New World Order now just a World Order

Watching this trailer for the Alex Jones fun-pack “The Obama Deception”, it occurs to me that these folks have set it up to track any time a politico says the words “World Order.”  I had always assumed that it was pegged at “New World Order”, but apparently the word “New” isn’t necessary.  A couple possibilities.  #1:  Obama has not used the words “New World Order” often enough, such that they have to settle for a “World Order”.  #2:  The NWO Oligarchs know just how big a taint the words “New World Order” have, and as such in conversing about such and such an international agreement are content to just use the words “World Order.”

More illuminating material from Jones: Just go ahead and skip the nazi documentary footage to :57 — it’s just your basic runof the mill Nazi Stormtroopers that is standard for this type of thing.  Jone’s performance here brings to my mind a Possibility #3:  World Wrestling Entertainment (formerly the WWF until the Panda-lovers sued for the acronym) has usurped the phrase “NWO”, and thus have to drop the “New”.

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  1. revenire Says:

    wild video, geez

    tarpley is a nutter

    the guy who made it puts a lot of “connectos” and comes up with a load of nonsense – this sort of thing is dangerous in my view

    jones is selling a DVD but also inciting people

    wonder why the secret service isn’t watching this guy

  2. Justin Says:

    If you think that video’s something, go to the video found at this Alex Jones website over here and count the number of times this fringe lunatic uses the words “Killer” and “Kill”.

  3. revenire Says:

    the link doesn’t work for the video – been removed

    i’ve seen all the webcasts and TV shows and really loved the last one – top form for lyn

    i don’t know justin – the number of suicides among those fleeced by financiers has been rising so one could make the point that the words “killer” and “kill” is apt when refering to wall street’s more rapacious thieves (and they really are thieves)

    i am sure you scan financial papers and see the suicides of the people who have lost everything to the thieves (if you’re not aware of the suicides among ordinary people and brokers and the wealthy during this economic meltdown i can do you a favor and post them but wouldn’t unless you asked me to)

    so let’s not just weep for jeremiah (who leapt in front of an automobile according to the german authorities) or ken )who leapt from a bridge after finding out his wife was a traitor) but let’s shed a tear for all those suicides among brokers, and others who have been betrayed and destroyed by the cult of wall street

    a moment of silence would now be in order

    have a wonderful evening

  4. revenire Says:

    should be been a “(” instead of a “)” after the word “ken” and before the word “who” – the Master is very strict about this sort of thing (i get whipped and no gruel for dinner either when i make mistakes)

  5. Justin Says:

    That’s interesting. Did the Larouche Organization take down that video? Wll, if I’m not mistaken there’s transcript is available at laroucheplanet (hey! Another demonstration that ex-cult members are still enshrined in this personality cult, if you want to go that route.)

    I ran to a quick search for a bit of local color description of Larouchies on Wall Street circa 1987 that put a lie to the org’s concern to “suicides among ordinary people and brokers and the wealthy during this economic meltdown”, but it wasn’t quite worth enough time to find it. Anyway, I was way-laid by this story, a demonstration of the true compassion of the Larouche Cause. Maybe I’ll post it at factnet sometime?:

    A few hours later edit: I think I’ll go ahead and post it to the new Larouche post, here: .

  6. Justin Says:

    Webster Tarpley Praises All Around!
    In the second, Kevin Barrett reveals in OpEdNews’s “Obama: Political Messiah, or Just Another Third World Dictator?” the facts behind the most recent resident of our White House and cites Webster Tarpley’s work in detail, Tarpley being among the foremost political and historical researchers of our time.
    I watched you tube video’s of Webster Tarpley’s past predictions that came true so far and the design for the immediate future to get rid of the middle class. He claims that we are not heading toward socialism but facism…given that most …

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