Jacques Cheminade: co-thinker. Kesha Rogers and Diane Sare: when will they co-think?

I.  The Man of the Moment — Jacques Cheminade.  He’s got the Royalists in an uproar.  Interesting to note that in the literature of the Larouchies, Cherminade is elevated to the level of “co-thinker”.  Like being a co-cult leader, I suppose.  Or maybe it does slide Cherminade down — see the question posed here:  Who Is Lyndon Larouche? — inevitably overshadows Cherminade.  Co-thinking are they together.

He is the benefactor of French election laws for “equal time” to all the candidates — even as he moves to that fraction of a percentage vote he will surely end up at.
the bizarre but well-meaning rules of the French electoral system could be exposed to ridicule. […]  Radio and TV listeners and viewers may soon become unwilling experts on Mr Cheminade’s plans for a “thermonuclear corridor” from the Earth to Mars, and the creation of artificial atmospheres and human colonies on Mars and the moons of Jupiter and Saturn.

Yeah, well.  It could be worse.  Here’s a defense of the system that allows the Trots and Larouchies on the ballot and creates a headache for an establishment figure.  Find Cheminade in this mess.  And find the trots.

A bottom line of French election system.

My blogging confrère Art Goldhammer, commenting on the situation, poses a question:
How is it that Jacques Cheminade, Philippe Poutou, and Nathalie Arthaud, who collectively might have one percent in the polls, can round up 500 signatures but Dominique de Villepin, a former prime minister, can’t, and Marine Le Pen, polling at 17%, claims she had difficulty? This is a nominating system that makes no sense to me.
The answer: Poutou, Arthaud, and Cheminade had organizations—however groupusculaire—behind them. All it takes is two or three dozen dedicated Trot militants or LaRouche cultists to crisscross la France profonde, meet with village mayors, and convince them to pledge. Villepin didn’t have that. He was bereft of a party or organization and clearly had no interest in building one. He did launch a political movement in 2010 comprised of his fans, République Solidaire, and to great fanfare, but then watched as some of its principal figures defected to Sarkozy. And then Villepin himself quit the leadership of RS, of a movement he founded and for the sole purpose of advancing his presidential ambitions. C’est très sérieux ça… Voici ce qu’il ecrivit alors: As he wrote then:

All good points from all of you, but that still doesn’t answer the question about Jacques Cheminade. Are his sponsors calculating he will takes votes away from someone? Presumably not. So what’s going on here? Are so many small-town mayors so far outside the mainstream that they’ll support LaRouche’s French lieutenant?
Speaking of which, if election sponsorships have to be public, as the Conseil Constitutionnel recently confirmed, have there been studies of sponsor lists and follow-up interviews on what prompted mayors to support particular candidates? If not, there would be an excellent article idea.

Yes.  Well, here’s one person explaining their reasoning for passing Cheminade into the ring.
Why do mayors agree to lend their names to candidates for smaller candidates?
For Jean-Marc Lacombe, mayor of Julienne, who sponsored Cheminade, it’s quite simple. 
‘As I find the system of 500 sponsors completely anti-democratic – because it doesn’t allow smaller candidates to take part – I told myself I’d give my sponsorship to the first candidate who asked.
‘And Jacques Cheminade’s activists were the first to ask.’

In the end, what we have appears to be an excuse for French media to roll out some b-roll and stock images of the Queen of England.  Time to pull out your stock photos of the Queen.  Or is it the Germanic False Queen of England?.  Let Iran’s Press TV figure it out.

Parody time for you all.

Then there’s the familar item where Jacques Cherminade blames video games for violence.    See too:  French presidential candidate Jacques Cheminade has blamed violent videogames for the fatal shooting outside a Jewish school in Toulouse.  Time enough to get noticed by video game players. Well, maybe there’s a popular neo-nazi themed first person shooter or something.

This sounds about right.
Overall, Mr. Cheminade wants to create a new world order based on greater national sovereignty. He said the financial flows and directions of the world today are controlled by the imperial power: this conspiratorial thesis therefore aims to resurface against a Western power-by the implementation of major projects funded by Europe which would excluded the British as they would not stop their conspiracy. In short, this is too esoteric for me to bring my voice to this gentleman!

And a blast from the past here.

The case of the desecration of Jewish cemetery in Carpentras, called “Carpentras affair”, followed the desecration of Jewish tombs in Carpentras (Vaucluse). . On the night of 8 to 9 May 1990, 34 Jewish graves were desecrated (headstones overturned and broken corpses unearthed, …) in Carpentras, which has a Jewish community dating back to the days of “Pope’s Jews.”  This is precisely the target of this savagery, who signed his anti-Semitism, from the outset of the investigation, the designated trail on the far right.  And yet it is this track that would soon be jammed by dozens of fanciful hypotheses advanced without an ounce of fact, parasitized by evidence that will prove unfounded, until finally abandoned lead to displacement of Marseille to Carpentras folder.

The anti-Semite Lyndon Larouche and “master-to-think” of Cheminade , for its part had (as usual) a vast conspiracy concocted Jewish Zionist (CJM, ADL, Bronfman, Markus Wolf …) involving the KGB …
The case is resolved only six years later (July 30, 1996) when a certain Yannick Garnier, 26 years old, presents himself at the head of General Intelligence in Avignon and admits to being one of the Body Snatchers.  His confession confirmed that this was an anti-Semitic acts committed by neo-Nazis.  He denounces his four accomplices were arrested immediately.. The trial began eight months later in Marseille, lasts a week, and the verdict was delivered on 24 April 1997. Patrick Laonegro, the “brain” of the commando Snatchers, and Olivier Fimbry, a former soldier, sentenced to two years in prison, while the other two defilers are condemned to twenty months. ( wikipedia ( wikipedia  ) )
The police investigation will prove so beyond any doubt that Larouche was indeed planted (as usual).Cherminade:
Jacques Cheminade: It is a mystery how 71-year-old Cheminade – the oldest candidate – managed to collect the required number of signatures. Certainly not from supporters of his tiny party, Solidaire et progrès(Solidarity and Progess), which combines opposition to finance capital with conspiracy theories inspired by American ex-Trotskyist maverick Lyndon Larouche.

David Lindsay, voice of warning:  This is what happens when no one else promises to separate retail and investment banking, to create proper jobs by means of infrastructure projects that are also good in themselves, and to pull and keep out of wars of “liberal intervention”.  Or maybe when no one declares themselves  “gaulliste de gauche”.

Keep track of the Wikipedia action… or just take note of it for the moment.
And we see here Jacques Cherminade’s campaign is making an impact.

Two three purchases later I get surprised on activists Jacques Cheminade, finally it is especially the ones who jumped on me I had not seen them. I was surprised, this is the first time I saw but mostly it is the way to talk to me surprised me, these guys there did not look like ordinary activists, I had a funny feeling . Hard to explain but I felt I was hitting on me that the Raelians, unpleasant, so I bit the buttocks. In short, I do not care a bit about them and they asked me why they made me laugh, I responded to rid myself that it was the scarcity of Cheminade activists who made me laugh. I did not insist, I saw the headlock happen.

Three days ago, still feverish, I wrote this
 post on the testimony of activists weird Cheminademet in a market. Since then, I begin to understand, these people came from another world and are 200% conspiracy (they suck at math too), it cares tokens. I escape, rather see:
Sure, it lies to us. September 11, avian flu, cancer, financial, all that is odious manipulation!Marc, 50, leaves the Internet for an evening to discuss the proposed election of Jacques Cheminade, the man at 0.28%. The truth is out there.
Excellent summary, it smells of these zozos sect, they are smoked everywhere, not stable azimuth brain.

In oher highlights, we have an Email spamming controversy.  Heh.
And at first I think Chrminade is more progressive than Larouche on the issue of Homosexuality.  But it may be that that is a bad translation, as I read this Guardian article.
15 Minutes of Fame, says the Guardian.
and a somewhat withering report by France TV declared that Cheminade had all of “several dozen supporters”. […]
Clearly Cheminade is making the most of his 15 minutes in the political spotlight. With opinion polls giving him support at less than 1%, however, we are unlikely to be hearing more of his theories after 22 April.

Well, some things are as  bad as American Presidential elections, I see:
The show also introduced a music video for world famous hip hop duo LMFAO’s “Live My Life.” The MC asked Jacques Cheminade, who is a candidate for President in the election this year in France, “Which song are you going to choose?”

II.  Not as sanguine regarding these Alex Jones appearances as xlcer.  Jones is a person taken seriously by a subset of the populace, though the typical Jones listener does have handy grains of salt at the ready with a mind toward an equivalence thrown to the Mainstream Media and typical partisan politics.  The appearances here add up to a minor negative for Jones with this audience: thermonuclear war takes up a whole lot of those grains of salts — but a major positive to Larouche.  Politics-wise, I probably could toss the Larouche cult and treat them as one adjunct to the Alex Jones show, and treat Jones and his influence to that supposed for Larouche.  The comment within this pile of youtube comments that pops out is the one — “Don’t believe the gvmt’s fear-mongering; believe ours!”  Just another damned Apocalypse — nothing to see here.

Watched the entire interview with LaRouche and this guy is for real.
According to him, Obama has and a video backs him up, Obama has pledged undying allegiance to the Queen and the Monarchy. An act of treason if there ever was. He is the UK’s puppet for enacting Global government and plans to use thermonuclear war as a means of population reduction. Nothing subtle like plagues or chemicals that would leave lots of carnage to clean up.
I still can’t figure this guy out… Madman or Highly Intelligent Madman? He seems spot on most of the time but his history looks everything from Communist, CIA Spy, to National Socialist. I just can’t figure his angle. I guess Highly Intelligent Madmen are interesting.
this scum bag works for the CIA
His armed compound years seem the most interesting.
The world is waking up to AJ! … Now all we need to do is combine AJ’s news with Zionget’s…. Then we will have fully exposed the shadow government that runs the Western Hemisphere…
I don’t like Obama, but I dislike LaRouche more. LaRouche is a fucking nutcase and talks utter shite.
Hey guys! another day another world scare whoop whoop!
Greets from the PDV (German Ron Paul Party) to our American friends!!!
this larouche cat, I tell ya, he makes Jones look like a moderately reasonable man, must be why they post his stuff. lol
Fuck Lyndon LaRouche…every video is..tomorrow we all DIE!
DOOMSDAY May 2012 on the day of Pentecost. 65 days left….
obama nooo Rockeffeller ,Rothschild is the first menns of the world ,oel ,fed ,tv,ect.obama is the bitch of the illuminati
this guys a fruitcake, it is international finance that is decending the world into WW3 not the British
I went to Lyndon Larouche’s channel and they said ‘Thermo nuclear war’ so Goddamn much I wont even waste time listening to this nutjob predict doom and gloom, I get enough of that at the gas pumps nowadays!
Or how about a Louis Farrakhan for President if you must have a black man. He’s far more sensible than Obama the globalist despot.
90? He doesn’t look 80.
So glad they added “Thermo” nuclear war instead of just “nuclear” war. I was scared there for a moment.
LaRouche is a douchebag. He spreads lies about the Austrian School of Economics which is the fundamental philosophy behind Ron Paul. Alex Jones is a major and much respected proponent of Ron Paul. Why the heck is he interviewing this racist crank?
Obama is mentally incapable of being in Office and threatens the extinction of the human race. That pretty much says it all. RON PAUL 2012
Dang. Global thermonuclear war? I thought I was fairly saavy, but even I didn’t see this one coming.
Is always good when you have mr LaRouche on your program; though no one needs to be Lyndon Larouche to get a sense that we, the world’s population are about to be thrown to the fire, by thermonuclear war. We’re at the threshold of WW3, and very little, or nothing can be done.  (It’s that kind of cynicism that the Larouchies are fighting)
Let’s face it the Leaders of our planet is gathering for the great war of Armageddon They started gathering since 9-11 with bush. Now it is just escalating. Israel is the center of this war I say bring it on and let God win.
I Bet Chuck Norris Will Still Be Alive…..
satinists bastards nazi fucks they need to burn in hell.
He wanted to say Caligula.
cool when it happens i will break out the marshmellows
Larouche doesn’t like Ron Paul? What is he? An asshole?? FFS.
That LaRouche guy is the dangerous one as is the fascist LaPen in France. Alex needs to take a breath and think for a moment. This is just knee jerking of first degree.
I still thank Canada for Kids In The Hall
why is lyndon always focusing on “taking out the puppet obama” instead of the puppet masters…why lyndon? alex you must balance this… Why not take out goldman sachs, alex say something?
God Bless Lyndon   My husband and I as young newlyweds met LaRouche members at an airport on way to Mexico.   We both subscribed to his newsletter.  (possible joke reference?  “… and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter“.) I was appalled when the feds raided his offices and sent him to prison.   I am a descendant of Christian Pilgrims and Puritans. Sensing traitors is in my DNA  This man has always been a patriot, exposing the corruption eating away our heritage  This man is incredible.
Dude don’t be stupid. This isn’t going to be like in the movies. The entire planet will literally be transformed into hell. Radiation in the food, in the air, in the water. I mean even if you have a bomb shelter. You might have to live there the rest of your life. We don’t have any other choice by to stop these globalists from carrying out their plan. There is no other choice.
This old man seems a lil’ batshit to me. Just sayin’
I can believe WW11V is imminent, but it won’t be nuclear. I’m 53 now & I’ve been living with the B.S. threat of nuclear war my entire life…it’s all fear mongering PROPAGANDA & I’m sick of it.
Actually a test would show Obama is a split personality, mind controlled and a psychpath. A simple lie detector test would also end Obama’s presidency.  But as LaRouche stated, SOMEONE has to have GUTS.
how come he never mentions the zionists, huh?
because his station is owned and run by jews
Alex please tell us what you think of nodding disease that recently just broke out in Uganda affecting only children. Is it another tactic to send troops there?! Do you think its man made and they were infected by vaccines?! Really weird shit they say it turns them into zombies! WTF  (Must be those KONY people…)
This would be a perfect time for impeachment,because Biden won’t last long,after all we have an election year coming up & it could put Ron Paul right into the whitehouse.
Rome is not under Satan’s control yet, but it will be after this Pope is banished.
Ahhh Alex Jones. “Don’t buy into the Government selling all this fear through the mainstream media!!!” “Be terrified of everything I tell you instead!!!” And he makes NO money selling this schlock to his merry band of schizophrenics at all. Good grief people. There’s enough real crap out there to be outraged enough about. Don’t drink the kool-aid.
Problems in the solar system which can become dangerous in the “coming period” What coming period? What sort of vague statement is that? Larouche operates on vague statements everytime I hear him speak. It’s very difficult to believe alot of what he says short of the many things he says that we all already know. He’s beginning to come across like good ole Lindsey Williams. Maybe those 2 hang out together eh.
this guy says Jackson was a plant!? what an @ss#ole. & he acts as if Ron Paul doesn’t even exist! WTF LaDouche lost all credibility with those fails. I wonder how many people he scared into visiting his website
All I see on YT vids via LaRouche are his people on a corner handing out pamphlets. In contrast look at Ron Paul, busting his ass for 30yrs. and running day and night on this campaign (and the other 2) doing something! And in the end LaRouche could give a shit about Ron Paul. I heard him down Paul on a few occasions.
What’s the over/under for how many times LaRouche said “Thermonuclear War”. I think that’s his favorite word…

“Pensinsulate Tea Party” takes note.

III.  In other International items of Larouchie import…
Australia:  CLIVAPalmer did not return The Australian’s calls yesterday so it is not known whether he was influenced by the LaRouche movement’s world view when he claimed this week that Greens had accepted CIA money to “nobble” Australia’s coal industry and that this money was channelled through the US-based Rockefeller Foundation. […]  The Rockefeller family has spanned business, politics and philanthropy for more than a century. The Rockefellers continue to be demonised by the LaRouche movement and affiliates, with one far-right website in Australia depicting David Rockefeller as an “unaccountable bankster” and a “terrorist”.
Palmer has admitted that he does not have any firm evidence about the CIA’s alleged role in funding the Greens in Australia.
Blah blah blah.  Rockefellers.  Blah blah blah.
It is this fascist movement, founded by convicted fraudster Lyndon LaRouche and represented in Australia by the Citizen’s Electoral Council (CEC), that claims the environment movement is just a conspiracy set up by the CIA-funded…
CECer Craig Isherwood on an Australian radio, following up Oklahoma City bombing Conspiracy theories, rails against Darwin.  He’s a William Jennings Bryan Democrat!

On the other side of the ledger…
In part I agree with Bob Brown. His intellectual equals inhabiting the Australian Greens are on another planet and on the path to political extinction with their wacky policy agenda which includes one world government.Long the domain of fringe dwellers and conspiracy theorists, Brown has become the Lyndon La Rouche of our time with his mad fantasies for handing our national sovereignty to outside institutions.

 IV.  Kesha Rogers.  Diane Sare.  At the moment I am thinking the other four congressional candidates can be safely ignored.  Some of them don’t even have a damned campaign website up.  One caveat, perhaps, is I may want to do a timeline including them and scan their campaign bio to see when everyone joined as compared to Jeremiah Duggan’s short time in the cult.
Howie G has this impression of a Diane Sare campaign event.  Compare that with these impressions looking at youtube footage.
Diane Sare: “I wrote in Franklin Roosevelt because I couldn’t support either Obama or McCain.”
Sare is one of six candidates in America running on the LaRouche Democratic slate associated with political activist Lyndon LaRouche. The movement has been criticized for its extreme viewpoints, including posters depicting President Obama with an Adolph Hitler style moustache and calling for his impeachment.
But Sare doesn’t think that’ll put off disenchanted democratic voters.
“Often, people don’t want to admit that they’re democrats and they wouldn’t sign my petition unless I said I was opposed to Obama.”Interesting, the Alex Jones appearance came at the end of the last campaign: Thermonuclear War — and now we have a new focus — NAWAPA.  I suppose it’s an easier test case — NAWAPA is all theirs — I don’t see anyone else pushing for it (with spotty exceptions); unlike Glass Steagall which I never really associated with the Larouche movement.

Does anyone care about issues?  Do any of the “critics” of Diane Sare or LaRouche have ANY familiarity with any of the issues that they propound in depth?  No?  Here is a partial list: […]
how the US prospered as a direct result of FDR’s policies and began to flounder and eventually fail as a result of the policies of every president since.
We are in a serious crisis and the attitudes I see here are irresponsible at the least and traitorous at the worst.
Every American has a duty to defend his country.  If you don’t have any ideas, please don’t waste my time.
Yeah, way to throw JFK under the railings! I hope Diane Sare focuses her campaign on the work of CF Gauss… which, you know… FDR would never have had much use for in a political campaign, and which… you know… will surely win over the populace.
Campaigning in New Jersey:  Two other candidates have declared for the primary and both of them were campaigning outside the convention last night. […] The second is Diane Sare who is running as a LaRouche Democrat.
Primaries are the equivalent to baseball’s spring training.  As with spring training there is a downside; injuries happen and money is often wasted.  The thing to avoid in primaries is damaging your opponent so badly that any victor is crippled for the general election.  Also, raising money for Democrats in the 5th district has never been easy and spending money early typically leaves a candidate with less money later on.
Making waves!
Diane Sare:A “Blue Jersey” figure defends Diane Sare with the “Impeachment for same reasons some Democrats wanted to Impeach Bush” card.I don’t care that this person spoke, and I don’t criticize that decision, but presumably a candidate who is openly running against the Democratic party doesn’t need to be given a platform at a Democratic event. Putting up images around town making Obama out to be a Nazi, as cited in the article would be a perfectly valid reason to not get a speaking slot. The LaRouchites are not Democrats, it’s silly to pretend they have no history, and I applaud Gussen for criticizing them.
From where I sit, the LaRouchies are not just dissenters, they are a bunch of nutters who make the party look bad by association.  I don’t know that it’s an imperative to ban them from the party line, but I don’t have a problem with the idea.  Fred Phelps of “God Hates Fags” fame is supposedly a registered Democrat and I wouldn’t want him running on the party line with his platform, either.
Let her speak.  She won’t win the primary and once she’s run in the primary she is precluded from running in the general.

 Sare, who followed Democratic candidates Adam Gussen and Jason Castle to the podium, was moments into her speech when several Democrats objected and at least one person left the room.
Sussex County Democratic Chairman Michael Busche responded by rebuking Sare’s vocal critics and defended her right to speak.
“We are here to hear a side of the story. We are not here to yell somebody down. That’s the way the other side does it. What we’re going to do is listen,” Busche said, drawing applause from some of the approximately four dozen people in attendance.
One man, who did not identify himself, sided with Busche and interjected that Sare’s critics “should keep their mouths shut.”
“Thank you,” Busche said in response.
Busche, in an interview Friday, explained his handling of the meeting.
“Anybody who professed to be a candidate was entitled to speak,” Busche said.

We see that … Overcoming Existential Threat has made this Alien News sheet.  Neat, huh?  And here I thought it was just going to splurge Kesha Rogers forward…

Kesha Rogers
In light of Rogers’ candidacy, the Fort Bend County Democratic Party’s executive committee has issued a rare primary endorsement, backing George.
“If I can figure out what that silver bullet is to make sure that she is not on my slate after May, then I’ll definitely do that,” said Steve Brown, chairman of the Fort Bend Democratic Party. “I don’t think the endorsement alone is going to do it. It’s going to take work.” […]But Rogers said, “If the only policy of my opponent is the ‘Stop Kesha’ campaign, I don’t see that as something that’s really going to inspire the population.” George, who is running on a more establishment-friendly platform of investing in education and protecting Medicare and Social Security, said he is not taking Rogers lightly. He even agrees that financing needs to be put back into manned space exploration, saying it is the one issue on which he strongly differs from Obama.It is a safe stance to take in the district that, until recent redistricting, included NASA’s Johnson Space Center. Still, he said, “I’d rather worry about how I can get a job for you before I go and try to colonize Mars.”
Sometimes “Stop Kesha Rogers” is all ya got, I suppose.   Inspiring?  Meh.  It didn’t quite work for John Kerry against Bush.
Looky.  The article made it to the New York Times.

Kesha Rogers makes newsmax, Scaife’s outfit.  Because… Impeach, as Ed Spannaus has it and the 25th Amendment Impeachers.
Ballot Access News.
Conservative blogosphere takes it on:
LaRouche is basically an annoyance to the mainstream of socialism. His minions keep spoiling all the liberal’s grand plans, so the members never get invited to all the popular kids parties.
LaRouche is basically an annoyance to the mainstream of socialism. His minions keep spoiling all the liberal’s grand plans, so the members never get invited to all the popular kids parties.
Making waves!  Who Not to Vote for in 2012:

Unfortunately, that is not true for all races. There are a few right here in Harris County that include candidates that no rational, self-respecting Democrat should ever support. The main danger is that in a low-information race, these candidates all will attract some support. The best antidote for that is to ensure that you know who you are dealing with. With that in mind, this is my slate of people you should not even consider voting for. Not because I don’t like them or because I disagree with them, but because they do not represent Democratic values in any meaningful sense and will do real harm to the rest of the ticket if they are accidentally nominated.
First up is someone who did get accidentally nominated in 2010, and who did cause harm by doing so. I refer to CD22 candidate Kesha Rogers, who is a LaRouchie and impeachment advocate but who won the 2010 primary anyway because no one was paying attention. There’s no excuse this time. Rogers is running against KP George, a perfectly nice, respectable, sane Democrat whose interview I’ll be publishing in the next week or two. The Fort Bend County Democratic Party has officially endorsed KP George (and I hope the HCDP will make an exception in this case as well) and has been working to stop Kesha Rogers for some time. We will have no one to blame but ourselves if she gets nominated again.
I suppose I should mention my vague warnings of Diane Sare in New Jersey.  I don’t know the mainline Democratic candidate’s name.  In Texas against Kesha Rogers, it’s KP George.  This is an overstatement, but I suppose from a local level it seems important to keep the party afloat.:
 There are many contested Democratic Congressional primaries around the state this year, but in a sense the most important one is for a race that’s not on any national list of races to watch. I’m talking about the CD22 primary,
V.  Point Counterpoint time.  The Larouche Irish Brigade spits on the grave of Franklin Roosevelt.
See here.
Never before has there been so much fawning by an American president over a British Government leader than that exhibited on Tuesday by Barack Obama with visiting British Prime Minister David Cameron.
A relationship between White House residents and British Royal Family members closer than most was that between Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt and George VI and Queen Elizabeth (later more popularly known as the Queen Mother). It began in 1939, as war clouds gathered in Europe and the Royals made a visit not only to the White House but as personal guests of the Roosevelts at their private home Hyde Park, in the Hudson River Valley. There Eleanor Roosevelt famously served hot dogs to the couple. Once World War II broke out, the First Lady visited American and British troops in England and stayed as the guest of George and Elizabeth. There she met their young princess daughters, including the current Queen of England.
Yeah, well.  FDR was always accused of being overtly pro-British in his war-aims.  War-mongering since, like, 1935…Reputation is there.
LaRouche, who I believe said he will be 90 in September, is pretty much the only one pushing the all British angle. Since LaRouche appears to be a French name, to me it always seems that he is still fighting a centuries old war between the French and British that goes back at least to Napoleon and the fight over the American continent, which the French lost but took their revenge over by allying themselves with the Colonies in our war for independence from British rule.
VI.  Touring the Nation.

Dateline Chicago:

Anthony Defranco, 55. Volunteer for the LaRouche Political Action Committee. From Chicago, but is currently standing on the corner of 75thand Main St. in Downers Grove, Illinois, handing out flyers.
 So what brings you out to this major intersection on an 85 degree day?
 Mostly because we’re on the verge of World War III, which most people don’t realize right now. They’re plotting for a war, inch by inch, towards either Iran or Syria, both of which would be fake wars.
q. I can see by your sign that you’re anti-Obama, but which of the Republican candidates do you see as a good alternative?
They’re the four horseman of the apocalypse. There are no alternatives. Our idea is to get Obama out…and then that will create a scramble in the Democratic and Republican parties and then hopefully we can get a new policy.
 Will you be voting today?
 Usually I vote all the time, but I really didn’t see any reason to vote right now. The election is not going to solve the problem. We’re in a deep economic collapse and it’s getting worse.
 “Impeach Obama is sort of a strong message. Do you have a strategy for winning over moderates with this message?
 A lot of people see that we’re in a crisis already. In various ways, people know the country is in trouble. We’re just telling them that, if you get Obama out of the picture, that’s sort of like the first step. The other main policy we’re pushing is Glass-Steagall, which is a Roosevelt policy that separates the banks; Wall Street from the commercial banks. That’s very necessary, but Obama’s against it and the Republicans are against it.
 Is LaRouche officially endorsing anyone?
 No, they’re not. I mean, Ron Paul, at least he’s against the war and he’s against the Federal Reserve. But he’s a Libertarian, so he’s got no clue.
 So what do you do when you’re not handing out flyers?
 This is what I do.
Friday, March 16:11:10 a.m. – Branch manager of Bank of America on Main Street called emergency 911 to report there were some people on the sidewalk outside of the bank she would like removed. Officer reported three was no problem with the people as they are “LaRouche supporters.”1:13 p.m. – Woman called from her cell phone in front of the Bank of America building on Main Street – she is doing support work for LaRouche – and reported a young man came running from behind the bank and knocked over their table and paperwork. Officer reported he checked the area with no luck and would keep an eye on the area for now.
We don’t want Obama anymore,” said Tony Esposito. “Obama is gearing up for a war, using Iran and Syria as a trigger.”
Esposito felt the Federal Reserve needs to be removed, because it violates the U.S. Constitution. “We should have a National banking policy,” said Tony. “The Federal Reserve is controlled by London […].”
“There’s no one to vote [President] for, right now,” said Tony. “Joe Biden would become President,” when Esposito was questioned for President choice.
Seattle Community College public meeting defends the Right of Larouchies to rail on and on.
About 60 people jammed into a small room on the Seattle Central Community College campus Tuesday to argue against the proposal, which would restrict protests to specific areas of the three district campuses and to the hours of 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.
Protest signs also could be no larger than 3 feet by 5 feet.
Seattle Central was home to Occupy Seattle for more than two months last fall, before the movement was evicted when the college outlawed camping on campus. But college officials said the new rules weren’t written to restrict Occupy protesters.
Derek Edwards, an assistant attorney general with the state Attorney General’s Office who is advising the college, said the rules were drafted after several students complained about supporters of Lyndon LaRouche setting up a table in front of a college bookstore in November 2010. LaRouche is a perennial presidential candidate who has likened President Obama’s health-care law to the work of the Nazis.

Dateline Orange County
As “Ray”, the Latino disciple put it: “He’s crazy enough to push the red button before theNovember elections, so that’s why we’re out here fighting this battle, because the population is blind to it.”
Ray said the world has been run by a covert elite since way back before the Roman Empire, and the Obama Administration is the latest pawn in the elite’s effort to gain global domination.
“This is a Satanic cult,” he said.
Then, a middle-aged black man with graying dreadlocks walked by and said “Thank you for doing that. I love that.”
Other passersby stopped to ask what in the Sam Hill was going on.
“Is Lynden LaRouche still alive?” an old white guy said.  […]
“He’s alive and trying to save your country,” he said. […]

 Does the brotherhood give you grief over the Obama sign?  “What brotherhood?” The…uh…African-American community?  (Laughing) “Lots of grief.”

Comparisons and other.

Taking the same liberties as the LaRouche organization, I am compelled to point out the parallels between its leader and that of the Nazi Party’s. Like Hitler, LaRouche is a narrow-minded racist who, over the years, desperately shifted allegiances from one political extreme to another, pointing to every imaginable target as the cause of economic and historical calamities, and who continues to gather around him disenfranchised political misfits.

But for me to compare the two demagogues is no different than their tactic, so for that I apologize. I notice that most people just ignore their absurd little hate display, and I should follow their example. Just as I would not get all riled up over the occasional (and rare, these days) dog droppings on the sidewalk, I will simply continue on my way and patronize whatever store they plant their campaign in front of, if that’s my destination.
And now a Red State forum discussion.
Lyndon Larouche, skymutt… ‘cept he was a bat-{guano} crazy Dem…
too long ago for there to be a DailyKos reaction.
Nobody likes Larouchies.  Are LaRouchies really welcomed anywhere? By their own mothers maybe?
I’m not going to go searching for a LaRouchian nest on the internet…
for two reasons.
First, just …ewww.
Second, whether they’re welcomed anywhere isn’t germane. What does matter is that they’re a reasonable Dem parallel to the more crazy of Ron Paul’s followers.
The question is whether a LaRouchie would last longer on Daily Kos than a Paulistine on Red State. I’d put my money on the latter…
Not a good parallel – at least not yet
I have no idea how they would be/are treated on Daily Kos, but at least the Democrat party had the good sense to refuse to recognize him as a party member and refused to seat any of the delegates he got in primaries. If the Republican party had the good sense to do the same with Paul we would all be better off.And then he matter of Russia Today.
“President Obama is acting on a British geopolitical plan to force a confrontation with Russia and China, a military confrontation of which Syria and Iran would merely be the ignition point,” explained expert guest Lawrence Freeman, a Lyndon LaRouche devotee, in one typical segment.
Always an interesting debate to be had on whether to entertain fishy news sources.   Could go either way at times.  A curious thing about Obama’s recent live-mic moment with Medvedev: tends to work against the narrative the larouche movement is floating.
Other media appearances:  Jason Hartman interviews Harley Schlanger, “Holistic Survival”.
 On Saturday, March 10, 2012, Lyndon LaRouche was interviewed by Steve Kates on the weekly “Call to Rights” radio program carried by KFNX out of Phoenix, Arizona. KFNX has a 50,000 watt signal, and reaches a potential listening audience of almost 5 million people.
Blast from the Past: Di Conspiracy crap.  This nausea-inducing idea is completely at odds with the reality Allen, Al Fayed, Desmond, and La Rouche have been trying to push.
And finally, Lucifer identified Larouche.  Must be the letter “L”.

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