die hard Write in campaign

Wait. Is Roger Stone getting paid off by the DNC? A super-pac tied to him is part of organizing a write in campaign for Trump in the two Georgia senate races… All to show dem spineless or maybe abbetting RINOs. That will show ’em! Or, would elect two Democratsto the Senate.

Now we see the brazen politicking of parler, set up to void the wrning and demonetizing endemic to other social media platforms pilicing grounds of the political Overton Window, but I guess we sfer setting up its own.

I suppose we have precedence for Stone’s lack of loyalty to the Republican Senate candidates — he campaigned for the other guy. And we have precedence for his lack of loyalty to the Republican Party — political lackey for Trump back in 1999- 2000 when … uh… Trump was running for the Reform Party dropping out due to the pravalence of right wing nativists…

But the two Senators already goofily called for the resignation of Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger for… Counting out a Biden victory … But, apparently there that is not enough appeasement.

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