Trotsky bests Jacques Cheminade by 2 to 1 margin; Diane Sare in Break-out Mode

The bottom most rung of the French Presidential Preliminary elections,  9th and 10th place, came down to a race between The Fourth International v Fifth International.  I could go on and on with old Marxist phraseology — Are the Larouchies Left-wing deviationists from the Trotskyite line? — I suppose one also might say “Social Fascist”.
Anyway, the  Vote results

Nathalie Arthaud (Workers' Party)     0.57%
Jacques Cheminade (Weirdo)            0.25%

The Trotskyites best the Larouchies by a better than 2 to 1 margin.  Though, I suppose, Communists have always had troubles bandying about the phrase “The People” — it looks like the People have spoken.

To review.  We have the headline:  Cheminade in Break-out mode!  Meantime, the public was seen writing such items as:  Interesting analysis:  The direction offered by the Sarkozy camp is the only way forward if you would live in the Star Trek utopia proposed by Jacques Cheminade (currently polling less than ½ of one percent) while avoiding the disaster of the shy, teddy-bear-like anticapitalist, Philippe Poutou (currently polling less than 1% of first round voting intentions).

And we have this write-up following the election results:  Jacques Cheminade obtained an official 0.2% of the vote, which is at the very least questionable, given the patterns of significantly greater support in the population, and some reports of irregularities, which his campaign will be looking into.

In the context of strategic voting anti-Sarkozy and political debate surrounding the failed (see the “debates” on the halal and the driver’s license or the ridiculous campaign videos NPA), facing the pack of watchdogs of the media system, which by the grace of Sarkozyism, now occupy most aggressive public service audio-visual speech with the demanding and against the current that is his, I think nobody in the world could have done better that Jacques Cheminade.
Except, perhaps the Trotskyite.
Sure.  Blame the Media.
 “The vicious slanders against Jacques Cheminade are coming directly on orders from London,” LaRouche declared. “The British oligarchy is terrified of what I represent and what my associates and I are capable of doing to wreck their plans for thermonuclear extinction or a post-nation state plunge into a horrific global dark age. The British imperial monetarist system is doomed, and they are scared to death at the alternative that I offer.”

How Cheminade was pegged:
Insignificant candidates like Jacques Cheminade — a sort of French Lyndon LaRouche.  (Hm indeed).   centrist Jacques Cheminade.  (Hm indeed.)  A LaRouche candidate in the French elections? Seriously?  But not here.

Jacques Cheminade:  Its program combines song learning in kindergarten, the creation of a new currency, the “polytechnic eurofranco” comprehensive reform of the financial system, raising taxes on the wealthy, combat tax evasion and speculation. […]  The man, at once energetic and serene, will stop at nothing, even when reading the laughter in his eyes smarting from their partners who listen to show how the fortunes of the royal family comes from drug trafficking. A Jacques Cheminade also hangs on suspicion of being the guru of a sect hidden in his political party, Solidarity and Progress. It likes to make that question. In 2005, a ministerial mission on the sect said to the party, which he defined as follows: “Under the guise of anti-Bush political ideology with an alternative political movements made, the game plays with the fiber committed and idealistic students.

Well,  THE CAMPAIGN CONTINUES!  France will still have Cheminade to kick around a little… if they even notice and are motivated enough to.

Jacques Cheminade Vows to Continue Fight. Rally National Resistance – In overall effect, the effort put in to this campaign has consolidated the S&P network throughout France, at a time when the global financial disintegration is upsetting all the political calculations made until now.
candidates in the legislative elections [on June 10], who will show in the storm ahead, that they are as able as I am to defend our ideas.
“I am thinking in particular to the 585 mayors who presented my candidacy, to the activists of Solidarité & Progrès who fought energetically and to all those I met in our interventions in the streets. I am also thinking to the workers of Petroplus, Schindler, the Fonderies du Poitou, Erhel Hydris, the Fournier Laboratories, PSA-Aulnay and Florange-Mittal, whose jobs are immediately threatened by the looting of the financial system in which we live.
“My determination will go to support our 100 candidates, who will be the reference points in the approaching storm and will show the way out to safety.”

 David Lindsay voices his typical concern.:  Jacques Cheminade, a supporter of Lyndon LaRouche, has managed to collect the signatures of 500 civic dignitaries in order to make it onto the ballot. Next up, a Strasbourg seat. Isn’t the EU marvellous?
We’ve already had that unofficial  look into of the 585 mayors’ motivations.  I imagine if you break it down, the largest share of signators go to something of the order of how Sarzoky is mocked here — “Let voices be heard a bit!”
In Defense of the System as against the charges of The President.
But the Solidarity candidate and Progress was indeed a tree hiding the forest of small candidates who were as much intruders. […]
It seems that the outgoing President, he, like that imagined, since it has long lamented having had to participate in a program between Cheminade and Arthaud.Intervene between these two clowns obviously posed problems as to his ego than our democracy. Chouiner and the fact that they were nine candidates against him, all alone. The poor!
And we leave with the Cheminade based Political cartoons.  No Thomas Nast in the bunch, but these Caricatures will do.
I switch from concern over Kesha Rogers — bidding for the Religious Right hereabouts, filings seen here –  to concern about Diane Sare.  To put it bluntly: yes, I can see this nominating victory happening.  New Jersey Democrats need to get their act together to avoid a 15 minute post primary election embarrassment period, or this will be referenced again:
Diane is the only three of the candidates that have any campaign cash on hand to speak of at the time of this writing, a whopping $793.  Nonetheless there is a following of hers, more like Lyndon LaRouche’s that want to work hard to ensure that she is the nominee and the agenda is furthered.  To see her as the nominee in CD-5 would not be a total shock.
Yeah, there’s Reasons not to fear the Diane Sare campaign: ballot positioning.  And we see the campaign here
How the Larouchies are selling the race:, and the debate between Diane Sare and Jack Castle
This is like Ron Paul Vs. Barack Obama […]
This is like Ron Paul Vs. Barack Obama When Ron Paul wins the Republican Nomination and debates Obama on the issues; this is what it would look like on national TV. It would be great if Ron Paul added these key issues to his platform and discussed them openly with his supporters and in debate with his opponents -Mitt Romney etc.  [follows a list of Larouche platform which is completely antithetical to to the philosophy expoused by Ron Paul.]
Just remember:  A vote for Diane Sare is a Vote for Ron Paul.
To review the big debate:  The Diane Sare campaignAnother funny thing happened on the way to the forum. Paul Eisenman when planning the event initially invited the two commonly known candidates – Jason Castle and Adam Gussen – and he was unaware of Diane Sare’s candidacy. Her LaRouche supporters vociferously demanded that Sare be included in forum. Eisenman said, “It’s a distraction to include her. How on earth can a person who believes President Obama is a clone of Adolph Hitler seek a position on the same ballot with Obama? Nonetheless, as a worshipper of Voltaire’s philosophy, I have no recourse but to welcome her as an equal to the forum.”
From Comments:  Really confused with these LaRouche “Democrats”  Besides believing Obama is Hitler and his healthcare law is his version of sending the Jews into the ovens what do these people believe and why are they Democrats?

With numerous Sare supporters in attendance there were questions about the Glass-Steagall Act and a comparison of President Obama to Adolph Hitler.

One track mind:  Sare also stressed her position on the act when answering questions on other topics, prompting Castle to quip after one of her responses, “I think that was the second question that didn’t come back to Glass-Steagall.”

From the Moderator of the Debate:  As a result of these “Glass-Steagall” tactics, we missed the opportunity to witness a substantive back-and-forth between the candidates on such topics as how to address immigration reform; how either candidate would propose we move forward if the Supreme Court strikes down the Affordable Care Act; what their thoughts are on Citizens United, etc., etc., etc.  Most importantly, because of this dog-with-a-bone Glass-Steagall obsession, we never got a true sense of how either of these candidates would campaign against Scott Garrett in the fall.
From the Comments:   The real problem with the debate, as I’m sure the organizers would attest, was the absence of Adam Gussen. Whether that was unavoidable as he maintains, or intentional as some have speculated, everyone can agree it was regrettable not having all the candidates in attendance.

Kudos to this person.  Important message.  Important push back.Carol Hoernlein · Top Commenter · Licensed NJ Professional Civil Engineer – Specialist in Water Resources at Carol A. Hoernlein, P.E.
I was there last night and Castle did not state that reinstating Glass Steagal would be detrimental. He said that Glass Steagal was enacted in the 1930’s and a lot what brought down the system would have still been legal under Glass Steagal. What brought down the financial system was greed and corruption and eggs in one basket – housing – risk taking on Wall Street and that the financial dealings are much more complicated now. THAT is why Glass Steagal is not a “silver bullet”. Diane Sare wants to eliminate the FED. How did that not get mentioned? A lot of nuance missed this Record reporter last night. If you want to know how nutty the LaRouche position on NAWAPA is – take a look at their website. New Jersey has flooding issues. That means TOO MUCH water. NAWAPA is a 1950’s vision of a for turning the Western prairie int…o the rain forest. (Some background checking on her MISSION would have been good reporting.) It will not have anything to do with New Jersey WHERE SHE IS RUNNING. Their MISSION looks like a 1950’s diorama of the World’s Fair “World of the Future” – circa 1962. I am a civil engineer and we now know that local solutions work best – not Army Corps of Engineers debacles like levees in New Orleans that failed during Katrina. The reporter also missed the huge statement by Sare that it is “arrogant” to blame global warming on man and that it is just a conspiracy used by the US to stop developing countries from developing. Sare never even heard of LEED or Green building when I asked. The reporter must have been swayed by Sare’s soccer mom appearance and polite demeanor. However what actually came out of her mouth last night was absolute vintage LaRouche crazy talk which she has honed over 23 years. I give Jason Castle (who is a HE by the way- nice editing) a lot of credit for facing down hostile questions from the equivalent of Ron Paul supporters frothing at the mouth over bringing back the Gold Standard. Try to give folks a real story so they can vote properly. This was an important story that your reporter dropped the ball on. Absolutely no mention on their positions on the Health Care Reform Act…

A discussion regarding for the most powerful and influential Larouchie in these United States: Alex Jones — is he anti-semitic?  Responses vary, and tend toward things like:  The GOP of today isn’t Eisenhower’s. It’s full of Jews and their goy tools and the like.

This person, our good friend Cliff Kincaid, loses his credibility in blasting the Larouchie Obama Hitler signs (as something liberals tossed to the conservatives when actually Larouche is a Marxist Democrat), than saying of a Catholic Bishop’s Obama Hitler comparison:
Whether you agree or disagree, these were extraordinary comments and certainly worthy of national media attention. But the story remains mostly in the conservative media.
Hm.  Comments:
So what the heck is going on? Could Obama be a super communist or dictator wanna-be? Well, maybe we should have a discussion about this. Why doesn’t the media sit down with Obama and ask him straight out about these questions and see what he says.

Here’s some Conspiracy crap to throw out into Cliff Kincaid’s universe:  There has also been a surge of web activity centered around the LaRouchePAC article “Four Deaths of Obama Opponents a Remarkable Coincidence?” The article questions the statistical likelihood of four political opponents of Obama dying suddenly between the lead-up to the August 2008 Democratic Convention and March 2012.  Er… it’s a “coincidence” that is pretty damned likely, actually.

The people review the 1932 film.  Find it lacking.

Churn, Churn, Churn.
An Internet search reveals there are four main sources of information about the Club of Rome (COR): the Club of Rome website; Lyndon Larouche’s prolific attacks against the Club of Rome; Illuminati and New World Order sites drawing on Larouche’s work; and various climate change denial sites, which portray the entire sustainability movement as an anti-growth conspiracy originating with the COR. The climate change denial movement receives major financial support from billionaire oil barons David and Charles Koch and the Big Coal lobby.1 I suspect many of the New World Order websites also receive a significant chunk of corporate funding, though this is more difficult to trace.

Never trust anything claiming to “Connect the Dots” — EIR’s “influence” is to poke its way into things claiming to do such.

But according to them, he is a force.

1980 Campaign material on sale.  “No comment on content”.
Wire photo:  Earn a piece of history of Lyndon Larouche with his mouth open.
Estate sale.
Janice Hart rally.
Will the Soviets Rule the 1980s?

This is a wrongly placed stock photograph — it’s Jerry Pyenson in 2008 to a story about Republic PACs.


ADL issues alert

Dateline some college or other, from a Recreational Drug User…

These guys came to my campus today advertising Larouche PAC and saying we were all doomed as Obama would become the next Hitler. They even had a picture of him with a Hitler mustache. I tried to explain that this picture was incredibly offensive, especially to Holocaust survivors like my grandparents. They responded saying my grandparents were dumb and had no idea what was going on. I should have beat him senseless, but alas, I didn’t :facepalm:     Anyways, I checked out their site to see what they were really about. They seem like a crazy conspiracy theory group, though some stuff they say is mildly interesting. Too bad they can’t have decent rhetoric and maybe spark an actual conversation.

Likely not a drug user
On my way to class A couple of old people came up to me saying something about how Obama will start world war 3. Saying that Obama has the same views as hitler and they had a poster of obama with a hitler mustache. then they asked what party affiliation i was apart of, and i told them im a republican. Then they started saying some random things about democrats. I understand if you dont like obama, but the **** they were saying was crazy.

Dateline Long Valley
“People hate Obama,” Scialdone said. “But they’re being brainwashed by the media that they can’t change it. That’s what we’re here for. This isn’t about moving pieces around. We need to completely flip over the chess board.”
Scialdone has been a political organizer since 1984, she said, while Burke is new to the game. He left his full time teaching job in February to dedicate his time to the Sare campaign.
 (someone alert that youtube clipper]  Don’t be a BOZO! Join LaRouche PAC.”
Your sentiments are in line with some comments on Long Valley Patch’s Facebook page. And as I explained there, the protest was just as newsworthy as, say, an anti-abortion or pro-choice group supporting their beliefs in town. Two people trying to explain their stance–and publicly sway others–on the current political atmosphere in front of our local post office is certainly newsworthy, in our opinion.
Some people are delighted to see such a competent, profound and impassioned display of resistance against the perpetual and omnipresent Roman circus which our world has become. Some people have a heart and are touched by the Sublime. But, evidently, not Domino!

Dateline willimantic Ct

 Dateline Bloomfield

It rarely gets more controversial than this. […]  (Bleh)
 “This is outrageous … and outside the post office?!  You’re all crazy!” one person shouted.
But the two young people manning the table—who said they were from Bergen County—spoke thoughtfully about their review of the last three years of the Obama administration’s policies, starting with the Haiti earthquake where—against the advice of people on the ground—”Obama chose to do nothing to move refugees out of flood zones and hundreds of poeple died of cholera unnecessary.”
“This madman is putting us on a trajectory toward the biggest of all possible atrocities, thermo-nuclear war, with his rumored agreement that Israel should launch a strike on Iran (which will lead to the annihilation of Israel) and the U.S. Navy will finish the job—leading to war with Russia and China,” the pair’s literature said.
Thoughtfully, eh?

Dateline Mahwah:

This is what seperates this country from the world. People have the right to speak their minds-as long as you are not preaching outright violence.Although the recent case with Ted Nugent seems to say that’s even acceptable. This freedom of speech should not be taken lightly or abused. Let’s hope it never changes.
They have been camping there for years. They had George Bush as Hiltler back in the day. I am a big fan of their outfits. They had a guy there last time who was dressed like he just came in from the Australian Outback.
What a joke these people are. I wish I had gone to the post office yesterday to give them a piece of my mind. They can’t respect the leader of our country?!? You know they can’t be taken seriously when they use a photo of the president as Hitler.
Obama should be impeached, all his personal recorrds are closed. Phony birth certificate, phony social security card and one of his best friends will be collecting the ballets in November over in Spain. Why is Spain collecting our ballots and not the USA.  (Hm.)

Dateline Linda Mar
I was informed earlier today that there were people standing outside the Linda Mar post office with placards displaying Obama with a Hitler moustache. I am sorry to report, however, that by the time I got over there with my camera, the protesters had dispersed.

Dateline Extreme Redskin Fans!!!
I leave work and go to lunch today. Along the way, parked alongside the road I see a white truck. On the tailgate is a “Dump Obama” sign. The hood was also up, with a matching sign stuffed in there. There were several people milling about, and a small table set up with some leaflets and stuff.
Well, suffice it to say, if I was a cat, I’d be dead. I had to stop. (Mind you, at this point, I’m thinking it’s a small group of local republicans trying to drum up support among like-minded people. And I’m certainly not in favor of “four more years.”)
On the side of the truck facing AWAY from the road was another poster, forget what it said honestly, but it had “lpac” at the bottom.
He then suggests that we need to pass something called “NAWAPA” which is going to provide us all with free electricity for the next 50 years. 
OK. Now I know I’m dealing with some real friggin whackos. But I played it cool, and tried to hit on some classic conservative Obama gripes. Try to build rapport, get in these guys’ heads a little bit. I’m kind of demented….no, investigative….that way.
I hammer off Keystone, healthcare, and just for S&Gs, WTF, let’s pretend I’m a birther too.
Guy doesn’t flinch. Not only does he not flinch, he doesn’t respond! He goes back to his flyer, droning on in a monotone voice about this NAWAPA garbage.
Now I’m concerned. Something is just off. I mean way the hell, alarm bells ringing like a clock factory, off. I felt as though the dude seemed “programmed.” Or at least so utterly clueless about world events that literally the only thing he knew was what was in this flyer.
Regardless, I felt like this was something that needed to be investigated, so I spent a few more minutes trying to earn the demented robot’s trust, and left.
Cut to an hour or so ago. I get home. I look up their website.  Whoa. Check that stuff out. These ****ers are WAAAAYYYY off the charts insane. It’s going to take me a while to comb through it, and figure out just how deep that insanity goes, but on the surface, it’s more than a little frightening.
Cumberland is a sleepy little town. We’re full of old, very impressionable senior citizens with money (and obviously, these guys were looking for a handout.) Our younger population is generally under-educated (read again: impressionable.) And we’re, yeah, I have to admit it, a little backward, a little racist, a little stuck in 1950.
Ultimately, I fear that a cult-style group could wreak havoc in this area. We’re just more susceptible to such things. Much more so than a better educated, more progressive (literal definition) community. We’re ripe for the picking. [[[.]
I’ve always wanted to punch a Larouche supporter.
I would strongly suggest keeping a wide berth. What good will come of engaging? Note their existence, report them if you wish, and move on with your life and things that you can positively impact.
I was playing with these guys in his earlier days of growing fame, and the then already well-established John Birchers as my two favorite “funny” political crazies of the day back when i was a teenager. I’ve told the stories here before. He was Ayn Rand-like (followers and all) in general shape of persona/effect. Also reminiscent of L. Ron Hubbard components.
I wouldn’t worry about them. When I was a teenager Leesburg Va was full of these fools. I think most people know LaRouche supporters are full on crazy. Especially in the D.C. area.
Ah, yes. I got into it with a Ladouche wacko during my college days — probably 1995 or so. A couple of them were on campus from time to time, and the head nutjob was completely off his rocker. Honestly I think he was an undiagnosed mental case, which makes the situation more sad than anything, but during the first few minutes of conversation there was little clue (beyond his Larouche sticker) that he was truly in need of help. Only after five minutes or so did his insanity reveal itself.
I told the guy that I was a technical type because I was enjoying the argument but tired of his completely physics-deficient theories about technology. His immediate response was to try to enlist me to “get the word out” about the fact that Newton flat-out stole the discovery of calculus from Leibniz. An idea which is flatly preposterous for a number of reasons.
I half-jokingly put my dorm phone number on a sign-up sheet before getting into it with the head nutjob, and he ended up repeatedly calling me at odd hours even after I told him he was a basket case and I wasn’t going to come to his meetings. It was clear that any rhetorical appeal is in play with those guys: when his pseudo-intellectual appeals went down in flames he started questioning my “personal integrity” because the sign up sheet meant I was “committing to attend meetings.” Truly bizarre. I eventually got colorful with the language and he stopped wasting both of our time.
I used to protest against these guys a bit back when I was at Montgomery College, Rockville.
Besides being pretty damn crazy, they’re basically a bunch of crooks.
(I remember them doing that on 9/11, trying to convince everyone that it was an inside job)
I also heard a lot of complaints from people who had been scammed into giving them money and then were harassed constantly afterwards.
For a while I would read through some of ther crazy **** on their website and in their magazine articles and make sure people knew what these guys were really about.
I think they would set up right outside the student union at College Park too.Oh and I even saw them at the MVA in quince orchard a few years back.

Ohhh, Eric Thomas is still out there doing his stuff.
He was one of the main guys back in the day (and his wife)

During the 1980’s I remember Larouche believed that the Pope and Margaret Thatcher invented and were selling crack cocaine on the streets of America in order to soften us up for invasion. He believed for many years a fleet of ships under the Pope was waiting off the coast of the United States to attack us.

He is Adolf Hitler in 1928 with more money, less charisma, and absent the brown shirts. Race hatred, political message, personality cult, his huge personal security apparatus which he maintained, as well as his dabbling in national politics; Two differences Hitler actually obtained power and exposed his evilness, that and Hitler wasn’t a petty thief.

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