We Will have Kesha Rogers to Kick Around Some! Diane Sare Rebuked by youthful Ghost of Ross Perot! Bill Roberts to star in Mr Smith goes to Washington remake


A Sidney Hill update???  Remember Sidney Hill?  A cause celebre somewhere, but not in the Larouche publications.

Bill Hess brings us some Fantastic Photo-journalism updating us on the whereabouts of Sidney Hill.  Up in Wasilla.  (One of those places that one day nobody ever heard of, then the next… everyone knew of.)

I was very pleased to see that this old hippy had seen the sign and then positioned himself right beside it so he could defy it. He even had a pretty good sign of his own made up, asking Alaska passersby to feed him a peach. If you could see all the lettering, this is what you would read:
“This old hippie says AK feed me a peach.” A bit more follows of course, but that was the basic message. This guy wanted a peach. I don’t know why he wanted a peach and not a chunk of moose meat or salmon, but a peach was what he wanted.
I would have given him a peach, too, but I didn’t have one. I did have a bean burrito, but he didn’t want a burrito – only a peach.
He claimed to be a friend of Lyndon LaRouche, who apparently backs up the quest of old hippies to be fed by the great AK! It is nice to know there are still compassionate people in this country, state and town.

Eventually we’re going to have to expand that networked map (showing the candidates) to include Sidney Hill in Alaska and Perry Clarke in Kentucky.
By the way… for what it is worth… the Skull / Bones blog would like to take this opportunity to endorse Republican Chris Theineman for Kentucky State Senate, District 37.  Yeah, I know… this is John Wolfe country.


I suppose if she wins we will have a big “Dewey Defeats Truman” situation with this headline.  I will update this when election returns come in.

Daily Kos assesses the big KP George — Kesha Rogers race
Even though the Democrats have next to no chance of beating Olson, the Democratic primary here is actually worth watching.  Kesha Rogers, a Lyndon LaRouche activist who calls for impeaching President Obama, was the Democratic nominee in 2010 and caused a big headache for local Dems.  Rogers is running again and local Democrats would like to avoid the embarrassment of sharing a ticket with her this year: her sole opponent is KP George.  George’s nomination wouldn’t give the party any more of a chance to unseat Olson, but it would be a huge relief for Texas Democrats if he was their nominee here instead of Rogers.
Yet the race only gets one star.  If only Pete Olson had had lost sight of getting candidacy paperwork in in the vein of Thad McCotter, the Dems coulda been contenders.
I sort of reiterate, win or less… the Democratic Party in Harris County will still have her to kick around some.

Howie G booted off Democratic Underground, I see, in relation to proseltyzing for the cause of the 6 Larouche candidates.

College Football Fans weigh in on this race:
Larouchies come in all colors. And they’re all nuts.
Screw congress, she’s got my vote for President!
“This is Henry Kissinger. He’s a Jew.” Followed by explanations that the Jews and Queen Elizabeth are running drugs to corrupt America’s youth, blah, blah, blah. (Lyndon LaRouche, 1984.)


We begin with details from the New Jersey Debate.  Where Diane Sare wasn’t asked about recent comments made by her leader.  They never ask about the imminent themonuclear war, and always go to Gay Marriage… Lament Lament Lament.

Better yet, she ought be asked about this quotation.  Maybe that’ll filter into the Taj — Roberts debates?

LaRouche Democratic supporters made up at least half of the more than 100 attendees of the debate in Teaneck, based on the blue LaRouche shirts they were wearing.
Many of the questions supplied by the audience seemed to be geared toward their ideals.
LaRouche Democrats support Mars colonization, the impeachment of Barack Obama, the reinstatement of the Depression-era Glass-Steagall Act and place emphasis on the importance of classical music.
When a question from the audience about classical music came, Gussen wouldn’t take the bait.
“I think if (Albert) Einstein lived today he may just have likely been a DJ,” he said.
Even during direct questioning, Sare often went off topic. When asked about gay marriage, she instead put emphasis on ballistic missile defense systems in Europe.
“If we have thermo-nuclear war and a financial blowout,” she said, “we will all be dead whether we are gay, straight, married or not.”

Well, if this guy is a “Tea Party Patriot” he probably isn’t a registered Democrat, so we won’t have to worry about this guy’s vote.

And we have an answer to the question “Is Mark Quick a Larouchie?”  The answer: Yes.
From this blog here, Mark Quick says:  I believe before you publish statements like this you should actually research your facts before publishing. Nobody manages my campaigns but me. Your clearly out just to destroy people on a personal level. I took a boat load of crap because I went to Trenton to be involved with YOU. I have learned more about how corrupt and evil our government has become and people like you are paid to hide the TREASON. On LaRouche explain why Ronald Reagon and him were friends he worked for Reagon???
If asked before I saw that comment I would have said “No”.  But … there you go.

A Reform Activist chimes in
Mark D. Quick, a former Republican Committeeman who abandoned the GOP last year, does not speak on behalf of the Reform Party of New Jersey, the Reform Party of the United States, nor any of the elected officers of either organization. He is no longer a candidate on the party’s ticket nor will the party sanction any of his forthcoming announcements. Quick’s alliance with Sare has been officially rebuked by the party’s leadership and any online content pertaining to his previous Congressional bid hosted on Reform Party servers will be removed.

The Diane Sare campaign has chimed in by charging against the   NJ Reform Party co-founder, in a wildly slanderous attack on me and Lyndon LaRouche, which was no doubt dictated to him by the same people running the pathetically desperate attacks on my colleague Kesha Rogers, who won the Democratic Party nomination in the 22nd district of Texas in 2010.
Everyone who has had a chance to consider the issue knows that Mark Quick exhibits more intelligence and morality in two sentences than the pompous and ignorant Mr. Zychick and his ghost writer can muster in any series of pretentious paragraphs. No one should be fooled by these arrogant young liars whose only dream is to become corrupt party hacks in their later years.

The more interesting thing here is the headline change from something about the NJ Reform party endorsing her to  NJ Reform Party: Holding the Line for Obama Dictatorship…

“Conservative New Jersey” blog ids names behind the Mark Quick run.  They can sort it all out.  The issue at stake in New Jersey

Yesterday, Mark Quick endorsed Democrat Diane Sare for Congress. Democrat Sare is running against Congressman Scott Garrett, the most conservative member of the New Jersey delegation, and one of the top conservatives in Congress. By most measures, Scott Garrett is the most conservative member of Congress ever to come from New Jersey. […]
First we had the Bayshore Tea Party Group providing a platform for a Socialist Party candidate at a meeting in their headquarters. Now we have a Tea Party candidate – vetted and supported by a number of Tea Party groups – endorsing a follower of Lyndon LaRouche.
The Tea Party needs to end its war with Steve Lonegan, Mike Doherty, and the other conservative leaders in our state. They need to stop embracing pro-amnesty candidates like Bader Qarmout, liberals like LaRossa, bigots like Salanitri, racists like Hoyas, and Lyndon LaRouche Democrats.

A bottom line on this race provided by Blue Jersey
Correct me if I’m wrong, but is there a third candidate running in CD 5 by the name of Diane Sare? I saw her presence in the newspaper at two debates held by Bergen Grassroots and the Teaneck Democrats and was wondering if she is still running for the nomination since she was not mentioned in your story.
In many races there are numerous candidates, but in this diary I mention only those of consequence.
She wants to be on the same ballot with Obama – who she wants to impeach.  Diane Sare is NOT a credible candidate.  She may seem polite, but her positions are LaRouche crazy.

Worth mentioning her regardless, if only because the die is set with a race between what’s apparently a “lackidasical Democratic Establishmentarian” and an exciting Insurgent.  GOTV all you want for the Insurgent.  Just be sure not to  divide the two candidates to two sets of 33 and ending up losing to random 34-er.
No one has any money to do polling. If history is a good indicator, 15,000 voters will turn out on June 5th.


The circumstances are such that the way is, I suppose, open.  The Democratic Party establishment may want to push some bigger name Democratic… for a (sigh) write-in bid.  McCotter may want to try the same.  Hilarity ensues, I guess.
Hm.  I assume unless the Democratic hiearchy has some big name power candidacy everyone knows and loves that their best chance is with the candidate actually running.

From Daily Kos  …  Fortunately, Democrats have a pretty respectable candidate filed for this race already in Syed Taj, a Canton Township trustee and former chief of medicine of a local hospital. Taj has raised $200K for his campaign so far, and I’m sure more resources will be made available to him now that McCotter has put himself in the jackpot. (Oh, and there’s another “choice” in the Democratic primary: Lyndon LaRouche disciple Bill Roberts, a man whose top item on his website reads “Dumping Obama is the Key to Avoiding War”.)

I will  note I haven’t been so much sleeping on this Democratic primary as putting it aside because whatever the case, the situation is thus — skip to bold part of the comments excerpts here — featuring the standard sillying sallying of the quirks of a country with more elections taking place than attention paid to them:

I could easily see the LaRouchie winning the Dem primary if the race is a low name-ID race between him and Syed Taj. So they’d have to invest a lot of effort to get Taj through the primary.
In the case of McCotter failing to get in the primary, failing to win the primary, and the LaRouchie winning the Dem primary, an opportunity would be wasted.
What’s with the “um”? FYI Roberts has raised $4K, Taj $200K.
But it’s not going to be a slam dunk unless they spend some money. Taj’s campaign doesn’t just have a ‘some cult dude’ opponent, it’s an opponent with a generic common name. So he can’t just lay back and keep raising money, he will have to act as if the primary is real without really acknowledging the opponent. (Not entirely sure they can directly mention the obvious about the LaRouchies and Obama through mailers without people ignoring it, plus it’s not like Michigan has party registration to make that easier)
and the law of diminishing returns may factor into the effectiveness of the “Hey, Bill Roberts is associated with a bunch of crazies” campaign. Although i’d imagine “Syed Taj, great guy, shakes his finger at property taxes, rode an ostrich once” campaign would be far more likely. Especially for reaching out to all those unfamiliar with the Canton Charter Township government.
Not sure if we’ve had a ‘credible candidate loses to random person’ race yet in this cycle. Closest would be the Jimmy Ferris primary in Idaho, i’d guess.
I have nothing whatever against Taj and surely hope he wins but I have to admit my joy at learning another set of lunatics is still around in our hare-brained politics today.
We’d have until August.  I think we can make sure he wins the primary.
So yeah.  You could wage a whisper campaign against him. More of an issue might be he speaks heavily accented and not all that dynamic of a speaker.   But maybe he’s better when the subject matter isn’t mindnumbingly boring.
so it’s a coincidence that they could lose two one-on-one primaries to Indian-born candidates (who are obviously agents of the Queen and Kissinger and Nelson Rockefeller)
MI-11 Democrats may do the same thing IN-05 Democrats did in 2010 and pick Roberts over Taj, simply because his name sounds “white”
Don’t think it can’t happen?  It DID happen in Indiana just two years ago.

From the other side of the asile we get this:
If McCotter is off the ballot, Bentivolio probably has a 70% chance to win against McCotter or Kowall write-in, and 85% chance to win against Trott write in, because only insiders and some locals know who Trott is. […] Parties need to save the resources in case Bentivolio does win the primary, which is likely (Assuming McCotter is off the ballot), and help out the guy who may for all we know be the deciding vote for the speaker and committee chairs.
Unless they want Bill Roberts.

This is, by the way, the scenario that would have to sprout up to actually get a Larouchie into the House of Representatives.

The Democratic candidate, for those who care, are:
Bill Roberts, who proudly touts his connection to Lyndon Larouche and the tin-foil-hat caucus.
Syed Taj, a medical doctor and native of India, who was elected to the Canton Twp board in 2008.  Not a hopeless, but also maybe not exactly what Waterford Twp is looking for in a Congressional candidate.
Ya gots until August.


The Larouche Cryonics Movement throws its lot lot against Alex Jones with ultimate insult Aex Jones is a Neanderthal Hybrid Crypto-Jew.

Then we get comments from the peanut gallery at Lunatic Outpost
Larouche is a just a flat out crackpot.   He’s makes guys David Icke and Clif High look normal.
The ultimate power behind the royal bloodlines are extra dimensional reptillian entities who literally hate humanity. What the Christians would call demons. Our royal elite have fallen for their lies of using alien technology to empower the elite with Godlike powers.
The only thing stopping the alien entities manifesting is the human vibration on the planet this love energy drives them insane with rage, a state of mind they can’t function rationally in.
Once the blue bloods do their bidding and reduce the love energy by reducing the population the cold authoritarian vibration will allow them to manifest with frightening consequences for our elite!
Why can’t we just have a Nuclear War, why’s it always got to be Thermal Nuclear War? WHY???
Oh wow! A guy with no credibility interviews another guy with no credibility!

No.  Wait.  Maybe we need a conflab between these two groups:

I would appear to not be the only person who is moving well, et cetera. The Freemason Confraternity of the Whole Wide World also seem to be offering a better deal than the LaRouche people.
(Yes, the local LaRouchies continue to e-mail me periodically, unconcerned by their continuing terrible prophetic record, and not inclined to admit any errors.)

Vern Nelson asks the question:  Hey Robert [Lauten], I know you’re a LaRouchie, but I see you on my ballot, under US Senator, as a Republican. Have all the LaRouchies become Republicans when nobody was looking?

Other campaigns:

Dateline Chicago
We drove by there today and saw them. Their sign indicated they wanted to impeach the President and that they were affiliated with the LaRouchies. I didn’t see them doing anything that might need a permit IMO.

Dateline Farmington
When asked why the two selected Farmington for their political efforts, the man said because of “the population.” The woman told one of the several people who stopped by her table at approximately 1 p.m. her group was trying to fix this country because “the whole system is dead. It’s broken.” […]
Willy asked them to leave while the man argued with police for several minutes, stating loudly, “We do this all over the place!”
Willy reported later the group did not leave the premises and rather resolved to hold their posters themselves. He said they eventually put the table away.
“Their(sic) well within their rights to exercise their First Amendment right to free speech, but you can’t do it by blocking the sidewalk,” Willy said, noting […]
Official representative for the LaRouche PAC Angela Vullo, who returned a reporter’s call from Virginia, said she could not confirm her organization was visiting Farmington on Tuesday, but said the described posters “sounds like us.” […]
“The policies that have come out … to get the world population under 1.5 billion, that is virtually targeting everyone,” Vullo said. “Not to mention, if Obama stays in office, we’re on the road to a world war that could be a nuclear war, and that could lead to the extinction of the human race.”

Jeff Steinberg on Iran’s Press TV.  Say… whatever happened to Russia Today?

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  1. Peaceful patriot Says:

    Man for some one talks all this guff about LaRouche you sure do stay up to date.

  2. Justin Says:

    Yep. Here it is.


    If that isn’t bad enough, Kesha Rogers will once again be the “Democratic” nominee in CD22. KP George had an early lead based on a strong showing in Fort Bend County, but he lost in Harris and Brazoria, and that was enough. I don’t even know what to say.


    The Democratic race was a close one with Kesha Rogers earning 3,659 votes (50.73 percent), while KP Geroge had 3,553 votes (49.26 percent).

    A close one. I did go in knowing that the Democratic Party in the district, being a weak entity, had to pull behind a single candidate. And that the only accurate message — “Yes, We’re going to lose in November to Pete Olson, but here’s the stakes” — is lackluster. (A flipside to the “Paranoid Style of Politics” where what’s at stake is whole worlds colliding.)

    This time they can at least avoid the specter of the party head throwing out the term “Lyndon Johnson Democrat”. This time I suggest the local Democratic Party to endorse whatever third party is on the ballot, just to see if we can get momentum going to get Kesha Rogers into third place in November.

    Got an election in New Jersey in a week.
    As for the one in Michigan: on closer inspection, I am wrong in this post. The Republican Primary will be pitting a Tea Party figure and a write in for Thad McCotter. The Democratic Primary has the low-key Taj and the Larouchie. My theory figures a chaos where the Democrats decide to toss their lot behind a person of more stature. Even if we slide the Larouchie into the general election, McCotter or the conservative activist will win it. We would have to figure out how to get a clusterfuck happening in the General to get the Larouchie into Congress.

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