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Odd thoughts on that map

Thursday, November 12th, 2020

Geographically, something interests me with this one…


Now, fill in the light reds and light blue — the vote tally is not about to change. And there is one inaccuracy not filled — there needs to a snatch of blue in Nebraska, and the red for bulk of physical Maine — perhaps the redistricters in Nebraska will think of this stray electoral vote in redrawing for partisan purposes, or perhaps they will remain wrary of depositing Democratic votes in the other districts.

The Maine vote and Alaska has the unfortunate effect of disrupting what would otherwise be one continuous Republican mass — if with the various Democratic blue intrusions, though of course the effect comes merely due to stateline political structures. As were, the Republicans can be broken into three stretches. The Democrats are stuck in a more jagged six stretches… If not for the intrusion of Canadian waters or the state of Ohio, the northern tier woulda broken it down to a more managable five.
As stands, it is twice what you get with 1976, when Jimmy Carter was King of the East, and notably that odd twin Alaska and Hawaii will always make continuity well nigh impossible. Naturally, larger landmasses than the Democrats suffered with their two islands — Massachsetts or Minnesota, and the District of Columbia — in 1972 and 1988 against three masses for Republican red.

In inveighing election results…

This is understood by your “What’s the Matter with Kansa”ns as “the rubes hoodwinked to voting against their interests”, but as you can digest… It is different than that.

Most Americans, Witko said, have political beliefs that are less consistent than those of the politicians they vote for. They want better health care but lower taxes; a smaller government but a bigger military; higher wages but cheaper products. In a 2014 study, researchers found that most so-called “moderate voters” were, in fact, people who hold extreme positions from both the political right and the political left.

I can’t tell what the tone of this 538 twitterer is, but it sounds — more or less (not perfectly, but everyone such will be the price for everyone’s explanation) — fair enough to me.

Here’s a Trump voter: “Trump is pro-life, pro-family, pro-business, defends freedom of conscience and religion, and wants to get out of foreign wars.”

That last one will always be a curious one for me — for a retort it does seem Biden is slightly more likely to continue war in Afghanistan and Trump is more likely in Iran — but telling that this falls off the ledger completely on those “In Our America” sloganeering litany flags all woke businesses dropped on their doors in December 2016 — even as it was what animated the previous decade and a half of this contingent.

But I imagine the swing basically falls down to an assurance that… we won’t be pressed into entertaining this thought on eleventh hour miltary brass shake-ups.

Or, in the most extreme scenario, would Trump try to get the military to help him stay in office beyond Inauguration Day?

Never low key rankles — and sure, but can’t eleventh hour manuevers be taken back to ninth hour manuevers?

Y’know… Though this election night hand wringing comes off flat…

It is bad analysis typical of Trump coverage…
will soon be apparent whether Biden’s low-key, some say lackadaisical, campaign was brilliant or foolish. One upside for Biden: it kept the focus on Trump, making the election a referendum on the president. Conversely, Biden’s making fewer campaign stops may turn out to have been too cautious.

The mismanagement of Trump’s campaign is one for the ages. If he overcomes it, the president will have been lucky. Hundreds of millions of dollars ill-spent, a campaign manager with a Ferrari who was only dispatched when it was too late, an inability to master small donor online fundraising—all of it made this campaign the gang that couldn’t shoot straight. In the final days of the race, Trump was forced to jet to California, a state where he stands no chance, to hustle money the old fashioned way—with a pricy fundraiser

Like it or not, it was what brought him, and ends up right there self – contradictory in assessment. Meanwhile, Democrats are stuck on a batch of high priced high profile senate defeats… Strategy needs to be thought and considered, don’t it, beyond this rote note.

There is no Ford

Tuesday, November 10th, 2020

Round about 2008 and 2009, I was musing over the prospects of Obama as John F Kennedy, partly due to the voguish and carefully crafted image creation and more darkly out of the murkily verified or disputed reports of an increase of threats against him. In playing the whole tapestry out, I imagined Hillary Clinton would be a Lyndon Johnson figure — she herself had in the 2008 primaries referenced Johnson as someone who could get it done “governing in prose even if not able to pull that poetry crap off” — as a succesor standing there with less flair as things fall apart and inevitable unfulfillable promises lead to disillusionment.

As turned out, Obama may have been both Kennedy and Johnson, Trump pulling together a bizarre Nixon. (Ask Roger Stone). We are at that “Last Days” stage, though if Trump were wandering around talking to presidential portraits, it would at least actually show self awareness.

So now we come to… Joseph Biden as Jimmy Carter. Election results make any partisan Democrat paralyzed, a brittle coalition and no clear promises in a setting of problems looming “not his fault”, and a party with some left-wing socialists dreaming of big things and non-ideological centrists with no plans.

Of course, if you told me in 2000 the next presidents — Bush, Obama, Trump, Biden — it is the last two names that would be insane.

Parting thoughts
Y’all really believe the Democrats would engage in a multi-state coordinated strategy to steal the presidential election, but keep the GOP in charge of the senate to block their agenda and keep GOP state legislative dominance to draw the next decade’s redistricting lines?

And, from 538 analysis, obvious strategizing in a world where the Democratic nominee was conventioning with too many damned Republicans… a sign of how mixed any win may be…

Of the eight Democrat-held seats that Republicans have flipped so far, Republican women are responsible for seven of them.

Daniel Burke wins 99.6 percent of New Jersey vote, British Empire fraudulently steals it.

Monday, November 9th, 2020

Meet the face of the anti-Biden Resistance, an every guy, easy for coastal elites to mock but the salt of the Earth. But herefor, a battle rages for his soul and loyalty. On one side, Alex Jones. On another side, there is… the Larouche org, who when npt in the streets directing the crowd to a cardboard table off on the side are holding these webcasts. Who will the guy gravitate to? The answer may come down to… Who would he rather have a beer with?

II. ate lunch with him in the 70s, movie ideas, and dream castings.
Gotta love the see nothing, hear nothing respnse to citations of inconsistency.
Nigel Farage, Supposed Trump “international nationalist” movement head for Brtain, (and compared to Larouche here) claims Biden as Foe of Brtish Empire.
Black larouche support in early oughts.
Sometimes the reason for Larouche success is just this simple.
One dollar donation proves dividends.
That’s one way of describing “Beyond Psychanalysis”.
Campaign stories from a one time campaign journalist, New Hampshire.
friend who dated a girl
Why Polls are off these days.
Community college memories.
University of Chicago.
Uber Driver.
Hammer and Scoreboard supposedly a “Larouche radio station”?
the colorful back history of one Larouchie.
Dem precint chair and Larouchies.
The post office tour had its results.
The current battle probably will get about same after-effects.
Dick Cheney remains the enemy.
Out in St Paul, shouting “freedom!” over and over. But, I thought he was dead.
and Trenton, nay … Isn’t Biden Irish?
At least they didn’t do the “the Ukraine”. Maybe not Putin lackeys after all.

III. Did not answer the question, but I guess they have answered the question by their post-election actions. No.
Then again, the Larouche org’s motives may just dovetail perfectly with Trump’s.
the campaign is soliciting donations for its “official election defense fund,” but the fine print shows half of the donations are to be used for another purpose: to retire the campaign’s debt. That’s a particularly conspicuous clause given Trump had previously said he might put up his own money for his reelection effort; even as he swears he has a legitimate legal case, he’s not just declining to use his own money, but he’s diverting half the money raised for it to another purpose tied to the winding down of the campaign. (The imbalance is even bigger for a related effort, with 40 percent going to the Republican National Committee and 60 percent going to retire Trump’s campaign debt.)
Such may be the real story of the silarity noted by Matthew Sweet.
Then again, Trump legal action is reminding people of Larouche at many a corner.

IV. New Jerseyans saw and noticed the Daniel Burke campaign.
It should be noted in at least one webcaster’s interview, he was identified as a “Larouche Republican”. But in his rally and “drop money at my table” speech he definitey provided an off-ramp. The news mefia settled on supporter of the late political extremist.

(Funny, Burke was not alone in his Larouche reference to this gop tweet.)

Also admired, the campaigning for Trump, “greatest revolution in history” and on, sure to be repaid by a post presidential appearance on an LPAC webcast after the current tireless efforts.

Final tally for Burke… Oh, point four percent of the vote. Probably the result of election fraud… He really won 99.6 petcent, you see.

V. 432. One guy speaks out. Counterpoint. Values to raise your kid by. To be fair, I had a similar problem with a lot of antiwar left wing groups, but it trended to that “Free Mumia” crap.
When the John Birch congressman fought Larouche on the floor.
Robbie Barwick.
LPAC versus Heaven’s Gate.
Neoplatonists versis Paleoplatonists.
Rock and Roll will never die. Though, male pattern balding will.
One theory.

VI. I personally have a hard time swallowing the facebook and twitter and youtube* “warnings” now seen on lpac material, though this is not necessarily the examples of where I would cite its problem, and I have less of a problem dumping it on elected officials — see D Trump. But nonetheless, when we see the right allies in the struggle against “big tech censorship”, as with Alex Jones and his bullhorn, they have at least some leeway and consistency in referring to a foreign example of whete this leads… China.
The current LPAC matrydom is against these private corporation ” disputed” notices, as opposed to how the Chinese government would simply wipe the message out, or disallow anyone from even seeing it Something the Bards Logic podcast appears to know, and that the Larouchie quoted and Larouchoe intervirwed apparently won’t argue against — there, at least. (The tables provide a big tent outlier for China attitudes, reciprocated in part and kind). It may be that their adoption of qanon phraings Wr Are Many, they are few momentarily obscures the difference.

Aso not brought up anywhere: the Larouche fight against Voter Improprietries in the 2004 presidential election on behalf of John Kerry, with ally Democratic Congressman John Conyers.

*Youtube has a somewhat more subtle disclaimer model than the tag on twitter that had LPAC declaring ” badges of honor” — a link right below the webcast on vote fraud conspiracies to detail how “robust safeguards help ensure the integrity” of results.

In one sense, we do see the larouchies block, fairly I supposr.

A comedian and his Biden Dream cabinet, following your Republican anti Trump loaded one.

VII. En route to Operation Mop Up.
A logical mid-point — the perenial use of the term “mass strike”, last deployed in citing Rosa Luxemberg for the Tea Party.
AND A logical end-point. (Or is it this?)
In all, McDuff talks of his conversion to Larouche thought.

VII. A National Revirw article by Robert Zubrin LPAC may want to crib while moving beyond into the ” funded by Soros and various Jewish surnames” line.

Intetesting, space was atbthe crux of what appears Daniel Burke’s most commented upon tweet.

IX. Rebuttal.
It is where the most common tweeter reference to Larouche is in reference to a Trump 2024 run and an imagined imprisonment with a reminder that ” Larouche ran from prison”.

Blast from Past name Christophet Earl Strunck, uh huh… follow at your leisure.

Binney now on Russian media, now skipping to one removed from lpac apparently. His associations and reputation proceed.

Final word comes from the ultimate in under-represented swing voters.

Sore Loserman

Saturday, November 7th, 2020

Trump tweets bravadu and calls of Dibs.

I am reminded of a Monty Python sketch, but on further review at last the defeated Black Knight admitted to scratches and flesh wounds.

I take amusement in the huge pickup driving around, followed closely by a car, honking — Biden and American flag in tow — unwittingly following the mode of the huge pick up truck driving around with Trump flag that is a fixture of “Patriot Prayer” rallies. Maybe the Biden flag guy will prove as aggressive in the Biden administration.– holding down for his man — if you don’t like it you can deal with it. Or maybe we have a Trump – Biden voter?

Biden at 270, Faith Spirited Eagle could still prove spoiler

Wednesday, November 4th, 2020

It would appear Biden will be able to declare victory tomorrow. This differs from Trump, who already declared victory — never mind the vote tallies.

Nevada’s 6 electoral votes gets Biden to 270. Interesting, this is because Biden carried Omaha and environs. Though, that Omaha district only comes into play because Trump carried the huge swarth of Northern Maine, the other state that allots to congressional district.

Should everything else fall apart and Pennsylvania and Georgia and North Carolina go Trump’s way, then Biden sits one faithless elector away from throwing it all off. Mind you, we can assume last election’s “Colin Powell” and “John Kasich” voters will stick by the Democrat, as too the Bernie Sanders voter, but what of the Ron Paul or Faith Spotted Eagle– clearly having more issues to dispose of?

Florida always looked trumpy

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2020



Trump carries Florida swinging the Cuban batch of Latinos, not indicative of the midwest but surely bringing a knot in the tummy of Biden partisans. I tended to think Trump was gonna win Florida, based on 2018 results, and polling headlines which showed … Everythong going Biden’s way except Florida. Georgia appears to have remained a lift too much, probably foreshadowed by me seeing a copy of Bust magazine with the cover article on great rising star Stacey Abrams, not teertibly appealing a politician.

The dilemma comes with the Pennsylvania election counting which has all the Republican voters counted tonight and the Democratic earlys later and Trump having declated he wants to declare victory tonight, and able to obfuscate the issues of counting the damned vote in the days ahead.. I suppose we are an Ohio and North Carolina away from avoiding the nightmare… Surely a sign of how fragile things go with Biden more likely than Elizabeth Warren or some such apt to win such old whites as the Democrats lose sight of some Hispanics against the smaller latinx contingent.

Random comments

Sunday, November 1st, 2020


what Trumpers fear from Biden:
halting fracking permits and rolling back the Obamacare contraception exemption for nuns.

This exchange between “republicandon” and “jimmycrackcorn” (phrase comes from minstrel song, I should note( is full of straw men and either willful ignorance or not willful ignorance. I focus in on the “erase history” “you mean toppling confederate statues?” “No, I mean toppling Columbus, Lincoln, founders” “sources?” elicits one Hell of a sigh from me.

Further down, Kathleen King drops example of media condensation and manages to make a political point of a popular movie featured on MST3K, in a manner of pop analysis reserved for… Movies not featured on MST3K.

Common tnought: Loathsome just like the male incels living in their parents’ basements, who need to grow up, instead of wasting decades playing video games on pot, or feeding the ranks of antifa or Proud Boys (or sometimes Proud Boys pretending to be antifa, like a guy who set fire to a Minneapolis police station a few months ago). Or whatever crazy things celebrities may say. I pay no attention to Hollywood fads or gossip magazines, I think that whatever merits celebrities have, they are no better than the average American in IQ or cultural insight.

Soon afterward, Jones said Chinese president Xi Jinping “owns Hollywood” and has expressed his love for Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin. Rogan didn’t push back at all, claiming Xi may have made the comments only to push back against Trump’s trade policies.

While it’s true that major American studios have capitulated to Chinese demands for censorship, Xi certainly does not run them. And while Xi may run re-education camps for Muslims, Insider found no record of him praising Hitler and Stalin.

The technical aspect of “China owns Hollywood” being a mete exaggeration of “capitulated to Chinese censorship” brinhs the problem with blasting Alex Jones: the litany of “gasps” ALWAYS includes totally defendable statements.

I support Biden over Trump in the same spirit that Lenin supported Kerensky over Kornilov.

Partisan self parody convinced Trump is playing ten dimensional chess.

The End…
In addition, while I don’t worry about secession, I think local and state nullification is increasingly a possibility. California already thumbs its nose at federal immigration laws as well as federal laws on marijuana. I could easily see other states following suit in the years after the 2020 election, albeit on different issues. For instance, if the Democrats win the White House and both house of Congress and then pass strict gun control legislation, officials in very conservative states and localities may simply refuse to enforce it or to cooperate with the feds about it. We could have a situation similar to Prohibition. The bottom line is that we increasingly have a crisis of legitimacy. Both sides see the other as an illiberal threat to the Republic and thus are less likely to accept defeat in election and rule by the other side. The country probably won’t literally break apart over this. That said, we could become similar to a married couple whose marriage has failed, but who can’t afford to divorce because they live in a big, expensive house. So they just live on separate floors and talk to each other and work together on anything involving the house as little as possible. I think federalism more state and local control, would do a lot to defuse the current situation. However, it won’t help if we get more federalism by default because we refuse to work with each other instead of both sides recognizing the real need for federalism in a country as big and diverse (politically, economically, culturally, religiously) as our own.