The Birthers march on…

Tumbling over the comments sections of various sites, we come to comments such as:

Are the Humiliating Comment-makers Netizens CHICOM or just ACORN?
Thank God for Attny. Taitz and her actions to save the US Constitution and the US, itself.
Ever notice: On ALL the search engine searches (Read they’ve been suppressing pro-birther results) the criticisms of all us “Birthers” is the same as they do in Red China?
There, the government employs a horde of “Netizens” to go to sites to humiliate & denigrate & suppress anti-government talk. They’re paid about $.25 each, I’ve read.
Just like these apparent ACORN operatives do, they ALWAYS humiliate, denigrate, and use varying terms of “Mental Illness” in volume! Buzzwords like “Wingnut,” “Birther,” “Insane,”Unhinged, “Delusional,”
That’s what happens to the average Chinese when they type out loud, and the Chinese have even more “Mental Health” Prisons as do the Russians.
The apparent wave of the future for us here in Obamaland?
But the CHICOMS have been waging economic and PSYOPS warfare on us a long time. They’ve apparently continued their terroristic use of Biblical prophesies (Remember what they did on 6/6/6?) by creating as part of The Big 0’s Economic Manchurian Candidate grooming and Legend, that he’s actually the Anti-Christ (Imagine the desired reactions.) That his name, “Barrack Obama,” means “Antichrist,” in ancient Hebrew in the Book of Luke, according to a religious researcher can be seen at this YouTube video on World Net News.
This creation of a well-groomed “Legend,” part of an overall economic warfare agenda, taking over at the top, is as old espionage craft as is planting ads in prominent Hawaii newspapers, making myth become “The Truth.”r

There is no argument against those points or order.

The constitutional crisis that might erupt if this thing is not resolved:

What happens to Judge Sotomayor’s confirmation as Supreme Court Justice if the Constitution’s “natural born citizen” Presidential eligibility requirement is subsequently determined applicable to Barack Obama on the basis of Article 2’s exclusion of dual citizenship birth (doesn’t matter whether Obama born in Hawaii since his dad was Kenyan/British citizen at the time)? It would seem prudent, if not dereliction of Constitutional duty in not so doing, for the United States Senate to defer voting on Judge Sotomayor’s confirmation at the very least until there is determination, now imminent, on standing in Kerchner v. Congress (USDC NJ) on that precise issue (Congressional failure to take up the raised and known constitutional ineligibility question prior to declaring a Presidential winner in the vote of the electoral college). For the full Senate now to proceed to vote to confirm Judge Sotomayor (an otherwise lifetime appointment) before then, would be a knowing and very substantial exacerbation of any inherent Constitutional crisis — compounding the previous Congressional dereliction. That is, the Executive Branch, as well as conceivably all actions of a Congress under a President determined ineligible, would leave the Supreme Court as an essential unfettered remaining Branch of the Federal Government, that is unfettered so long as Mr. Obama’s nominee to the Court is not yet confirmed by the Senate.

Will not one Senator, let alone Republican Senator, raise this issue on the Senate floor? The nation is watching.

THAT must be why so many Republican Senators are harking away from their previous voting records of voting in Supreme Court Justices and not voting for the confirmation of Sotomayor.  Perhaps they just can’t say it, for fear of the Red Chinese techniques of the ACORN thugs!!

As for A Sewer’s comment here:
Fringe movements often follow a sort of pattern, where the initial genuine energy of fringe devotees is exploited for the financial gain of their leaders, who then collapse into infighting over reaping the benefits.
Can’t get too haughty with that one, throwing a link to an article about the Minute Men.  Sometime around that time Keith Olbermann was entertaining the notion of the 2004 stolen Ohio election, with the opening caveat along the lines of “Somewhere between tin – foil hat and legitimate citizen investigative journalism”, one Bev Harris was traversing about for cash and fame.  (I say that because that was the first thing that popped into my mind when I read that sentence.)

But this arena of partisan conspiratorializing depresses me so.  (With spokespeople like this, who needs enemies?… Actually, strike that.  I have to admire her sheer termerity!) But we continue, with a frequent commenter to various blogs — who likes to use these platforms to advertise his blog of “insightful” partisan tactics:.

What’s “lunacy” is that people like Larison don’t really understand this matter before speaking out about it. And, it’s also “lunacy” that the leaders of the supposed opposition to BHO are actually helping him with this issue rather than being able to figure out how to turn this issue to their advantage.

The leaders of the supposed opposition to BHO (very broadly defined to include those like Larison) could have used this issue to discredit the MSM, and instead they’re helping the Dems smear the GOP.


What Ambinder is confused about is the difference between faith and fact. He believes BHO was born there; I think it’s a very strong possibility but, unlike Ambinder, I’m smart and open-minded enough to realize that there’s the possibility that he was not born there. Ambinder is an honorary member of the BHO cult; I’m too much of a free thinker to believe in Xenu. For instance, HI’s DOH Director might be lying or mistaken. We won’t know until we’ve seen the full file complete with a history of the file and all of that has been verified.

For the actual facts of this matter, see my extensive coverage. No one has so far been able to provide a valid counter-argument to anything at that or the linked pages. Let’s see if Ambinder is smart and open-minded enough to give it a go.

There is some muttering about how to handle the bussed in shouters at the Town Halls.  The answer is that politicians need to read up on their Richard Nixon, and the art of pulling a crowd against the protestor (invited and bussed in by Nixon, as it was) — using them to set up applause lines.  But we are stuck with the political fungibility where the policy concerns, both legitimate and illegitimate, of Health Care clash with this subterranean land of “Birther”ism. 

What is your response to the FACT that Obama’s parents placed an ad announcing their sons birth in Hawaiin newspapers shortly after the date of his birth?  AND
Jeff, you’re breaking some news! Because, no one has yet shown exactly who placed those announcements. No one has provided proof – such as contemporaneous memos and the like – showing that they could have only come from a birth hospital and would only indicate a birth in HI. In fact, some people – you know, those with open minds – admit the possibility that they might have been planted by the grandparents in an attempt to confer citizenship and in case of a custody battle.

Wait!  Wait!  Maybe the man wasn’t born at all!  Is it possible he was brought in by a stork, like all those illustrations and images for children have it?

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