The Donald and Joe Show

I hearsay, or readsee, that Trump stepped in it.   Drink bleach, he suggested.  While reports of contamination in the populace are grossly exaggerated, I guess we may be in “if one person, if just one person is reached” through the message… It will all be worthless.  It was enough for Hillary Clinton to tweet a disclaimer, a tart “don’t poison yourself.”

Looking into just what he said, and then why… Well, the side speaks from the hip and has been floating what seems like positives abounding.  He may even get one or two right — see, for instance, the looming warm weather will be helpful.  Then there are these things that he says that are not right.

About a week ago we were abuzz, especially in right conservative land, but you in left liberal land ignore or shut it out at your own peril, with a nonsensical Biden answer on just what needs adoing.  Basically he was vague and the very definition of nonspecific in suggesting Franklin Roosevelt did things, and we can do things like he did.  Look into why he said things.

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