Musk kills Larouche Twitter

I. The Network

Roll down YouTube with the earlier yelling at Nancy Pelosi, and you get the same batch. I do not know if there is any sort of drop off on listeners / viewers for Jimmy Dore when he is out, but it does seem like whenever I pop in for a listen the guest host is doing the thing — I gather this is a matter that Vega and Sare and tag team in the old “disrupt / forced exit / next disrupt from across the room” game — will follow and plan accordingly — You want to get on Johnny Carson, not fill in host David Bremer. (Noted — Daniel Burke endorsed Dore for president, not Mate.)

From this network telling the world that Vega yelled at an ebent, everything goes viral such that (check big message board) q anon76 and q anon211 praise it to the hilt at gab.

I am pondering the current situation with Tucker Carlson in relation to the Larouchies and their current model of jabbing into news feeds. When he resurfaces at newsmax, or wherever, and brings on his list of guests (which, I will note, I have various opinions on individually) — does the one step removed from the mainstream brought by Fox and some sliding off the mix in not wanting to go one step further into a fringe open A door for more coverage — maybe less of a reticence to crop “Larouche” off the picture in describing the “left wing activists” “protesting”? It remains to be seen if this door creaks open. (Maybe here based on firmer partisan / ideological stances, Lpac can get in a side bid.)

The previous cycle had one momentary alliance with Alex Jones, which seems to have basically stopped, even if some in the fan base make a conspiratorial connection. It may be that generation ally he gets shoved to the past as we lurch onto newer exciting media.

Matt Taibbi links to a Larouche heckling, still basically in passing — and gets the hard sell — Thanks for sharing my intervention against Applebaum, Matt! What’s the best way to connect with you? My friend Jose and I have also intervened on AOC, Hakeem Jeffries, Ritchie Torres, and others. Continuing: if you look at the religious background of all these crooks there is a pattern. What would that be?

II. Not a twitterer, my uses with Twitter have been narrow and idiosyncratic: look up topics, not follow named twitterers. That includes the name of “Larouche”, glitter as it is by a Los Angeles sports fan. It appears Elon Musk is driving the entity toward people following people — the fallout being the thing is less user friendly for this user. Ah well. I am missing out on specifics on when random people laughed along at a late night infomercial from larouche or showed up Larouchies during A college campus by doing them one better — Tripling the Square! — but as for the rest — yes, Marriane Williamson is the new Larouche, and yes, Debs and Larouche ran for president from prison…

III. Comparisions

Rod Blagojevich. Galantis. Marianne Williamson. Bernie supporters. Marjorie Taylor Greene. jehova witness. The one crotchety old weirdo with a sign who goes to the same street corner everyday. Grover Furr. Lonegan. Christian Parenti. Robert Kennedy Jr.

Trump will degenerate into the Lyndon H. Larouche of the times and you folks will faithfully carry on in front of post offices until fading from memory.

Demonstrating at a Desantis event: Trump super fans are slowly morphing into LaRouche movement

I admit, I am watching Trump addressing CPAC, because it is just weird beyond description. This is way beyond “weird shit”, this is Lyndon LaRouche type stuff. Saw the L LaRouche people in 2017 on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, set up on a street corner on Madison Ave, largely ignored, with a “Defend Trump” sign.

Seems we are entering the Lyndon LaRouche phase of MAGA. Next: Trump supporters standing on street corners handing out leaflets and demanding contributions.

Is this going to be a Lyndon LaRouche thing. 30 years from now teenagers in red hats outside stores. -Excuse me I would like to talk to you + About what? -I can’t really say until you read this pamphlet, but it’s really important.

I was talking about Trump with one of my coworkers and he mentioned Lyndon Larouche which might be the closest thing to a real life jump scare I’ve ever had

Many fives of them.

IV. Nancy Pelosi did not ever hear about it

I dispute these two claims. All Eyes Are on the Schiller Institute’s April 15-16 Conference for Solutions to the Breakdown Crisis”. AND. Remember this for the rest of Your LIFE! All Eyes Are On LaRouche’s USA!! You’d better get used to that phrase! Relatively speaking, no eyes are on those two things. I do find it interesting that they are classified as two things, though.

Messaging Jose Vega.

Notice: Jose Vega is not affiliated with LPAC. He is with the other one.

Nuclear leaks.

V. Remembering Jeremiah Duggan. Two stories at the Germany meetings — one for public and one for private consumption. The private one was he was an intelligence plant. That is how evil they are. And

VI. Experiences

A guy who walked in for study — But this isn’t the end of the LaRouche Cults strange relationship to geometry. The story of circle worship goes deeper…. And has international implications.

I always knew the neo-platonic elite were backing the Larouche Shape worshiping mystery cult to undermine our freedoms.

I miss those Christmas messages from Larouche in prison that ran late night on a local radio show. Great to wrap presents to

The LaRouchies in Chicago for many years had a battered maroon Suburban equipped with loudspeakers. And apropos of nothing they would appear on the streets of the Loop cruising slowly while ranting incomprehensibly. I always waved cheerfully.

Heritage filings.

Oct Surprise predates Larouche.

I gave $10 to Lyndon LaRouche once.

So there are Lourouchites in the news again nipping at the edges of the Discourse and when I was very young and very depressed there was a cute girl who was handing out flyers on campus and I feel into a few meetings with them and folks, shit was wild

I remember the LaRouchies; they used to pester people outside my local post office years ago.

This man was almost swept into the LaRouche Movement had it not been for the place where the attempt to recruit him reeking of cat piss and mental instability, I offered him protection from (if their threats came to fruition) Infrareds attempt to get their fanbase to kill this man’s children.

VII. Old Times

You know who did? interview Larouche? Robert Novak and Tom Braden.

i have sometimes wondered if scientology may have been kept alive in order to function as a prominent bad example—to socially discredit the very idea that psychiatry ought to be open to criticism (similar to how the larouche cult is used to discredit left anti-war movements, etc)

Russian government official. Gets their money’s worth.

VIII. The Gameplan

Background: That event, in typical LaRouchite gobbledegook, was billed as “Build the New Paradigm, Defeat Green Fascism.” Beijer said he watched a six-hour livestream. “You have to read between the lines a little bit, but what’s going on is that they are very, very conscious of how the anti-war stuff is bringing in people into their movements,” he said.

Beijer pointed to comments that Helga Zepp LaRouche made at that ev??ent about how publicity stunts were driving traffic to LaRouche media.

She was talking about how their publicity stunts, where they show up at town halls and rail against AOC and stuff like that, how that was bringing eyes and clicks and web traffic,” Beijer said. “They were also very conscious of the social media actors who were promoting them.”

The article botched A definition of “fringe political belief” — opposition. to Vietnam War? — when it could have sought a different not loaded phrase.

I have a question. Why is Mike Billington phoning us in the UK asking us to pay $100 to the la Rouche foundation with our credit cards? Is thus legit? Should he be doing this? I think you know the answer, deep in your soul.

A fraction of the LaRouche cult is using the “CPUSA 2036” slogan to rally infiltrators into the communist party, 2036 is the year they’ve set for themselves to finish their “takeover”. In reality, the effort is a petty nuisance for the party and serious confusion for non-members

The Mises Caucus is all in.

Meanwhile, 2024 — all in on Dore!

I’m a sucker for weird political fringe figures, but LaRouche people getting hyped for a Jimmy Dore presidential run is just bleak and sad, plz make it stop & go back to pamphlets about Dick Cheney’s satanic orgies

A look at Larouche discord meet.

Tour Manhattan Community College-BMCC! (Well known Cold War dove Douglas MacArthur.)

fascinating. not sure what’s going on here


Bruh, if you wanna see good organizing look at the larouche org. They somehow fight the uphill battle of exonerating Larouche (successfully) and make moves that grant them friendships with anarchists, communists, conservatives, & pretty much anyone.

IX. Parting — The weird thing I note with people’s selling of Robert Kennedy Jr and a who did him wrong and why — which I see too noted with Tucker Carlson: the pet cause. Fox News fired Tucker because he was too opposed to the war machine. Or one of the few voices skeptical on Faucci. Or getting to the truth on … Etc etc.

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