Everybody’s following the NFC East race

Everybody is following the exciting race for the NFC East title, the most competitive divisional contest in the NFL. Two weeks ago, it appeared that the Philadelphia Eagles were primed to take control, following ivision wins against the Cowboys and Giants, for the semi -respectable 3-4-1 mid-season record — another win and they may justbe able to buffer against the coming deluge of legitimate football teams on the schedule to get to the final weeks of NFC East foes. But no. Still in first place, but as tenuous as it gets,you see, as…

Eagles 3 wins 6 losses 1 tie
Giants 3 wins 7 losses
Football Team 3 wins 7 losses
Cowboys 3 wins 7 losses

The other teams are on a roll.

And what came on Sunday? Both Washington generic stand-by name and the Dallas Cowboys winning actual non-divisional games — doubling the number of non divisional wins from two to four, and setting up a rposing Thanksgiving game where first place is on the line. Surprising, as the Cowboys jumped right back in wirh one win following a 4 game losing streak that began with the team having a losing record. They are perhaps back on track with the teturn of their back -up quarterback. Fans of chaos will be cheering on the Washington no name, as a Cowboys win probably makes them a prohibitive favorite — a more favorable schedule (Basically the last of the teams to have the Bengals are ahead, and more inter-division games)– and a Washington win ensures they win a season tie so may be able to withstand the losses likely coming.

The most controversial game decision of the season for the NFC East — to pass over a game winning long field goal attempt and settle for a tie stands as either a genius move that willallow them to win it all in the end — or maybe serve as a place holder for acoming dive to avoid the inglorious NFC East victory… Or amounts to nothing.

As were, 22 teams have a record that would place them in first place in the division, and an additional four teams rest within one game. Only leaving the Jaguars and the Jets out of it.

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