40 years ago, mankind stepped into a Hollywood sound stage…

40 years ago, a young Bart Sibrel sat in front of a tv set, mesmerized by the moon landing, sharing in Walter Cronkite’s mixture of awe on the landing and confusion over the “One Big Step” line.  Perhaps taht nagging feeling was there at the start, but in his telling that nagging feeling kicked in only later: was this even real?

So the numbers, the figures, the dots didn’t add up.  And he pulled together his conspiracy.  Years later, he would confront the great Fraud and Fakester, Buzz Aldrin, and Aldrin would punch him in the face.

As the times have passed, Buzz Aldrin has tipped his hand.  He urges that mankind avoid returning to the moon at all cost — better to bypass the Moon and travel to Mars.  What does Buzz Aldrin want to hide the Moon from all of Humanity?  We can only speculate.

Regarding Bart Sibrel: it looks like he has managed to corner the “Moon Hoax” conspiracy theory.  When you say, “Moon Hoax”, I think Bart Sibrel.  This is a way I don’t associate a single person with, say, “9/11 was an inside job” or with “Where’s Obama’s birth certificate?”  Quite a hat trick Bart Sibrel has accomplished — I guess he gets credit for advancing the issue he didn’t create.

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