that’s the ticket

I think I’ve seen this camper before, stocked to the barricades with bumper-stickers.  The most visible is at the top of all four sides:  “9/11 Was An Inside Job”.

Beyond that, there’s “End Wars for Oil and Or Israel”, “9// Controlled Demolition”, “US Troops out of the Middle East!”, “Arrest Bush Cheney Pearl Ashcroft Rice Rumsfeld Powell 9/11 Wars Crimes Lies” (Time to update to the new administration.)  “Bush Rage Allowed”.  “No War on Iraq” “No War on Iran” “IMPEACH” “I Love My Country But Fear my Government”.  “One Nation Under Guard”.
This is one side of the camper.  I didn’t jot down the other side.

And then we throw in these two:

“Ron Paul for President” and “Dennis Kucinich for President”.

Huh.  I guess we do get this from time to time.  But is the optimum ticket Paul / Kucinich or Kucinich / Paul?

I suppose the owner of this camper takes the vast arraignment of disagreements between Paul and Kucinich over the scope of government welfare and beauracracy as meaningless.  The areas of agreement are almost meaingless too, save a point of departure to 9/11 Truth.

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