Solomon Pena, Larouchepac, and domestic terrorism

I could never quite make heads or tails of the allegations that came from Rachel Brown’s defeat at the hands of Barney Frank. Rachel Brown was on her way to victory — you could see in the gestalt of the popular sentiment on the streets of Boston. But then something called the “Vault” stepped in, and flooded the zone. What did seem certain is that even while trying to gild Rachel Brown’s ego just enough but not too much, while having no interest in her thinking she won the vote. She was up against a political machine juggarnaut. The Boston Vault which stepped in — as votes were being cast and cast for Rachel Brown — to hypnotize the populace with a false consciousness — so voters were now casting their lot with Barney Frank.

It is a difference to the like of Diane Sare now on the Helga “we are Russian and Chinese propagandists first and foremost” part of the Larouche split. (Their secondary purpose, at least domestically, is to troll left wing activists). After the election, and her third place fraction of a percentage showing against Chuck Schumer, she construed unofficial tabulation reporting discrepancies as a sign of electioneering shenanigans. It got her on Jimmy Dore. Here we get the difference on Hillary Clinton after 2016 and Donald after 2020. “Russian interference” is propaganda and disinformation that leads to false consciousness whereas Trump declared victory on election night then claimed the election was thereafter falsely tabulated against him. The post 2016 Clinton and Democratic fight has its problems — a supposition of what a right-minded voter needs believe. It is where I see a news article article from the NYTimes or Washington Post or some such passes by exploring the psychological reasons people oppose Abortion and favor abortion restrictions. It seems to be a bubble where viewpoints held by forty something percent of the populace is construed as coming from psychological defects — that is to say, false consciousness, propagandized by nefarious sources. In the sometimes funny case of the 2016 election, we ended up with a silly Facebook page image of Satan and Jesus arm-wrestling — proxies for Clinton versus Trump — a Facebook page that struck me as having a right to exist whether or not it was put up on behest of the Russian government. But the problems there are quite apart from the problems where Trump is baselessly construing the votes are falsely going against him and — more so — action needs to be taken. From there you can debate what happened at January 6th.

And next comes Solomon Pena. Of Larouchepac — the Larouche movement split which is largely a gritting outfit to grab money from Trump Supporters. He lost an election. And now.

Isthis our first LaRouche mass shooter?

At the risk of being tone deaf, “mass shooter” has a definition and Solomon Pena’s act of terrorism does not cover it. This is a shooting spree. And to be sure, here is the equation at work: One of the witnesses, according to the AP, said one of the men told the shooters to aim above the homes’ windows to avoid striking anyone inside, but Pena showed up for the Lopez shooting “to ensure better target acquisition.”  Or: “There is some information from a confidential informant that says that he was disappointed that apparently that no one had actually been hit and that he wanted them to aim lower in the house and the structure so that the chances of somebody being hit were greater,” Day said. The hit men hired seemed to have the ” sending a message, don’t kill” theory as against the bolder Pena stance. Pena, the complaint states, “wanted them to aim lower and shoot around 8 p.m. because occupants would more likely not be laying down.” The witness adds that the more aggressive approach made the gunmen uneasy “since they knew doing so would more likely end in death or injury.”.

Yeah, the Schiller people are def gonna call this guy a fed or an MKULTRA programmed assassin The correct answer is… FBI. LPAC are FBI agents who abandonded LaRouches mission — Dear lord, even while disclaiming it, they pivot blame to a deep state that is after them.

Notice to Solomon Pena: your act is not helping us colonize the moon or alleviate human suffering. On the basis of how you argued against political adversaries with different priorities, you fell short.

My partner got into difficult, unsolicited conversations with him as she came in and out of the building,” Bode said. “He’s not a polite, nice person.”

You didn’t necessarily want to get in the elevator with him, because you may not have a nice conversation,” Parks said. “He was a little belligerent in his tone sometimes.”

Over from LORG:

The organization which killed Kennedy was called Permindex founded in 1958. The head of Permindex was Louis Mortimer Bloomfield of Montreal, a major in British intelligence who was personal advisor to J. Edgar Hoover for Division 5 of the FBI.” — Lyndon LaRouche (1995)

Sure. And the organization that tried to kill Linda Lopez, Javier Martinez, Debbie O’Malley, and Adriann Barboa is Larouchepac. Not affiliated with LORG.

And his post election tweet: Coupled with the article on his criminal background lead me to the flippant thought “this can not end well”.

New Republic (in case you need to deal with visit limits): Pena embraced Trump’s election denialism, even appearing to attend the January 6 rally that turned into the insurrection, according to a photo he shared on Twitter. He repeatedly insisted that his own election was rigged. After the results were in, he approached three of the four targeted Democratic officials at their homes, claiming he had proof the election was fraudulent and arguing it should not be certified. The Bernalillo County Board of Commissioners voted unanimously to certify the election results.

There is a curious problem round about here. CNN has reached out to Peña’s campaign website for comment and has been unable to identify his attorney. Which matches the problem on some generalized partisan grinding in comments land which gets forced and nonsensical, or at least in germane to the topic. See this: This also reinforces the need for the updates to the voting rights act so gerrymandering and the anti-democracy aspects of recent Republican state laws can be minimized. Gerrymandering. It is a majority Democratic district in a majority Democratic state. Unless the suggestion is the districts need to be drawn so that the Republican give two shits about contesting every district instead of letting a hothead lunatic get his name on the ballot unopposed by someone who knows they are in for a November loss — such a move is impossible. The majority of our elections are not competitive, and it would be a bad sign if a majority were. So, par for the course in the sense of “some guy in a non competitive race”, CNN can’t reach the campaign website for the culprit’s campaign — a campaign that was composed of basically just the culprit — and maybe the driver — or that which by chance implicates beyond “lone gunman” and paid thugs into organization:

The officer found bullet casings matching a handgun found later that morning in a Nissan Maxima registered to Pena. Around 1:30 a.m., about an hour after the shooting at Lopez’s home, police stopped the Nissan about 4 miles (6 kilometers) from the lawmaker’s neighborhood.

The driver, identified Monday night as Jose Trujillo, was arrested on an outstanding warrant, leading to the discovery of more than 800 fentanyl pills and two firearms in the car, police said.

Though, it is worth mentioning this is not the election LPAC was most hyping up. That one was California AD 18 with Mindy Pechenuk. (Of that Pechenuk clan that continues to plague Oakland city council meetings minutes.)

Operation Mop-Up 2?

Bernalillo County’s district attorney said he will personally prosecute the case against Peña because he’s “pissed off” about what he calls “an attack on our democracy.”

“When you attack elected officials with violence, it is an attack on our democracy. It is unacceptable at every level. It doesn’t matter if they’re Democrats or Republicans,” District Attorney Sam Bregman said.

“Quite frankly, the community’s pissed off about this stuff. And so am I.”

Hm. Ironic. Use the politically unpc term from our previous president, “shithole countries”, and appreciate who is dragging it in that direction:

State House Speaker Javier Martinez, another official who police said was targeted in the shootings, said that the events of the past month reminded him of violence in his birth country of Mexico. 

“(Mexico) is a place where politics and journalism can actually get you killed,” Martinez said. “I would have never thought that could be the case in my own country, here.”

Curious. And with the caveat that this is speculation, it is trying to come up with the most coherent defense.

Multiple witnesses have said that Peña believed the 2020 election was stolen from Donald Trump, and he believed his own election loss was the result of fraud, and Cevallos said that sets up the possibility that his defense attorneys will blame the former president for his crime.

I have to bring us back to the Jan. 6 prosecutions in which some of the defendants raised the defense of ‘Trump made me do it,’ and that was really interesting because, as a defense attorney, you don’t get to pick your facts,” Cevallos said. “Prosecutors pick the facts they take to trial, so in fairness to the defense, as wacky as that defense sounds, ‘Trump made me go into the Capitol,’ sometimes as a defense attorney you don’t have a lot. You come up with whatever you can, whatever the judge will let you put into evidence, and try your best. Is it successful, probably not?”

The mere fact that it’s being considered as a possible defense tells us that we’re at a different political place in this country where you can even consider saying that the president made me do it,” he added. “That kind of defense is usually reserved to crazy people at home who think, you know, their TV is bugged or the aliens have landed in their backyard. This is not a defense you ever would have imagined 10 years ago or even six, seven years ago. It’s madness.”

They could go with “Larouche made me do it”, but then they’d have to do the ” Larouche who?”

I think the worlds most dangerous philosopher title goes to Lyndon LaRouche. The American Dryfus. Targeted with assassination , persecution, jail time and endless slander for his opposition to the Aristotelian Mafia around Bertrand Russell. Or, I guess, A “Larouche / Trump” hybrid.

Meanwhile, I speculate on fallout for LORG. See this: Watch @DianeSare intervene on Chuck Schumer fundraising luncheon this morning!! Bravo Diane! “Sare Confronts “Killer Chuck” Schumer” on YouTube.

Wow, Lyndon LaRouche, that’s a name I’ve not heard in a long time. Growing up in Illinois during the 70s, he was a household name, and he attracted so many of the extremist types.

If you were in Illinois during a certain era, oh yes, you knew who Lindon Larouche was. Although everybody knew who he was, I think you could honestly call him in some ways a predecessor to Qanon.

Wow. I got sucked in by them in like 2005. Escaped in 2007. nut jobs. They got me with trains. In the minority on that one: LaRouche Leftists: “We want trains! Trains! Trains! Trains!” General public: “no”.

what is up with LaRouche and his crowd? my dad is apparently sucked into his bs and has been slipping pamphlets from his org calling Ukraine Nazis under my door. weird shit.

Dunno about this next query. They’re working on a statement, I assume. Political opportunism to discredit the mega maga movement last seen by the Tony Blair forces using Jeremiah Duggan’s mom to stop Larouche from stopping the war, I think the tweet from a LORG supporter has it — though that came with more concern over saving LORG’s bacon.

Replying to @larouchepac hey I haven’t seen you guys saying much about how the guy shooting at the homes of Democratic officials in New Mexico was a big LaRouche supporter, any comment on that?

But you need to know … The feeling was mutual.

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