Can’t anyone come up with a good smack-down of Obama?

The release of Dinesh D’Souza’s book, “The Roots of Obama’s Rage”, saw Newt Gingrich and some other commenters delve into his father as the Source for Obama’s “Anti British Imperialist”.
But I didn’t have to get past the title to suffer an element of cognitive dissonance.  A lot could be said for Obama, a lot negative can be said about Obama, but Rage? It’s a telling point of the alternative universes different political orientations are shelved into that we’re not just interpreting politics differently, but interpreting personal characteristics in polar opposite fashion.  I suppose an unflattering photograph has been taken (and circulated widely), and it’s hard to pass up.  Looking the book up, I see a suggestion that Dinesh D’Souza doesn’t quite believe his title either — it is, though the title stamped on the book, not the title it is identified as — the actual title is more sedate and generic, so far as these things go:  The Obama Leviathan: The Perversion of the American Dream.

Worse than D’Souza might be … this?
Or you can watch it after a car commercial, if you wish.

A lot can be said about Obama.  By now the “58 states” gaffe can be shoved aside for more germane points of Duplicity.  The overall message of this video leaves a bit to be desired — the band “New Republik” has snuck onto MTV — New Republik is, apparently, an undercover agents of “Infowars” — a shadow Intelligence Agency lead by Alex Jones and a guy in a black ski mask — who unveils the Illuminati Plot of arranging new robots to stand behind — moving on from Hitler and Stalin to Rumsfeld and Obama.  The song that is, I suppose, on MTV, is about peeing on their heads.  The presentation concludess with a gallery of their heroes — Ales Jones, David Icke, Internet Dolt who posts diatribes while wearing a Ski Mask, William Cooper, David Maxwell…
Ron Paul 2012…
The Oath Keepers.

Conceivably, some line of parody could have been created out of the elements and out of the conspiratorial political position held by … the creators of this film… but instead what we have here is an expression of their Acid Trip.

Eventually I will be able to sort out some of legitimate  and sensical polemics and parodies for Obama — but in the meantime I’m stuck with cries against Obama’s oppositon to British Imperialism and a poster of Obama in White Make – up affixed to the word “Socialism” (the word not part of the original artist’s critique, incidentally).

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