Man still in charge of North Korea

I guess indications are that the political leader of North Korea is still alive and kicking after all.  Which means that there is still a reasonably good chance the USA might have a female head of state — President — before North Korea.  Interesting that a woman was in line to take over — surely demanding obedience to that benevolent fear leader would topple a patriarchy of sorts.

Meanwhile, the succession in the United States with the possibility of the here before improbable Joseph Biden raises an interesting question. Much of the liberal or Democratic me too era explanation on Reade’s accusation do not pass the “if the other side did it” smell test, but I end up fascinated by one reference point.  Somewhere along the way she had praise for Vladimir Putin.  Is the claim sullying into the Russia agent line without quite saying it, or is it a “if these are her politics … Dizzy she is.” ?

Meanwhile, Sweden — long a referring point for voluntary compliance of coronavirus restrictions is turning passive aggressive.  Sure, you can gather, but…

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