9/11 Truther to Sue Glen Beck

An East Coast 9/11 Truth activist, Greg Hoover, is suing Glen Beck and Fox News for defamation of character.

A nice way of getting attention, I suppose, and its important to him/them to differentiate himself/themselves from a lone Holocaust shooter, who happens to believe in a government conspiracy regarding the fall of the WTC towers.  But the lawsuit looks pretty baseless.

But this does look like a double-Sister Souljah item, for two talk show radio hosts.  In recent months, Glen Beck has been compared to Alex Jones for stuff like this.  He wants to be crazy, but not that crazy.  Alex Jones praised Glen Beck for some of the same paranoid poundering, but has had to do some rebuffing… lest he lay some measure of irrespectability onto Glen Beck.

Glen Beck doesn’t want to be associated with the 9/11 Truthers who populate Alex Jones’s milieu.  Alex Jones wants to safely propel Glen Beck to the margins of some gatekeeper role in establishing for the Elite the boundaries of respectable debate (one that doesn’t allow for the FEMA Camps and whatnot).  The better to champion Greg Hoover’s cause  to dispense of goddamned Glen Beck as he proceeds to interview the man most famous for the “world run by Lizard People” theory

… I bring up David Icke rather gruituously for the minor purpose of posting this and this.

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