Kennedy’s old co-workers

I guess Robert F Kennedy Jr’s support for Israel would turn off a big part of his base of support? Or maybe the whisps and embers of World War 3 in the air tonight will, by election 2024, fade into its generic turmoil, and other issues will galvanize back to Kennedy as opposed to Biden — or, at this point Biden is unacceptable and they have someone to keep from casting for Trump.

Back in the day, Kennedy was a host on Air America. A weekend host — even fewer people listening than to the radio network on the weekdays — and he, to be blunt, does not have a voice for the radio. The show was co-host, and I guess you can say carried, by Mike Papantonio. And it is here that you can maybe take stock of the array of radio speakers from Air America to see who had aided with Kennedy in some righteous fight against Biden. Yep — there you have — Mike Papantonio. So Franken, of course, nixes Kennedy on his podcast — no idea what he thought of Kennedy when he was on the same payroll.

Beyond that — Sam Seder switches and no word on Mike Malloy.

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