The 5 Biggest Larouche News Stories of the Past Week

The Larouchies have a pretty good tactical advantage in their status as universally mocked, unpopular, and loathed.  It is such that when a Larouchie acts disreputably, on behalf of a larger cause, the response is a “They’re goddamned Larouchies!”

It is a reason that Glen Isherwood waving a noose at a man is not a threat.  There is a back-flip effect here.  While this symbolism is usually communicated as “We want you dead”, Glen Isherwood’s message is “You want us dead.”  Since any inspection of the incident shows this meaning to be the case, it can be brushed aside and best left dropped.  The magic happens that when catalouged into a litany of items, the “They’re goddamned Larouchies!” effect kicks into effect, and what we have is a charge of an inflated matyr complex.

Punt. goes the American Spectator.

And more CEC Larouchie Noose discussion — this one raises some questions.  Mainly: Why responding?. But, no matter — here are the comments I’m at this post to gather about.:

And as a final note, one issue that Appell got upset about (that he tried to post on WUWT) got snipped because it was from a LaRouche Youth Movement supporter who held up a rope noose saying “Welcome to Australia” during  a speech by Hans Schellnhuber. It was ugly, tasteless, stupid, and full of bad imagery, but again missing the key words that define a death threat. Even so, some in the media (and many in the alarmosphere) are calling it a “death threat” and trying to paint it as being launched by skeptics. For the record, neither I nor anyone who publishes here associate themselves with the Larouche people, and I denounce their actions. I don’t think you’ll find a single mainstream climate skeptic who would say any different.

I think holding up a noose is clearly a death threat. Maybe not quite enough to get a conviction, but it is fair to call it a death threat.

While many of those examples provided are certainly disturbing, ( and contains language I’ve not seen one WUWT poster ever utter, I might add,) to call those ” credible death threats” is stretching the truth.
Some of them did come close, and possibly even cross the line, ( IMO, the noose display should have been investigated, but thats just my thought) the silver bullet is that these WEREN’T investigated.

As for death threats, what was that kid-exploiting shock film that was used as the intro to Copenhagen? Give us money or your children will die!!! Seems almost everything coming from the AGW side has some implied or expressed future death threat… but since it is directed at no one in particular I guess that makes it different.

In other news from Australia on Global Warming and Climate Change, we have a politician bringing up the name “Margaret Thatcher” in that “Even Margaret Thatcher” manner of things.  And into this abyss — Malcolm Turnball in Sydney July 21:

In an age where the Internet gives everyone the opportunity to be a broadcaster, you can find an opinion to support any proposition. If it doesn’t suit your interests to reduce the use of fossil fuels, there are plenty of blogs and articles online to support your self interest.
Some of this material online can be very embarrassing to rely on. A good friend of mine recently contended that the CSIRO were utterly wrong on climate change and he sent me a paper from what he understood was “a leading scientist in a leading journal”. As it turned out the paper was in journal published by the Lyndon LaRouche Movement and was written by a man who had recently served time in gaol for securities fraud. The only peer review to which his work had been subjected was, in fact, a criminal jury.
I might note for those unfamiliar with it, that the local wing of the LaRouche movement is the Citizens’ Electoral Council (CEC) an extreme, rightwing, racist organisation…

Further passages from the full speech found here:

I might note for those unfamiliar with it, that the local wing of the LaRouche movement is the Citizens’ Electoral Council (CEC) an extreme, rightwing, racist organisation that I’m proud to say that the Liberal Party emphatically and invariably puts absolutely last in any how-to-vote form that we distribute.
These are the charming people who recently disrupted a scientific conference in Melbourne by threatening Professor Hans Schellnhuber, a leading European climate scientist in the midst of his lecture by waving a noose in front of his face and saying “Welcome to Australia”. Just think about that. What a wonderful welcome to Australia from these people.

Twitter… and then A response?
Australia has a tea party, and here I Must note for partisan knocking purposes a curious claim for national pride — for something that appropriated an American political item:

Americans are now awake to the falsity of Al Gore, and Republicans are taking notice. The Australian people are often more astute than Americans. Surely Australians deserve an astute political party to represent their interests against the wreckers and saboteurs?

Here’s an item of incoherence, showing the Australian Tea Party blog thing hasn’t much use for dissecting ideologies, or taking the CEC as anything other than a stink bomb grenade.:

Incidentally, Professor Hans Joachim Schellnhuber is a surprising target of abuse from the authoritarian CEC, because he is just as authoritarian as they are.

Note: the CEC would really like your anti-global warming lists to start badgering.

Hm.  Point / Counterpoint time.  Point:  .If you read the mad rantings of conspiracy theorist, Lyndon LaRouche, or the frothing pamphlets of many in the Wise Use movement or the twisted logic of the armed militia – it was all the same:  That environmentalists were communists who had somehow concocted the threat of climate change to impose an authoritarian world government.

AND… Counterpoint:  Nothing to wonder about where Wayne Madsen is concerned, or for that matter where Lyndon LaRouche is concerned. In particular Lyndon LaRouche is far left, and yes he really does espouse Marxist ideology.

I note after that that the most entertaining remark in the flutter of items about Isherwood waving the noose at that man was, after looking at their history, “Watermelon”.  Hm…
The Executive Intelligence Review (EIR) Magazine, reports in its April 8, 2005 issue, that the mix of Global Warming-related policies was inspired by elite One representative of this elite group who presides over Global Warming, gleefully remarked that “If I were reincarnated I would wish to be returned to earth as a killer virus to lower human population levels” as quoted in “Are You Ready for Our New Age Future?”
Dark Age, Dark Age, Dark Age… Keep that title in mind… redux, rinse, repeat… it’s going to be familiar in “Story Number Two”… Or to random comments fluttering about – LYNDON LAROUCHE HAS GIVEN US THE PATH TOO TAKE.,NOW ITS UP TO US WALK ON IT…OR STAY HOPELESSLY LOST IN THIS BLACK FORREST OF FIAT CURRENCY UNTIL MANKIND FALLS INTO THE GREATEST DARKAGE IN HUMAN HISTORY


I have read and heard Chip Berlet a handful of times in the media over the past few years, in those handful of appearances the number of references I have seen and heard to Larouche stands at one, and that reference was a rather quick aside.  I remember hearing him interviewed about the ramblings of the mentally ill man who shot Gabrielle Giffords — he referenced a few streams that wandered through his psychosis.  I suppose if he really wanted to tag Larouche, he could have done so then and it’d be difficult to call the bluff.

The Oslo killer presents a more straight-forward case in terms of political beliefs.  The killer identified the his beliefs and his political goals.  It is in that analytical framework that Chip Berlet identified, I believe before his manifesto was uncovered to broad study, the killer’s opposition to “cultural marxism” as a driving force — and there we get this as:
a right-wing antisemitic concept developed primarily by William Lind of the US-based Free Congress Foundation, but also the Lyndon LaRouche network.

I tend to want to keep Chip Berlet at just short of arm’s length — but if the Larouchies want to make this a binary choice for me with a comment along the lines of:

Chip Berlet is a charlatan and indefatigable self-promoter. He will always attempt to elbow his way to the front of the line to comment on the latest atrocity, and try to somehow link it to his old hobby-horse, Lyndon LaRouche, who has never mentioned “cultural Marxism.”

Berlet posted the 1992 Schiller Institute piece entitled “The New Dark Ages”, which I suppose luckily for the Larouchites — as they commented at Berlet’s page — fails to mention “Cultural Marxism”.  But it does the trick of dragging in the “Frankfurt School”, and some excerpts from people online who have made use of the Schiller Institute piece reveals the broader story here:

It certainly is no accident that the greatness of the US and of the West is in rapid decline. The more laws are created to remove God from our lives, the faster the decline. […]
So, how does it come about that Atheism (a religion) and Homosexualism (an ideology) play such prominent and controlling roles in our lives?

II. What is Political Correctness, From Where Did It Arise?  A.Cultural Marxism  The idea behind Political Correctness was hatched by a group of progressive
German academics, the Frankfurt School  <> , before WWII  when they relocated to America to escape Hitler’s wrath.

… Obama and the Human Stain:  How Political Correctness Gave America a Con-Man President:
The idea behind Political Correctness was hatched by a group of progressive German academics, the Frankfurt School <> , before WWII  when they relocated to America to escape Hitler’s wrath. They realized Marx was  wrong—the poor were not ready to revolt and throw off Capitalism for a  property-less society. These Marxists decided the only way to create the  society Marx envisioned was by subverting its institutions by misinformation, propaganda and seduction of the mentally unformed. Writes one expert  <> ,

That second article was written by… Bill Lind.

The Jewish Origin of “Political Correctness” — more of the same.

And finally, 2083: A European Declaraction of Independence written by the terrorist in Oslo has this to say:

“The New Dark Age: The Frankfurt School and ‘Political Correctness’” by Michael Minnicino, in Fidelio, Vol. 1, No. 1, Winter 1992 (KMW Publishing, Washington, DC) One of the few looks at the Frankfurt School by someone not a sympathiser, this long journal article explains the role of the Institute for Social Research in creating the ideology we now know as “Political Correctness.” Unfortunately, its value is reduced by some digressions that lack credibility.

Except there is a wrinkle in that.  The Oslo killer didn’t write it.  He lifted it whole cloth from this piece — see here — by William Lind — and put it in his manifesto.
(The “Renew America” site — I will note — showed up in my searches for a quick reference to Jonathan Tenenbaum as citation.)
This is sort of the typical nature of the beast

In the course of things, the Larouche angle on the Frankfurt School– discussed a bit more here — falls into a kind of standard droning list compiling a batch of different groups and stringing them together with a bunch of prepositional phrases.  The Royal Dutch Army in support of the Malta Order of Candle Makers under the Frankfurt School with the Round Tables sponsored Fabian Socialism in England … the historical perpetrators of Dark Ages.  I was thinking that Time Magazine had Herbet Marcuse on its cover, with a blurb along the lines of “Is He To Blame?”, but unable to find anything quickly I just threw up that book cover portrait.  A thought occurs to me, though… the account “Ace” at factnet once threw at the users at that board looking at various genealogies of Radical movements “Weren’t those never taken seriously by anyone?” by way of dismissal.  Viewing Lyn Marcus as setting up shop and placing himself in opposition to all comers, the New Left and the man the mainstream media called the “Guru of the New Left” — the question, for the first time, becomes interesting.


It is interesting to see the new relationship with Alex Jones blossoming — and here we see Larouche Shit now found on Prison Planet.  That article is looked at in more depth at the blog “Alex Jones Sucks” — the “Obama Preparing new Reichstag Fire” bit falls into a long line of conspiranoid chatter that denies culpability for the attack to anything but a “THEM”.  The thing about Larouche’s place on the Alex Jones network … he’s just one of an assortment… somewhere, frankly, underneath Webster Tarpley in a rough hierarchy — and we see Tarpley at the site also expounding on how the attacks in Oslo were, just another False False Operation.

The blog “Satan’s Fake Apocalypse” may be the place to go to see how Larouchies are digesting the latest.
Satan;s Fake Apocalypse.  Here we see the equation,  Breivik = Tea Party = British Empire.
LaRouche long ago identified the Tea Party as a front-group for the British empire, with the purpose of ramming austerity down our throats, and that’s exactly what they’re doing.

See too: In his characterization of the Beast-man, LaRouche neglected to mention the Beast-man’s pride in his ability to tell monstrous lies (although I suppose that lying can be categorized as a type of deed), to induce us to behave as if their lies are true, and to “live the lie” by pretending to be human in public. (Some of the same Norwegian government officials expressing shock and grief over this tragedy were possibly involved in it.) According to Rudolf Steiner, “selling” big lies is a major aspect of actual black magic.
The claim that Breivik was trying to start a war between Christianity and Islam is clearly a big lie which clearly has nothing to do with reality. In case you’ve forgotten, there’s this little affair known as the War on Terror which is much more suitable for this purpose. But the sheer gulf between the lie and reality tends to confuse people, and to force them to become preoccupied with making sense of it, to become distracted from what’s important, which is implementing Glass-Steagall and putting Obama on a one-way flight to London where he can attend tea parties and plot against the US without having to pretend to be an American.
Behind all of the culprits in this particular instance looms the old Nazi Beast-man, His Royal Virus Prince Philip, the prime suspect in the murder of Princess Diana, which also shocked the world. I suspect that it was intended to demonstrate the oligarchy’s willingness to perform humanly unimaginable deeds to prevent anyone from interfering with their agenda, such as the recent terrorism in Norway.

And how about some literary analysis?

Searching the manifesto for “Satan” turned up only references contained in writings by Islamic writers. It doesn’t contain any indication that Satan is a real influence in the world, One mark against his work is that he doesn’t believe in Satan?  I note this odd complaint on wikipedia:  The article does not mention the cult’s essays on what they believed to be Satanism. Was the topic deemed unworthy of mentioning?  — though, I always thought “Satan’s Fake Apocalypse” was mostly just his idiosyncratic take on things…


As reported last week, I didn’t watch but do have the key time moments such that I could watch without suffering through the whole boring ordeal — there was a mighty shake up that occured in house where some old time boomers were knocked down and, in particular, Sky Shields moved up the ladder.  It’s easily speculatable that he passed the loyalty test by chuckling at a racist joke told by Larouche — seen here.  Things get more interesting as reported by the latest incarnation of revenires and aces at factnet, that the latest video release apparently features gratuitous monkey references.  It will be interesting viewing, if I ever get time references.  It reminds me of a recent moment in last season’s nfl playoffs involving the Jets and Patriots– press conference with gratuitous references as a joke relaying recent controversy — which you can read about and see here.
Anyway, I don’t know what Sky Shields’s promotion means — in public view the only way I’d know anything is up is if we see him on Iranian Press TV or Alex Jones — but I guess one can study his place by amount of time he appears somewhere or other.


Dateline Bill Brown Post Office The group’s members say they have stationed tables all around the city today, each trying to raise at least $1,000 for LaRouche. […]
Now the LaRouche followers are asking for financial support and mailing list sign-ups to help. They say they’re attempting to get Obama impeached by the end of the summer, reinstate the Depression-era banking regulations of Glass-Steagall and, well, that’s all they say. When asked where the money goes, they said it was to the publications – which depict Obama embracing Hitler, among other images – and to fund the Worldwide LaRouche Youth Movement.


I remember people from the LaRouche movement disrupting a meeting at my Democratic Club in Washington Heights-Inwood in 1980. I didn’t think they were still around!
You want Obama out? I’ve got no problem with that. But if you tell me you need $5 to get Obama out and then go spend it on something else, I’d be pretty pissed.

Isn’t LaRouche the dude who once got into a scuffle with Phil Donahue, at some airport or something?
it was a la douche supporter.
Same thing!
Yeah.  We see Rachel Larouche Brown named here.)

Dateline Longmont: Craig, an organizer from Houston, said he does not use his last name with the media because his house has been vandalized when he has. He said he pushed Coblentz away from his table to protect his property. He said some people try to provoke fights with those in his organization to try to get them arrested.

Dateline Los Altos:
The pair, who identified themselves only as John and Linda, declined to be interviewed.

Note that the “Samuel” commenter taps at “9/11 Truth” as Obama’s crime.  Is this game being pulled in, with some look over toward Alex Jones?


I always found the conclusion of the Avi Klein piece somewhat suspect.  Even if true (and during a patch of time through the Spring of 2008 things were getting awfully dray with this organization), it’s reasonably easily remedied.  Observe: the org has mastered the art of carrot-encrusted chain email!

Thank you, Sam Vaknin for launching the thing.
Okay, maybe Lyndon LaRouche isn’t the most reliable source of facts.  But our email author says that Sam Vaknin is a world-respected psychologist and expert on narcissism.

The Berlet website has commenters responding that there seems to have been an upsurge in spam on the Mother Jones website.  This figures, as observe — though firedoglake, having established itself as a website opposed to the Obama Health Care policy from the left, was a target (and sometimes picked up without permission.)

Firedoglake response: Interesting   so a Lyndon LaRouche supporter is now breaking through the site to post adds and comments without a registered name, copying the technique of the far east ad persons.  And London bankers control us rather than Wall Street Bankers.   I have not seen Lyndon since early 80′s in New Hampshire – tell him he ran a quick learner in the Democratic primary against Barney Franks – in 6 months she became much more viable – wrong on history and issues but she could articulate her position.

Though the most interesting place, over to the right, I see a mass influx of Larouchie spammers —

why is it so hard for people ot accept F.D.R.’S &J.F.KENNEDY’S STAND FOR THE –GLASS-STEAGALL ACT that Lyndon Larouche advocates so our country can have jobs and projects started.Is CONGRESS BLIND or has Obama got them hypnotized.[we have a choice to be or not to be—hypnotized—……..

This commenter sits alongside comments such as:

I am right of Atilla the Hun, but I once in ignorance voted for a Democrat I hate to say. Perry has executed a lot of illegals. That does not sound like a RINO.

Wouldn’t it be Great, If, Obama lost the election and then finding out his birthcertifict and SS# was fake and He was Deported? He could join the rest of the illegals in the Old Mexico Jails!

See too here.

Then, we have this type of thing that surfaces.
Linden LaRouche speaks about the possibility of QE3, the Constitution, and the fate of the Nation. Mind you, Linden is an old school Democrat. At the turn of the 20th century, there weren’t many differences in the parties when it came to SPENDING and DEBT. I read a bunch of  LaRouche PAC literature. They’re a little nutty, but I agree with most of what they publish fundamentally.
I suspect the mis-spelling of Linden is some sort of code to alert everyone of “plant-hood”.  No word on the “We Stand With Israel” banner on the sidebar…

To back-track to the Klein article — I must stipulate my point is that… to a degree.  There was a recent very minor editing at wikipedia which seems to have done just to rub in a snipe that remains at the page at Larouche critics and ex members.  What was fascinating about it, though, was the basic problem remains — Yes, The Sexual Impotence of the Puerto Rican Socialist Party is a doozy and a half!

See too:

Webster Tarpley has been mentioned a few times on the thread. It might be useful to put a little context into this.
A few weeks ago I was handed a publication (from about 1985). It came to me through a physician I know, and who I was giving a lift to, as she was temporarily without a car. She had been handed the book by a patient, who thought it was interesting, providing an analysis of the war strategy of the USSR in the mid-eighties. ( I was waiting for her to finish her work so she gave me the document for ‘entertainment’.
The book looked extremely ‘serious’- it was designed to look like an official intelligence analysis, and my first impression was that it was a government publication.
I started reading it and quickly developed the impression , admittedly with the advantage of hindsight, that it was written by some very odd people, who were offering the thesis that The USSR was on the point of launching a pre-emptive nuclear strike.
Their analysis could not have been more wrong. I was rather confused by trying to make sense of something that looked as if it should make sense, but clearly didn’t.
At one point it launched into a tirade against Henry Kissinger who, at the time, had been suggesting that the USSR was on the point of collapse. the thesis of the book was that the USSR were far ahead of the west in technology and economic power.
It was, not put too fine a point on it, paranoid nonsense. The language was also actually rather amateurish and on a more critical reading not really like the kind of semi-academic language likely in a publication of any credibility or substance, although at casual glance it may have seemed rather weighty. I became incredulous that such a thing could be the product of sane people but it had all the appearance of a very ‘serious’ report.
I then got on to Google and did some basic enquiries and discovered that the publication organisation was the front for an independent US politician who offered himself up for election at every opportunity but never actually had any support. (Maybe polling a fraction of what Ralph Nader polls. Can’t actually remember the details). Very marginal indeed.
It may be worth noting that Webster Tarpley was the lead author of the ‘report’.
Oh yes, and it might be worth noting that the doctor’s speciality was Psychiatry.

Yeah, well:

Obama is determined to stop Glass-Steagall from being re-instated at not costs, but it will be to us. Goodbye America. Read “Reckless Endangerment” if you want to get educated on 2008 and the culprits behind it. Treason acts against our country and the human race.


I have no idea what this is.  Apparently she is in a fight against “Barbara Fart Smell”
Wait just a minute. My association with “a criminal network which includes sex predators and child porno freaks, running coverups of child trafficking”?? Who, the IATSE Stagehands Union?  The USTA?  The AFM Musicians Union?  SAG or AFTRA?   LaRouche PAC?  Citizens For Legitimate Government?  A major insurance company?  AAA?  Jurisdictionary®? Bikers Against Child Abuse? Unless you’re speaking about one of these groups I don’t know what you could possibly be referring to. It’s statements like these that become cornerstones for slander lawsuits.
See if it goes anywhere.

If you thought the Kennedy assassination conspiracy theorists were living in cloud cuckooland, you haven’t heard of Lyndon LaRouche.
The latest offering of the Lyndon LaRouche organisation is a video that explains the real reason for the current famine in the Horn of Africa: British Imperialism. The British Empire may have crumbled with the trifle, but in the LaRouche fantasy land, the British agent Henry Kissinger reports to the Queen’s Consort on how to depopulate the planet to make way for the coming New World Order, and their latest puppet is none other than President Obama, who is seen as the second coming of Adolf Hitler.

Hence the scenario is that, for example, according to Rochelle Ascher, a supporter of Lyndon LaRouche, Lincoln fought the “British-backed New York banking system”

About former New Mexico governor and Presidential candidate Gary Johnson.  John Schmitz was interesting too. So was Lyndon LaRouche. (Mixed like ’em all.)

One of my favourite stories that relates, sort of, comes from a past federal election. A last-minute independent candidate made the Elections Canada cut and, in the way of many independents, made little sense. Why did he exist? He didn’t seem to stand for anything, wasn’t known to anyone, wasn’t even affiliated with Lyndon LaRouche.
However, the independent did have signs – many signs – and those signs annoyed us, because they were the same colour as and placed uncomfortably close to ours.
And let’s just say I don’t believe in coincidences, so I bet our campaign manager that I could prove to him that the situation was akin to the allegations that the Independent Native Voice political party, running in the ’95 Manitoba elections, was a vote-splitter financed by the PCs. (Yeah, Wikipedia is a hell of a time-suck, eh?) [And I’m not trying to implicate Gary Filmon, either.]

And two months later I cashed in on my bet when the independent candidate’s name surfaced as a member of another party’s executive, and his Elections Canada returns showed one donation, and only one donation…made by a former member of that same executive.

Marchetti is also the publisher of a Japanese-language book ADL and Zionism, written by LaRouche followers Paul Goldstein and Jeffrey Steinberg. Marchetti was co-publisher of the Zionist Watch newsletter when it was endorsed in direct

How to avoid Jury Duty:
The following is a Facebook posting I put up and the response from my friend: Well off to spend the day with my peeps in the Jury Pool. Stephanie I hear they let you go home right away if you show up wearing a tinfoil liner in your Elmer fudd plaid hunting cap and a lynden larouche button.

Literary Criticism on Lady Gaga:
Similarly, her Manifesto of Little Monsters is the most succinctly convoluted two paragraphs in Western literature. One wonders whether Stefani Germanotta was ever a ghostwriter for Lyndon LaRouche.


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  1. s/b Says:

    Posted by eaglebreak to a link at Berlet:

    The LaRouche article citation in the Breivik manifesto is [“The New Dark Age: The Frankfurt School and `Political Correctness'” by Michael Minnicino, in Fidelio, Vol. 1, No. 1, Winter 1992 (KMW Publishing, Washington, DC)] This article made no mention of “cultural Marxism” while some form of that term in English appears over 600 times in the Breivik manifesto and is a major focus of the Lind collection of essays with 29 mentions in a 51-page pamphlet.

    The author of the LaRouche essay released the folowing statement:

    [i] The LaRouche organization is a cult completely dominated by the deeply paranoid and mean-spirited personality of Mr. LaRouche and by his ill-informed conspiracy theories about science, philosophy, and history.

    There have been (and conceivably still are) members of that organization who would seek the truth. Unfortunately, actual free inquiry is impossible inside the organization: too many possible conclusions or lines of research must be consciously or unconsciously dismissed because of LaRouche’s prior “thoughts” on the matter.

    The same is true with my Frankfurt School work while I was in the organization. I still like to think that some of my research was validly conducted and useful. However, I see very clearly that the whole enterprise – and especially the conclusions — was hopelessly deformed by self-censorship and the desire to in some way support Mr. LaRouche’s crack-brained world-view.

    So, in that sense, I do not stand by what I wrote, and I find it unfortunate that it still remembered.

    I might also note that over the years my published writings on culture have been cited, as well as shamelessly plagiarized, by a wide and weird group of authors, ranging from Communists dictators (Fidel Castro, himself!) to conspiraphiles from both the left and the right, and on to outright neo-Nazis. Breivik is the latest tragic addition. I get some solace from the fact that I, along with Jefferson and Gandhi, am only one of the hundreds of citations he used to support his monstrous thesis. [/i]

    Please respect the author’s desire to put his text and his former life behind him.

  2. Humberto Leyendecker Says:

    Have you read what Candidate Horn is doing? We must have in the New Hampshire GOP and NOT a Chicago-style politico. Read the truth why we cannot have her as a representative for the NHGOP! Anybody but Jennifer Horn!

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