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High on a hillside, the trucks are loading

Monday, April 20th, 2020

IMG_20200420_075940 Sure. As you see here, everyone tends to position themselves against some things more so than for some things.  Or, to be more correctly precise — against people.  So you an anti – thingy, or perceive an anti thingy — you are not concretely for what they are against, you are against them being against it.

Wear the t shirt with the fashionable mask accessory.


Ain’t got no headphones

Sunday, April 19th, 2020

No Such Thing as Gravity, a somewhat lame in its simplistic ideology (yes, everyone is out to get the artists and teachers, and you are the arbiter of beauty) … Student film project?… with a stilted delivery that would be more effective elsewhere but with some nifty retro neo futurist designs and cutting…

Does have one question of predictive element, from back there in 1989.  Here we are– taught in the moment by non teachers.  Impersonal mechinisms.  There we have a character claim they are superior, and even Granted for the analogy to work the teachers would still be deployed from their distant planet…

And leaving aside the West Virginia troubles disparity…

Is the new anti teacher no personal mode of educating working?

Heard about Pittsburgh, heard about Detroit…

Saturday, April 18th, 2020

The former health juice concoction store — seemingly in business for about 15 minutes (or 45?) — has a sign on the door reporting a new yoga studio is setting up.  I wonder if this is delayed in opening for after the coronavirus — though reportedly it may still be screwed as the social distance measures of some form will have to exist.  Note to it, established yoga exercise places get by in virtual space off of trust — and probably a bit of charitable good-will — pay up and we will lead our community in yoga on the computer with you at home.  And buy local!  (A tagline which will be reinforced in the coming apocalyptic economy.)  Of course, in the best of circumstances — are they offering any yoga novel from the yoga place literally on the next block?

I got some groceries, some peanut butter

Friday, April 17th, 2020

I am seeing, I think at least, a spike in face masks.  I wonder if this is not so much a protective issue — if you thought it was necessary you’d have started in a month ago — (maybe a spike for some — like, I won’t jostle with a couple older people or one person with some immune dysfunction) but edging in as fashion statement.  Trendy new look.  Enough people have done, I will throw myself in.  Note, for instance, some designs scattered into them — like, we can make an out of cartoon cat fabric or, eventually I suppose I will resEarch Vader modifications.

Could be a statement against them protesters of “open up the country” — saying “yeah, shit still serious” — like, over-emphasize for effect.

Comebacks, and, back

Thursday, April 16th, 2020

IMG_20200416_104846. Not paying attention, but apparently Sam Adams is running for city council.  Which is a bit like Barack Obama deciding to run for state Senate — or maybe a Sam Adams for city council yard sign is like a Barack Obama for State Senate 1996 t shirt (I do believe available for purchase, even though they didn’t exist at the time.)

No John Kerry for president bumper sticker, even though reportedly at the high point of Bernie Sanders’s campaign and grumbling at the Joe Biden he did muse on a last toss run.  What the hey — I am throwing my dice on Howard Dean and Sho Dozono…

Or maybe Jim Spagg…

High on a hillside, trucks are loading…

Wednesday, April 15th, 2020

One of three Starbucks that line up down that area is open, the other two closed — one still with a”re-open April 9″ sign, though oddly since that date with black blocking the window.  Curbside selling, heavy on by app pre-ordering, I see the manager for  the other two Starbucks sitting there.  It is a strange consolidation a’happening.  I don’t see any customers – – as I do the smaller coffee business down the street which has been open in the manner the whole time — and I guess the reason they reopen this one and not the other two necessarily.

I sleep in the daytime; i work in the night time

Tuesday, April 14th, 2020

Apparently rats are having a difficult time of things in the corona-moment.  Funny as the rest of the natural world is picking up.  Maybe rats are not nature afterall.  Or maybe it is in rats’ nature to turn to cannibalism.

You would like to think rats fleeing is a metaphor, but it is not quite analogous anything I can come up with.  Looking for the coarsening at a moment where niceties are outlawed but also where the coarsening may be misunderstood.  I did hear a random insult tossed from one litigant to someone, forced… “6 feet?  With you if should be 6 miles!” We don’t have good corona insults as yet.

Twelve years the new twenty-five

Monday, April 13th, 2020

Within the articles on either or both Biden’s youth vote problem, and the political machinations of Barack Obama, there is a weary half hearted idea that –well, maybe Obama can help.  It is a strange awareness that both the passage of twelve years since he “excited the youth” — half a generation never tell into that one — and the plotting of what the he’ll the ensuing years years represented as against any phantasm of the 08 campaign (flanking to the right and left), …

Like postulating Bon Jovi random at the era of grunge.  And they know it.

And yet… looks will probably indicate a high approval for Obama amongst anyone in the Democratic electorate, more popular than anyone else.  Just don’t know what it means.

you don’t even know my real name

Sunday, April 12th, 2020


As we see the “old world is dying” message, predictably enough, washed away.  It is a cover up from the old world, not ready for this new world prophecies by the graffiti vandals readying the new world — or are they readying a return to an older, more ancient world?


Also missing in action, this campaign sign:


If his signs are being taken down, how is he going to get his name and image out there, particularly in the moment your pounding of the flesh is delegated and faded to the Joe Biden basement strategy?


As were, he is one bearded dude among many.  Note other bearded dudes… Still out there, confusing the electorate — at least so Philip U Wolf may be concerned…





heard of some gravesites out by the highway…

Saturday, April 11th, 2020

I see Rand Paul and Thomas Massie going off on Easter Sunday license plate gathering plot by the governor. Well, better the politico than us. (I think I saw a guy berate a max driver for, I suppose, insufficient policing of the rules… Saw two people within five feet, damnedit.)

But the church is one thing… They’re going to drive-in sessions, right?  I still don’t understand why they’re letting this year’s “Hands Across America” go on.