Transitioning to transition talk

Yeah, as things turned out what Bush did was start an Art career, painting up a storm. Politically doing nothing more than sending some broadly upbeat message of unity in the summer of the Pandemic.

I imagine our current President elect may end up in that photo-op mode of meeting with the predecessor — after Trump gets around to acknowledging, perhaps in Nixonian fashion by in a conciliatory speech that nonetheless alludes to vote fraud on behalf of Kennedy, his defeat — and producing a similar image as we got from Obama and Trump aftet meeting for the scheduled fifteen minutes but lasting over an hour and moving to followed with conciliatory upbeat talk — but Biden may opt for tne fifteen minutes with Trump. Whatever presidentisl business over the hour Biden will get from an hour Obama, replicating his prior talk with Trump.

I also wonder how some such an image as this one will come out — will the remaining presidents rearrande themselves, tne Overton Window that had Carter on the outs now moving him in with Trump out over there? Obviously, there may not too much time to test it out… Carter up there in age and all.

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