democracy does in darkness and what not

It is worth looking back at the Republican political fight for Speaker after Next Gingrich departed in 1998. Because in some ways the storyline of how we produced Mike Johnson is akin to how we produced Dennis Hastert except (in terms of legislating and governing — the ex Speaker turned out to have run his high school wrestling regime with grooming tactics) … More horrifying.

Lowest Common Denominator. Fewest enemies. And all right — this was what we get with the veto power of Gaetz and Trump and a bottom line need to elevate someone under the litmus test of — where were they and what did they do to aid the January 6th attempt to thwart the election of Joseph Biden?

I doubt it is a worked out conspiracy hatched and plotted at Mar-a-Lago, but it runs into the gambit through sniffing out the course instrinsically as events unfold. The conspiracy would have to be one where everyone thought five steps ahead to the end last December or January. Okay. Let Kevin McCarthy have the gavel. For the moment. But when the opportunity comes up, get to the contrived crisis that will depose him. Play the sides against each other and make your demand, Jim Jordan. When the per-Trump Republican Stalwart opposition vetoes it, move onto someone who served the same purpose and will be reliable after the next election but has not been mean to the pre Trump Republican Stalwarts. The purpose would be to have the gavel and control of the House when they replay the events of January 6 in January of 2025.

I kind of do not know what else I am looking at here. Certainly not this line — America decided nothing; America was not asked.

And, sure. Disclaimer. Or slight but important enumeration for the msnbc commentator who remarked on the backfiring of pressure tactics for Jordan — and the air of political violence — “well, it is the first time they got that.”. Noted – – the only Congress figure shot and hospitalized of the bunch is Scalise. If this or this does not play against the argument is less important than keeping facts in order.

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