Bill Maher keeps popping up in media alerts for non outrageous outrages

The Overton Window, at least some figure of media gatekeeper status’s enforcement in such things, finds Bill Maher beyond the pale for a couple things.  Blaming China — either the government for hiding it at the crucial beginnings of cultural practices of eating raw bay — and thus declaring innocuous the name of “Chinese virus” is, the source deems, racist.  A quick fact check comes in that the naming of the Spanish Flu is wrong is pounced on as somehow meaningful.  I forget where Spain stood in the concurrent World War and how it bounced off on blasting any Spanish Americans, which would theoretically be the one problem with some sniveling at the government of China.

But it is enough for a follow up to place a “in the heels of his racist rant” finding beyond an ever narrowing Overton Window within the talk with a doctor of some speciality — and no, not Praeger — who repeating Faucci’s notion himself that most probably if you catch it and withstand it you will have the natural immunity to it to never catch it again — that we should, beyond the people vulnerable to its devastating effects — want to catch it —

The damnedable allowance of a platform to someone…

Knowingly provocative, and no one knows jack…

… And eventually it will come to this in some way or another… I don’t see how it can’t

But in the meantime, we are in the wartime period of socially restricted though and prayers.

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