bombs bursting in air

On the irretractable “Israel – Palestine” conflict, also known as a war, I got nothing. The problem is that neither does anyone else. The only hope lies in the fact that you could throw your hands in the start of the twentieth century on “The French and German people have been at each other since the dawn of civilization — there’s just no hope with this one.”

I realize I can not politically align myself with anything called “The Left” is when I see that the Palestinian cause has somehow through some mechanism come to be a centrifugal force, an irreducible component in everyone’s anti-imperialist and intersectional politics. The former may follow a logic if trapped in a tight manichean world, the latter makes less sense than the former — as Jon Stewart once quipped in a mock-coverage of Palestinian elections, “and to divide it into blue state and red state…who are we kidding? It’s all red state.” Stare blankly at the lgbtq rights map. In the current spot, and the war tactics of Hamas, and the this and that symbolism of Palestinian rights activists in adopting them as symbolic figures, I have to question what everyone’s problems with Abu Ghraib was. And wedding this and that world demonstration, ask what the problem was with yahoos chanting “The Jews will not replace us” in Charlottesville.

So it is Black Lives Matter sticks in its by-laws fierce support of the Palestinian cause. The Woman’s march did the same – – part of an ensuance that it would fizzle out at its second year. I guess The Nation attempted the reach for the interconnection on BLM. Israeli military technology drops back into American police forces. On the Women’s march, I just figure — leftists want to get everything in.

In the meantime, American politicians play the little bit of “Main character syndrome”. Bare in mind it is the Biden — Netanayahu duo, if you insist on fingering Biden somehow — that other guy is there as well, and in closer proximity to the action.

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