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stewart does that fox news thing again

Monday, June 20th, 2011

There is an ad out there, a Countdown clock counting down the days (0), hours (2 or 3 or 4 or 5 at this point) and minutes (however many) and seconds (SECONDS!!!) until the start of Keith Olbermann’s debut program on Current TV.

I can see the desire for this big push, and “EVENT” tagging.  Keith Olbermann will surely do for Al Gore’s Current TV what Dan Rather did for Mark Cuban’s HDNet TV.  (That’s not fair:  Rather is in the “journalism watched by few people business but we’ll do it anyway“, Olbermann is in the loudmouth pundit business.)

Maybe you saw the Jon Stewart appearance on Fox News’s Chris Wallace?  I suppose it’s one of those things you lob off to Stewart meeting with Bill O’Reilly on the matter of the “Common” “scandal“.  Looking for some reactions, here’s the headline at “Red State”: Chris Wallace schools Jon Stewart.  No, seriously.  This is a fun-house mirror view which makes Jon Stewart’s point.  But it could be worse — by way of moving into Internet comments threads — out of two dimensional thought processes and into one dimension.

What strikes me about Chris Wallace’s stances — having to move past the “Fair and Balance” positioning of Fox News while seamlessly without realizing the contradiction  jumping to the line that Fox News finally “Provides the ‘Other‘ Side” —
No, that is at least understandable and fully expected– what strikes me more than that, is his bizarre look at “other programming on Comedy Central” — a clip of some instantly forgettable rowdy thing or other circa 2007 and some premises and titles for a few South Park episodes.  I do not really know what this was getting at — the best I can think of is that it’s giving Fox News’s “cultural conservative” audience grist for their notions — South Park as the Barbarians bringing the culture to the Gates of Hell.
It is interesting to note that  in the last decade, South Park was heralded and celebrated as heralding “Conservative” views, and to a pretty good extent Parker and Stone do bring forth a Libertarian-ish sometimes Conservative point of view within the show.  (And, for that matter, their Broadway show about Mormons is seen as gracious and celebratory of the religion and religion in general, and “Team America:  World Police” was essentially pro-war in its outlook.)   That being said, when South Park started being touted for its politics, Parker and Stone reportedly became a little nervous and purposefully steered the show away from such conclusions.  (The better to avoid a type of cultural burn-out that comes with becoming a political barometer force.)

President Polbama

Saturday, June 18th, 2011

It began when James K Polk surreptitiously launched a war against Mexico for territorial expansion with the assumption that once US Military troops were there, Congress would acquiesce, not wanting to come out against the troops.  The opponents were thus easily marginalized, with one Congressman — Abraham Lincoln — given the nickname “Spotty Lincoln” for his impassioned floor speeches.

This, I guess you can say, was a dramatic turn-around from President Madison, who had to be pulled by Congress kicking and screaming into War with Britain.  President Van Buren later would be the ultimate appeaser, resisting the fanatical Mainers in their clamor for war with Canada.

The nickname “Spotty Lincoln” has stuck with Abe always, and today tourists at Mount Rushmore can be seen gazing at Lincoln’s visage with awed reverence, intoning, “There he is.  Spotty Lincoln!”

Obama and Libya, and the creative parsings to evade the definition of “war” as against the “War Powers” Act, for some reason has skipped over the Polk Precedent on the matter.  But, again, this would authorize something in the lines of “war”, which goes against the grain for a Nobel Peace Prize winner.  I do not know if “Police Action Powers” Act would serve Obama better.  There is something here in the way that Bush Administration officials offered up the War on Terror as one “without borders”, and later Obama’s nationalist opponents reference him as being “post American” and oh so International.

The current clamor will die down when Obama submits to the will of Congress in their demand to ascent to the deference of the Presidency and “Commander in Chief”.  In the end, we will have at our disposal several vote tallies to decipher — to spot out the meaning of the “Tea Party” as portioned out by “Ron Paul isolationists” and “Sarah Palin Nationalists”, with a free floating “Democrat in the White House Bad” in the mix.  The last I watched a Tea Party rally wasn’t a good sign — the creeping “War Protest Protest” vibe of the Bush Administration Era’s “Rally for the Republic” was sweeping through– and this against a sublimated period for war protests.  (Partisan Hackery, ain’t it?)

I did watch as the usual small Friday contingent of protesters marched downtown, during Fleet Week, and had an “ugh” moment in watching someone try to give a sailor a pamphlet.

The question: Who is the Spotty Lincoln of Today?

Kesha Rogers, Rachel Brown, Summer Shields, Dave Christie, Diane Sare, Bill Roberts: Running under the Banner of Larouche’s Crude Monkey / Gorilla Jokes.

Friday, June 17th, 2011

A rule I have had, from the start of his presidential campaign on into his presidency, with regards to caricature and Obama: just do us all a favor and stay away from the Primates.  Yes, there is a double standard that exists with Obama and the 42 Presidents who preceded him, but it is one with a historic reason for existing, and the various people in the recurring “Obama — Monkey” scandals know full well or should know full well the reason.

Still, I have seen in the recurring mini-controversies some room to parse meanings, which is to say to explain why in some instances the “just a caricature like done with Bush” doesn’t even compute.  The image sent out by an elected member of the central committee of the Republican Party of Orange County — which puts Obama’s ancestors as two monkeys — falls into this category.  The comment in her apology, “the thought never entered my mind until one or two other people [Scott Baugh, Orange County GOP boss, and this writer] tried to make this about race” is a little hard to fathom.

I would be inclined to argue that the Obama Joker image is not racist, except that the creation is stupid enough and not deserving of the attention necessary to argue the point.(*1)

One thing we can say about the elected Orange County Republican representative is she did have to give an account for her action — she was, perhaps feebly, “held to account”.

Mockingly, my thought after watching these 45 seconds, was “Well, that’s the end of that guy’s career in electoral politics.”  But of course, the Larouche Org does not function like a regular political organization.  They’ve a world of fantasists (*2), on the cusp of power against a sea of Historic Disintegration.  They’re a marketing scam operating off of political paranoia.  They play the politics of pissing into a pool, in the direction of a mass of piss, and pointing to the mass of piss and proudly beating their chest proclaiming — “See!  We did that!”  (For instance on that last one:)

Sarah Palin stole it from LaRouche.
They will never admit it.
They picked it up because I spammed it all over the Sarah Palin resigns video on youtube.
They are so easy to manipulate

The comment from the diatribe produced there that I commented on at the time, on this blog, was In response to Obama’s insistence that he will not back down, LaRouche said: “Obama should back down or he might be hung.(*4) (Move forward on that blog post for an LPAC description of a Holocaust Survivor.)

These 45 seconds seem a non sequitur.   The awkward jab dangles there, at the end.  We have Sky Shields finish up his “Scientific Presentation”.  We have a couple of seconds of awkward silence, before the old cult leader makes his little joke — proudly —  “That was, Where does a chimpanzee go to vote in the US election?”  John Hoefel  — who it falls on to provide the punchline for the joke everyone is nervously laughing at —  lest that task land with Sky Shields: “I think at the White House.”  Forced Laughter follows.  Awkward silence.  They wrap up — “Anything else, Lyn?”  And it all ends badly from there.

The Larouche organization is running six candidates for Congress for 2012.  This is up from, depending on how you count, the two or three candidates they ran in 2010.  There are Kesha Rogers, Rachel Brown, Summer Shields, Dave Christie, Diane Sare, and Bill Roberts.  Running for office with your name on the ballot, gives a candidate some minimal media attention.  Rachel Brown received an amused amount of coverage when Barney Frank shot back at her at a Townhall meeting.  To a lesser extent, Diane Sare received some when New Jersey’s governor Chris Christie used her questioning to similar effect.  As this is a tactic for the organization, and as these six individuals have been moved front and center as the organization’s representatives at these townhall meetings, I imagine in the coming year, media outlets will find themselves with a few more moments like this.

More pointedly, in 2010 the two congressional campaigns gave the Larouchies two political debates.  Barney Frank stated about his debate with Rachel Brown that he never refuses a debate with anyone — a matter which caused some griping by his Republican general election foe for wanting to include minor party candidates — so it looks as though a Rachel Brown primary candidacy equals a Barney Frank — Rachel Brown debate.  It is not out of the realm of possibilities that Kesha Rogers could win her nomination again — the Democratic Party would not like to think about this district — which would mean another Public Broadcasting debate.

Of course, nobody asked the candidates for elected office about their organization’s previous Obama — Monkey scandal, wherein Larouche came out against miscegenation (in the parsing of meanings this falls in the category of “can’t even bother with the fig-leaf of caricature)– in 2010.  The debate moderators have a bit of a hard task with the Larouche candidates and what to do with them — you can more or less pick an item out at random from the Larouche org’s Collected Works and have something which is electorally disqualifying.  As it were, Rachel Brown and Kesha Rogers got out pretty darned easy in their debates, the debate moderators not really wanting to spend their time on irrelevant Larouche figures and tracking back to a sort of humoring of them, bemused eyebrow raising on how a quick relocation exercise to Mars will save humanity.(*5)

One more problem with the 2008 Monkey comments is the sourcing and origins.  They come from the org’s Internal Daily Briefings.  The Larouche wikipedia team stone-facedly shoved it aside for that reason.  But, when approaching the 2012 campaigns, the latest exercise in Racist awkwardness was delivered for public consumption.  A year is a long time before anything comes up where a journalist or moderator is in the definite position of having a sit – all, and I imagine it may be too much to ask for someone to actually “use the clip” for candidate reaction — but understand, if they were normal candidates running seriously for office they would be asked to respond to this clip.

Oh, Here’s Dennis King on this, by the way.


(*1) A little … exuberant, I suppose.  Does it look as though Congress and the American President are a little too zealous about protecting Corporate Fascism and the wars that feed it?
According to Lyndon LaRouche of Larouchepac:
FDR & JFK’s policies were those that would prevent corporate fascism and protect the creativity as well as the right to flourish for any group of people in any given country by sovereignty rights by instituting such laws as Glass Steagal. The Patriot Act is only a veiled arm of fascism,designed to take down any that defend their rights by the constitution.LaRouche and his 40 years in Economic History under FDR & JFK Policies declare the easiest way to disarm & de-fund Corporate Fascism is to institute Glass Steagal. To do so, all the other arms of fascism will drop like a house of cards that it really is. Iceland,Ireland ,Spain & Greece seem to get the message.
Will the People of the Constitution take up their legacy???   It is Time to Lead the World into the greatest Leap of Human Rights & Progress that has ever been seen!!!
Actually Larouche hates FDR and JFK.  I read it in his Walter Lippmann book.

Exuberant?  Hey! i got a flood of pro-nuke folx commenting on the blog post.  I heard about the miracle of Thorium reactors [Thorium reactor proponents are a bit like Lyndon Larouche disciples – what they lack in logic they make up for in enthusiasm] about how i was a bad dad and on and on.  I blasted much of it.  It is my blog, i control the content.  Then i got a whole slew of “freedom of speech” objections.  People were upset that i had erased their comments, i blasted most of these comments as well.

To explain why any iteration of Glass Steagal passed won’t be good enough.:  Before Dave gets excited and goes all “Lyndon Larouche” on his readers about the return of Glass-Steagall courtesy of the U.K.’s Exchequer, there’s a few things you may want to consider.  To start with, growing up Dave shared a bedroom with his brother and this is where he learned one of the first lessons about power, control and the partitioning of assets and access.

Put up on “Impeach Obama” facebook page.  Lyndon LaRouche today said that the bipartisan Congressional revolt against President Barack Obama’s flagrant violation of the U.S. Constitution and the War Powers Act is just like the early moments of the Watergating of President Richard Nixon. “It is just the beginning, but the parallels to WatergateOf course, “Watergate” is a verb meaning Presidents are set up for a fall because of the nefarious goals of — for instance in Nixon’s case, the Drug Dealers who wanted to squash Nixon’s “War on Drugs” and bring about a Dark Ages through Beatles music and through installation of Nelson Rockefellar as President.  I read about that in Dope, Inc.

Also, Larouche doesn’t go far enough.  Or maybe failed to act in time.   In  response to the US food shortages, high costs of food and fuel, Lyndon  La Rouche is calling for emergency food-price controls claiming that the  “US and  the world is being driven into hyperinflation…”  As far as  I’m concerned,  this is too little, too late.  A call for price controls  will only make the  situation much, much worse.  Instead, I propose the  immediate education of the  entire population in soil management,  sustainable living technologies, and  self-reliant living.  Perhaps,  PERHAPS, in a generation, our children may have  the ability to feed  themselves to a certain extent and won’t have to rely upon  a failing  political and economic system that may not make it one more  generation  out.

(*2)  Further seen, and I think more directly round straight back to the Larouchies, when Glenn Beck ran a special on George Soros.  Some people noticed.
Why do more people trust FOX news to be accurate and honest over all the other Soros influenced sources?
Beck’s source for his Soros piece was LYNDON LAROUCHE!!!
Don’t try to pretend Fox TV is any kind of serious news source

The questioner there does the trick further by suggesting Fox News is “Soros influenced”, which I suppose is just as well.  Everyone makes use of a cropped and mis-directed 60 Minutes interview.

(*3) A parallel example can be found in this response from a Larouchie to a Pleasanton complaint on the Obama — Hitler image propped on a neighbor’s lawn.  The Larouchie has this mindsetLooks like you’re out of your comfort zone; breaking laws to quash freedom of speech?  LaRouche agrees with you that America is headed towards Fascism. He believes it is already here and supported by Soros (considered by LaRouche to be a Synarchist, you know, the shadow government we’re all fighting against). That’s why LaRouche use the Obama-as-Hitler image. Now that he’s got your attention with that image, perhaps you’d like his politics. He wrote a book on Marxist political economy.
Somehow a person is supposed to be “shocked” by the image and then move from there to a “rational look at the facts” which ends with supporting their view point.  I will give them that it works on … just enough… people off of the edges to make it a going concern 50 years.

Some more comedy from this series of exchanges.:
“Civil Disobedience”:  Note, too, that Stacey, after providing her juvenile comment about LaRouche and Soros being equivalent actors in some kind of smackdown — such is Stacey’s moral sensibility I guess — fails to address Night Owl’s pointed question: What is it in her estimation that puts Lyndon LaRouche and George Soros on the same moral level? I imagine she’s still scouring wikipedia entries in hopes of finding something Nazi-like that Soros has done.

And This seems an odd forum to discuss things.
Isn’t part of the answer, though, within:

Talking of which, can anyone explain to me why “Koch” seems to have become synonymous with “antichrist” for the leftish side of the spectrum? Barely a day passes between inbox fillers about the latest Koch Nefariousness or Turpitude. It’s fracking tiresome. Are Lyndon LaRouche and Cigarette-smoking man no longer hip enough?.

(*4) To be fair, in the fantasist mind of Larouche, Obama is always on the edge here — ready to be put out once his controllers deem his use done.  Should someone like the schizophrenic man who shot at Representative Giffords, it will be blamed on an operation in place from Tavistock — the ultimate blamers somewhere in the imaginations of Daniel Brandt to shuffle whatever Ross Perot and Pat Robertson have on this.

They have “played both sides against the middle”, as with this slogan from that rosy period where the Larouchies were “in talks with the Obama Administration” and touting the “Institution of the Presidency” — and the slogan they circulated when defending a corrupt black Boston political figure at a city council meeting.

(*5) This is a standard thought that must run through the debate moderators — “Aren’t they a relic from the 1980s?” — Lyndon LaRouche? You date yourself, my dear. P.S. HoR, I apologise for my initial comments and did not mean to offend that “you date yourself (my dear).” I was a fan of Perry but have done my research. Much to my dismay,

OR:  That Lyndon LaRouche guy is funny as hell. “What caused all the problems in India, Africa, the US all over the world… The British Empire this guy is about 100 years late. How you going to blame the ills going on in any nation today .

AND THEN AGAIN:  from 2009:  LaRouche supporters continue to alienate both the left and the right. That is one thing that brings the Democrats and the Republicans together, their hatred for the LaRouchers.
The definition of madness is doing the same thing repeatedly while expecting different results.
After over 20 years of this completely idiotic Post Office campaign strategy, one would think they would finally get it. But they don’t, and that is why The LaRouchers are all quite insane

Dateline Seattle.  The Lydon LaRouche movement has a display outside the Greenwood U.S. Post Office today.

Go peddle them to Lydon LaRouche, we’re not interested. boxofteabags – June 11th, 2011 at 9:24 am.

Thank god the Jews have the own country, they have a place to go when they get blamed for this thing again.
Herman Cain warned me about the false science of Chinese communists and radical Norwegian socialists­. Thank you godfather, I love the smell of ignorance in the morning.
Herman Cain must be a follower of Lyndon LaRouche

You’re an idiot. Ron Paul was clearly the winner.
On what criteria: he was inarticulate, waffling and didn’t answer any question in a comprehensible manner. None of the “real” snap polls thought he won anything. You remind me of the blind cult-like LaRouchies or perhaps the Moonies. On what basis do you make that outrageous assertion

Odd  that Lyndon LaRouche hasn’t declared. He seems like a perfect  Tea Party candidate.

Larouche In Conversation to the “Great Minds” of The Day, as he was in conversation with “Great Minds” in Grade School after everyone bullied him (I read that in his autobiography):.

Here’s a piece by Makow this morning that I think has merit. [+] Makow points to the Enlightenment as a counter-action against the Renaisance like Larouche does but he refuses to see FDR in the same light as Larouche, perpetrating the myth that FDR let Pearl Harbor happen. Still, Makow has merit and is consistent with Larouche on a number of points using a slightly different semantic frame than Larouche. Makow doesn’t know about Witzsche’s solutions however and in fact, Makow doesn’t really have any solutions. He does advocate resistance however in this article.

AND… — “Brother Nathaniel”.  “Tracing America’s Enslavement to Jewish Bankers”. Although now misunderstood by economists such as Lyndon LaRouche and associates, for the greater good of America, President Jackson sent federal troops into the states who refused, (albeit indirectly), to pay off the debt to Jewish bankers, forcing those states to collect taxes. View Entire Story Here , Here , Here & Here . For seventy-seven years, although argued that Jewish financing of America’s railroads and gold trafficking kept the nation under Jewry’s thrall, America was no longer under the heel of Jewish bankers. Andrew Jackson, remarkably…federal force notwithstanding…paid off the debt.

Two different things.  You see what we have is a false debate
Bankster Keyneisan Healthcare
Bankster Austrian Healthcare
What we had up to Obamacare was neither, Obamacare decidely put it into Bankster Keynesian Healthcare
You want a clearer picture here’s two things about Austrian school (no need to debunk keyneisan since we all know that here)

To reference the fascist LaRouche is enough in and of itself to discredit you, but you’re at least honest enough to admit the source of your ideas, so I’ll give you that much.

The Bilderberg Group has been denounced as a conspiracy from left and right, from everyone from crackpots like Alex Jones, Lyndon LaRouche, Phyllis Schlafly to Jesse Ventura (see video above) and Fidel Castro, who described “sinister cliques and the Bilderberg lobbyists” manipulating the public “to install a world government that knows no borders and is not accountable to anyone but its own self” in an article he wrote for Granma .

If you say so.  (Preparing a people for the savior’s soon return… Wait.  Who’s he talking about here?)


An Update:

Occurring after this entry was posted, an anonymous user on wikipedia removed a mass of material at the Larouche wikipedia page from his autobiography “of sorts” — on “making Kant and Descartes and Leibnz his peers” and being not an “ugly duckling” but a “nasty duckling”.  I leave it to you to determine if there was a connection between the two events, and at any rate the material has been restored by Will Beback.

Other wikipedia items: Est 300 wisely moved some material to the Amelia Robinson article, Waalkes moved it back, seeking a counter to views expressed by “Bakker” and a Larouche validator.  To answer Javen’s question about the “HK Sock Puppet Menace” posed in Larouche Movement: Yes.  A comedic moment is seen at the Views page with Cla68’s question, by way of sidelining King and Berlet, “Who is the biggest expert on Larouche’s philosophy than Larouche himself?”.  (Curiously mixed in this is an argument that too much weight is given to his views on the Queen.)  And, Sheldon Droden’s attention (by way of a Commentary piece about the Air America founder’s perchance with “Prescott Bush founded the Nazis”) and a Village Voice article were brought to bear to validate EIR.

3 New “Larouche used as insult” examples: Michelle Bachmann  Maybe it was the sight of LaRouche supporters from the CEC turning up on King street in Newtown yesterday to do intellectual battle with the greenies that reminded me just how many loons there are in the world, and many of them as mad as march hares to boot.
At times Bachmann is right out there, if not in company with LaRouche, then in company with the desire to be as mad as a march hare.
Ron Paul IS a fringe candidate. In any other incantation of the republican party you would find his supporters at a folding table in the airport or your local strip mall. The fact that the republican party represents bat shit crazy makes him look relevant by comparison.
He reminds me a lot of Lyndon La Rouche………keep an eye out at a post office near you. He is running for the 20th. time
AND… one removed for “short cut” insult purposes… Who Should replace Brian Haw in his unique activist role?
Nataliya Vitrenko.
Little-known outside her native Ukraine and generally ignored within it, Ms Vitrenko makes up in volume, stridency and spray-can anti-Americanism what she lacks in presence

She speaks vulnerable English, which will endear her to people who share their lives with cats, and has a catholic selection of banners that combine swastikas with the Stars and Stripes in the approved student manner. […]

On the plus side she likes Lyndon LaRouche, a grim American conspiracy freakshow who fancies HM The Queen as head of an international cocaine cartel. This turbo lunacy would let Vitrenko outflank the 9/11 nutters on Parliament Square who pretend to Brian’s pitch.


100 Years of IBM

Thursday, June 16th, 2011


On this day in 1911, IBM began operation as the Computing-Tabulating-Recording Company. Since then, IBM’s institutional career has mirrored both the rise of computing and modern corporations, two hallmarks of our age. The following timeline traces Big Blue’s adventures from its start as a company with $950,000 in revenue to its current state. Today, the multinational rakes in almost $100 billion a year and employs 450,000.

There are two comments left on this entry.  The answer to the question I had when I saw this istem is 2 — it takes two comments for someone to post about the Nazis.

The author of the recently popular book alleges heavy IBM wikipedia editing — their statement found here.  The German subsidary was cut off before World War Two began — taken by the Nazis (technology extant for everyone’s use) — and reunited after the War — your crux of the matter for the book.  Naturally, if you go to the edit page on wikipedia, it appears IBM calls the author Edwin Black a conveyor of “Fringe” theories — though, I suspect the “fringe theories” are more along the lines of people who take off from Edwin Black and corral IBM as part of a prime mover of a “two sides against the middle” strategy to world control.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t paying attention when Ford Motor Company turned 100, which would’ve made an interesting slide-show — more interesting as there’s no real nuance in the Dearborn, Michigan history.

GOP Debates and hovers out

Wednesday, June 15th, 2011

Jim Demint is not running for President.  He sort of kind of endorsed Michelle Bachman, though.

Michelle Bachman got a glowing USA Today cover story, citing her as now “Mainstream”.  We are doomed, doomed, doomed.  Bachman appears to be this week’s mode of Herman Cain — “Debate Performance” propped her up to “buzz” …

Buzz from whom?  I don’t know.  She announced her candidacy.  Her reason for running for President, I assume, is more noble than Newt Gingrich’s Candidacy — probably about what we suspected it.

With Donald Trump out, and Jim Demint announcing he’s out (were people sitting on the edge of their seats hoping for such a thing?), Rick Perry and Rudy Giuliani are entertaining thoughts.  (We know Giuliani is thinking of running beceause he ate lunch with New Jersey’s governor?) 

A sure fire sign of Huntsman running:
“I intend to announce my candidacy for the presidency of the United States of America a week from today,” Huntsman said.
Isn’t that an announcement?

You look wistfully back — for some reason Tim Pawlenty failed to call it RomneDoBamaCare.  But again:

As to the Tea Party? Dole said he thought he was conservative until this group came along. He’s still trying to figure them out.

We need an Eisenhower or a TPAW?

Sports Snorts — Lebron James laughs at you.

Monday, June 13th, 2011

This is a frustrating article from the Huffington Post.  The quotation it has from Lebron James cuts out before the most incendiary part of James’s answer. This is better, in terms of headline which refers to the fans having to get back to the “real world at some point”.

At the end of the day, All the people that were rooting for me to fail… at the end of the day, tomorrow they have to wake up and have the same life that (they had) before they woke up today.  They got the same personal problems they had today. And I’m going to continue to live the way I want to live and continue to do the things I want to do with me and my family and be happy with that. They can get a few days or a few months or whatever the case may be on being happy about not only myself, but the Miami Heat not accomplishing their goal. But they have to get back to the real world at some point.

My guess is that this arrogant and disdainful sentiment is commonly held by professional athletes at the top level when hearing fans’ criticism.  They have worked hard to keep in top physical shape, and can beat everybody watching while sleep walking.  Sports is stupid, and Lebron James just explained the reason.  Your emotional attachment to this is — what exactly?

There is a code in the NFL Sega games that you put in, and will field a team made up of representations of the game programmers.  The reality is that in the real world, if you put them on the field and have them play a game against the professional football players, they will all leave the field with broken bones.

Such is the case with the “haters” of Lebron James now taking glee over his failure to win a Championship, after deciding to assemble with two other players considered somewhere in the top ten on the planet.  And at the end of the season, to quote The Onion, “Miami Heat Complete Worst Season In NBA History At 58-24“.

Your fan schaudenfruede comes out of the pre-season victory parade seen here — “Yes we did!”  — What did they do, exactly?  The management for the Miami Heat made the business decision to sign a couple of new multi-millionaire contracts, and market a trio of superstars.  The spectators participate by watching and purchasing things with the words “Miami Heat” on them. The snag comes with James saying that the number of championships he will win is “not two, not three, not four, not five, not six, not seven…” —

Some more of the effect is captured by Onion headlines“Miami Heat Spend First Two Weeks Of Training Camp Practicing Pregame Introductions”,  and “Wade, Bosh, James Out For Season After Injuring Selves On First Layup Drill Of Training Camp“, and an Onion “American Voices” answer about a losing streak — I’m having trouble finding it, but an “answer” came in “Well, they only have three players on their roster!”

The problem with Lebron James’s statement is struck by the shouting in that pre-season “victory lap” with the usual screaming of “YOUR” Miami Heat.  What I want to see is having made reference to fans experiencing schadenfreude for his defeat, for him to win the Title next year with — not the usual “This is for the Fans in Miami”, but with “At the end of the day, they might be experiencing some happiness now in the Heat’s victory, but they have to get back to the real world at some point.”

Of course, it’s good for the business of the National Basketball Association.  A team designed to be “compelling” and watched by many, set up for failure or success — but at any rate, watched.  The big sports story of the day is not that the Dallas Mavericks won, but that the Miami Heat lost.  The only problem here is that this well-spring of marketing genius would dry up after a couple more championship-less seasons — at which point, perhaps the “Over-dog” might turn into the “Under-dog”, but more probably just become a dull team.

proposed fourth branch of government — sic

Saturday, June 11th, 2011

I spotted the following posted on a newspaper box.  I figure more people will see it here than would’ve seen in 10 point type taped to the the newspaper box, so I believe I am doing the author of this piece — a modern day Thomas Paine he — after tearing it from its box and posting it here.  (SIC) throughout.

For the record, I … um… oppose this “Reform”.


This is not a revolution!

Its just an attempt to show the American people to have the power to keep the politians we have voted for accountable to us the people that have given them the power to shape our country.  This meant only to inform you that the democracy we enjoy now may still be advanced toa chieve the level the 20st century deserves.

I purpose a new branch of government that monitors all of its political and governmental employees.  All employees of our federal government ranging from the president to the House of Representatives will willing allow all of America to view their actions inside and outside their work.  This new branch will keep the politicians accountable for every vote, action, or excessive spending, because all of America has the right to know how our country is being run.  The new branch also acts as a people’s court, where our accused politician will be judged by the 50 lottery selected people.  This jury will be made of one person from every state each must stay a secret tell the day of court, to maintain a bribe free jury.

This branch holds a court when a politician is requested to prove his or her actions are reasonable for the purpose of a greater order to hold this court there must be at least a thousand on camera signatures held at government offices to maintain constant prof that a significant amount of people hold that one person accountable for undermining the ideals the people of America believe best for America.  The court has only two verdicts, both need and 2/3’s vote in order to give a verdict.  The people’s court may fire the politicians on the spot and give the ex-politician’s authority to a “vice politician” or it may declare the accused to be in the right and allowed to continue work as normal.  If it is seen as two controversial than a court will be recast with 500 jurors’ to maintain a lever of none biasedopinion until the verdict has been given.  This is only a rough draft all numbers may change but the idea that Americans may weed out those that have proven themselves negligent in our government must remain.

With America’s power handed out to so few people based on a few months of elections, we the people must be able to act against our own government without any backlash or fear of consequences.  This new branch also keeps our political system free from the hands of big business bribing by bringing accused to court and having them prove that ((an example) the million sitting in their bank account in Switzerland is not dirty money but money they have earned rightfully) they he or she is still the best person for the job or they will be cast out of any place they currently hold power.  Sense we believed that a pure democracy is unachievable for the good of America, we must run America just as it is with its easily corruptible “checks and balances”, but at the same time we the people will have the information and power to publicize any suspicious activity’s inside the government and work with it to maintain a level of purity that our government promotes to foreign countries.  This new branch will also create a thousand of new jobs.