Kesha Rogers campaigns for Libertarian support


To use the logic deployed by the Larouchians at, for instance, Factnet…

The Weekly Standard must be Larouchies, huh?  Huh?  Huh?

I haven’t read the article.  The telling point would be if the author of this piece uses the phrase “cadre” to describe the Baby boomer generation.

Or Jehovah’s Witnesses?

How is it that the self-acclaimed “watchman class” doesn’t see this coming on? Do Jehovah’s Witnesses suppose that world war between nuclear powers will be a trivial matter? .
   Howie G spells it out.  But as LaRouche has repeatedly emphasized, dating back to his April 11, 2009 international webcast, the only true war-avoidance option that is sure to avert thermonuclear Armageddon is the immediate removal of President Obama from office—using the provisions of the U.S. Constitution to secure a stable transfer of power, and the launching of an unprecedented global economic recovery. With Obama in office, unfettered by the threat of impeachment or removal under Section 4 of the 25th Amendment, London maintains a precarious finger on the U.S. nuclear trigger. Furthermore, as LaRouche emphasized in a New Year’s Day emergency message, if nuclear Armageddon is avoided, the world still faces a plunge into a New Dark Age of famine, disease, and perpetual war—unless the United States leads a fundamental revolution in policy, returning to the American System tradition of a credit system under national banking, and a science-driver program for global economic recovery.

That’s what she said, right?

III.  EVERYONE’s INTERVENING TO STOP THE APOCALYPSE!!! Dave Christie, candidate for U.S, Congress in the state of Washington dissects the insanity of Her Royal Doge and how to cure it.
Dec. 21, 2011 (EIRNS)—The LaRouche movement is now moving on five continents, to avert the greatest danger mankind has ever faced: the bankrupt British Empire’s provocation of World War III. Mass leaflettings at churches, concerts, and shopping areas are being carried out everywhere, with messages from both Lyndon and Helga Zepp-LaRouche

So, the big Intevention happened in … um… Houston.  Kesha Rogers invited herself to a Libertarian Party Dinner.  And spoke.  Didn’t get to big a crowd reaction from the audience, I would say…  But here’s what they’re saying online.

gold fringe on flag.
And then there’s…
Great Speach I hope the larouche people and the libertarians can solve their minor diferences and make america great again
Yeah.  Minor differences.  The Libertarians can be pursuaded on NAWAPA, right?  As well…
It should give Mr. Hoenig some pause that LaRouchies are very outspoken advocates of Glass-Steagall, btw.)

And the Libertarians and Larouchies can surely team up for this:  All righty then.  The escalating mobilisation of the LaRouche organisation across the planet to stop the British Empire’s drive for thermonuclear World War III, is beginning to penetrate all layers of the population and its institutions, and it is throwing a monkey wrench into the British gameplan. LaRouche’s leadership is giving others the courage, and understanding, to also stand up and fight. […]
The British Empire, LaRouche has explained, has the ability to trump internal resistance to their war policy in both the U.S. and Israel, which is why he has insisted that the only durable war-avoidance option is to dump President Obama. Only in that way, can we remove British control over the U.S. thermonuclear trigger.

First layer of the population.  Well, we got Armegeddon Times, eh?.  They’re working on The Libertarians in Harris County.  And then Iran.  Here’s what they’re circulating in IranAnd.  Manila.  The Larouche Irish Brigade can work wonders in Ireland utilizing the tools of bloggery.  Turkish Central News Agency, eh?

Rogers is the LaRouchie candidate who won the nomination in 2010. Let’s not make that mistake again, shall we? A third candidate, KP George of Fort Bend, has also filed, but since he did so in FBC he’s not in this report.
Let the sales job begin!


The Teapot Atheist:
The Lyndon Larouche supporters are two blocks away from my office parading their Hitler-mustachioed Obama posters and hurling epithets at passers-by, demanding more attention than I would even give the Salvation Army homophobes extorting money from well-meaning shoppers for their parody-paramilitary anti-gay crusade who are just one block farther. Huddling around the Park Street T stop, the Larouchers greeted me not long after a parade of ads on the side of the subway for another awful Christian scam, the Daybreak “crisis pregnancy” center, where young women who need help and honesty can be tricked into an evangelism session for the low, low price of one phone call plus their dignity and future. I prepared for work this morning while, on the news, the Beloved Successor stared dull-eyed at the casket of the bloodthirsty psychopath who recently left us to join his father in the Eternal Presidency of the DPRK. Surrounded by wailing North Koreans, I saw his eyes, no intelligence there, no glimmer of a better future for his people swimming between his chubby cheeks and his drooping brow – just a stillborn’s gaze, staring blankly at nothing in particular as though surveying faces in the clouds.  […]
The cultist-kings of North Korea are marching boldly into the next generation. Our oldest idiots (seriously, is Lyndon Larouche even still alive?) are still pestering us on the subway, when they aren’t busy sweeping away our democratic revolutions or telling us which superstitions might have the best angle on our reproductive choices.

Dateline Amesbury
They cut out cardboard and wrote signs that said: “I’m with stupid” with an arrow pointing to the other protesters, “Who got our soldiers home” and “Keep smart in office.”
There were no jeers or angry confrontations between the two sides.
“It’s mostly having fun and speaking out (about) something we believe in,” said Matt Knight of Amesbury, who graduated from Amesbury High School in June.
The two men protesting with the Obama pictures defaced with a Hitler mustache wouldn’t give their names. They gave out literature from the Lyndon LaRouche Political Action Committee.
As cars passed by, the two men were soliciting donations and telling motorists Obama is leading the U.S. to World War III.
It wasn’t the message the two men were protesting that drove the students to start their own protest; instead, it was the Hitler mustache.
“It’s one thing to protest (for) something you believe in, but to relate him to a very negative figure such as Hitler — it just seems a little too extreme,” Knight said. “So, we kind of felt like we should brighten it up.”

Comments:  Attention seekers of all sorts–from LaRouche supporters in Amesbury to radical Orthodox Jews in Israel–attempt to tie their opponents to Hitler because it garners attention.
What’s remarkable to me about these students is that they apparently spoke out positively, something rarely seen and not so easy to do in this winter of our discontent.

Dateline Bremerton
Ahah. Things are getting clearer. Not more rational, just clearer. I suggested to the angry guy at the post office that he had no idea what fascism was. This did not have a soothing affect on him. If Obama is trying to be a fascist, he’s making a lousy job of it. Any fascist worth his salt would be sending out goons to stomp on his opponents with heavy boots, or maybe give them 5-minute trials before “disappearing” them. If Obama were a self-respecting fascist, he’d round up this guy at the post office and we’d never see him again.

And a one and a two and a three… I have heard of high school kids cribbing their school papers from Wikipedia, but here we have an example of an editorial/blog that was written in precisely the same way. Your description of LaRouche and his views is utter nonsense. He is a Franklin Roosevelt Democrat, and has been consistently so for decades. The Wikipedia article is simply tripe recycled from poison pens like Chip Berlet.
Rob, Thank you for the quick story on the larouchites, I had a similar encounter today at the Issaquah Post Office. I challenged many of their comments about the Global economy and as soon as they realized I disagreed and held my ground they told me to “Go Away” and accused me of harrassment, it was a bizarre experience. […]
The sad thing is the LPAC members actually believe they are involved in important political work when in fact they are so fringe and obscure in their beliefs and approach they make themselves inconsequential.

Dateline Sweden
Bumper-sticker-type sticker on a rubbish bin I pass every day on my cycle ride in to university. According to someone (besides the man himself, who last ran for POTUS in 2004), the next US president will be… not a re-elected Barack Obama, not Mitt Romney, not Newt Gingrich, but… Lyndon LaRouche. Talk about leaping out of the frying pan (Obama), sailing over the fire (Romney) and the industrial-scale furnace (Gingrich), only to land in the Hellmouth itself.
I have had to deal with LaRouchites (as his extremely devoted followers are called) on at least one occasion: when Daniel Ellsberg of Pentagon Papers fame came to speak at Northwestern. They heckled Ellsberg mercilessly about… IIRC, the importance of building a nuclear missile shield, which had nothing whatsoever to do with the subject of his talk. At least based on that experience, LaRouchites (along with, I think, the man himself) have the teeth and the tenacity of bulldogs.
Dateline Occupy.
“At the tail end of this perplexity emerged Occupy Wall Street, a failed cause before it even started, made up of some sweet people and also some hard-line ideologues (many of whom have, let me say this clearly, an anti-Semitic bent).”

Yesterday in Cambridge, some Lyndon LaRouche people were distributing pro-occupy Wall Street literature which had pictures of Obama wearing a Hitler mustache. They accused him of being pro Wall Street,” as if Wall Street were Nazis.

I have to see an condemnation by “occupy Wall Street” of the LaRouche people.

For the record, I have.  To the degree we have structured organization, it’s in their quasi-official website forum — denying a place for Larouchies, amongst others.  Read back in the archives of this blog, which works to collect this schtuff.
Dateline Pleasanton:
Consider the source first kiddies. Lyndon Larouche has been a pimple on the ass of the political landscsape for over 30 years. Now associated with a far right wing agenda he actually began as a far left-wing, conspiracy theory slinging, “New era Roosevlt-esqe” hero of the little man.

He is for all intents and purposes a complete nut job that has less than zero credibility and even less influence than your local dog catcher would have on the political scene. The stunts he pulls and the people that support him (try to engage one of his “supporters” next time and the battle of wits will be over in less than a minute btw…) are don strictly to outrage and incite both sides of the political fence.

Go away Lyndon! Shooo! Scat!
Dateline Seattle, from flickr user Wonderlane:

Dateline Frankenmuth
A group from metro Detroit calling themselves the La Rouche Pac demonstrated on a street corner in Little Bavaria. They say President Obama is instrumental in creating a global climate for World War Three.  Alan Egre, one of the organizers, said, “[Obama] just passed a bill under the National Defense Authorization Act which, you can be detained and be held indefinitely and that’s what Hitler started with.”

The two stories I am about to tell were never broadcast thoroughly, but they are of interest to folks who follow corruption details in these United States.
My wife and I took Sherman to supper at Ginos, a Southside steak house of earned reputation. I had recently visited Lyndon LaRouche and when Sherman heard that, he told us a story about his own visit to the LaRouche cult HQ. I already suspected that Lyndon made waves because he wanted to run the Fed himself, hence he became a conspiracy maven.
Sherman said the La Rouchies were a cult, and were programmed to music. He described being on hand when members of the cult sprang to attention around the banquet tables, then ‘resembled zombies’ as the music blared. “If I could run, I would have run the hell out of there!” Sherman grinned.
Hm.  I assume this was tongue in cheek.
At the end of every radio broadcast, Skolnick would sign off with the following statement: “To Hell with the Queen of England!”
Dateline Dover

The demonstrators, who were handing out flyers and seeking donations, represent the Lyndon LaRouche Political Action Committee, a known anti-government entity based in Leesburg, VA, who partake in peaceful demonstrations depicting Obama as a member of the Nazi regime.

Neither of the demonstrators would comment publicly. However, one did ask for a $100 donation.

Lyndon Larouche himself is a convicted felon and how the Dickens anyone would give his organization financial support totally bafles me. He was sentenced to 15 years’ imprisonment in 1988 for
Actuary, the Larouche campaign organization is distinctly anti-government, anti-semitic, and generally anti most anything that does not fit his conspiracy-laden view of the world.

V.  It probably tears Ron Paul fans to pieces to see the Romney — Santorum side by side in the papers, a modification from the earlier Romney — Santorum — Paul when it became clear they’d finish a virtual tie in the Iowa caucuses.  There’s an uncomfortable trick of the media at work in this nomination — we’ve had Romney sitting there all along, the eventual nominee — and we’ve had Paul sitting there all along, trending his askew electorate.  And the anti-Romney has simply gone from one candidate to the next, as the media focuses on each one individually, and then his/her… problems come to light.  And so Santorum comes in, simply because he was the last in line.
With increased Ron Paul attention, we have increased Ron Paul comparisons to…
The biggie is Commentary Magazine, which is blunt with the title “Is Ron Paul the New Larouche?”  And here is its history:
Into the vacuum left by LaRouche came Ron Paul.
Two comments worth picking up:
When you can show me Lyndon be elected to Congress 12 times and gain the amount of support of Paul, then we can talk… Until then stop with these ridiculous articles..
 More to the point.  But we should understand that unlike Ron Paul, Lyndon LaRouche actually ran a classic cult, the real deal: top down thought control, indoctrination, self -promotion of a world-redeeming prophetic charismatic cult of personality, self-criticism of lieutenants, psychological depersonalization and directed de-indiviudualion of disciples. etc. Ron isn’t doing any of this.
This whole fascination with Ron Paul (whose prognostications on the one issue he purports to be expert – monetary policy – have been all wrong) is analogous to if Lyndon LaRouche actually, finally, managed to get the Democratic nomination, or be competitive in Iowa.

From Democratic Underground forum on the Ron Paul supporters.
I remember back in the early 90’s the talk was the same with the Larouche’s

Same here. Paul is filling the void left by LaRouches’ 3 decades of not getting any attention
What a bunch of fools! I saw a bunch of them at the Boston Occupy, no they were not a majority, but they are hanger ons, sort of like the Larouchies. It’s like a cult.

Will an eccentric Texas billionaire jump into the campaign and throw everything into chaos?  (I’m looking at you Lyndon LaRouche!).

I ‘ve always seen Paulians as leftoverLaRouchies..

And Ron Paul supporters are demented cultists, a teensie bit more rational than LaRouchies, which isn’t saying much.

When it comes to the cult of personality for which Lyndon LaRouche has been accused of doing that for a very long time….it’s no wonder why LaRouche seems to be quite fond of Philip Giraldi, a former foreign policy adviser from wRONg Paul’s 2008 campaign.
Giraldi is well noted for being pro-Iranian.  He pushes regular anti-Israel conspiracy theories daily on and other websites.  The fact that LaRouche is praising Giraldi and his propaganda expose there is something sinister affort.  Giraldi’s former boss is basically tied for first with Mitt Romney in Iowa.

I tell you, the whole Ron Paul thing is scary to me. Those people act and look like LaRouchies. …
Ah, yes, the LaRouchies! Yikes! I’ve had my run in with them down at Zuccotti (I’ve written about OWS – some very funny stuff, if I do say so myself). I was a Tory for one year…in 1988…when I was 10. If I HAD to affiliate with any British party, …

Ana from NY:
Below is a fragment of a letter (painful, “separation”) I sent yesterday to a friend (former obviously):
“No, …, the crowd of “poor, poor, poor” supporters of OWS, such as Chris Hedges, Roseanne Barr, Russell Simmons, Michael Moore, La Rouche, Ron Paul, American Neo-Nazi Party, Katrina Vanden Heuvel, Nicholas Kristof (G&S wife), etc. (not to mention the foreign organizers with an ugly past who designed the poster, gave the name, defined the theme and ordered to show up at a certain place and time) is not for me. I was not raised by decent parents and I did not spend decades studying, thinking and shaping myself to enjoy being among assorted demagogues, bigots, charlatans and pure, undiluted evil, dressed like the bottom of 99% (Marie Antoinette’s crowd comes to mind) and bubbling about “them,” “1%” and “the establishment” (they are not – sure). In addition to genuine revulsion, the fact that I am a convinced and consistent Social Democrat who understands the needs of this country differently than you and your favorite crowds prevents me from any participation in activities which clearly are distractions.
But here’s a novelty. From David Lindsay, who lives in some concern about an emerging Larouchie electorate.
I knew that Newt Gingrich reminded me of someone, and now I know who. Gingrich is the Republican Party’s Lyndon LaRouche. […]
Gingrich has all of LaRouche’s lunacy and none of his occasional flashes of brilliance. Mainstream Democrats need to become the party to end the bailouts, restore Glass-Steagall, bring home the troops from Afghanistan, eschew future such adventures, invest in key infrastructure, uphold the traditional definition of marriage, really fight against drugs, introduce single-payer healthcare, resist climate change hysteria, and defend both classical education and working and middle-class access to it. Or the LaRouche Movement will. But, in spite of its history even into the fairly recent past, the Republican Party will not.
Newt gets some of this love too.
Alan Grayson‘s staff …  Matt Stoller, the former Senior Policy Advisor to Rep. Alan Grayson and a fellow at the Roosevelt Institute
I was called in meetings of Democratic legislative assistants a “Larouchie”, and the bill to audit the Fed was referred to by one staffer as a “piece of shit”. Yet, despite the staff opposition, the number of sponsors continued to climb, first hitting ..

Thank you, Barney Frank, for efforts on that one.  And we know he’s a Larouchie.  (Actually oddly enough Barney Frank figures in some of those wackadoodle Ron Paul newsletter solicitations.  Politics swerves in odd directions sometimes — Frank was name-checking Ron Paul in his last quasi-tough re-election campaign.)
Say… When you’ve lost Godlikeproductions and David Icke…
Niewert’d get along great with the LaRouchies, or those who think that the Freemasons control world events.
This one’s pretty comical.  After dredging through NWO conspiracy theories and picking at Chip Berlet, we get the Larouchie comparison.
… Hm.
The next time one of the Larouchies… Schlanger, Steinberg, Larouche… goes on Alex Jones… they need to alert the masses of Alex Jones listeners to the full dimensions of the Hitler problem.  Rand Paul is Hitler too, right?  Not just Obama?
VI.  Rick Potvin Corner.
I’m now a category at Rick Potvi
He recommends Ed Hamler
And he gives into the Larouche War on Christmas
Reviewing Nero”.  Yeah, there was also a movie about fish you could compare Obama with.

 The bottom line:
“The End of the Line of the Anglo-Dutch System” makes for entertaining if not quite accurate reading. It is beyond me how a drastically weakened Britain at the end of WWII set out to “systematically the American economy” by undermining the Bretton Woods system. Wouldn’t such a weakened country have a similarly degraded bargaining position? Nor is it explained why the British Bretton Woods delegation led by John Maynard Keynes of all people would be more keen on “neoliberal” principles than his American counterpart, Harry Dexter White. Ah, but why quibble about historical accuracy when you can do creative writing?
Surely, there’s some entertainment value with this.

“Anti-ZIonists” cut into the Larouche cause of the moment:
Obama’s “work” might be concluded, but that just means that our job has only just begun. Yesterday there was message that was released concerning the beginning of World War Three by Lyndon LaRouche.Many have not heard of him, but I’ve followed his antics for almost as long as I’ve been involved in this nightmare. He has run for president many, many times, and always without even minimal success. Rumor has it that his wife is the Chancellor of Germany, but I don’t know this to be a fact. What I do know is that he has studied world Affairs for decades, and in many respects his views can often carry a great deal of weight. (1)However he began his message by suggesting that the USA use Section 4 of the Twenty-Fifth Amendment to free ourselves from the insanity of Barack Obama. I wondered at the time why he had not bothered to quote that amendment for his viewers. Here it is:  […] (2)Of course after reading it, the entire offering from LaRouche becomes a farce because Israel has penetrated all three levels of control over the office of the presidency—with the Zionist occupiers of Israel.
There you go.  Larouche working for the Zionists.

He’s anti Obie which is fine, but he’s still a damn loon. He’s nothing more than a wannebe “Charles In Charge.” He never has proof of what he claims…it’s all just his own tin foil opinions. He thinks his way is the only way to the absolute truth and light. He’d build a giant statue to himself if he could find a city that would display it! He needs to cut back on that red crap he’s coloring his hair with too…the Bozo look went out years ago.

Game for everyone.  What is this comment referring to, and who is this Jacque Fresco?
I can’t remember what the third one was about but basically its sort of like a pseudo-cult. It isn’t a political cult in the exact same way Ron Paul, Lyndon LaRouche, and Alex Jones are because these people do not seem to hold Peter Joseph and Jacque Fresco up to that level. Of course Jacque Fresco doesn’t really care too much for these people, but it is these movies that have increased his visibility and I give them credit for that.
Give up?  Here’s your answer
Personally I have mixed feelings on Zeitgeist. It has some good ideas but it sort of reminds me of the LaRouchies and what the Ron Paul people are becoming.

And finally…

Dear Editor: In response to the letter by S. Ann Robinson, Cotton Mather, along with his father Increase, were the men who stopped the Salem Witch Trials by demanding that the accusers prove their case scientifically, without “spectral evidence”. [See “Increase Mather, The Foremost American Puritan” by Kenneth Murdock, Cambridge, Mass., 1925, pp. 294, 299-301, or “How the Nation Was Won” by Graham Lowry, Executive Intelligence Review, Washington, D.C., 1987.] Cotton Mather’s book, “Essays To Do Good”, is cited by Benjamin Franklin in his autobiography as one of his greatest inspirations.

Like so many true American patriots, the Mathers have been defamed by British imperial historians, who would have us believe that the Pilgrims and Puritans left Europe not because they wanted to pursue scientific progress for the common good and the glory of God, and the European oligarchs wouldn’t let them, but because they were religious fanatics.
The truth is that the British Empire, the flagship of European oligarchy, is the chief source of religious fundamentalism, satanism and atheism in the U.S., with devils like Jonathan Edwards deployed to replace Renaissance Christianity with either Bible-thumping superstition or unabashed embrace of Aleister Crowley’s “do what thou wilt,” for the purpose of destroying our republic.
Richard Burden, Leesburg.

History comes alive?

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