But i can’t get no speakers

IMG_20200426_111217 For basically the nth time of all n points, speculation is coming in… What if this is the end of civilization, and how will we be able to check?

And granted, Yahoo was not around at the time of the 70s gas crises, but I imagine they then too would be floating articles on the warning checks of societal collapse, or…

Is this a new Dark Ages?

Surely you jest.  While all searchers for signs of late stage capitalism (they I suppose hope for next stage socialist redemption, one civilization replacing another) point to hundred dollar ripped jeans or the Kardashians, and social conservatives wearing against Weimar America check to increased porn consumption of drag queens pestering them…

… Are we in danger of losing knowledge, as was what marks the definition of classical Europe’s demise and the barbarians of the dark ages?

Remember too, those seven wonders of the ancient world… Aren’t all that wonderful.  They can be replicated with some ease.

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