as Barney Frank, are degrading and killing off the population through savage budget cuts and fascist economic policies. Please bring your families and friends.

Bring your family and friends! as we battle the British Obama Frank stooges as they wipe off the population!  Weee.  Weeee.   Weeee.

“nut lick”ing?

Friday, July 2nd, 2010

A couple of notes of refernece from the Washington Post article of 2004, in contemplating the curious circumstance of a random blog comment (linked from the last message in this blog category) referencing my brother in insult — message: we know your brother’s name, a post which was followed by a member of the org alluding to said insult, which was then followed by him having to point directly to it to make sure that I saw the comment.  The insult was, I suppose, something on the order of my reference to “circle jerk” — two people are licking a hated politician’s nuts.  I suppose we can consider it a new high-point in the “Rachel Brown for Congress” campaign?

Anyway, Michael Winstead explains some cult dynamics, and Erica Duggan explains her feelings of paranoia in looking into her son’s death.

Eventually, he became accustomed to the humiliating insults and tirades. “They call it making somebody a self-conscious organizer,” he says. “It is about getting somebody to break down and cry, just to have an emotional collapse. Once you do that, then people are malleable.” […]  

According to Winstead, attacking someone for having “mother issues,” being homosexual or sexually perverse seemed to be a common strategy for controlling members in the office where he worked. Leaders directed the group to gang up on colleagues for minor infractions, a phenomenon Winstead calls “wolf-packing.” It was effective, he says.

Once he witnessed organizers surround and berate a woman, he says. The sobbing woman tried to leave, but one organizer wrestled her back into a chair, Winstead says. She didn’t resist again, he says.

Another time, Winstead says, a member having second thoughts about the group asked him for a ride to the bus station so he could visit relatives. Winstead obliged, infuriating movement leaders. “That whole week I just got pounded [by] everyone in the organization. It was comments like . . . ‘Mike, you’ve been driving people away from this movement! You are an agent, aren’t you?’ “

And Erica Duggan:

It is an irony not lost on Erica that LaRouche, veteran weaver of conspiracy theories involving the British and Zionists, is being pursued by a Jewish mother from Britain. She has become an accidental but determined traveler in his realm of plots and apocalyptic fantasies. She even wonders if LaRouche partisans are tracking her movements, hacking into her e-mail.

I high-light that phrase because it appears the Larouche org meant to implant that sense of paranoia in me this week.  I do not want to overstate a statement of empathy (empathy as in “full knowledge of what another has gone through”):  I am not a victim of the cult, and am removed from the insanity of the cult by quite a good distance.  Erica Duggan, on the other hand, one day never heard of Larouche, then met their existence under the absolute worst circumstances imaginable.  And the one thing I can say with certainty about Jeremiah Duggan is that had he not met up with the Schiller Institute and gone to that conference in Wiesbedon, he would be alive today.

I am not altogether sure that this makes sense — that the Larouche organization is still somewhere hawking their 1986 AIDS patients quarantine message, as focused in on the California Ballot Initiative “PANIC” — and these guys seem to love giving their names double meanings to explicate the horrendous nature of their goals, don’t they?

But it comes together in the person of “Heavy Metal Suicide”, who was seen on factnet defending the measure — years later.  And the name of this person appears to derive from comments I made here to the suppositions of one “European”:

I at least have some reference points for where one can conjecture “suicidal”.  For “Suicide Pact”, I really have not the foggiest reference point — outside of, perhaps, the hysterical 1980s anti-Heavy Metal campaigns aped in the Larouche org by Don Phau (for appeals to Christian Conservatives, I suppose?) and currently all the rage in the Islamic World.  This is a bizarre conjecture, made stranger by his denial.

I believe it is from this came the nom de plome of a commenter from the Larouche organization picks up the name “Heavy Metal Suicide”.  See how sick they are?

I’ve long had the basic concept that the Larouche organization has been peddling two tracks with Jeremiah Duggan.  One is something we see with the circumstances of Matthew Shepard — a gay man who was beaten and murdered.  Given that it’s entirely beside the point and doesn’t matter one iota in the case, it does feel scurrilous to suggest that Matthew Shepard was not an angel, or was troubled in some standard ways of humanity.  On that track of suggesting that Mrs. Duggan is not facing up to her son’s supposed pre-death state of mind, we saw European.  and the German Authorities who largely took down the notes from the Larouche organization.  But the fatal flaw in terms of keeping this story straight, as we saw with the recent “round-table” discussion, and why they can’t leave that alone, and have to leave exaggerated suggestions from picking apart the fragmentary bits of information on what happened at that conference that day– and lead to this:

It’s obvious this guy was a suicide, it’s obvious that his mother knew he was a suicide, because he told us that, he told us he had to take drugs to avoid suicide. He told us.

They have no ability to cling to the at least tenuable public relations-acceptable “mother can’t get over it” line, because it would deny the role of the “World Historic Mission” and the forces pitted up against the cult leader.  It leads to their two-track contradiction “stance” on Erica Duggan — is she being “used” for political purposes, or is she someone who (sickly) “knew” this would happen?

Now what happened? I attacked the, well, — Tony Blair on BBC on two occasions. I was joined,–is or that not or but–not directly, but indirectly, by the followup , by a chief high-ranking intelligence official of the British services

And so it continues on to today, because of the strength of the org as shown with the candidacy of Kesha Rogers.

I got attacked at the TDP convention!! Just got accosted by LaRouchies outside the convention center. I told them NO and no, again, when they tried to give me some Kesha propaganda. Once inside – and by inside, I mean inside the bat cave (press room) – all I can hear is the LaRouche choir, singing something that sounds very hymn-y. My friends said they had “Obama is a Nazi” sign. I wouldn’t know. I turned my back to them and hurt their feelings. They are out in the hall.

The hymn selection so far:

As We Gather By the Center
We’re Marching to Britain, Beautiful, Beautiful Britain!
All Hail the Power of Kesha’s Name
Come Ye Crazy People Come
We’ve Got the Whole Extraterrestial World in Our Hands
LaRouche, LaRouche, We Adore Thee

and. . . Standing in the Need of Prayer. Which they do need . . . a prayer and divine intervention for Kesha to have chance.

was nominated thusly:
Roger and her band of sign carrying loons took to the street in a simplified form of campaigning know as “standing in a busy intersection waving a sign with Roger’s face on it.”. It was the cheapest form of campaigning in the history of campaigning and it obviously worked.

Will fare better than Summer Shields for obvious reasons.  Though, as “Ace” put it:
If Shields had won 100% of the vote you’d be whining it was fraud or that his name was first on the ballot.
‘ Can’t argure with that.  As it were, he won zero percent because he was not even on the ballot.

They have talks with Putin, you know?

I could not believe that this LaRouche follower actually was honest enough to admit that Putin is working with LaRouche right to my face. When did this happen? At Pastor Manning’s Columbia trial, back in May in NYC.

And the name of the game.

When you were 10 years old, did you ever grab a pen and sit down with the daily newspaper, methodically drawing mustaches on all the photos of politicians, movie stars and ordinary people who happened to make the news that day?

It was a fun, juvenile thing to do — embellishing people’s faces with creepy pencil-thin mustaches, curlicued handlebars and droopy Fu Manchus.

But adding facial hair to photographs is one of those things most people seem to outgrow, once they turn into adults.

… I hold some pessimissim, but hope I’m wrong, about the outcome of the Inquest in Britain.  We go back to techniques such as — note well.  We’ll see.

Historic Blog-Cast!

Friday, June 25th, 2010

Rogers, like the other three unqualified candidates, probably woke up one morning and thought “I’m going to run for Congress” in the Democratic primary.
NOPE!  It’s a coordinated political campaign, hatched — I suppose — by Harley Schlanger — to work the “Multi-Marketing Scam” aspect of the cult.
And they probably think they are going to win. Roger claims she will talk or sing to the Democratic delegates at their convention this weekend. I think she will be escorted right out the back door.
But that’s probably true.  Even Summer Shields, who… is not on any ballot and never was.

Interesting tid-bit from the “Rachel Brown for Congress” campaign for the Great Post Office Tour.

I am glad that these were not Southbridge residents. They were members of the Lyndon LaRouche movement stumping for a candidate to oppose Barney Frank in the November election. The LaRouche Democrat is Rachel Brown. Her web site, with its errors in grammar and spelling, speaks for itself. They seem to have a problem with dates as well since at least 2 items are dated July 22, 2010. Perhaps this indicates a forward-looking candidate with clairvoyant premonitions of life on Mars.

Dot your “i’s”, dot your lower case “j’s”, cross the “t’s”, circle your “o’s”…
Or, in Summer Shield’s case… Register as a Democrat in time.  Summer Shields is still running for Congress in an unofficial “write-in” campaign.  The next event is the next event for all of the campaigns — the nth millionth Historic Webcast.  Then it’s back to the Post Office Tour.  I, frankly, don’t understand the point of the Summer Shields campaign from hence-forward.  Theoretically, the election campaign of these individuals would provide a focal point on the ballot for the various issues the org is campaigning on — Glass Steagal and Mars and so forth.  But unless they’ve stumbled on the new “pre-candidacy”, and after Barney Frank wins the nomination Rachel Brown will continue forth a “Write-In” campaign, thus keeping this act up for all three of their candidacies on into November — I imagine they could just cart out the “Obama Hitler” poster in San Francisco sans “Summer Shields for Congress”.

I note as “interesting” that Summer Shields’s Campaign, and what I suppose would be the high point in terms of attention directed at it, was mentioned in a dossier for the Jeremiah Duggan legal inquest.

It is worth noting that out of the sixteen named individuals banned from entering the UK
since October 2009 7 two have publicly shown some support to Lyndon LaRouche’s:
1. STEPHEN DONALD BLACK whose neo-Nazi website has
published supportive posts for LaRouche. For instance : Why White Nationalists
Should Vote For Lyndon LaRouche in 2004
commented: “When I read this stuff, it makes sense to me.” — Michael Savage,
reacting to the campaign of Summer Shield, the Larouche candidate for
Congress against Nancy Pelosi.

I can’t say I approve of that disgression, but I guess there is something there in the way of the org’s role as destructive demaougic presence.  Recently factnet has been graced by a poster calling himself “Heavy Metal Suicide” who has been defending the California Ballot Initiative “PANIC”.  How did Michael Savage vote on that one?

It coule be worse.  Kesha Rogers might have this supporter ?
As a man who identifies himself as African in America, I am excited that some folks who look like me might have a brain not wired to the national anti-black jewish cartel. There is a web site to document my statement: JEWISH DOMINATION AND EXPLOITATION OF THE BLACK CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT. Google it and read it with your own eyes. It was written, not by Minister Louis Farrakhan, but by Jewish scholars and has not been refuted. Grio should be about truth, not propaganda. Hence, I suggest that you pursue the truth about America and its disease.

Article fail.
Those who have stopped by the Fort
Washington Post Office the past two Mondays have been asked about more than just stamps and shipping rates. They’ve been asked to get involved in politics.

Thomas Sewell has “gone there”, leading a few politicians to follow forth.  This guy — that makes two people on the ballot in Texas for Congress making Obama Hitler Comparisons.  What can I say — It’s raining Hitler!  It always is.  The LYMers are made up of people who feared that Bush was leading us down to Hitler — now they’re raising money from people thinking Obama is leading us to Hitler.  Also a fan of Thomas Sewell’s “Hitler” article: Sarah Palin.   Sarah Palin, interestingly enough, gets this quip:

If you haven’t read LaRouche on deathpanels, than you’re listening to dipshit Sarah Palin. Only LaROuche shrewdly and cogently initiated (that means FIRST) the discription of the ‘health reform’ picked up by know-nothings as simply

I suspect that Kesha Roger’s name has become more engrained as background noise, and I’ll see a small steady rumble of her name mentioned in a way that died off after her March nomination.  She stands on the shoulders of Novelty Candidate Giants — namely Alvin Greene — who has given Republican partisans a narrative to work with.  I do see one supporter of Greene and opponet of Rogers in the comments section here.    Time Magazine caused some ripples of attention, and some bloggers probably picked it up when the Weekly Standard blog picked it up.  Michelle Malkin, wonkette

Pat Noble!
Her program sounds like a winner to me, I don’t care with whom or what party she is affiliated.
It would have been more honest had Pat Noble mentioned she’s also with the LaRouche cult along with Kesha.
I am pretty sure that Pat Noble posted some comments more anonymously at various blogs during this week’s Kesha Rogers burst of attention — I suspect the Larouchies are behind a “shouldn’t give up on comparing Obama to Hitler” at the first things site.

Hey! This is some weird comment circle jerk with Michael Hodgkiss and Howie G.

Michael Hodgkiss Says: June 20th, 2010 at 7:39 pm
LaRouche is great, and Kesha Rogers is wonderful. The world, IS changing, in spite of Obama.
Howard Gibson Says: June 21st, 2010 at 9:01 am
Hi Mike, you know from Washington DC how much crap we went through, like for DC General Hospital which ultimately was shut down. Now, as LaRouche has said, this is our time.
judson Says: June 21st, 2010 at 9:43 am
< -I’m a liberal and i support impeachment as this point.

They cannot even whip a senile Trotskyite or a few GOP frat-boys playing “covert operator”.

Some of these coverages are just odd.
People are beginning to see the truth, but better not tell Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton that there are African Americans that are breaking ranks with them. […]
Like Thomas Sewell, I bet.
Kesha won her primary last week.
She won it in March.  You picked the attention up from a Time Magazine article from this week covering a nomination from March in the wake of a South Carolina election result, off the basis of “two makes a trend”.

I don’t understand why Conservative Bloggers — here and at First Things, not named David P Goldman, are joinging the Larouchies in demanding the media show their photograph.  But it has given Dave Wiegel a shot at a narrative — and who knows?  Maybe there’s something sustainable enough to leave Kesha Rogers some minituae of attention to November.

The video of Kesha Rogers is hilarious, not only because she is incoherent, but because they never show how few people are in the audience.
Classic cropping technique.

How bad are things in the Lone Star State. So bad that the craziness can no longer be contained and controlled by the Texas GOP:
Look.  North Carolina produced this Republican nominee, spouting out a line that may well be adopted by the Larouche org.  Don’t take it too hard.

“”The people have spoken,” (the “sane” Republican defeated) Reeves told the Raleigh, NC News & Observer. “It’s sort of like anarchy out there, where qualifications and credentials don’t matter.”

You want a guage on Rachel Brown’s chances?  Close to nil.  I suppose historically speaking, she has one spot to hitch her wagon toward.  I think John Dingell in the Republican Landslide year of 1994 got a scare on his primary night by an unknown garnering 40 plus points.  That’s the sort of outlier that floats about here — but I wouldn’t bet on it.
But don’t vote for Rachel Brown — Rachel Brown is the puppet of “Big Table”.  She wants to push the “Big Table” agenda on the Middleboro City Council — they won’t let her.

Selectmen have refused to meet with a political action committee that has been demonstrating in front of the post office for months.

The board decided unanimously to deny the LaRouche Political Action Committee’s request for a meeting, on the grounds that the group’s agenda concerns national matters over which the selectmen have no say.

“This is not a local government issue,” the board said in a June 9 e-mail to the group.

Standing somewhere or other:

Despite their efforts to spread word on their cause, the two refused to give their names or speak on the record with the Milford Times.

In other news: everyone thinks George Soros is out to get them.
Larouche’s views on General McChrystal has taken a convenient shift.
Finally, in the guise of “Single Mad Belief”, we have a Larouchie Wikipedia Sock Puppet whose name matches his/her identity.  As you see, his attempted edit is by way of convincing the world that Larouche is Big in Russia and respected by this and that authority.  I also see at wikipedia an attempt to affect the history of where the cult stood on Obama between Election 2008 and sometime when they picked up on the “Tea Party” spots that they could stand about and “lead the mass strike”.

Rachel Brown is ON THE BALLOT! Again: Rachel Brown is ON THE BALLOT!

Friday, June 18th, 2010

So.  It’s been, what, ten days?  How many votes did Summer Shields receive?  Still waiting?
The party hacks blocked Summer from running in the primary as a Democrat, so he’s a write in candidate. No word yet on the results.
No word then, any word yet?  Go to the Elections Office and demand a count.  And, no, Lizard People does not count.

“I am announcing today my candidacy for the Congressional seat currently held by Nancy Pelosi, as a write-in candidate in the general election. I would have preferred the opportunity to defeat Speaker Pelosi in last week’s Democratic primary. However, due to a technical problem with my voter registration, I was disqualified from appearing on the Democratic Party primary ballot.

That’s the closest we’ve heard about the why.  Anyway, the Campaign Continues, I guess.  Novel approach — just keep running even after losing an election.  Move onward so people can sight you like so.

Meanwhile, the campaign for Rachel Brown is getting some notice.  Apparently there is a campaign video on the LPAC websites which shows Rachel Brown going through all the administrative processes in getting on the ballot — walking up to the Mass. elections division office window, submitting signatures, and finally, being certified on the ballot.  Visual evidence in the wake of the Great Summer Shields Campaign.  Which, you know, maybe there was a quid pro quo with the “Party Hacks” in San Francisco on that one — “We leave you off the ballot — and you get to not be on the ballot.  Deal?”

My guess is that years from now, we will be referencing the “Frank – Brown” debate format the same way we do now the “Lincoln – Douglas” format.  Scholarships will be rewarded in debate tournaments to students who mastered the technique — you have one debate sparrer in the audience throwing out a Hitler reference, another at the lectern responding with an Insult — points earned by style and technique.

The Massachusetts 4th Congressional Democratic Primary 2010 Race:


Watching Rachel Brown roam the Mashed Potato Circuit of Party meetings and dinners (the type Alvin Greene was invited to but didn’t attend), I imagine party honchos at various low-level meetings making some quick decisions, it’s possible that we won’t see Rachel Brown at too many more of these.  “Should we bother inviting her to any more of these?” The “Party hack” conspiracy continues, in the clatter of this video — skip to 3:40 on “Mars”, and to  5:05 for the “WHAT?  Boo!” of the crowd.

The quickee description of this meeting is here, complete with what I suppose we’ll see more of in the way of LYMer responses.  Thanks again for the erudition, I’m not sure I can tell you how you have influenced my whole basis of thought!!!  Hm.  There’s a piece on LPAC for you, I suppose, that makes liberal use of puns on the word “frank”.
Really, I’m afraid, of course, that this primary contest already peaked last August.

rockwell_speech_hey  “Why do you continue to support a Nazi policy as Obama has expressly supported this policy?”  (No, I’m afraid to photoshop the word balloon in the image and to stick the Obama – Hitler face pamphlet in his pocket is a case of too much effort for too little reward.)

This has a pretty niche market.  But it’s more digestable to read than to watch the actual Larouche conflab itself — beyond my level of tolerability.  So we get this… and maybe you care, maybe you don’t care about the internal office politics of a Cult’s boot-licking session… Like I said, a pretty niche market.
About 20 minutes into the rambling discourse, John Hoefle rather daringly and quite unwisely injects his own theory into the mix, hypothesizing that the oil disaster is a London response to the American people’s war on Obama and British imperialism.
Boy…, that was a mistake, John!
Lyn rebukes John—right on camera!
“No!! I don’t believe in event-driven history! I belief in policy-driven events!”
Oh. Poor John. He nervously digs his massive paws into the aged fabric of his pants leg, eyes darting back and forth, perhaps feeling as though he has been thrown headlong into a canyon of denunciation! Nancy Spannaus is afraid to even blink, lest Lyn should hear it.
Lyn grinds additional salt into John’s heavily gored heart by denouncing “those older people, even older members of this organisation who think in short-term hit-and-run operations.” Ouch, John. Ouch.
The sad thing for John is that, of course, he said the same thing as Lyn, that the spill is “a policy driving the events at hand,” and he knows he did. It is evident by the excruciating conflict scored into his face. But the horrible reality is, he stepped out onto a limb confident in his ability to woo his elder and better with decades of EIR-brand geoeconomics, but utterly failed to take into account his master’s unpredictable propensity for sawing the limb out from under his enormous ass.

The item of relevance comes about here.
For extra frosting on the cake, Lyn brings up the “Jeremy Case” in great detail, insisting that Jeremy’s unhappy family life made him a confessed suicide prone character on heavy medication to handle chronic suicidal tendencies.  […]
“Not only does the mother continue to conduct a campaign of lies … some within the United States, some former associates, have latched onto the Jeremy case as sympathizers of the British Empire, demanding justice.”
Nancy chirps, “And they’re all led from higher up, aren’t they?”
Fortunately, assures Lyn, “We have the force of history on our side.” John Hoefle folds his arthritic paws lightly in relief, believing the worst is over for him.
So it is there that I jump to the video.  Launch over to 37:55, and I pick that moment only because it is here that I get a good few seconds of a visage of John Hoefel and see to what the above account in referring.  And there we get a few minutes of something … um… something entirely convoluted and maddening.   I can’t diagram this.  To 42 minutes — “Glass Steagall” — No, seriously!  (End at 43:35 — “We have the force of History behind Us.  [I have to write about it… working on it] We are riding on what is potentially the Road to Victory.”  Hm.  We have another incoherent jumbo of randomly thrown historical names coming soon.

Erica Duggan has more grounded concerns than the “force of history”.  But, well, Larouche is concerned.  You see here that Howie G is concerned. 
Take Dave Emory at arms’ length.  More sanely, and more insanely:
Jeremiah was in Germany to attend a conference hosted by the LaRouche organisation. The Ham&High understands the group headed by American radical Lyndon LaRouche has applied to be an ‘interested party’ at the inquest.
Clever ruse of control, that.

I do want to point out something of note from wikipedia:
But then again, nobody in the world is foolish enough to take Wikipedia, Jimbo Wales, Will Beback, SlimVirgin, Chip Berlet and Dennis King serious.
Flawed though wikipedia may be — its history is of giving the Larouchies too much credence in shaping these articles — I see a recent banned user diggint away at the article for “Glass Steagall” alongside one of the larouche articles — this is just ridiculous.  First, citing Jimb Wales seems like cursing Steven Spielberg for the stickiness of of the floor of your local Multiplex.  Second, there are just too many incarnations here for that to be credibly believed by this isp #.  Thirdly, I’ve seen too many people on the web referencing wikipedia and seeing the warning sign — recently, a black fan of David Duke on “what happened to Jeremiah Duggan” — which, I take that brand of severe and acute Contrarianism to be just the sort of alignment susceptible to this crap.

Back to the electoral political campaigns of the trio — Shields and Brown… Not to be outdone, the campaign for Kesha Rogers continues at Post offices and Airports in the Houston area.

“And then you have Barack Obama on the other side, whose policy is to bail out the financial markets and kill people, that’s why we put the mustache on him,” the man at the booth told a passerby.
Only organizations with a nonprofit status can apply to solicit at the airport, and they are assigned to specific locations on a first-come, first-served basis.
The airport said it neither endorses nor supports the display.
Good to know the Airport doesn’t endorse the display.

In the “I voted for the Larouchies in 1986 Illinois” camp in explaining the situation in South Carolina.
And, I probably shouldn’t note but Cliff Kincaid has a headline regarding a recent MSNBC piece about the quote-in-quote “Radical Right”, prominently featured Alex Jones, with title “MSNBC Works With Alex Jones to Discredit Tea Party Movement.”  Hard to take that one seriously.

Summer Shields: the Leading Edge of the trend toward Phantom Stealth Campaigns

Friday, June 11th, 2010

In relation to this comment for this news article:
Hey Gerry Tuoti, this story should be on Frank vs Brown, not on the two people holding signs. Headline says they annoyed the public– why does the Gazette believe that? Were there complaints to the police department? Or is this more Gazette editorializing their opinion rather than reporting the facts. Your article says they refused to be photographed–with an accompanying photograph where the guy clearly isn’t avoiding the camera. Stick to the facts!!!

I think it’s now open to question whether Rachel Brown is even on the ballot.  The answer is, apparently yes.  Having cleared that hurdle — sure, Brown versus Frank.  Really, you want to relive that clip

Let’s run through some of the odd repercussions of the Tuesday Primary elections.  The Media is reporting it as a “Night of the Women”, rather tediously — see Jon Stewart’s Wednesday program for some apt mocking of that meme.  But I will report it as a great night of Stealth Campaigns.  It’s with this thread in tow that I can stick in the latest antics of the Lyndon Larouche Movement as a rather severe example of a national phenomenom.

Monday and into Tuesday morning, the blogosphere was rocked with speculation that Orly Taitz — the most prominent name in Birther Conspiracy Theorists–  just might win the Republican nomination for Secretary of State against a certain re-election for the Demcoratic Incumbent.  Her opponent was a man not much campaigning who had not established any name or presence — apparently a former player for the Jacksonville Jaguars, but my wikipedia search on Monday pointed to a Bowl Game he played in college and to a stint in (I’m not kidding here) the XFL.  Money quote from the politico article.
“For professional Republicans right now, the main tactic in regards to Orly Taitz is prayer,” said Jack Pitney, a political science professor at Claremont McKenna College and a longtime observer of California politics.
It turned out well.  It’s hard to ascertain who counts as the Stealth Campaigner here, but Orly Taitz was a known enough quantity — her name registered well enough and out of the “Vaguely aware” category that 75 percent of the Republican party voted against her.

Fate played a trick on the Democratic Party faithful.  Schaudenfruede was reveresed.  South Carolina threw up a surprise win for an unemployed man who filed the $10k filing fee with a personal check and then disappared.  I may be the only person in this country who will go to Bat for Alvin Greene.  Or, actually looking over the blogosphere, I am not — though my good company mostly consists of Republicans enjoying a moment of Schaudenfrede and a chance to throw spit-wads at Democrats — though there’s also the cynical like me in his bunch of supporters.  My first impulse is “Good for him”.  The questioning of why and how this unemployed man dumped ten thousand dollars on a pointless ballot spot is shoved aside to question — why did Carly Fiorni dump $80 Million into a biad that’ll get her such a lousy six digit pay-check?  In respect to the bid of the South Carolina Democratic Party’s request for him to step aside, I urge Alvin Greene to get his Rod Blagojevich on and demand just compensation.  At any rate, maybe he can parlay his Stealth Campaign victory into Reality Television Spot.
See, Alvin Greene’s opponet — name no longer of any import — the supposed Legitimate Candidate — had about as little chance of victory as Greene.  Maybe there is something to the Weakness of the Media in covering poltiical candidates, even down to the flakes and flukes at the bottom of the ballot.  And people have been wondering whether the coverage of Orly Taitz is something of over-kill: it stopped her from being on the General Election ballot, right?

One more Stealth Campaign to note, though to a different effect — the winner of the Republican Primary Contest for Senator from Nevada — Sharron Angle.  Upon winning her nomination, her campaign website was scrubbed away and down-sized to a simple “Contribute” button.  And there we move forward — the Republicans just did the seemingly impossible and re-elected Harry Reid to another term — you know that, don’t you?

But the Winner, and Still Champions.  A Confederacy of Dunces.  Just when I thought that my capacity to be astounded by the absurdity of the Larouche organization had been tapped — they manage to outdo themselves.  In December of 2009, Summer Shields announced his primary challenge against Nancy Pelosi.  This was one of a trio of Larouche Youth Members campaigning, and moving their foces into a organizing force of electoral politics — the Movement’s purpose for the year 2010.  They made various tea party appearances.  They launched with a Press Conference at the National Press Club — “a leadership that can inspire young people, but also inspire the tired, angry frustrated Americans to get out”.  And from this ground, they scored a breakthrough in Texas.  Kesha Rogers SHOOK the Texas Democratic Party as, “The victory in the 22nd Congressional District yesterday by LaRouche Democrat Kesha Rogers sent an unmistakable message to the White House, and its British imperial controllers: Your days are numbered.”

“Whenever you hear someone with a British accent talking about this on behalf of British Petroleum they are not telling you the truth.” — Congressman Anthony Weiner.  (But Gad, it took the org forever to jump onto that one.)

So, with the Right Moment of British – bashing coming forward, Momentum, surely, was with them… right?


Mass Strike conditions evident — just see the protesters in front of a campaign appearance from Obama for Boxer and the other Democrats — it spilled over over-seas with a sign alerting to from Bueso in Germany — “Erst Kesha, dann Kascha” (First Kesha, then Kascha) — en route to their usual .04 percent vote total.

It was quite a political contest, wasn’t it?  Here’s the whirl-wind tour:
Memories… of the way we used to be… Misty Water Colored Memories…

Of the way we were…

Of the way… we… were…

I think I can be forgiven for, after seeing the financial reports available online, seeing Robert Beltran’s $300, reading the Larouche Organization pump up the promise of defeating Nancy Pelosi, reading the reports on the Great Post Office Campaign, seeing the inspiration go down to Carol Smith Johnson in allowing her to wage her campaign in Indiana and garnering 8 percent of the vote, reading Howie G pounce on “Watch out for Summer Shields in California” — you can forgive me for ASSUMING that all the i’s were dotted, and the t’s were crossed, all the lower-case j’s were dotted, all the o’s were circled — the $1,740 filing fee processed or the 3,000 valid signatures gathered (shouldn’t be too difficult, right, with that Mass Strike happening and all) — you can forgive me for ASSUMING that Summer Shields was on the goddamned ballot.

But you know what happens when you assume?  Well, usually you make as Ass out of You and Me, but in this case you just make as Ass out of the Larouchies.
But here we do have this clever solution to a problem the org has with these campaigns.  In the past, the Larouche org ran candidates, but reportedly they stopped doing due to attention being delivered to the candidate themselves as opposed to the cult leader.  But we now run ashunder in a need for a fund-raiser purpose and organization tool for future recruits, in the post Larouche for President Era.  So why not run a Phantom Congressional Campaign — if you leave the man Summer Shields off the ballot, you will keep him from the Media Spotlight, saving the mentions in the media — allowing future campaign events on the Summer Shields Campaign website to spotlight future Cadre School shows (ie: Indoctrination Seminars).  Money well avoided in Spending!

That is, unless you want to believe, this:
I emailed someone at the Oakland LYM chapter about Summer’s ballot status. This is the responce I got,
The party hacks blocked Summer from running in the primary as a Democrat, so he’s a write in candidate. No word yet on the results.
Apparently they didn’t care all that much of this supposed Party Hack block job.  In the past, when the Democratic Party has blocked delegations won in late season low attention primary battles, the Larouche org has cried foul.  When the Texas Democratic Party dis-associated themselves with Kesha Rogers, they’ve cried foul.  Here?  Just a post-humous rewriting of history to record their great Primary Dance as a “Write In Campaign”.  And with that, Lyndon Larouche has now taken the lead over Harold Stassen for largest number of Presidential Bids, Larouche having been a Write-in Candidate for every Presidential Election since the days of Socrates!


Okay.  I’ll bite.  Let’s see how the election results turned out for the candidates Howie G endorsed over here.

Tom Fiegen = 9.4 percent
Tyler Gernant = 24 percent (the winner of the primary had 39.)
Nancy Price = NARROW VICTORY!   (Not expected to win in November)
Danny Tarkanian = 23.3% (third in the Nevada contest).
Art Dunn, a LaRouche endorser in 2004 = 11.3 percent

Also, it probably comes as a surprise to everyone listed except Dunn that the Larouche org has, on some level, claimed them.  Today, I see they’re also laying claim to Blanche Lincoln’s victory — strange, as Obama’s support of Lincoln opened up a cleave between him and the Democratic Party rank and file.

In Wikipedia Editing News, the Larouchies are demanding to know why a supportive sentence of a former Soviet Union official keeps being cut out of the Larouche article.  I assume this renewed interest in this old chestnut comes from an interview that the org is currently trumpeting of an appearance in some Russian publication or other.  Such follows the removal of “Albert Sumlin” from the proceedings after another chest-nut attempt in editing the article regarding Jeremiah Duggan.