Trump versus Pence for title of New Grover Cleveland

Mark Levin tweets a “reminder” suggesting states send electors in defiance of whatever even the state court concludes.
Mark Levin also tweets a denial that he said such a thing.

Curious, this exploration of the ending of the Trump administration posits, for crass legal purposes, a Trump resination and … Hrm… short — less time spent than William Henry Harrison — Pence Presidential administration, just long enough to pardon Trump. Such a move disturbs the understood meaning behind Pence’s “47 twitter feed following”, lined up as it with Trump’s 45, though I guess can be rectified by him following one more twitterer — since he will now be trying to be the new Grover Cleveland — getting to be counted twice.
Then again, if you follow the idea that a muzzled Pence is attemptimg to send cryptic messages while punlicly standing by his man, the point of this twitter follow number will expire in short order so he can just drop it.

The political divisions within the two parties, and how they may manifest themselves past the immediate future, are interesting to follow. On the Republican side, it becomes a looksee into how one addresses the Trump litigation and conspiracy theories on the Election. I will go ahead and skip the 2000 election in mode of comparison and ponder 2004 — which saw outlets like the dailykos website and the Al Franken radio show working as “gate-keepers” to patiently explain supposed discreprencies to the “vote steal in Ohio” ians — represented by other hosts at that now defunct radio station and forwarded by obvious grifters like Bev Harris of “Black Box Voting”. Today I see the National Review website, and I assume the printed edition, running articles debunking various shouts of supposed sightings of improprieties in vote tallying, or to note the shakiness of various “whistle blowers”. On the other side, apparently Mark Levin is posting to the whole gambit and calling out all the supposed allies not lining up to fight this fraud, posting to an American Spectator article which I see full of anecdotal bias in small town Pennsylvania with no one understanding who here may’ve voted Biden and full of selected poll numbers and frameworks that refuse to come to terms with the obvious idea that polling errors in whole will be inconsistent — or… distributed unevenly.
Worth trying to figure out if this is accurate, actual emissary, and I have no clue what this brawl represents but I guess it is his post Trump direction — walk into random restaurants end up shouting at everyone.
Mother Jones gets a little too cutesy with the “ask obvious no responders” on ” is this a coup?”

The Democrats are annoying. We can presume AOC will win twitter in any twitter battle against Joe Manchin, twitter losses costing Joe Manchin… Less than nothing. As wete, in the immediate contest, well, yes — Manchin is correct — ” defund the police my butt”, indeed.

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