Judge Throws the Book at Alan Mendelsohn — Has had it coming for Years Now.

The Judge Threw the Book at Alan Mendelsohn.

It’s often been said that the one thing politics and stand-up comedy have in common is that timing is everything. The same also probably holds true when it comes to bribery. • In a few months Dr. Alan Mendelsohn will report to a federal prison to begin a four-year sentence in a public corruption case that saw him divert $700,000 for personal use from a political action committee he controlled. There is also the delicate matter of hiring an associate of then-Florida state Sen. Mandy Dawson, D-Fort Lauderdale, who served as a conduit for the elected official to receive $82,000 from the now-disgraced physician.

As a convicted bagman, Mendelsohn has already lost his career, a chunk of his personal fortune and his reputation, which means, of course, one of these days he would fit right in as a member of the Florida Legislature.

Yeah, I knew he was trouble ever since Middle School, when he caused a school-wide melee by telling everyone that he was from Mars.  His excuse to the principal was, if I recall right, “I was just telling a story.”


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