Zack de la Rocha rolling in his grave, and he’s not even dead

There’s Something Happening There. What it is is not clear.

The first Question I have on the “Rage Against the War Machine” event. Is this a piggybacking off of Rage Against the Machine? Stoke confusion for political fans of the band?

The matter of Medea Benjamin: Code Pink pulled out of the fake Nazi “anti-war” rally because of the LaRouche Cult and Mises Caucus Nazis. Medea Benjamin is still attending and endorsing, just not speaking. It’s pandering to the Nazis and legitimizes them more. Basically, Code Pink told her she couldn’t speak. That From the horse’s mouth.

Was LORG supplying transportation? Part one of their recruitment drive mission for this, I suppose. The purpose of the Larouchie Involvement is to promote this: Fantastic pamphlet! Get your free copy at the #rageagainstthewarmachine rally Sunday Feb 19. See you at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC tomorrow! You know — Looking at the tweet feeds of who Burke and company are recruiting to get on the bus —

Would Sneako speak at the rally with… This message, whatever it is? A message and aesthetic that does tend to clash with that of Code Pink’s.

The 2008 and 2012 – 2016 Green Party Presidential candidate have a different opinion regarding Ukraine than the 2020 Green Party candidate. Evidentally have the 2000 Green candidate.

What’s really funny about this is the Libertarian Party, and even the Mises Caucus (which is pretty close to Nazis itself), is pretty upset that what was originally going to be *their* protest is being taken over by Nick Brana and LaRouche cultists.

The “Larouche” being confused with “libertarian” can be explained by the “L” and the “R” they have in common. I remember explaining to my sister that I actually detested Larouche & LP had nothing to do with him. Now, it seems, they do.

Vermin Supreme is out!

Terms of support from the Left: When Team Mises-Larouche physically starts shutting down weapons shipments, THEN we can talk about not organizing with them. Yeah — who’s the soy latte liberal now, huh?

Flashing back to the grand old days of International ANSWER. the hilarious thing here is that you and I both were “around” for both 9/11 and the Iraq war and active in protests while these guys had just finished reading Atlas Shrugged and were being recruited by the LaRouche PAC.

Remember in the 2000s when you also had dueling rallies (UFPJ as the respectable choice and ANSWER as the dodgy radical choice everybody was going over with a fine tooth comb to find excuses not support) on separate days? ….the more things change.

Ironically enough, the older folks in these orgs were involved in helping to normalize the Ukrainian far right internationally as part of the world anti-communist league up until the Maidan coup. Though I think that reflects more the mercurial nature of their politics generally.

Elizabeth Holtzman’s instrumental role in establishing the Nazi-hunting Office of Special Investigations (OSI) in the Department of Justice is precisely what made her Lyndon LaRouche’s sworn enemy in Congress. The OSI prosecuted numerous Ukrainians early on, but LaRouche was plausibly more concerned for the Nazi nuclear scientist — brought to the United States via Operation Paperclip — associated with his Fusion Energy Foundation. How’s that for “green fascism”?

Weird response from Jose Vega from a politician responding to a demonstration from the org he is involved with.

Reviewing a Jackson Hinckle space.

tbh larouche cultists always go with the ukrainians bad instead of the mic bad.

Uh. Huh. Those shunning the rage against the war machine rally are commiting the same mistake that trotsky made by not allying with the peasantry. Ya’ll didnt do the reading, or worse, you did, and learned nothing. Yeah. The peasantry. All in abundance with the Libertarian Mises Caucus and the Larouche Schiller Institute.

So comes the thoughts of Marxists: I don’t think it’s appropriate to unite with leadership of the rally, for example… but being there as a counter to LaRouche and Mises wouldn’t be a bad idea imo. How many proletarians do you think will be in the audience? There are certainly none planning the rally. That’s to be seen I think. It could be a dud for all I know. I just think if proletarians do show up it would be advantageous for communists to be there to counter the LaRouche/Mises people. Probably not worth incrementally increasing the paltry photo op. I mean — Nobody cares about libertarian goofballs or online militia cheerleaders or Lyndon Larouche. They’re detritus. The working class doesn’t even know who these losers are, which is why nobody shows up to their lame events.


When I was about 18, I was dumb enough to give my number to a LaRouche loon at a table in front of the grocery store (under the guise of “getting out the vote”). I then was stalked on the phone for a week but after 1 day, I realized they were lunatic & eventually had them blocked

I used to get LaRouche pamphlets shoved under my dorm door every year at college; never laid eyes on the actual distributors.

I used to see a guy who was a LaRoche fan outside of the local motor vehicle office. Had all this anti-papal nonsense and anti-royal family stuff posted on a folding table. Unsure what his point was except to be seen.

As a side note, I was working in Kucinich’s office at the time, and I remember someone called me to say the Queen of England was behind it, I guess because it was BP. I think that may have been a LaRouche thing, not sure.

I was always deeply charmed by the extreme earnestness of the LaRouche tablers in Union Square— they sort of embodied, bore within themselves, Reddit before Reddit was a thing. one day during grad school some showed up and set up a booth in front of the student union, I was positively giddy, it was like getting to see a rare bird of which I’d known for years but never dreamed I’d get to see in the wild

In college a Larouchite told me that I was being too objective for asking him if LaRouche had any platform other than “British Empire Bad.”

I remember the larouchites. Think I went with my parents to the DMV once when I was a kid, and there were a bunch of them standing outside with signs that said “LaRouche.” I think I heard one of them was asserting that he was the real president.

Uh oh.

I couldn’t stop laughing when I saw these folks in front of the Columbia campus. “China and Russia are not the real enemy. Global Britain is.” What the actual heck. The king of the UK?? Really??

Complete with Diane Sare for us senate headed poster — and in repky:

Looks like Larouchite… They are obsessed with the British monarchy

Can’t get away from lpac. The spectre looms over Diane Dare forever and ever, in the archives of the competing larouche group’s history.

I was made aware of the existence of the Larouche movement today. Truly crazy

Had these guys, the Hare Krishnas, and the Revolutionary Communist Party political cult on campus at Kent State in the early to mid aughts.

Solomon Pena

He also posted a photo of himself manning a table for LaRouchePAC at a Pennsylvania Trump rally in May of 2022.

One of his text messages included a message from the book Stuffing the Ballot Box, a 2002 academic study regarding fraud and electoral reform in Costa Rica: “It was only the additional incentive of a threat of civil war that empowered a president to complete the reformist project,” which was seen an expression regarding the idea of an upcoming civil war within the United States.

In an interview with the Times, former New Mexico Republican Party Chairman Harvey Yates said that he felt “very bad, very sad” about what had happened with Pena, whom he said “really had possibilities.”

Yates, who gave $5,000 to Pena’s campaign last year, also told the Times that Pena “came across to me as a very respectful, thoughtful young man” when he met him.

However, the Times notes that Pena had a long history of making incendiary and conspiratorial posts on social media, including calls to throw 2020 election officials into Guantanamo Bay and rants against “the demonic theories of the Globalist Elites.”

Maybe the US has only gotten lucky there haven’t been more assassinations already,”...

Who’s the Bonehead of the Week? Contestants: Rep. George Santos Solomon Pena Alina Habba Only one attempted murderer in the group. Santos is the cleanest of the three.

Splitting hairs on Jan 6.

Andy Ngo continues on Leftwing cranks beat.

LORG-er tweets response to Swalwell posting a death threat message: This is a really whiney feed.

It’s really funny that the LaRouchies will like concoct a conspiracy theory that links Brace Belden to the British Royal Family, but then get outraged if you suggest that they have some political connection to the “LaRouchePAC

We have no affiliation with Peña or the “LaRouche PAC” he worked with. His behaviors reflect on himself directly and on those who chose to endorse / support his campaign.

This guy has the right idea.: Julian Pena, who identified himself as a cousin of Solomon Pena, answered the phone at the home. He said he would talk – for the right price. He went on, “I mean, hey man, if CNN wants to call me and they want to work out a money arrangement. I’m all for that.”

On the Ground

Austin. Hey. That’s lpac territory! Santa Rosa. Georgetown Texas. Lyndon LaRouche, long may he hornswoggle. Even from the grave.

LORG disrupts AOC. Nick Brana jumps in with kudos.

Methinks this guy doesn’t know “first amendment” definition. you say you support everyone’s first amendment right but you had these people kicked out? That there is what we call a hypocrite lady! You are so phony! You care nothing about the citizens you represent just the attention power from service in congress! Disgraceful.

The New York Post describes her as “far left“. As link bait goes, this does pale to “Adult star-turned-data scientist: I had more sex than showers in 2022”.

Uh oh. Annoying voice woman. you’re a larouche tool. Larouche pac is totally infiltrated by Zionist boomer operatives. Sucking up to Zionists while crying about Ukrainian nationalists. Sad!

A real organization that really exists in reality. “Your ideas intrigue me and I would like to subscribe to your newsletter.”

Leftists” humping LaRouche. Dumpster fire.

Imagine being understandably done with both war parties and then getting hosed into thinking Lyndon Fucking LaRouche was the answer. This is why we can’t have nice things.

Why does the LaRouche movement like AOC so much (such as serenading her here–she even thanked them)?

I know! I don’t think they were prepared for a literal chorus intervention! Yeah they were. They removed them from the audience, did they not?

@WellKnownEquine explaining the ghoulish web of Lyndon Larouche and his dorky acolytes Come argue with Pat about the dirt bridge and how it’s not a cult or whatever. Twitch thingy.

I can handle the right wingers on my TL. I can handle the Trotskyists and anarchists on my TL. But where the fuck did all these LaRouche fuckers come from? It’s in the Twitter Zeitgiest: Hedonic Post-Mortality LaRouche Mariana Trench Liberation Casino Establishes Juche-Punk.

The mind reels:

To be fair, only some of the things the Larouchies don’t like over the years have been Hitler. Others have been Mussolini. Biden for instance.

Helga’s event: Everyone’s applauding at the Bolivar Hall as Madam LaRouche describes how climate change is a satanic conspiracy cooked up by the British monarchy.

Space Larouche hitting it off with a Josh Hawley staffer. Biden voting Richard Spencer likes what he hears from Hawley.

LPAC loves themselves Marjorie Taylor Greene and Matt Gaetz.

Caleb Maupin is back. anti vaxxer “patriots” attacking PeoplesForumNYC 1804 Books over some perceived “mandate” ?? wtf is this and why is cpi_usa promoting this sort of behavior? This is… Insane.

Historical notes

LaRouche using Feurbach to come up with a fascist-socialist conception of the ubermensch is fucking crazy lmao

In his footnote LaRouche also praises two books, Karl Kautsky?s Foundations of Christianity – which he describes as Kautsky?s “one truly important contribution” to history — and Abram (Abraham) Leon?s The Jewish Question: A Marxist Interpretation.”

Gravel – Jones – Larouche 2015.

Never heard of these papers, but the fact that West Village micro-newspapers were running 9/11 truth and LaRouche articles is 0% surprising. Inside New York City’s Smallest (and Nastiest) Newspaper War — the West view News includes —

In 2018, Ms. Berke invited a group called the Lawyers’ Committee for 9/11 Inquiry to the house to present the case that Building 7 of the World Trade Center was brought down not by planes but by explosives placed ahead of time. Over the staff’s objections, the paper began running articles about the theory, including two by members of groups promoting it.

Ms. Berke also brought in articles by Diane Sare, a Senate candidate for the LaRouche Party, a fringe-right group.

“She was a corroding force,” said Liza Whiting, who worked as the paper’s traffic manager for about 10 years. “She comes across as being reasonable. But any person, if you spend more than a half-hour with Dusty, you realize that she’s a bit of a wacko.”

A history of lpac challenging the results in their election losses.

Lyndon LaRouche would be absolutely thriving nowadays.

LOL LaRouche – they exited handing out literature in US Airports about 20 years ago, and boom up they pop on Russian TV. LOL Oh where were you all these years?, FYI They are the official scientific but completely nuts organization for the world.

LaRouche began as a Marxist and then drifted into a sort of hi-tech Whig. I remember on campus I would occasionally grab his free New Federalist newspaper- a fascinating read, never a dull moment.

Some things have gone awfully wrong in your life for you to get into Lyndon LaRouche in the year 2023.

Holy crap! William McKinley assassination conspiracy theories!

NAWAPA Lives. You’ve been duped. This document was a stunt filed by a crackpot group called the LaRouche PAC trying to revive a dead project called the NAWAPA. You can see their name several times on the docs in your video (for example, at bottom of video at 9:30 mark)

These guys are from the Larouche organization- you can’t be including them in a rational discussion about healthcare considering they lobbied to have all HIV patients imprisoned because their leader said HIV is an airborne disease.

Didn’t Larouchites kinda prefigure that shtick? I remember a doc with hitchens getting annoyed at a Larouche org guy… they just seemed to pick lame targets

Haven’t heard this line before. No stupid. The CP’ers were attacking female members. We went to them and said if you don’t stop, the LaRouche movement would beat the crap out of them. They made the decision to continue so they got their asses handed to them. They’ve been crying like babies ever since.

Massachusetts 1994 gubernatorial race. I guarantee you they chose this race because Bill Weld was one of the lead prosecutors that got LaRouche put in jail, this is next level hating

By any modern recounting of his elite-minded philosophy, Plato sucked. Even assuming something close to the worst with NATO, NATO beats Plato.

Great news, you can watch Lyndon LaRouche’s 30-minute ad he put on NBC (over their objections) during his presidential campaign, in which he predicts enslavement of Mexico, genocidal famine, and nuclear war by 1977 if Carter wins

I guess larouche liked mcgovern. Depends on when and to whom. Also O’Malley, he liked his democrat liberals. That one was weird. Creeped the O’Malley folks out.

in 1986 republican candidate for Oklahoma governor Billy Joe Clegg declared himself to be a laroucheite but was snubbed by the larouche organization he said it was because of how dry he wasSee here.

There you go. As discussed to Conan O’brien. Jane Fonda started doing her workout videos as a response to Lyndon Larouche.


Manly p Hall. Pol Pot and Pinochet. Great list of proletarian heroes. Michael Tracey. Steven Seagal. Epoch Times, to Senator Ron Johnson. Kari Lake. Marianne Williamson. Drew Pavlou. Alan Keyes and Mitt Romney. Vivek Ramaswamy.

I must say — I have not heard feminism described as “Satanic“.


LaRouche would be SEETHING at how conformist and one note his successors turned out to be. Jackson Hinkle goes his own way: Wasn’t the whole point of these LaRouche weirdos to try and join China’s Belt and Road under the guise of left wing nationalism? I have long accepted that all antiestablishment groups are all the same and are against whatever the current thing is. If Biden had shot it down over Montana he’d be posting about how he was putting the lives of rural Americans at risk.

Marx’s greatest failure was that his work was not impervious to Satanic Malthusian Degrowth Gaia Worshipping NATO Nazis like you who use it as rhetorical shield to continue the project of international poverty, imperialism and genocide. LaRouche word salad, lmao

I always found it strange how John Coleman, Lyndon Larouche and Mullins have claimed that Hayek was one of their agents without any info backing it. Larouche is a Fabian imo, Coleman hard to pin down .

Years ago I laughed every time I read the bizarre ranting words of “Lyndon Larouche” never dreaming that someday I’d be hearing Benedict Donald Traitor Trump even worse. We oughta rename him Lyndon LaDouche

Slightly puzzled on this, as the only thing I get from the right on monkey pox is how completely connected to gross homosexual activity it is.

The NAFTA Superhighway in retrospect.

Its so fucked up. They’re connected to LaRouche and every single one of them seems to be into public humiliation.

LaRouche considers modern math to be a deep state (Cult of Apollo) corruption of sacred geometry. Base 10 has little to do with reality. We probably should be using Base 12. The devil loves to separate what is whole: hence the equals sign cutting things into 2 pieces to compare.

American Student Union“?

I set my dating app profile to religion: Zoroastrian politics: LaRouche age: 23 looking for: a forever wife and I have zero matches Clearly society is toast. For the original Twitterer here — you know there is a thing called “Christian Mingle”, right? Or… Church socials. Such things.

Answer: one does.

Chris Williamson.

World News

China Eradicated Poverty, says Havard educated China government stooge.

Jason Ross “likes” Something Awful.

Haz versus Maupin. Haz 2036.

Working on an earnest 20-tweet thread about how Twitter is in league with the Larouche cult.

Inter-connections: Thanks for the hint. “Munich stands up” is currently making contact with the LaRouche political sect and at #muc1802 gets inflows from supporters of the right-wing extremist Compact magazine and the AfD. Belarus traveler Bystron will speak to them beforehand. There grows together…

The “Spotlight” program on Iran’s Press-TV Thursday evening featured a debate between the Schiller Institute’s Harley Schlanger and the Chairman of the Ukraine World Congress, Andriy Dobrianskiy.

The Internal Conflicts in the Young Campaign

Odd contradictions. Working with the Young campaign, we found that the LaRouchians were really no big deal, but the smears that came out any time anybody even stood near them were ridiculous. Young begged to differ.

History with Young. used to follow me on here but he posted that anti-imperialists should support Ron DeSantis “because he isn’t a war criminal”. DeSantis was a lawyer at Guantanamo Bay overseeing torture, I said “That is stupid” in his comments and he blocked me. I’m telling you he started saying weird positive shit about LaRouche after he lost last election but never openly admitted to being a member, he thought I was the shit as long as I was clowning on the Michigan Manlet. The second I shit on LaRouche I caught a block.

Geoffrey Young follows Jerry Belsky.

Space Larouche Anti-Trump Republican: Only thing a lot of you “never again” candidates have in common is losing. Not very concrete. What do you want in a candidate? This is in response to a collage of four losers in the last election.

I have no goddamned clue what this means. oh I see they’re blaming the gay guy for the clouds of hydrochloric acid in Ohio because he beat the pseudo-socialist they don’t even like any more in Iowa they’re going to be claiming JFK will be resurrected on the grassy knoll and only LaRouche Thought can prevent this

Sare brought home half a percent of the vote; she was routed by blank ballots. But winning elections was never really the point for the LaRouchies, even in their heyday, and elsewhere this fall, there were signs that LaRouchism was having a small moment. LPAC responded. LORG not really.

I don’t understand how this conspiracy works, in a hierarchical sense. The minute LaRouche exposed the leading Keynesian economist for pushing genocidal economic policies based on Nazi finance minister Hjalmar Schacht, the Washington Post made it policy for ALL media to do nothing but slander LaRouche. That’s all you’re seeing. The Washington Post of the early 1980s controlled all media, from NBC and the NY Times on to High Times and the Washington Monthly?

Coming up to the Big Rally

Yes I know how this works. Leftists get tons of people to show up at protests, 3 LaRouchites set up a table on the corner of the lawn to try to peel off participants into their insane cult, and then a few years later you pretend like you were the only ones there. That is how things worked with Iraq War opposition and Tea Party rallies and Occupy. This… Is different.

It is worth pointing out, the primary focus of Obama with Hitler was domestic policy, Health care, and not foreign policy regarding Ukraine.

pretty ballsy to call LaRouche a grift when I have never had LaRouchies ask me for money, but leftists are constantly e-begging. Charmed life. They go after bigger fish, to be sure — opposition to Obama’s Health Care had money. You may be useful for table duty.

What the fuck does Think like Beethoven mean? Does that mean be a miserable bastard to most people but compose amazing symphonies? Also Beethoven was a big fan of Napoleon at first. It’s just an attempt to say something aesthetically cool that doesn’t mean anything. The alt right is good at that.

Moon Unit Alpha will save the day… But the LaRouche’s have this weird obsession with the tuning of the A Key….

Putin Rules, We Drool

There is conspiracy theory, then there is — puts conspiracy hat on* The LaRouche movement was co-opted by Russian agents and is now co-opting both the People’s Party and the Libertarian Party. *takes conspiracy hat off*They were invited to our country affiliate meeting by our state’s Mises organizer under the guise of being “anti-war”. It was gross.

It’s because several speakers expressly support Russian warmongering. Which means they oppose U.S. warmongering, but they still support nuclear brinkmanship. Others are affiliated with the NATSEC-affiliated sex pest LaRouche movement.

Louis Cossar’s analysis.

Seymour Hersh appears to be a key conduit from Larouche to the mainstream on the (yes, warmongering and wrong headed) neoconservatives as Strasserites working new concepts never seen before. Shoddy investigative journalism there.

And by the way, LaRouche supporters would have shown up to this rally anyway and in all likelihood created a scene if no LaRoucher was formally involved, which would take away from the rally’s point and achievements.

Further warnings.

LaRouche called Putin “President of the Universe.”

Ho Boy! If you aren’t going to be in NYC, you can still get to some of these sister rallies!!

Nuclear Holocaust” is an interesting choice of words, since it’s the only kind of Holocaust whose perpetrators Lyndon Larouche didn’t actively seek to surround himself with.

The Event

Also out re recruiting in those parts: Several neo-Nazis that attended and helped organize the deadly ‘Unite the Right’ rally in Charlottesville, VA, claim they are in communication with the organizers of the ‘Rage Against the War Machine,’ rally in Washington DC, which is bringing together various pro-Putin trolls, far-Right grifters, and conspiracy theorists.

According to a livestream from the “Patriotic Socialist Front,” which includes long-time neo-Nazi organizer Matthew Heimbach, former member of Vanguard America and Ohio National Guardsman, Shandon Simpson, and the leader of the group, “Andrew,” the organization plans to travel to the ‘Rage Against the War Machine’ rally in DC, fly a “National Bolshevik” flag, and also table at the event. During the livestream, Simpson states that Heimbach, “has had more communications with some of the people involved…”

Predictably this event is swarming with LaRouchites, who are using it to recruit: gathering names, signing them up for newsletter subscriptions, inviting folks to their next meeting. They were crystal clear about this during their last recruitment meeting: it’s why they’re here.

Webster Tarpley mocks it. Does not mention Larouche. Then again, neither does the wsws article.

Crowd is modest; passersby wondering what it is. Very much the libertarian crowd (who sponsored it) and absolutely thick with Larouche presence; they seem to perhaps be involved in organizing too.

There’s got to be tens of people there! Most of them are like “let’s stroll over there and see what’s going on”. There are more people waiting in line to get a beer at a Roger Waters concert than there are at the “rally.”

They absolutely did not advertise Lyndon LaRouche’s wife as one of the speakers. This woman was literally an informant on peace groups in Germany.

Listen, I respect the peace through development idea of the LaRouche people but from this rally I just attended, theyve got a weird way of talking to people man. It’s very potent the strangeness. Randomly bringing up the point, people are trying to kill Diane Sare like ok…

Dennis Kucinich gets drowned out

Larouche people have been stopping me all day

very much the opposite of democratic.

Old Guy walks by

The sign in support of Pope Francis and Lula is Larouche Schiller Institute garbage. Decades ago, many people within the Larouche Institute would have warned the world about the Schiller Institute and what they became if they saw this sign.

Hm. Jimmy Dore now speaking. This rally is basically Twitter trolls jumping to the real world. LaRouche banner has disappeared. Dennis Kucinich did not get it down. You would think it might reappear when Diane Sare takes to the man, but nope. Debatable if it means much for Dore: The fact that the biggest sign at that rally is for Lyndon LaRouche speaks volumes about the crowd that Dore is now cultivating.

Dore sets up his run for presidency. Curious this:

Trump was a Democrat too. Dore repeated his stand up act essentially verbatim on Tucker Carlson the next week.

McArdle stands before the sign.

Question to Anya Parampil : why did you crop the big helga zepp larouche sign out of your profile picture

Those of us who lived through the “oh, y’all are the Lyndon LaRouche party” DECADES that we’d JUST painfully crawled out of are DELIGHTED to see our Party Chair featuring a shot of herself in front of a larouchie banner

The question for the Libertarian Party contingent: The LP has been relatively silent about the failed rally embarrassment. As part of spending the week trying to gaslight that “thousands” were in attendance, Angela posted pictures to the public list that are clearly not from the rally, but what appear to be an event in Germany.

Scott Ritter, who spoke at the “after-party” for the rally, and no less than two speakers complained about him not speaking during, celebrated the 1 year anniversary of Russian aggression throwing back shots with Russian military officials. It was never about “anti-war“.

There were very few LP people, and from being there, the largest group of people was the Larouche cult.

Tulsi Gabbard speaks. Of course you blurred and cropped out the LaRouche flags waving behind. I’m sure the average FOX News viewer would be excited to hear about your support for a land-bridge with COMMUNIST CHINA

If only the US would get off it’s butt and build that trans-Bearing Strait monorail that LaRouche and his minions advocated for in his 1980s Presidential campaigns, then all of the world’s problems would be solved!

Wonder if there are Moonies there too?

I have been handed at least a dozen flyers from volunteers wearing signs on their chests for the schiller institute, the think tank founded by lyndon larouche’s widow, helga zepp-larouche. the schiller institute has called for an end to sanctions on russia. it feels like someone cast a spell on lyndon larouche’s wikipedia page while watching infowars in another tab and something terrible was brought to life at the lincoln memorial.

A feature, not a bug. Why was there a massive LaRouche membership drive at this event?

the man, the myth, the legend, hero of the liberty movement” ron paul takes the stage to chants of “end the fed! end the fed!” paul says he’s energized to be here with so many friends of liberty.

I am more curious about the “Ukraine Laundromat” sign.

Kucinich, Tulsi, Ron Paul and even Lyndon Friggin’ Larouche’s widow. Ladies and gentlemen, the 1962 New York Mets.

I’ve lived most of my life in D.C. Those LaRouche people practically live on 17th street. They show up to everything. They do not represent the LP. Unless you want force used against them, they’re going to show up.

OMG larouche is still around? Lol!

Blast from the Past: The LaRouchies were at this rally! The LaRouchies — the 1980’s “snakes in your mailbox” people! For those of you fortunate enough to miss this era, they were the QAnon of the late 20th Cent. Batshit and violent. And they went to this rally!!!!

Small group of LaRouchies on the train. They’re talking amongst each other and acting in a sane manner. So different from my experiences with them in the past. They’re not evangelizing. I’m just impressed by their demeanor and level of decorum. Even Jehovah’s Witnesses take a break sometimes.

I used to like Brana & the People’s Party but now he’s literally platforming larouche supporters & far right libertarians. Not only are these people right wing, they’re fringe figures who won’t even help them grow a movement. What and absolutely joke of a movement they have now.

An easily disputed point. I was just there. Those people with the Russian flags showed up for a short time, just long enough to get pictures for people to be upset by. There’s no way they weren’t counter protestors. Graze along and quote speakers. Apparently Ron Paul got them out of his photo-crops. It’s kind of funny that the “good” photo of McArdle has her standing in front of a LaRouche sign, as if that’s in any way better.

A creepy message from the Larouche movement regarding Zelensky. Follow the logic of this post and it amounts to hypocrisy on their part. Hm. Scott Ritter, twice an online sex pest — stung in a police sting pretending to be underaged girls.

the funniest thing about LaRouche/Schiller is their “land bridge” they propose a map where one of the roads goes through some of the tallest coldest mountains in North America and emerges in the middle of nowhere only to cross over to a place where nobody lives in Russia.

Roger Waters. came on the car radio, & nothing in the lyrics can compete with the pathos of realizing that exactly 50 years later its author would become a tankie-imperialist speaker at LaRouche-infested rallies, hanging on in quiet desperation indeed

DC media coverage channel 8.

Maddow has mentioned Larouche like 6 times in 15 years. Damned if you cover things, damned if you don’t. Space Commune YouTube commenter: MSNBC’S hit piece had no interviews either. Would have been hilarious if they interviewed the CPI Russia flag guys. I…. guess?

Podcast land has Gadfly previewing then reviewing. Russell Brand interviewing Dave DeCamp — likely pro that thing. Here is your Diane Sare interview. And Amanda Moore looks at the scene.

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