Oddly enough, still dead


I remember I used to interact with Lyndon LaRouche’s associates when I was in university. Very persistent folks. Do you guys have newsletters?

I just wish ppl would have had the pleasure of going to protests in the early 00’s and being handed a Lynden LaRouche pamphlet. Cures you of all your conspiratorial ailments.

On being a Libertarian Party canvasser: I’ve had to answer questions about Lyndon larouche ..

I remember the people hawking Lyndon LaRouche papers on my college campus “Rockerfeller Endorses Cannibalism” (which actually had a factual basis—that Andes plane crash). You are right, we have major politicians saying similar batshit things as LaRouche with LESS of a basis.

Right. I think that’s where he got his “green fascism” bullshit. I had two encounters with self described Linden LaRouche followers. The first had very strong cult vibes. The second, a bit less so but still.

On Webster Tarpley: That LaRouche Douche got up on a stage in New York City during the anniversary of 9/11 in 2007 and suggested I was COINTELPRO. Please do not promote anything from that scum on my wall please, thank you.

Name an animal, (BESIDES A DOG), that you’ve been chased by. A worshipper of Lyndon LaRouche, expounding antisemitism, negative entropy, and all around scary craziness decades before those things became fashionable…

They stopped me one foot off the property line of the first place I ever went to vote and gave me a pitch for Lyndon that involved a veiled threat against my life.

True story: I once was walking out of the office after a hard day of think tanking with CohenAtTPPF & as we exited the building o e of us mid conversation was quoting the Simpson’s line “Lyndon LaRouche was right!” A woman spun around and yelled “Lyndon Larouche was not right!” turned out that her brother was in the cult or something. It also turned out she wasn’t familiar with the Simpsons, so our attempts to explain only created more confusion.

Heart warming family story.

Reminds me of ’84, when I worked in NYC in the same building as the LaRouche crackpots. They plastered our block with bumper stickers that read, “I know Walter Mondale is running for president, but who can heterosexuals vote for?”

As an old timer I remember Operation Mop Up. Workers World party had a defacto non aggression pact w/ LaRouchies who mobilized street gangs against the other left groups in NYC. I was in WWP at the time and never heard a coherent excuse. Interesting cross ref w Ramsey Clark

A few years ago my wife witnessed a LaRouche activist at one of those sidewalk tables pick a fight with a black person who was asking questions. When the guy’s mother pulled him away, my wife stepped in and confronted the Rouchie. My wife grabbed the clipboard upon which LaRouchies were signing up new converts, and challenged the woman’s treatment of the black guy. When the LaRouche person tried to grab the clipboard from her, she walked off with both woman and clipboard into the street. A tussle ensued. Let’s just say things did not go well for the LaRouche supporter’s sunglasses.

If you live in rural New England, you can’t avoid Larouche-bags. in New Hampshire, each town is assigned one in a ritual forest meeting with the devil

Half Thoughts Debunked

Point: I want a world where everyone I meet is up to something awesome creatively that really makes me think. Counterpoint: I don’t.

Surprisingly the EIR were shocked and really frightened by Putin gaining power in 1999. LaRouche movement writings and historiographies are like decadent half true fan fiction. The good guys are soooo good and the bad guys soooo bad. Making this funny: The standard mode of politics in the West is staggeringly incompetent. People establish for themselves the lines between good and evil. They then hurl themselves chest-first into the fray, acting out their favorite comic book. The lack of self – awareness from Daniel Burke is hilarious.

Two clear findings. I would add a third: destructive sectarianism, but only in an online and distributed format (without a clear and identifiable backbone). This amplified the internal degradation. The difference from destructive sectarianism is the internal degradation BEFORE going out to confront the world. At Lyndon LaRouche’s NCLC, several were forced to eat feces in 1972. In 1973, they were ready to go out and attack externally in Operation Mop-Up.

LaRouche thought the bad guys were the Queen of England and British imperialists seeking to destroy the USA through the Beatles and the drug culture, while the CIA guys thought it was the Soviets and/or Chinese seeking to destroy the USA through the Beatles and the drug culture.

Larouche wanted Governor Ridge impeached, but oddly never Clinton never mind signing much the same welfare bill.

My dream book to write is a richly detailed institutional history of the 1990s reform party, where Perot’s populism, larouche/pat buchanan, Jesse Ventura, and Roger Stone all adopted different trade-skeptical populisms and collapsing in trump’s 2000 presidential bid. My thought: Scattered in different biographies and histories. A couple chapters in Timothy Stanley’s Patrick Buchanan biography The Crusader and his bid which doesn’t spell Trump as the collapse, whatever that be — you left out John Hagelin and the opportunistic Natural Law Party.

Or how Lyndon LaRouche thought all the conflicts of the world derived from siding with Plato or Aristotle and thought that the standard pitch sang in classical opera had some relation to the battle against communism.


Kari Lake. Mark Finchem. Bernie Sanders and assortment of perennial candidates (fascist?). Twitter files, mainly dissemination — again, either itself or the post hosting beyond scope conspiracy theorist I don’t immediately know. (Sigh and frustration.) Ayn Rand. In defense of Anita Bryant (and so also JK Rowling), she was above aboard in her activism so can’t be compared to Larouche, qanon after Trump released his new card. Trump after the Trump card. Sameera Khan. Kari Lake’s attorney. Popularity wise, Kamala Harris. Karl Marx — hope for Larouche yet, I guess. Jay Lovestone. Trump / Greene.

Wait. Is there an actactual Flat Earther arguing here? Hard to tell. Irony is dead.

Prompt: ‘fun vacation photos of Lyndon Larouche and L Ron Hubbard at Epcot Center.

Donald Trump for his response to the Republican Speaker impasse.

Predictably as losses mount, Republican Congressman Kevin McCarthy of California.


If this is referencing I saw in a three minute YouTube clip, Jimmy Dore and Glenn Greenwald had a good point regarding AOC and the Squad with Pelosi four and two years’ back versus the Republican intransigents right now. Nothing on “Democrats looking good”, but something on them forcing a Medicare for All bill to the floor and moving an agenda… If that is a thing considered desirable.

Chip Roy with guilt by association by association.

And Trump supports McCarthy so by extension … What?

Supposing Representative Donald, “Ultra” Conservative Congressman, sees the tweet, he is supposed to respond how to the hammer and sickle? Note: he has never heard of “mega communism”.

On Richard Spencer. Honestly wouldn’t be surprised if his master plan wasn’t unironically a repeat of Larouche’s in the 90s – have an event intimidating enough that you can waltz in the oval office and demand emergency powers

On the Ground

Funny thing is, most everyone everywhere has not a thing to say about Luna Oi. So what?

A ways from Arizona.

Familiar messages: They (theBritish, I guess) want you to think about this crap (whatever that be) instead of figuring out the quadrature of a circle

Representative Pete Meijer: At an event the other night, two (presumably) Lyndon Larouche activists got out their phones and started shouting questions (that were more statement), first alleging JFK assassination cover-up and then saying US support for Ukraine was a scheme to spur nuclear armageddon. (1/2). Weirdly refreshing to engage with folks not from the mad left or the mad right, or even from the mad place on the horseshoe where left/right meet, but rather from some bizarre Z-axis of political thought. Novelty is a rare occurrence these days! (2/2)

To Russia with Love

The predictions of Dmitry Medvedev. Once thought of as a quasi-moderating influence in Russian government.

Point: These Russian government officials definitely read a lot of Larouche stuff. Counterpoint: Well, they write a lot of LaRouche stuff…

Familiar face chimes in.

Morally completely shabby: election advertising in Berlin in January 2023. “BüSo” simply pretends that nothing has happened, that Russia is not waging a war of annihilation against Ukraine. We have nothing in common with this criminal Russia.

The warped view of the Larouchies on Ukraine — see here Diane Sare

I have no goddamned clue what this means. And I make my incredulity with no judgement one way or the other on Zelensky’s speech and what US involvement ought be — skilled politicians and actors affect voices and “read the rooms”.

When did “dirt bag left” become A term? Matt Taibbi: worth a gander — never mind such protestations. Greenwald: not worth one. But, you begin with some disagreements with different people with partisan blinders, get voted off from that table, so get invited to that other table where — perhaps — you start picking up their awful habits. Money can’t hurt…

Prognostications. The Maga Communists Fall

Watch this shit, Trump’s gonna lose the GOP primary, and when his ego refuses to let him accept defeat, he’s going to run anyway as an independent and turn into the new Lyndon LaRouche. Funniest possible outcome is, he takes most of his voters with him and lives to be 120.

The Libertarian Party is where people who are too crackpot for the MAGAs are sent by the GOP these days. They look more like LaRouche-ites than actual libertarians (lower case l).

Bits of irony: So Sameera Khan is a massive Nixon/Kissinger Stan. Why do Larouchebags always endorse the absolute worst people in the world?

Weirder and weirder.

Who. Are. These. People?

In the catacombs beneath Leesburg, VA, a pact was made with ancient, daedric gods. A virgin vessel, presented on an alter of bone and ichor, was to house the resurrected spirit and soul of Lyndon LaRouche. They messed up the incantation, and, well, now we have Jackson.

Code Geass.

Varn Blog podcasts.

wasn’t it?

Caleb Maupin braces himself for coming podcast profile.

Darned! Missed it!

Paging Sundeep Waslekar

Give em one for tenacity but these larouche weirdos keep wearing size 14 clown shoes

There are things there in the “twitter files”, and it is not neatly ” illegal” but always one placement of an Overton Window that anyone dumped outside is understandably be upset with, with further repercussions on implied “false conscious” stamping. Not a Trump hack, but a Larouchie hack.

The sirens of conspiratorial thinking will doom the anti-imperialist left to campism, followed by a rightward shift as we have seen with Hazoids and LaRouchites. There is a direct line between modern campism and the popularization of magacommunism and the resurgence of LaRouche

the fault on patriotic socialism: they are way too online to ever have any impact beyond lining a couple streamer’s pockets, i just heard they have been swelling the ranks of the larouche movement & was intrigued

Z Communists” — probably the same meaning (or lack thereof) as “maga communist” s.

Stay classy, Jackson Hinkle. is it me, or has he already given up on the MAGA Communism grift, and is now trying to worm his way into the male chauvinist self help guru grift? With otherworldly promises of Stalin.

Wrap your mind around this sentence.: Please, Trotsky himself was a great man and I say that as a “Stalinist”.

MAGACommunists”/LaRouche Subcultists are so fucking funny because in any socialist society they would be arrested by political police and re-educated for being reactionary. Ditto the other direction.

Haz is thumping his chest.

The Larouchian Tyranny. Not even China’s restrictive policy.

What we can do is back DeSantis/Lake or Gabbard, and you guys can create a Lyndon LaRouche type society and can pretend Trump is President, okay?

Mississippi Senate Election of 1988 in an Alternate Universe

Mississippi 1988 Senate election. My best guess is Jon Hinson. Definitely not Billy Davis.

The alternate universe where Billy Davis wins a Senate seat. And, hm, OJ Simpson wins a Senate seat. Oliver North. Fun!

1988 Democratic Primary results. David Duke was in it to troll Jesse Jackson. I guess you wrap Traficant in with Larouche as candidates who served prison time.

I’m from the Lyndon LaRouche won the 2004 presidential election timeline.

Things don’t end well for Senator Billy Davis.

Historical Notes

Khomeini is the beacon of resistance for the oppressed masses of the planet. Huh.

Ocean Hill Brownsville Strike was very spooky. Could not have worked w RFK MLK still alive. Now it’s being done with Kanye and friends


I find the LaRouche movement party line that the Satanism of the Roman Empire escaped first to the Byzantine Empire, then the Venetian Republic and finally the British Monarchy. They’ve been ferociously pro-Filioque since at least the early 1980s. I’ll have to look in future at 1970s copies of the Executive Intelligence Review to find out when their very anti-Byzantine Empire and opposition to Eastern Christian theology first started. LaRouche movement was very strongly supporting attacking Serbia during the Croatian and Bosnian Wars, though by Kosovo with Tony Blair in power since 1997 so strongly pushing for Clinton to intervene they toned down their constant Orthodoxy-bashing. Surprisingly the EIR were shocked and really frightened by Putin gaining power in 1999. Probably when Economist Sergei Glazyev, LaRouche’s most powerful Russian follower became friendly with the new Putin government (he was very anti-Yeltsin) EIR’s coverage flipped to being much more Russia friendly.

A list of felons running for political office.

I was in the city today and I saw a guy with laroucheite posters and a table with little pamphlets. Very bizarre. I should have taken pictures. There was one that said “putin is your friend” and another one about rebuilding the United States in larouche’s vision

A fascist network of mostly former cops and qanons led by a literal prince was planning a coup in Germany. I am willing to bet all my money ($30) that LaRouche / Schiller is involved in this somehow. Hm. What does Helga say about it?

I’m increasingly liking the LaRouche movement theory about Napoleon -he was was a creation of Genoan and Venetian finance. Those two cities were secretly allied to the British Empire and Napoleon was directed by his controlled advisors to launch a suicidal invasion of Russia. once again we are ignoring the natural development of a humble italian sad grunge boy ballin out and its consequences


All bad entertainment is a psy-op, right?

The ghost of LaRouche on it’s way to murder the queen on his 100th birthday

International Media

These are no journalists but fanatics from the Larouche neofascist sect. One person’s journalist, another person’s — ?

Helga stumps again for China.

Scott Ritter jumps more sharks.

Caleb Maupin talks to himself.

How Maupin distinguished himself — all the rest in it for the money, he was in it for the cult.

Chuck Park selling Trump — Larouche as the force for fusion research.

also that the history of the world is really the history of a secret war being fought between sun myung moon and lyndon larouche.

Conservatives need to be something other than conservatives, says Not a Communist.


The strage case of Scott Gaulke.

In regards to Plato and Aristotle, taking an ultra-Platonist position that Aristotle is the cause of all historic evil, feudalism and oligarchy has decades of LaRouche historiographies. The trolling possibilities are endless.

A lot of so called tankies in 2022 love Viktor Orbán who is very anti-Khrushchev sending the tanks into Hungary in 1956. As they get more LaRouche influenced they’ll soon see 56 as a Atheist Khrushchev suppressing Catholic and Calvinist freedom fighters. It becomes an empty slur

Still on that Ye for President train.

When people you do not like write things about politicians you do not like.

Wednesday” star Jenna Ortega reveals to New Yorker that “Xi Jinping’s The Governance of China” was her latest read. “It blows my mind that anyone could think China will not achieve socialism by 2050. Xi lays out his goals and why China’s unique system will help it achieve them

I assume then this is a joke: “Wednesday”’s Jenna Ortega reveals to The New Yorker that her favorite writer of all time is none other than Lyndon LaRouche “I’ve been obsessed with his work ever since I read his plan to exterminate AIDS patients

Diane Sare gets an undeserved credit,

This list and take becomes (predictably) bizarre, and notwithstanding that I am neither here nor there on the “culture war”s for the rest of it — what the hell is this? He died in 2019, but his cult started rising again in 2022, when one of its adherents, Diane Sare, became the only notable opponent scored by Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer in his otherwise uncontested New York Senate race. Swallowing or accepting Larouchie propaganda on the nature of the race and the Republican running who, after all, in the minor New York red-wave of 2022 (that up-tik that saved the Republicans the House) received a greater vote margin than anyone else who has run against Incumbent Senator Schumer over the years.

Fun fact: Pink Floyd was a British rock band. Fun fact: A prominent member of the Larouche organization is a big Roger Waters fan. Fun fact: Roger Waters is British, and has some conspiratorial opinions that work with Larouche. Why does any of these fun facts matter? Well. “All” is all inclusive. Americans export creativity. The British export EVIL. Interesting. Also Putin disagrees.

Larouchies petition Joe Biden. Will President Biden heed the call of dozens (or maybe just ones), or will Lyndon Larouche — who penned a scathing article or two on his presidential candidacies — remain unexonerated?

Geoffrey Young, and the meaning of “Larouchie”. Disclaimers now put on Schiller Material, so future Youngs might be able to point to something.

Paging guy proclaiming being “part of the MAGA Movement”.

Paging… Initiating contacts: Helga Zepp-Larouche and her troops have long expressed an interest in General Harald Kujat. Will LaRouche stick with Kujat? Or will there be a total takeover of the Yakunin squad?

ham handed Russian propaganda.

anti-pilgrim propaganda???

The Conspiracy Vector

PSL … “Larouche connections”. Looking in, that term appears nebulous in spots. Cultish leftwing sectarian politics meet up with and against cults. ” Connections” come in by accident. From what I can tell this line is premised off of Ramsey Clarke — a mutual back scratch happened to benefit each one’s political power aims. On the politics of PSL — looks left wing sectarian to me.

Tate retweeting LaRouche type guys now, interesting development

I’ve taken great pleasure in watching the Haz/LaRouche sphere harpoon their own dingies (pitiful grifts) Now might be a good time to remind you, that the Ancestors come collect, and the reach is infinite.

JFK and the problem of the Larouchies covering your favorite conspiracy theory. Popular topic on the streets of NY.

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