9/11 Troofers

Funny quote found at Alex Jones site, regarding the old chest-nut (which predates Jones’s birth) that detention/internment camps are being built around the US desert landscape, for designated use in the not unforseeable future:
The interment camps are strictly for 9/11 truthers. All the self proclaimed engineering experts should be able to figure a way to build a ladder to climb out………right?

A recent bloggers’ quotation (for the blog of the American Prospect) I’ve stashed away, placed in this blog a couple of times:
“Fringe movements often follow a sort of pattern, where the initial genuine energy of fringe devotees is exploited for the financial gain of their leaders, who then collapse into infighting over reaping the benefits.”

 Here’s a “9/11 Truther” at a message board I travel to, and most of this disinterests me except for the one sentence I have boldened

First of all I never said a DAMN THING about any conspiracy. That is the problem with you people that concentrate on who did what instead of what actually happened.
We are talking about an inanimate object hitting another inanimate object. In this case an airliner hitting a skyscraper. The problem is figuring out what could occur as a result of that action. Skyscrapers must hold themselves up. The WTC towers were 110 stories above ground and 6 below ground. So the 100th level had to be strong enough to support 10. The 90th level had to support 20. The 80th had to support 30, etc., etc., etc.
So what is the difficulty about knowing the quantity of steel and concrete on every level? Do you know how much the south tower moved when the plane hit it? Has that been discussed on TV? According to the NCSTAR1 report it moved 12 inches at the 70th floor which was 130 feet below the impact point. The building stopped the plane in 0.6 seconds even though it was 150 tons doing 550 mph and my extrapolations says the tower moved 14 inches at the impact level.
So don’t throw any conspiracy crap in my face because actually at this point I don’t give a damn who did it or why. So since the building weighed over 400,000 tons and was designed to sway 3 feet in a 150 mph wind people that want to dismiss this with some shallow “conspiracy crap” reasoning but haven’t put any RATIONAL THOUGHT into the physics are TOTALLY UNAMERICAN in the nation that put men on the MOON.

July 20th was the 40th anniversary. And most of the so called TRUTH MOVEMENT talks idiotic drivel. Whether video has been altered or not doesn’t affect physics.

That at least gave me enough “common ground” to post the list of assorted 9/11 Truth miscreants found here.


– The would-be politician who was dropped from her party of choice for declaring that Israeli-owned businesses in the World Trade Center were tipped off in advance of 9/11, but blames Jewish interest groups for her own stupidity.

Sounds like Kevin Barret but the wrong sex? I don’t know if he was dropped.
I have exchanged emails with him and get regular emails from his Truth Jihad but pay little attention.
I went to Chicago to listen to Richard Gage last year and met some somewhat fruit loops people but I am not involved with the MOVEMENT in any way. I just put up and read what I want on the net.


– The peacenik who won’t work with any other Truthers because everybody in the Pacific Northwest is an FBI agent.

Must mean Howie. Were you issued a badge and a gun?

– The chiropracter who smoked a big fatty before giving a “lecture”, then sent me a rambling and emotional 5-page screed when I said I didn’t understand what he was trying to say. He’s now a UFOlogist who believes he’s part of ancient Native prophecies. When the 2012 chaos hits, he’s going to head for a fenced-off area reserved for the world’s elite.

Paging Zenman…

That’s all.
I’m wondering if “9/11 Truth” is fading into the fabric of our conspiratorial imaginings, somewhat away from political activism and into a sedate always-at-the-ready market.  There is no “Kennedy Assassination Truth Movement”, for instance.

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