Quick snippets in Laroucheland

Harley Schlanger chimes in on the campus protests. We move on with selective polling — 80 percent of youngsters oppose Biden’s support of Netanyahu… Yeah, no kidding. Phrasing is always key. Hell — Biden opposes Biden’s support of Netanyahu. That is the meaning of a speech by Schumer calling for new elections. Not stated is that the Israeli Palestinian War comes in fourteenth out of fifteen in Gen Z’s voting issue priorities. Still, certainly loud. I will sure to watch Jimmy Dore on Bill Maher’s “unhinged” rant.

Things get really interesting as Helga starts speaking. No mention for polling on Ukraine support for the youth, as she conflates it all into Greater NATO and we have the umpteenth “Strategic Situation”. Stateside, the Larouchies tried to lead a movement on Ukraine through allies with “Rage Against the War Machine”, but no one showed up. I guess now a fixture of left wing politics — concern over Palestine — has blown up, there is something with public support to leech on. Don’t ask where that leads the LPAC Prometheans.

Funny answer in comments to the funny question that is the video title. Nope.

Canvassing for signatures for Jose Vega. Question: is this in and of itself sucess? Interviewed convasser number one (two of you count Vega himself) — that is a lot of power to be granting Rachel Maddow. I note I see The Majority Report — former colleagues of long ago — has the anti-Zioinst tract, here a YouTube clip for an unhinged rant by Joe Scarborough.

The newly renamed Promethean Action is still referring to its web series with “Larouche Pac”. The commenter asks a query for “Schuller Institute” “edit: or these various LaRouche groups)” .

Diane Sare stoops to pandering. Canvassing for signatures in Buffalo. Real Bills fan, right?

Wind blows around. And Drew make plans to introduce the doubling the square tools to his tour of the heartlands. Cause. “That’s the way you do it!”

Mental note: take a new listen to Space Larouche’s interview by Schizotopia podcast. He does strike me as the profile of who will sign up for Larouche Org these days. As well as the profile of he who will get kicked out. Things came to blow. An old up and coming Larouche star now both disenchanted and disavowed. Maybe he can start his own Larouche group.

Scott Ritter with the same message he has been pounding for the past two years.

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